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The capital city of Al-Dourem.

Al-Dourem was the jewel of the Usharid crown, an entirely new city built near the abandoned Hijarki metropolis of Tar-Vamir. Not that one would notice it with a simple survey of the region. The Usharid conquerors were incredibly efficient in reusing what material was available in the ruins and destroying the rest. Leaving Tar-Vamir to inhabit solely the realm of history. Subsequent generations of Usharid Sultans and magnates spared no cost or effort in further building up Al-Dourem. The city was, after all, theirs from the beginning. Built from the ground up by the former desert nomads and not simply another urban area subjugated and colonized.

Not to say that the city's layout and architecture is utterly devoid of foreign influences, for the Usharid themselves have no hesitation when it comes to adopting concepts and ideas if it benefits them. And if one were to look closely, the influence of Hijarki, Surabhumi, Neferher and even Kera-Bijani styles had on Al-Dourem. But for once, the Usharid managed adapt and build upon instead of merely copying what their "civilized" neighbors already possessed.

Architecture, however, was far from the minds of the great potentates gathered in one of the Sultan's sumptuous solar rooms.

Grim news from the far east had once again made Sultan Ishaq gather his trusted councilors (or at least which ones still remained in the capital) for another round of emergency meetings.

"This pact will not hold for long." Spoke short and stocky Grand Vizier Tawus as he paced the length of the -now empty- musician's platform. "It won't. There can be no lasting peace between Sanghara and Surabhumi."

"It will hold long enough." Prince Kasim, sprawled atop the pillowed divan, countered. "Too much work has gone into it. And the way news travel." He shrugged. "The armies are already on the move. For all we know, the fighting has already started." He paused to pop another grape into his mouth. "Barring a miracle, the small realms of the Far East will fall. Only then will Sanghara and Surabhumi turn on each other. As they often do"

"The shift in the balance of power might prove disastrous." Spoke the goat-like Emir Rubbayat. Propping himself on his hands as he rose up from the veritable nest of feathery pillows he had built over the course of the meeting. "But for all that a decisive victor in the Far East might influence us, the real danger lays much closer."

"Anahama." The Sultan added. "The Mountain Realm also claims overlordship over all the former Empire. With both Sanghara and Surabumi busy for the foreseeable future, and most likely soon to fight each other again, there's no great power at hand to stop them from striking out against Ikkam, Jabpu or the other lesser nations."

"Surely you dont believe Anahama can overcome all the might of the region, father?" Kasim asked as grape juice ran down his chin.

"It doesnt matters. Whether Anahama wins or not, the entire balance of power will be uspet." Sultan Ishaaq replied grimly. "Cities razed, fields salted, armies slain, nations toppled. Anahama marching to war will upend the whole region."

"That's not even thinking of what those fanatics of Kera-Bijan might do." Rubbayat sighed, leaning over to grap a succulent tangerine from the bowl by his pillow fortress. "No matter what action we pursue, we must always keep wary eyes to the northern desert."

"Let them come!" Kasim shouted suddenly, sending the plate of grapes tumbling into the floor in his excitement. "Those inbred savages are no match for our steel. Slaying a few of their hosts ought to teach those arrogant fanatics to stay away from our lands."

"If they come, then we shall fight them." The Sultan replied evenly, as he often did when his firstborn got into one of his boastful moods. "But it will do us no good if we set out seeking a fight. We are already maligned as it is. Besides, we can't afford to have our attention diverted if war does starts to our immediate east."

"So are we simply to stand and watch?" Kasim frowned. "Like scared merchants clutching our purses at the thought of raiders riding over the dunes?"

"We prepare." The Sultan replied as he moved closer to the center of the room. "I have already sent emissaries to assess the readiness of the Junds. Call upon our agents and spies for information, specially on the happenings to our east." The Sultan paused, looking over the room to ensure he had everyone's attention. "Soon, emissaries shall depart to Perishem and Mihajla, to offer terms and seek treaties to secure our western border and our seas."

"Which kind of terms?" Kasim interrupted.

"Favorable trade deals, more promises of friendship and non aggression, gifts, a coalition to drive away piracy from our shared sea lanes." Grand Vizier Tawus replied, giving the Prince an annoyed look.

"I've talked with your brother, son." The Sultan spoke up. "He has agreed to take one of their ladies as wife, should they prove amenable to the idea. And your daughters are old enough to marry. It would please me greatly and render our people a great service if you were willing to consider offering their hands to them, should the opportunity arise in the future."

Kasim remained silent for a few moments, weariness clear in his handsome bearded face, before finally relenting with a nod.

"Thank you, my son." Ishaaq smiled. "These coming months will demand much of us all. We shouldn't shirk from our duties."
This looks like a pretty interesting concept. Is it still open?
Interested. Will get a sheet in a couple hours

Edit: is there a sheet where we can find more of the established lote? Cultures, geography and the like?
I guess its time to bayonet some robots then.


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Post coming tomorrow or the day after. RL really fucked me over these last few days. Apologies for the delay

Baltar Iskaron

For the first time ever since he had enlisted, Baltar Iskaron had overslept. Much needed sleep, that had nonetheless, earned him a harsh reprimand from the higher ups a few days ago. After that, Emperor and Sun be praised, he had overcome his sleeping problems. The relentless drilling still had worn him out, but the lack of sleepless nights did wonders for his rest and general good humor.

Which still wasn't enough to compensate for the fact he was about to be thrown into his first battle. This wasn't gonna be Baltar's first fight. He had had his fair share of scuffles back home as a Caravan Guard, and before that merely helping defend their camp from the tribes that lived deeper in the desert. But he was now sadly certain that no amount of shooting the rare screaming Ork or skirmishes over watering spots would hold a single, measly candle to the kind of...of...whatever was going to happen once they landed.

"Don't you go pissing your pants, boy. Don't need you bringing anymore shame upon the clan name."

Baltar steeled himself, mentally reciting prayers and litanies to the Emperor and Sun, as he gave his gear one final check. It still felt somewhat alien to him, all this equipment, the flak armor, the lasgun itself. Back home he and most other Caravan Guards had to make do with an assortment of different weapons. Baltar himself had used an old and worn stub gun. Getting used to the lasgun instead had been something that he was sure would come soon enough. Even the combat knife was far shorter than the saber he had so painstakingly trained and used all these years.

"A warrior must know his weapons, boy. Respect and revere them or you might as well shoot yourself now and save us all the trouble."

Now there was nothing more to do besides following the rest of the squad to the entrance of the monstrosity of a landing ship that would carry them to...wherever they were going to fight.

"Listen up, we are going to make our way into this lander in an orderly fashion - our autocannon team to the rear, followed by medics and vox-troopers - the remaining squads of the platoon following in after us."

Baltar caught himself nodding along to the Sergeant words. Noticing with some misplaced pride that he seemed to be another desert dweller like him. He ignored the other assembled soldiers, intent on listening to everything the officer would choose to impart upon them. Maybe now he would finally find out where and against who the regiment would be fighting. Finally confirm which one of the hundred wild rumors where correct.

"Alright! Check your gear, stow your feelings, and follow me."

At that Baltar gave his gear one last keen eyed inspection, noticing that yes, everything was in order. Just as it had been the last three times he had checked less than half a hour ago. Then, Baltar realized the Sergeant had already entered the lander. That was supposed to be all? Oh Emperor and Sun, they were going to be thrown into the battlefield utterly blind, weren't they?

"So what, boy? You're now a soldier of the Emperor. And you will fight his enemies wherever they appear. Remember your oaths and stop mewling like a little girl."

Baltar shook himself. Trying to will the fear and nervousness away as he made his way through the dark belly of the metal beast, looking for a seat.
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