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"That'll teach you bastards to interrupt me when I'm working." Klank was hammering the last nail on top of an oversized wooden crate. Inside were various creatures; strange mixes like rabbit-pigs and bird-cats. There was even a giant bear that had what looked to be scales in place of its fur, and a long split tongue that almost took hold of Klank at one point. In the midst of building the contraption that would aid in getting the ship he had not yet built back to sea, these bizarre animals began attacking. The lizard-bear was the first to charge in destroying a small section that would pose no problem to fix. After its first attack, the bear let out a battle roar, seemingly calling in reinforcements. It forced Klank to temporarily abandon his mission and deal with the mini army of forest dwellers. It took a while to round them all up, but he accomplished his goal and trapped most of them into the crate.

Now, Klank stood on top of the crate, smoke in hand. He looked over his creation to assess the damage. The front right corner had been obliterated, telling him that if that bear had gotten a hold of him, he'd surely be dead. Or at the very least in a situation he wasn't comfortable dealing with. "Easy fix there," he said aloud. The rest of the contraption was unharmed, mostly in part due to the fact that Klank was smart enough to lure the creatures away. He figured their quarrels were with him from the start. He did, after all, destroy quite a large section of their home.

"Almost done with phase one," he noted. Seven of the trees he had cut down were used to create a giant platform. The four corners, now three, were mounted into the ground for extra support and stability. In the center was a gear system. Two large wooden gears to either side, surrounded by smaller ones that would help to reduce stress on the mains. Tall pillars protected the complex system, and connected to the beam crossing over the gears were two shafts that extended beyond the platform. For just an hours worth of work, Klank impressed even himself. It helped to have the whole thing planned out and the schematics saved in his mind. Otherwise it would have taken him hours of stopping to think and figure the next move.

Klank sat down at the edge of his animal prison, letting one foot dangle as he propped his elbow onto his curled up knee. A little break was in order. He couldn't remember the last time he worked that fast and kept the pace for so long. He was sweaty and exhausted. He looked to the crate and pondered for a moment. He was starving and considered one of the smaller game inside. "Nah," he finally said. "Can't chance letting that bear out again." He leapt down to the ground and scoured around. There were bits of fruit all over, something he had missed in his determination to build a way off the floating island. He took a few and ate them without hesitation. "Interesting," he said confused. It still baffled him that things could grow in a strange place like this, but that was the grand line. Nothing made sense, ever. Klank walked to the broken corner of the platform and grabbed his multi-tool.

"That was quite the show," a random voice cackled from behind.

Klank immediately turned, tool at the ready. He didn't like being surprised, especially in a place where he thought he was alone.

"I've been watching you for a bit, and might I say," said a thin, orange-haired man. He was leaning against the crate holding the creatures. He sported a disturbing grin. "Impressive." The newcomer pointed. "I've never seen someone build something so fast." After that, he knocked on the crate. "And quite sturdy, too."

"Who the hell are you?" Klank demanded. "And where did you come from?"

"Oh, me? I'm nobody," he chuckled. "But I think I might know who you are, haha" Something about his laugh struck Klank in his core. " Yes, I do believe I recognize this brilliant craftsmanship. I've seen it in a few places I've been to."

"You're freakin me out, guy."

"I have that effect, haha." Again with the creepy laughter.

The man, dressed in dark blue with a scarf that matched around his neck, pushed himself from the giant crate. A short-tubed cannon was holstered to his back. Klank popped another smoke into his mouth. "I won't ask again," he threatened as he lit the cigarette. "Who the hell are you?" Of course, it was a show. Klank was a builder and not much of a fighter. Captain Bighead had shown him a few things to survive, but who knew how far Klank could go in a battle. Threats was all he had.

"Hahaha," the man cackled again. "I'm nobody." Slowly, the man rubbed his hand onto the corner of the wooden box. Something came pouring from his body and suddenly began engulfing the windowless cage. When the man removed his hand, the wood started to disappear.

Klank eyes squinted, then opened wide when he realized what was happening. The strange fella was going to set the creatures free. With further observation, Klank could see that the wood was going through a rapid change before it disappeared. Almost like it was being eaten away by whatever energy was touching it.
Klank waited in anticipation. The orange-haired man was chuckling lightly as the large crate was eaten away. He was half hoping the bizarre bear inside would leap from the confines of its prison and mangle the man to death. No such thing happened. Instead, when the crate was nearly gone, the shipwright noticed traces of remains. Whatever dark energy had destroyed his work, also had its way with the creatures inside. One foot dropped back as Klank said, "Son of a bitch." After seeing what the man could do with a mere touch, and fearing for his crews way off the island, Klank non nonchalantly stepped away from the platform. The other man grinned at the sight.

"Don't worry," he said deviously. "I am a man who appreciates another's masterpiece." He thought for a moment while Klank continued to create distance. "Ah, remember the giant crossbow you built back in Althura? The one you used to defeat a sea king terrorizing the town?"

Klank thought on it. He did remember. It was one of the islands he and Bighead visited after one of the many times his captain damaged the ship. The townsfolk were in a seven year on again off again battle with a serpent like sea king. The titan of a snake would often rear its ugly mug to snatch a citizen, but not before wreaking havoc on their homes. Bighead was so intrigued that he demanded Klank conjure something up. Of course, the captain himself never lifted a finger to fight. He opted for getting drunk with the townsfolk while Klank worked away to build a weapon big enough to kill the monster. "No worries my dear friends," he would say. "My mate here can fix anything, including this problem you have." His charismatic and energetic persona worked wonders on the people of Althura. Bighead even had half the town partaking in beginners leg day, rewarding them with kegs of their own alcohol. His confidence was unmatched in all the Blue seas, and the early victory celebration further proved that.

The orange-haired man continued. "That one is a personal favorite of mine, haha. Still standing to, ya know. I just couldn't bring myself to destroy it."

"Appreciated," Klank was quick to say. "But you have me at a disadvantage. I still don't know who the hell you are."

"Hehe, name's Morior," he replied happily.

"Well then, Morior, how about you buzz off and leave me to my work." Klank pointed to the platform. "It ain't a masterpiece until it's finished."

"Wish I could, my friend." he paused for a moment. "Well, no i don't, I kinda like you, haha."

"Hey," klank interrupted the laughter. "Enough with the god damned laugh. It's creepin me out."

Morior suddenly started walking towards Klank with that same sinister smile. "Now why would you want to stop someone from being happy? I want YOU to be happy."

Klank stepped back with each one Morior took. He had no idea what was going on and he didn't like it. "Leaving me alone will make me happy."

"Oh, haha" he drew closer. "I think I can change that." Not a second later, Morior started running with his hands held out. "Now GET OVER HERE YOU MISERABLE RASCAL."

Klank wasn't sure if Morior intended on unleashing that decaying energy on him, but he didn't plan on finding out. Without a moment to waste, he lifted a thin platform from the ground, one he used as the original copy for his catapult. His began swinging his multi-tool and duplicating nails with panicked haste. Before Morior could get to him, Klank had already built a small box for himself to stand on. It wouldn't be enough to escape the charging, smiling man, but it was a start. In mere seconds, another box appeared, and another, and another, until there was a two by two boxed platform.

"Oh don't be like that, haha" Morior's laugh, again, struck nerves. the maniac leaped onto the raise as Klank quickly created multiple levels as he ascended the forming structure. A few key spots to hammer the nails was all it took to bind the wooden cubes together. Much higher, though, and the structure would eventually collapse under the increasing weight. "I gotta think of something," Klank thought to himself. It was too late.

Morior came to a halt on the second level of the square-spiraling tower, simply watching Klank as he continued to climb and build. He smiled at the effort to escape. "This craftsmanship isn't as impressive as the others," he yelled above. "Soooo," and the orange-haired man placed his hand on the next level box. Being as thin as the wood was, it was eaten away almost instantly.

"Son of a bitch," Klank screamed as he suddenly began falling, the rest of the structure collapsing in on itself. It was a long way down.
Sweat poured down Klanks face as he dropped the wooden plank from his back and started taking off his blue jacket. He used the already damp cloth to wipe the wetness from his face before letting it fall to the ground. All around him, giant logs littered the forest floor, and at the base of where each tree once stood was a finished cigarette. He could hear his captain yelling at him with that weird tone that makes him sound like he was concerned about Klanks health, but also that he would be fine without the shipwright. Only half the time was Bighead easy to read. Moments like that, Klank could never tell. "Damn straight he needs me," Klank muttered under his breath. "Ain't no one else gonna fix all that destruction."

There was a wide clearing in the treetops now, and the Sky Ocean was clear to see. The massive whirlpool above was heavily shaded under the cover of the floating island. Beyond that though, the sun rays beamed passed the rock and cast a strange glow within the stormy clouds. It looked so far away. Klank couldn't help to think that they would never make it back down. "There's too much fluctuation in the gravity," he thought to himself. He noticed the changes when he was sawing down all the trees. "I'll never be able to time the departure."

Klank thought for a moment as he popped another smoke. After a nice long drag and sigh, "That ones gonna require teamwork." He stared at the Sky Ocean a bit longer; just planning ahead. "Breaks over," he said aloud. "Time for the real work to begin." He cracked his knuckles and then his neck. He hopped down from the stump of the last tree he cut down. When he picked up his multi-tool, Klank unfolded the saw. It would take hours to get through all the fallen trees, but if he could keep himself working in sixth gear, he may be able to finish sooner. Not that it mattered to him. It would all be void of the boisterous laughter, the thunder rolling rumbles of a woman's stomach, and the constant whining of the living weapon. But most of all, what Klank would be most grateful for, is his temporary liberation from a certain individuals enthusiastic denial. He smiled as he took another, silent drag. Excitement filled his heart and further fueled his inner fire.

""THIS WILL BE THE BEST GOD DAMN SHIP IN ALL THE SEAS," he yelled with the fierceness of Captain Bighead.

With only a few yards into the forest, something had smashed into Klanks back. When he turned to look there was nothing behind him, but he did find a little pile of white fluff. When he could finally feel a wet spot soaking through the back of his shirt, it was known who the culprit was. He took a drag from his first cigarette and looked above. There was a trail of overly rustled leaves leading deeper into the trees. "That's two I owe her," he said sullenly. As shaken up as he was about the death of the Bighead ship, Klank always kept tabs on matters such as pranks. He shoved the second, unlit cig above his ear to save it for later. He stared at the glob of snow one last time before saying "Hm," and wandering further into the forest.

He looked around in the heavily shaded woods. With the few gaps he could see through the tree tops, Klank saw the reflection of sunlight in the sky ocean. "There's no way that insignificant amount of light could help these trees grow." Another drag. "And what about the rain?" he questioned. He tried to get a clearer view beyond the trees and from what he could tell, there were no clouds above. Only the stormy dark ones that surrounded the maelstrom. "Guess I'll have to wait and see."

As he continued onward, Klank knocked on the base of every tree he passed, and listened. "Strong," he confirmed. "Very strong." He tested a few more trees and then stood up straight for another drag that ended the cigarette. He subconsciously started pre-workout stretches while he thought. It was a habit ingrained in him now. As he did, he thought back more on the broken ship. Klank, continuing to stretch remembered the condition Bighead's ship was in when the two met. It was no great ship to be sure. She was in rough shape, but that all changed when Klank had really poured in his efforts. From then on it was top-notch patch jobs just to keep it a float against his captains destructive personality. He thought on that idea for a bit longer before breaking the silence with "I suppose if she had to go, I'm glad it wasn't done directly by the captain's overgrown head." Klank sniffed before duplicating another cig into his mouth. "You'll not be forgotten by me," he promised as he peeked through the leaves and to the sky ocean.
Klank lied on the ground with his arms and legs spread out wide. He was overwhelmed with confusion as to what exactly had happened. As he stared below, or maybe it was now the up above, his suspicions were confirmed. The Sea had become their sky. He peered into the giant maelstrom with wide eyes. Around its edges the raging storm continued. In the short distance Klank could hear Captain Bighead laughing. "Amazing" and "Well done, Lucky" were the only two things he heard. That slightly angered him.

"Well done, Lucky?" he questioned to himself. "All he did was play with the damn wheel." Klank wondered if Isaac even knew what he was doing. He sincerely doubted it. The frustrated man popped a cigarette into his mouth, took a longer drag than usual, and sighed the smoke out. It wafted thickly into the sky. Or the sea. "The Sea Sky," he finally said out loud. Klank grunted as he sat up and then struggled to his feet. He would hear credit where credit was due. He did all the work to get them through the storm alive. He approached Bighead and said, "I think you forgot someone, Captain."

"Did I now?" The Captain was smiling and boisterous as ever.

"You're damn straight," Klank pointed furiously. "I'm the one who kept the ship alive."

"You might,uhh."

"Screw that," he interrupted. "You stand at the front of the ship with your big ass head, laughing at death while this fool and his crazy girlfriend steer us toward it. At least Sierra was protecting the food." Klank in the middle of his fit lost sight of her, but it was to late now. He held up his finger so no one would interrupt him while he took another drag from his cig. "You were benching the damn mast. What the hell possessed you to do that? Whatever, I don't need your recognition for keeping the ship safe."

"Klank," Bighead now supported a sheepish grin and pointed behind the shipwright.

He raised an eyebrow before looking. When he did, Klank's heart dropped to his stomach, and the cigarette to the ground. A loud thud seemed to echo in his ears when his knees collided into the grass. He could suddenly feel the wind push lightly against his body. It created waves in the green field and after a moment finally reached a treeline that spanned quite a distance. At the beginning of the forest was what caught Klanks tortured eyes. Splinters of wood and shredded drapes of cloth covered the giants that were the trees. The Bighead Pirates skull was taunting him with the same sheepish grin the captain had showed just moments ago, as if to say sorry.

There was nothing left to salvage. Not a single plank. After what felt to be an eternity of silence for him, Klank finally rose to his feet. He turned towards Bighead and Isaac and walked to them. With every step he took, he remembered a patch job that made him feel closer to the ship. It may not have been the fastest or the most pristine piece of work, but it held all of his blood. All of his sweat. And it was all gone. When Klank reached the two, he looked stoically into Isaac's eyes and held out his hand. Then he shot a glance to Sasayaki. "I want you to remember this, you son of a bitch."

In the next moment, sasayaki's form was in Klanks hand. He gripped it as tight as he could, hoping she could feel it. But she wouldn't. Klank had not been able to duplicate sentience. Instead, this was sasayaki's form before she had been gifted the devil fruit. He continued to glare at her, trying to pierce her gaze where he thought it would be. Isaac never really went into details about body parts of his weapon. He ran his other hand down the chain and eventually wrapped it around his knuckles. Gripping both handle and chain with everything he had, Klank began pulling. His muscles bulged and his veins threatened to explode from his neck and face. He would never tell anyone this, but he had created the replica with a slightly more vulnerable chain connection. After a few more seconds of his best 'showmanship' that only Bighead could teach, Klank ripped the chain from the bladed handle. The tail end rattled as it coiled and fell to the ground.

After breaking his gaze from Isaac's weapon and breathing heavy, Klank looked to Bighead. "I need a little time to think." Blade still in hand, he turned and headed for the forest. His steps were slow as he approached it. He stopped at the tree line and looked up to the shattered remains of all his efforts. It scarred his heart, and to calm the rapid beating, he popped another cigarette into his mouth. Before lighting it and made one appear in his free hand. "This one's for you," he said softly. It would be the slowest cigarette he would ever smoke as he headed off into the forest alone to gather his thoughts.

Name: Morior

Age: 27

Race: Human

Devil Fruit/Abilities: Decay-Decay Fruit - Morior has the uncontrollable ability to plunge anything into a state of decay. There is an aura around him that reacts to his emotions, happy bringing it down completely and rage fueling it like gas to fire. Morion is able to control this ability to an extent, but has only recently learned to do so in a joyful state.

Kiss of Death - Morior's gun is capable of shooting globs of air filled with his ability. He can fill the large chamber with varying amounts of decay depending on the size of the item he wants to destroy.

Personality: Morior grew up in a state of depression all thanks to his devil fruit powers. He couldn't interact with anything or anyone because of his uncontrollable aura, so he was always avoided. That was until a few years ago when he was taken in by a Woman Pirate that seemed to sedate his ability. He's become happier since then. Now he is quite the laughster, finding joy in most anything.

Bio: will do at a later time
Klank was walking back towards Bighead and Isaac when the girl crashed into the ship. He shot a quick glance at her butt as she lied on the floor. "Hm," he whispered to himself, raising one eyebrow. At least there's something to look at, he thought. She finally stood up and he watched as she spoke her mind. He was glad someone was on his side, but that only lasted until she mentioned food and then asked where it all was. Klank rubbed his head in thought. The food supply was low as it is and taking on new members would pose a problem. They would definitely have to find another island. In the middle of thinking, Sierra pointed and seemingly challenged him. He chuckled when she called him a pain in the ass. That chuckling ended when ice formed beneath him and he lost his footing, falling to the floor. He crawled off the ice and brought himself to his feet. When he looked at the girl, she was grinning like she had won.

"I see we have a prankster," Klank called out. He flashed back to his first year on the ship with Captain Bighead and the crew he had before. The men were big on games, and though it took him a while to put himself on the same level as the others, Klank became quite the prankster himself. He was known, then, to take these types of things a little too far. He Looked to Bighead and smiled a devilish grin.

"Uh oh," Bighead laughed. "Just remember, Klank, no one damaged the ship more than you when the old crew was aboard."

"Had to teach them a lesson, Captain. Looks like she'll have to learn the same one." Klank looked Sierra in the eyes, smile gone. "All in due time." He let a few ideas run through his head before he started thinking about the food situation again.

"Captain," Klank said, suddenly. "We need to find a town to restock the ship. We've been running low for weeks and if we're gonna be taking on new crew, then we will run out in days. Won't be much of an adventure if we all starve to death."

Bighead rubbed his thick beard for a moment. "Way ahead of you, Klank." He wasn't, but Klank shoved it aside and went below deck to get accurate counts.
Even with all the working out he had undergone with Captain Bighead, Klank had no hopes of keeping up with the girl. There was simply too much resistance as the riveted wheels shredded through the water. As she created distance between the two, Klank peddled harder and harder, fighting the burning sensation building in his thighs. If he gave up the speed now, he would surely never hear the end of it. Quitting in the middle of what Bighead could view as a workout, especially one that involved legs, was one thing the man would get unnecessarily upset about. Thinking about the situation angered him.

"Damn that thing," Klank yelled. His fury towards the cursed weapon only fueled his legs more. He hit the waves with all he had. He finally caught a rhythm and smoothly flew through the air and landing on each waves backside. Gaining speed, he started to enjoy the thrill. Perhaps this was one of his more brilliant creations. "WOOO," he shouted as he leapt over Sierra and actually putting distance between them. A few more big waves and Klank would find himself back on the ship where he could lay into the new recruit about his weapon.

High in the air after his final jump, Klank spotted his target. As he was descending, he pointed to Isaac and angrily shouted, "YOU." He landed with a hard thud on the deck of the ship. The makeshift water bike remained intact, a true testament to Klanks craftsmanship. He hopped off his raft and stomped passed Bighead. " You better get in the habit of keeping that crazy weapon of yours on a shorter chain." He then looked to sasayaki and continued. "I don't need another person on this ship destroying everything, so check yourself. Got it?" For his final assault, Klank turned to his captain and considered if he should. He stopped for a brief moment before screaming "Stop recruiting CRAZY PEOPLE."

Bighead laughed loudly as he pointed to Klank. "If I didn't look for crazy then you'd still be in Logue Town." He couldn't stop his fit of joy. "Do you have any idea," he paused to catch his breath from cracking-up. "Just how insane that stunt you just pulled was? Color me impressed, Klank. Color me impressed." He circled his left hand inwards. "Come on, flex those leg muscles. You deserve it after that."

Klank stared at Bighead blankly. It was no surprise to him that his leader wouldn't be taking this seriously. Nevertheless, Bighead wouldn't allow Klank to just walk away after demanding a flex. When the captain wanted showmanship, he got showmanship whether someone liked it or not. He pulled up his shorts only slightly and assumed a not so enthusiastic pose. "Flex," he said softly and annoyed. His calf and thigh muscles rippled into a chiseled form.

Still laughing, Bighead pointed at Isaac. "That's just one of the many things you can look forward to on this crew, my boy. With proper leg days, as you just witnessed, you can accomplish anything."

"Whatever," Klank said as he grabbed his bike. He rolled it over to the back of the ship to a safe spot away from Bighead. There was no way he was giving that up.

you can post your arch enemy anytime you want. still gotta work on mine
"What the..." Klank yelled as he ran closer to the water when Captain Bighead leaped into the air towards the ship. Unlike his captains abilities, Klank would have to put in some work. He thought for a moment, but it had to be quick. With every moment he wasted on thinking, the ship sailed further away. A cigarette suddenly appeared in his mouth and he grabbed a match to light it. He took a long drag to calm his nerves as he turned to the girl who apparently had some kind of ice powers.

"This," he said as he pointed towards the ship. "This is the kinda crap you're gonna deal with." In the next instant, a number of nails popped into Klanks hand. He took his multi-tool in the other. Now was the time to kick his talents into gear if he was going to make it. Multiple boards were suddenly spread out on the ground in front of him. With the speed of a Logue Town shipwright, Klank began working like a madman. Wood chips and saw dust flew into the air creating a mess of a cloud that surrounded him. Every few seconds his hammer pierced the bubble before whipping back inside. "I'll be damned if I get stuck on this island alone," he yelled, still inside the mess. At one moment his head popped out and he yelled to the ship. "YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL I GET ON THAT SHIP," he directed at the living weapon. More comments and obscenities would be shouted as he worked.

After hammering and sawing away, and the dust finally settled, the smoking man stood next to a contraption he had never built. He looked back to the raft the former stranded pirate had built. He mocked the shoddy craftsmanship. He then said "Yea, I'll be damned."

He took one last drag before turning to the girl again. Squinting his eyes, Klank observed her and then faced the escaping ship. "You say you want to be the strongest?" He duplicated another cigarette and lit it before pushing his raft into the water and hopping on. It resembled a bicycle, the wheels made with large rivets to push water through. beneath his flat seat, and handles was a wooden gear system that connected it all. On either side of him were little boards that would help balance the bike as it crossed over waves. He took another drag. "The Captain can do that, for sure. But I hope you're prepared for a huge pain in the ass."

Without more hesitation, Klank started peddling. Fear struck him for a moment, knowing that if anything went wrong then it would be his last mistake and even in shallow waters, he would sink and die. Once he was sure the bike was working as intended, he was overwhelmed with excitement and began riding the waves with ease. He pushed his legs into overdrive, intent on reaching the ship fast and handing the kusarigama's ass to her on a platter.
As Klank approached the broken raft, he thought to himself if the lone man actually believed it would get him anywhere. Even in shambles, it was obvious where his failures in creating his escape had appeared. Bindings in all the wrong places, not enough security in those spots, and a few more important parts to keeping a raft together. He seemed excited, though, as Bighead conversed. He promised adventure and enemies and Klank couldn't help but think even more damage to the ship he worked so hard to maintain. That worry was confirmed by what seemed to be the somehow hot-headed attitude of the guys weapon. It was alive and apparently in fighting shape. Bighead was not phased and toyed with the weapon.

"It's leg leg day," he said. Suddenly, a bolt of destruction crackled down and had its way with the mans raft. He flinched as it happened.

"Well," he whispered to himself. "No fixing that." He observed the ship again just to make sure. He considered whipping out his multi-tool and the board on his back. It would have been pointless, however. Starting a brand new raft was the only way to help this man. That seemed pointless as well, as the captain had already been so intrigued. The man didn't even get a proper test, probably for the better though. Bigheads test always steered people away. As soon as staying on the ship was mentioned, another bolt of lightning struck, this time on the ship. He sighed at the thought of what the weapon yelled out amidst its attack on the captain. Curse.

Out of nowhere, someone fell from the ship and turned into a bulb of ice. The person approached and Bighead was quick to get excited and already welcome her as a part of the crew. "What the hell is going on today," Klank thought. He was only slightly more than slightly baffled by today's events. Sailing with Bighead was a constant adventure and for a moment, he was interested in what these two might have to offer. The woman seemed defensive and with a wild imagination. Klank went with it, knowing full well the Bighead pirates could not remain two forever if they were to brave and survive the grand line. Not that braving it posed a problem.

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