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Finished! For the most part anyway. As the RP progresses I will update this with more specifics around land forces as well as more ship designs.

Here is the in progress app from me

Things to be done
-all of military and tech
-fix the grammar and spelling issues that I probably left in there
-culture sections for the Untar and Vuln(at some point)

See I don't get why this is such a problem.

A lot of sci-fi settings outside of RP ignore physics and other scientific law. Why? Because were all not science majors and most of do not care for the complex math involved. Its just a different theme for the setting if that is an issue I don't see why you don't go find a setting that more adheres to real science that would be better for your tastes.
I am going to go ahead and poke my head in here to express interest.
An address to the Empire of Attolia and the Kingdom of Ubren

"The European Trading League was created with two primary goals in mind, one to create a better environment for the merchants and other economic forces of Europe to be able to deal and trade fairly, and two to create better connections between the European powers to ensure a stable and peaceful Europe. It is with this in mind that the European Trading League has near unanimously voted to embargo both the Empire of Attolia and Kingdom of Ubren. While we cannot support the warmongering of Ubren, neither can we support Attolia's war crimes against it's own people, nor their attempts to disrupt the European order by trying to colonize lands recognized to Ianian via treaty. Until both parties agree to come to the negotiating table over these issues, the embargo will remain in place. Below are the signatures of all Trading League members participating in the embargo."

The Three City's Republic of Ianian - Doge Stefano Bianchi

The Republic of Tourbes - Carlos Sequeira

The Echyan Empire - Makis Panas

The Holy Territories of Edoniras - Buccio de Calvio

The Republic of Oflua - Orest Kovtun
Tangir, Southpoint
Tangir was the one of the metaphorical “crown jewels” of the Ianian’s colonial empire. It served as one of the main hubs of trade in and out of the Mediterranean as well as being an invaluable naval base for the formidable Ianian Armada. Today, however, it was where the Ianians were conducting an important clandestine meeting – one that could decide not just the future of the Ianian’s continued efforts in North Africa, but the future of the Hijeen people as well.

A government office had been procured for the meeting. Doge Stefani along with a few other notable Ianian diplomats sat across from a supposed “acolyte” of the al-Selim. It had taken connections, bribes, and a little bit of force from the Doge, but they had finally gotten the meeting that the Serene Doge had sat out for them.

“While it is not unusual for people to seek out the al-Selim – the efforts that you – a non-HIjeen – have gone through to seek him out are unusual. I have heard your message however, and something can be arranged – but before I would be willing to do so I need something from you. Why do you seek out our prophet?” spoke the acolyte.

“Simple really – the Serene Doge and the Senate are interested in cooperation. We have always endeavored to protect the Hijeen people from unfair discrimination and have safe guarded the Hijeen under are rule from attacks by Viponists. We were hoping that we could discover the al-Selim goals and cooperate if those are peaceful.” Responded

“Oh really Doge? You desire to protect the Hijeen people? Does that include giving them the weapons to escalate a conflict with a European power and throw more of their lives away?” questioned the acolyte.

The Doge flinched for a moment – the secret dealings with the tribes in the Sahara had been only known to a few within the government in the military.

“How did you…!?” the Doge looked at the acolyte for a minute, before he spoke again.

“You will discover my dear Doge, that the eyes and hears of the al-Selim are everywhere – it might have been a slight mistake of yours to let Linia and Southpoint elect senators who are Hijeens – and thus loyal to the al-Selim.” said the Acolyte.

The Doge gathered his calm and spoke again.
“Yes, we did infact give weapons to them, but only because we believed their freedom should be a goal of Ianian, considering the Redcliff oppression they suffered under.” said the Doge.

The Acolyte laughed a little, before speaking again. “We both know that isn’t true Doge, that your government only desired to use them as pawns in the game of chess that you European powers like to play. Never the less, I think I know what I need to. Wait for another messenger, you shall have your meeting with the al-Selim.”

With that, the Acolyte departed, as the Doge began to prepare for his trip to meet the Al-Selim.
A letter to Edoniras
To the most esteemed Sovereign of his people, his Holiness Invictus XI,

I am happy to see that our peoples can finally stand side by side with each other. While Ianian may be a secular government, some of our founding ethical principles have been based off of Viponist philosophy, and it would be a tragedy to ignore the cultural values that our Viponist population share with your people. Both of our governments have also been committed to peace in Europe. That is why I send this letter today, I would like to formally extend an offer to the Territories to join the European Trading League.

With the close proximity of our nations, having a defensive pact as well as the expanded trade access would be invaluable to not only Ianian but your people as well. Your people would also be exempt from the Straight Tax, would would be a large boon for Southern Trading ports. The Trading League was created not just to expand trade, but to use said trade to ensure peace across Europe, so I hope you see the value that Edoniras joining the organization and accepting the defensive pact would bring to ensuring that goal.

From the Office of the Most Serene Doge.
Rodesia, the Three City’s Republic
The quiet crackling of the fire in the Serene Doge’s office echoed as the Serene Doge poured over the reports coming out of Linia. When the Serene Doge’s advisers had originally given him the advice to fund rebels within the North African deserts he had been reluctant to do so as he feared, despite the stability of Southpoint and Linia, that they might suffer from the attacks. He had taken their advice anyway, because removing Redcliff, at least at that point in time, from North Africa had become a security priority. Now that they were attacking Linia however, likely with weapons purchased by Ianian and given to them. At the minimum, it would at least be difficult to track those back to the Ianian government.

As the Serene Doge continued pouring over the papers and considering what options would be best used to respond, a hard knocking could be heard coming from his door. He looked up at the door.

“Come in.” spoke the Serene Doge, as the doors opened to reveal someone drabbed in the grab of an Ianian senator.

“Senator Antonio? To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” asked the Serene Doge.

“You know exactly what I am doing here. The recent attacks on Linia aren’t good news for the coalition ahead of the elections.” He responded. Senator Antonio, a member of the Mercantilist Party which had chosen to join the Senatorial New Power block, was often considered the head of the coalition.

“I just need to know what plans you have to respond to this Donato. The deal between Olfua and Akkadia may be a huge win for us, but if we don’t properly respond you already know that the Old Freedom block will use this to gain leverage ahead of the elections.” said Antonio.

“I know Antonio. I am planning on redeploying the Foreign Legion to Linia to help secure the area. I am also considering asking Akkadia to bring some forces over.” spoke Donato.

“Relying on Akkadia to defend us again? Do you seriously believe that will work?”

“The natives in Linia are Hijeens, as I will remind you. Bringing Akkadian forces over to help defend will quell their fears and prevent them from joining the natives in the desert – especially considering that the bill to give Senate seats to colonies passed.”

“I will admit Donato that I am still uneasy about the situation, but I don’t believe the coalition would have voted for you if they didn’t believe you could get us through the elections.” said Antonio, as he stood up and left the office.
A response to Attolia

"The army from Akkadia, or the Heathens you call them, joined the war to help in the mutual defense of Echya, and will, once we make peace, make peace as well. They have no desire expect to come to aid of a mutual ally. Now, if you condemn us and them for taking action, then you most go ahead and condemn the Pope and Tourbes as well. Offensive action was necessary to capitulate Redcliff and bring peace to Europe. However now that a new ruler has taken control, it is no longer necessary for us to press the advance, and we will withdraw. As for the fact that we brought Hijeens into Europe, we would condemn you. They have worked with Ianian this entire time, and have withdraw their support from Dashkatar. We have shown how that when you work with others of a differing faith - peace can be brought to all. I would urge the Concert of Europe not to follow the example of Attolia - but to extend an arm out to all Hijeens after the conflict with Dashkatar to build a greater peace in Europe."
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