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4 mos ago
Current I feel bleeeeeeeeeh
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7 mos ago
Stress-induces sickness is the best sickness
11 mos ago
When you manage to trigger a Congress room twice
11 mos ago
Off to San Angelo for got a debate tournament
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11 mos ago
Managed to claim 3rd in CX with my partner at a debate tournament. I feel pretty good considering it was my first time doing CX.


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I have been chilling in the Discord, but I figured I post here for those who haven't gone there yet.
Oh as a quick note, if I disappear suddenly, its probably because @RomanAria killed me for drinking whiskey.
Quick note to everyone: Don't include time stamps in your posts. The only reason I did it was to give people an idea of about what time relative to ours the RP is starting. This mainly because I don't have a set time scale for how the RP should progress just yet.

Also, the Federation will be effected by the way other aliens nations interact with them. While I won't say what the outcomes will be, they will have an impact upon how the Federation looks at the galaxy and what path they will take.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 4 mos ago Forum: News
Very slight annoyance with the 0th post system. Personally I really only want a 0th post in the OOC tab for my Co-GMs and don't need one in the IC tab but it seems to have to create one in the IC before anywhere else. Otherwise it's a nice little system.
*reserved, in case I disappear and the Co-GMs need somewhere to post stuff*



While I am not entirely opposed to comedic species, it isn't what I want for this setting. I prefer things be kept at least semi-serious.
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