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I'm still in. Wasn't able to do much at all until now since real life was taking my time, but I'm finishing up my app now.

Same here. New job.
Your good to go, pending some questions I have for you.
The Lower City, Valoan
When the Xayan Dynasty had taken control of the Vastayan Empire they built a grand floating city to represent their might. Below it was the old capital of the Xayan tribe, now simply known as the Lower City. The Lower City was pretty much left to rot, as for most it was easily avoidable on a trip to Valoan. Besides the occasional social service worker that checked to see if the meager welfare systems left in place were still working, or a tax collector, the place was pretty much ignored by the Vastayan government, or so it seemed.

Among the crowds that traversed the ruined a single lone Vastaya stood out. Unlike the crowds of poor and homeless, his clothing was much nicer. He wore a feather-coat, a traditional dressing of the avian like people of the Xayan tribe. His hair was a short and of a deep white color, and his eyes were a brilliant emerald green. He slipped into one of the many back alleys of the Lower City.

After he reached a small hidden marketplace. As the Lower City had little in the way of a police force, it also was one of the most crime-heavy places on Valoan. The Vastaya approached a few stalls before stopping at one. It was full of assorted weapons. Behind it was a smaller Vastaya, almost completely covered in fur.

“Ah Ralan, my friend! Come to pursue my wears again?” said the Vastaya.

“No not really Almon, I was actually seeking information on something in particular. I heard you may have sold a military-grade rifle?” questioned Ralan.

“I did indeed sell one, however you know my policy. I don’t sell information about my customers.”

“Not actually what I was going to ask. Do you have any more?”

“No, a supplier of my only gave me the one, and then I sold it.”

“Thanks anyway. I will check back later, save one for me eh?”

“As long as you continue to be one of my best customers!” said Almon as Ralan walked away and out of the alley area.

After Ralan walked around for a while and talked to various Vastaya within the Lower City, a small blue light lit up on his belt. It seemed to be some kind of communication device. He began moving faster before he arrived at a door, his hand glew for a minute as the lock on the door clicked, and he opened it.

The small house which Ralan had entered was, compared to the rest of the Lower City, was not dilapidated. It had a small living area, along with a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, but what was more important was the wide variety of computer. Various lights and displays flickered displaying information in the language of the Vastaya. In the center was a circular holographic project, flashing the same blue light as the communicator.

Ralan pressed a button, and a Vastaya in a dark black uniform, with the emblem of STIS emblazoned on it, responded.

“Report in, Cipher Nine.” spoke the mysterious figure.

“Reporting in, Keeper One. No location track on the stolen Royal Marine weapon shipment, although all evidence reports toward various criminal elements having acquired it.” said Ralan, looking up at the figure.

“You will have to put a hold on that Cipher. A new critical task as come up.” said Keeper One. The holographic projector changed image to a mysterious object. It appeared to be marked with the language of the Angels.

“The Office for the Reclamation of Angel Artifacts reported this stolen by criminal elements of the Lower City. They weren’t willing to go into detail about what the artifact actually is, so its presumably important. STIS has been requested to track it down, and being the most trust of the Cipher agents, this is your duty. Fixer Seven will be assisting you.” said Keeper One

“Roger that Keeper. Mission accepted.” finished Ralan, as the holographic transmission cut off. Shortly after, a number of details and other information came up on one of the numerous monitors, as Ralan began piecing it together to try to find the artifact.
Feel free to begin posting in the IC. For those still working on your apps, or those interested, don't worry. I just need to get the RP moving, and we will always be accepting.
@Willy Vereb

Your app is good to go.
My app is up for those interested.

Your good.

There is no foreseeable plans for a map, at least for now.
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