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Rodesia, The Senate Chamber
The Senate was, and would always be, the highest authority within Ianian. The Senate Chamber itself was a large circular room, grand pillars in the center holding up the vast room. A hundred seats lined the room for all of the senators, with one more seat and desk in the middle for the Ianian leader, the Serene Doge, to be able to conduct and proceed the Senate meetings. While most of the Senate meetings remained fairly civil, today’s meeting had become a heated one.

“This funding bill is completely unnecessary! Ianian has and will always be protected by her navy and economic might, we do not need a well-funded army to protect and safeguard us.” proclaimed one senator.

“Our economic might is the exact reason we need a well funded army. Redcliffe or Edoniras could be planning to invade us to seize our economic assests now, we need this bill to better support and fund our army!” shouted one senator back, standing up and pointing at the previous senator.

The shouting back and forth continued as various senators joined the previous two and took sides. After a few vicious minutes of fighting between the two groups, the Serene Doge Donato finally stood and took a end to the action.

“Enough senators! While I will ignore the disregard to standard parliamentary procedure on the part of everyone in this room, we have exceeded our time limit for debate on this item. Submit your votes to me now.” said Donato.

After a few minutes senators came down and added small slips of paper to a ballot box. The Serene Doge made one last call for votes before an assistant took the box and counted the votes. After he was finished, he wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to Donato.

“On a vote of 57 to 43, the Army Spending Bill of 1799 passes.” spoke Serene Doge Donato, raising is voice so that all of the room could hear.

Those of the senate that voted against the bill grumbled, before the Serene Doge moved on to the next two items, a tax bill and a proclamation from the Senate regarding the current border conflict between the Echyan Empire and the Kingdom of Sescos.

I apologize for the messy colonial claims. I couldn't get the fill tool to play nicely with that map.
Is this still open for moi to join? Been a while since I took part in an NRP and I want to get back into it.

my god your alive, welcome back man
You aren't trapped in the dream layers, instead, your now stuck in subconscious, unable to truly process the world around you. Have fun.

I wish EA hadn't fucked up Westwood, Maxis, and Bioware.
I've successfully created the standard template of the Nation Overview, so that's the biggest hurdle down! Just need to allocate the right stats for you all now. Today or tomorrow everyone who's already applied should have their Nation Overview.

I'm going to guess the numbers we put in are roll modifiers?

edit: And green is fine, I didn't see that post till now.
@duck55223 work picked up. I won't able to commit to this. Sorry for oranging up the map.

Sorry to hear you go, and don't worry, it won't take me that long to fix.

I apologize for the messy colonial claims. I couldn't get the fill tool to play nicely with that map.
@duck55223 Are you suggesting I copied yours? If you scroll back through the RP's, I posted one called A New Age about a year ago that bears some pretty strong similarities to my new one. The map is in fact almost exactly the same. I've been working on the mechanics on and off for months. To be honest I'm genuinely baffled that you would outright suggest that I was copying your idea. I've been nothing polite to you, perhaps I was wrong to expect the same from you?

@SonOfALich It all looks good to me! Consider yourself accepted, and I'll have a Nation Overview sent your way.

I meant no disrespect, I just said it was suspicious. I had it happen on other forums so I was just making sure it wasn't the case.
@Willy Vereb Thank you. It's a shame you won't be joining.

@duck55223 You mean the only difference is entirely how the game is played? It's like saying the Russell Crowe Robin Hood is 'super similiar similar' to the Disney cartoon of the same name.

I appreciate your interest, but the two RP's only share a setting, and I am sure can happily co-exist. Unless you think otherwise?

It's not necessarily that two NRPs of similiar settings cant co-exists, I just find it slightly suspicious that this one went up so shortly after mine.

Not saying this out of malus though, its a good thing this exists. Some people simply prefer stats.

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