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Current I feel very attacked!
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I mean when I hear the word "ostracized" all I can think of is ostriches and ostriches are hecking cool so....
5 mos ago
Not quite as glamorous but I gave someone a concussion once by using a rubber band to fling a metal spoon at them...


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First year university student, studying molecular biology and microbiology
Obsessed with clarinet
Mildly obsessed with Roman history
Fledgeling gamer
Avid bookworm

I am the acting contest moderator as of 5th May 2017. Bear with me, I still don't entirely know what I'm doing, but feel free to shoot me a PM if you have ideas for the contests or want to apply to be on the staff of one of them - We're always looking for people.

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Not currently seeking new roleplays.
When Royalty Collides (PM) - Liv Traianus, Anton Telesphorides
A Prized Bride (PM) - Miry Unalim, Sia Beneni
Fame Manor - (pending)

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@Silver Carrot Sorry, mate, but I'm pretty sure this one is dead and buried. That said, the revamped RPG contest will be going live within a day, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Here's the first one. I'll finish #124 at some point. Finding images is haaaard.

EDIT: Oh hey I actually finished something within a deadline for once! Here's Miri.

May I reserve numbers 62 and 124? I'll probably have my sheets up tonight ish.
Tentatively poking in here with interest, if y'all have room for one more. This seems like a really cool premise... also *waves @ruby*
Edit: disregard, I started writing and was promptly ninja'd. >.>
Also, for the record I like the name Lydin. To me at least it sounds a bit fantasyish and medievally but maybe it's a relic from that old time? In any case, I like it.
Potentially interested! I don't have a ton of time to write but this seems like it could be fun.
@Sonatine hello there! Welcome (back?) to the Guild!

looks good.
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