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Hi, everyone, I'm on hiatus. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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SgtEasy 3 yrs ago
Merry Christmas darlin' :PPP Came back from the dead, hope you do too soon :)
Tracyarmav 3 yrs ago
Miss you, and hope you're enjoying the holidays! Merry Christmas Aria!
SgtEasy 4 yrs ago
I hope university's going well for you Ari <3

Love ya but wouldn't wanna be ya right now XD <3
Wick 4 yrs ago
I hope there is no permanent damage to your eye. Feel better hun.
Chao 5 yrs ago
How come your statuses get more likes than mine!?

This is not fair at all. I'm just as nice as you... ;-;
metanoia 5 yrs ago
Holy fuck, your vm count is almost as high as mine is. *highfives*


shylarah 5 yrs ago
YOUR STATUS. <3 There needs to be a like button somewhere other than the front page's recently posted statuses. T.T
wolf paws 5 yrs ago


you are not the Roman i dote on
wherefore has't thee deceived me?
onenote 5 yrs ago
Congrates Aria! You're going to go far!
LetterA 5 yrs ago
h oly fuck ur 15 u were like 13 last time ar ia , ,, ,,, ur growin up 2 f as t,, , pls, ,,slo w dowN, , ,,
WilsonTurner 5 yrs ago
*Whistles idly*

*looks about*

...There sure is a buncha shtuph in here.
duck55223 5 yrs ago
Shurikai 5 yrs ago
If you had never seen a javalina before, I would expect anyone to take pictures. I mean really. Its a pig in Arizona. How weird is that?
Jurassic Weeb 5 yrs ago
After seeing RWBY, would you consider it a series you'd 1x1?
Uncertain Tea 5 yrs ago
I'm sorry your music classmates are such douche nozzles. Take care! :)
WilsonTurner 5 yrs ago
Yes, well, PLAYING THE GAME is hilariaious.

So hah.

Be jelly.
Strawberry jelly.
Rain 5 yrs ago
I have come to help you! *Becomes a pencil*
ClocktowerEchos 5 yrs ago
Yo, love, are you alright? Just checking in.
Tracyarmav 5 yrs ago
I can't speak for them, but I'm pretty sure we all would notice and miss you very much.
Tulpa 5 yrs ago
You work at the radio!? That's amazing! You must be - like - a celeb in your city! <3
WilsonTurner 5 yrs ago
Not all of us are amazing and can ace everything :b
WilsonTurner 5 yrs ago
What dus dis do...
Krinos Solstice 5 yrs ago
Might I suggest going to the hospital to be looked at? Personal experience, blood loss of that degree is never a good thing.
ClocktowerEchos 5 yrs ago
*poke* :3
RomanAria 5 yrs ago
Wait, whaaaaat?
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