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Current Why the hell do I keeo doing this return-and-leave bullshit?
3 yrs ago
Life is funny. When you make a mistake and finally realize what you had done wrong, it's too late to fix the issue.
3 yrs ago
E3 was, at its best, mediocre. I was hoping for Nintendo and Sony to wow me. BUT why not just port Fortnite to the switch and another Spider-Man teaser?
3 yrs ago
I dunno why, but sometimes I feel happy when I feel sad.
3 yrs ago
tfw when Google Chrome is so laggy on your tablet so you resort to Microsoft Edge.
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This looks interesting.

Any room left?

Garfield felt a bit pleased after hearing Billy's remark about his superhero alias. He called it cool, and Garfield really hoped he had meant it. Billy then had told him his own alias, Captain Marvel, and that he was 'magic and stuff'. Garfield nodded to this, and thought of something funny or remarkable to reply with.

"Well I'm science and stuff." Garfield said, grinning timidly at Billy. "I can turn into any animal I know of." He wondered what Captain Marvel could do, with a name like Captain and Marvel together, he had to be some sort of Superman-ish superhero. Sounded right up Billy's ally.

But how could a kid around Garfield's own age be like Superman? Garfield was probably wrong. Suddenly..

The crimson speedster's voice echoed across the rooftop saying four words Garfield had not expected at his first day as a Titan. We are under attack. Before Garfield had an idea of what was going on, the speedster had gone across the rooftop and the nearest TVs were on the news broadcasting what was going on. Garfield hurriedly motioned for Billy to follow him as he ran towards the nearest TV.

Once he looked at the news he could not believe what he was witnessing. Mechanical machines turning into things the likes of 1980s mecha anime. Garfield's eyes widened, and his mouth gaped open.

"H-Holy crap.. We're under attack. The green boy repeated the words the Speedster had said over the intercom under his breath.

Just a good warning for everyone, incase I'll be gone for a while.

After tomorrow, I'm probably not going to be able to be that active as my internet's off at my parents' house, which I'll be going back to. I'll try to figure out some sort of way to stay in contact and be active as possible as I can be.

However, I can't make any promises. One can only hope.

It's been a little while, but I already enjoy roleplaying with you guys. Some I know longer than others. That doesn't mean anything though, because you're all pretty great people to roleplay with.

So incase I won't be able to come in contact after tomorrow, I'll be seeing ya.

Garfield was a bit depressed (and relieved) that Roy and Kori had walked off and left him alone. However, looking at the leader of the Titans who's first few actions were have a resting stoic face and sitting down in a chair talking about something Garfield couldn't manage to make out.

Not just that, but once the elevator had opened once more. Garfield couldn't help but notice a rather pretty, but pale, girl. She had a gothic and dark look to her that told Garfield to not screw with her. Watching Roy walk over to her, Garfield bit his lip, wondering what the outcome of that would be.

After her, it was ... another kid around Garfield's age. Garfield didn't expect this but, but felt a bit more comfortable to know he wasn't the only younger teen in the group. It wasn't long util that same kid came over to Garfield and gave out his hand to shake, saying his name was Billy and other friendly stuff.

The green teen was definitely surprised that he was simply singled out of the crowd by Billy. Then again, Garfield was green skinned, green haired, and green eyed. Garfield reluctantly smiled and shook Billy's hand.

"Hi. I'm Garfield, nice to meet you too." He said, rather shyly. "Yeah, what a team!" Garfield said, his reluctant smile grew more geniune.

What a team..

Suddenly as Garfield thought, his mind was brought back to where he was as a blur of red span into a couch which had caught Garfield off guard. Another hero who knew where he belonged, Garfield figured as the red speedster took off his mask with a great smile.

Garfield then turned back to Billy, "My alias is Beast Boy, by the way. Yours?"

Looks nice.

Garfield wasn't sure how he felt about this Roy guy. On one hand, he seemed friendly enough, but he seemed to have a.. What was the term he heard in the streets before? A 'shit-eating grin'? Garfield was pretty sure that was the right term for Roy. However, he still wasn't too sure to make any assumptions about the crimson archer. Garfield, scratched the back of his head a bit awkwardly, if we're on a team..

"If we're on a team, I'm Garfield, then." Garfield said with a more confident smile, happy with himself once more. He then raised an eyebrow once Roy asked about the reasons of why he joined the Titans.

Why did I join the Titans?

Garfield anxiously thought of why he had joined. It certainly wasn't for glory or anything like that. He also wasn't sure if he had joined to exactly protect people. If honest, he wasn't sure he really even cared much for the citizens of San Francisco. The green boy also had a good idea of controlling his powers.

Garfield came to a conclusion, "I.. don't know."

Ya'll still hirin'?

Garfield looked up to see a red haired guy in shades, who had a quiver on his back. Most likely on archer. Garfield stood up reluctantly, not sure whether to talk to the guy or just act like he didn't notice the redhead come any closer. Garfield then looked back at him, and regained his composure. He gave a friendly smile. "Hi, I'm Garfie-... Err, Beast Boy." Garfield could already imagine the questions the crimson archer would be asking him. The archer also seemed a bit surprised about the distinctive looking Kori with her unnatural colored skin, hair, and eyes. Now thinking about, Garfield felt a bit better to know he wasn't the only unusual looking one who was going to be on this team of Titans.

He started to wonder if the archer had any superpowers or not. Then again, it didn't take superpowers to become a superhero. Batman and Nightwing proved that. Garfield assumed the possibility that the crimson archer, was probably like them as well. Garfield took a moment to think of a nice way of asking who the archer was. He still wasn't use to being around much people, much less conversing. However, if he was going to be on a team, he needed to realize how to actually be social.

I can't be the only one having a hard time wit this..

He straightened out his little red and white uniform he had constructed for himself, and nodded towards the archer with another smile. "And you are?" Garfield politely asked. Pleased with himself for not being such a awkward, green goofball for once.

Garfield was starting to get the hang of this. Maybe coming here wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Garfield nodded, "I hope I do. I really don't get it." He sat down, looking around the rooftop of the tower. He then looked back at Kori, then back at the blonde girl in the pool. After a moment of sitting by himself, he scooted a bit closer to Kori. As she was, for now, the only person he's deemed frien it dly. Garfield's social anxiety was the hardest was when he was in a room with complete strangers. Admittedly, he still didn't think how Kori could think of non-family members as family.

However, like she said. He'd apparently get it once he gets to know everyone. "Do you, uh... Want to see something pretty cool?" Garfield asked Kori, looking up at her with half of a grin. Garfield was starting to get the hang of his abilities, and people usually wondered what was so beast like about a green kid. Garfield stared, waiting for her answer.
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