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Going through the portal was a bit uncomfortable truth be told. It was kind of like going through a tunnel, dark, cramped, and she had no real idea what was waiting for her on the other side. Thankfully the trip took only moments and soon Zephyra was stepping out into what looked to be the dining room of a mansion. Looks like she was getting called by not only someone powerful but rich as well. Of course, Zephyra didn't get to focus on that for too long as she noticed both a man (human it seemed?) standing in front of the portal looking slightly flustered and the arrow she shot right behind him stuck into the wall. Oh geez, she had almost hit someone.

Despite the fact she probably almost hurt or killed him though, the main seemed very...chipper. Cheerfully introducing himself as Claudius and asking for her name since he was terrible with them. "Zephyra Southworth." She replied tentatively. Zephrya had worked with eccentric magic users before and this guy seemed like he would be one of those. And if she learned anything from the others, its that she could never really be sure what to expect from them. After the greetings, Claudius asked her to take a seat and looked to see who all was there already, surprised at the ensemble. There was...Zephrya wasn't sure exactly, she had never seen any of his kind before. He resembled a demon in a lot of ways but he wasn't a demon either. Well, learning about him was going to be interesting. There was an elf here (of the non-flying variety), who seemed to be keeping to himself, and a timid girl that looked to be human. An interesting ensemble that made whatever job they were being recruited for seem very interesting indeed.

After Zephyra took her seat, some sort of shadow opened a door and walked out. It was humanoid in shape and seemed physical if just a tad bit unnerving. Claudius told them that it could give them whatever food and drink they so desired, which the red not demon boy set out to test with his asking of bloodwine, and seemed disappointed that he got what he wished. The other elf got water, mentioning that he didn't want to become intoxicated, before going back to stare at Claudius intently. Zephyra followed suit (with a slight apology for this must have been some complicated magic here) and asked for water as well, as being drunk did not make for good flying conditions, of course, if Claudius couldn't deliver on being able to grant her the gift of flight again, then it would have been for naught.
@VerusEbullio I feel your pain man (had to go through something similar for phlebotomy). Good luck and hope it all goes well!
Sorry, I haven't posted yet, I wanted to try and give Noxxis some time to get back and for Aeolian to get done with her cs. I'll try to have a post up tonight or tomorrow evening
@VerusEbullio that feel when your new friend about kills you with an arrow.
Well that's good at least XD
I laughed so hard! Claudius might get scratched or the arrow may go through his hand, I haven't decided yet. Only because he was standing directly in front of the portal when he opened it, and was like WTF!? was not expecting that one xD. Are your arrows just plain old arrows? Just so I don't unknowingly majorly injury Claudius. What are the heads made of?

the arrows are made out of super demon killer iron Nah just plain or iron and like, oak or some sort of wood like that and feathers at the end. So unless Claudius is allergic to iron, he should be fine if he gets non fatally hit.
Honestly can't wait until someone reacts to that arrow XD
The rain was unbearable. It always was but more so now than ever because after Zephyra waited out this storm out, there would be no flying up into the clear blue sky. Just her getting out from under the tree she was taking shelter under and continuing down her path on foot. She had no idea where she was going either. She couldn't bring herself to go back to her mercenary work if she couldn't be in her element, the sky. She had thought about finding her parents but...she couldn't go back to them in this state. She couldn't face any Avariel like this! One's wings were everything to an Avariel and while she wouldn't die because she lost one, she lost a vital piece of herself and all any of her other kind could do for her was give her pity which she didn't want or need.

Zephyra sighed and shook her head. That was another bad thing about the rain. It gave her to much time to think and the worst part it was just the same line of thinking that she had thought since she first learned that she no longer had two wings. She needed a way to take her mind off of it. It didn't take long for that way to appear, though it took a bit for Zephyra to notice it. What first caught Zephyra's attention was a slight movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see...a little fox? Just sitting there, twitching its tail every now and then as it stared at her. Zephyra froze for a moment, not really out of fear but out of surprise. Zephyra had never seen anything like it and thought it looked too cute to be a monster, she couldn't fully rule it out as it looked, unlike any animal she had ever seen before. Zephyra was starting to go for the dagger in her boot when she noticed that the little fox was holding something in its mouth. A letter? Was this a messenger?

"Is that for me?" She asked tentatively and the little fox came over and placed it the letter down next to her before sitting back once more. "Oh um, thanks?" She said as she picked the letter up. It had her name on it alright. Zephyra took a minute to rack her brain on who she would know that would send her a letter under such strange circumstances. She had come across several magic users over the years but none with...was the fox a familiar? Who knew, but none of them seemed to have any connections to this strange little shadow fox. Well, the quickest way to find out who sent the letter and why would be reading it. In seconds Zephyra had the envelope opened and the letter unfolded in her hands. The first thing she noticed right away that it was a job offer. Just from the pleasantries from the beginning of it. It almost was enough to get her to throw it away right then, for how could she do it now that she was land bound. But she continued on and was surprised to learn that the sender knew of wounds and what really got her attention, a promise that they could return her missing wing to her.

An offer like that was surely to good to be true...but what really did Zephyra have to lose by going to check things out? She had been wandering aimlessly after all. She turned to the fox, "Okay, this says you can take me to your master," Zephyra looked down at the paper again, "Claudius? Okay, take me to him." Zephyra grabbed her things and got up, already dreading the possible long walk to Castle Havoc. Though the second that Zephyra was up a dark portal appeared in front of her. Without even thinking Zephyra dropped her pack and grabbed her bow, quickly letting loose an arrow into the hole that was in front of her and quickly readying another one. She had a hole appear before her before in the sky and that time had almost cost her life, she wasn't about to let that happen again. But after a tense minute, with nothing happening and the fox making frantic noises, Zephyra came to a realization. "That...was your masters doing wasn't it?" She asked as she relaxed her bow. The fox seemed to nod. "Oh, well shit. Uh, I'll apologize to him in a bit then." She added sheepishly, hoping that there was no one on the other side of the portal when that happened.

The fox quickly ran through the portal, probably to see if its master was alright. Zephyra grabbed her things again and followed shortly behind it, thinking about how well things were going already.
"The eye in the sky"

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