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Alright, thanks for the interest.

First order of business for me is to finish that char-sheet.

First order of business for you is to decide what gang you want to be. As i said, there can only be 2 different gangs max. All players within must be from the same. The Gang House identity will decide much of how your character is expected to act without it being socially unacceptable. It also will, just as with the tabletop, decide which weapons you have early access to. If you dont know what those are, then your character clearly is suffering from memory-itis until you go and google it.

That said, you will only be starting with megre weapons in the beginning, just a trusty stub revolver and a mean spirited disposition! Acquiring things is part of your job description! Theif! Your options will be in the char sheet, and you can start with something nicer in exchange for talent points which you'd usually use to be more legendary.
"An Arbitrator has but one life to give, but you can only kill a criminal once." - Gangers proverb

Hive Moroz

Northermost of Necromunda, great hive of old, nestled within The Spoil. Producer of refined promethium, ferroalloys and scrap, and... gold. Moroz is a polar hive, outside are buffeting winds and white-outs that will suck the life out of you. All year round the whore frost tries to reclaim the inner hive, seeping in through the metal walls and crunching under foot. During the summer months the great hive glaciers melt, bringing meltwater to course down the hive streets and remove all the dead of the year, mixing with the crude promethium, a biproduct of the refineries, slosh out in great rainbowed rivers and falls into the basin.

The year is 999.M41, 100 years since the Cicatrix Maledictum tore its way through the galaxy and the minds of every psycher. What was meant to sunder the Imperium of Men, only bisected it. Planets and whole systems suddenly ceased to be, space travel was for the most part suicidal. Anarchy made its play. Planets changed governments, and the faithful were once again tested. How much the more so for industrially strip-mined, and technologically-graced Necromunda. As if pulled from the shadows by the scent of blood in the air, genestealer cults regrouped, flipping over entire hives into treason. Entire hives became cut off from the outside, under constant siege by an enemy that knew their every weakness, as they too had been human... once. This was a time for heroes, and many answered. House Goliath clattered against them with the force like two uranium rods meeting, finally earning their name, even in the minds of their strongest detractors. House Cowdor supplied the munitions factories with zealot workers that worked like deamons but thought only of angels. House Escher's poisoner-cooks, brought forth previously unknown and unconcievable chemical combinations to keep pace with the rapid immunity and generations of the gene stealer. House Orlock suffered much, and through their suffering they found Honour, doing what needed doing, what other houses were too proud or too petty to do, to have each others back, for the bond of brotherhood to suffuse the hives, for it is worth so much more than gold... and through such proactivity of bravery they might attract... the glance of GOD. House VanSaar was given, arguably the most powerful position, declared Marcher Lord by Governor Helmawr himself, and tasked with marshalling the War council, now effectively taxless, their vast technological superiority, could hit the fulcrum on any situation, though a mere pat from a mere aged rad-laden human, could split pillars of the earth. And House Delaque proved Lord Helmawrs' strongest ally.

All this did was slow the progression into a trickle, now merely a stalemate. The Sieges go on outside, and the PDF regiments, now widely respected by everyone, make their repelling formations and desperate strikes. Searching for an opening, searching for a weakness and running out of time. It is sixty years after the beginning of the wars, with no end in sight. This is where your gang finds itself, not at planetary level, at street level, with flickering lights and acrid smoke. Where you go from here is for none's conscience but your own. The right street towards downtown market, the left towards your home base to collect some much deserved "taxes". How you live your life... or how you did, is a memory for history to decide to forget.

"Free your mind while you still got time, I wouldn’t trade your life for mine,
Can’t help but wonder how you sleep at night, Don’t be a goat and roll your life."

This is an interest check for a Necromunda Underhive based game. This is to be a high intrigue game, for those who like Firefly, Boardwalk Empire, Peeky Blinders and anything else criminology related, though set in the backdrop of 40k and the Dark Imperium. It is a Sandbox with loosely defined boundaries by places which are your turf and another's tuft. Throughout you will meet a mix of bright characters for your use in the world and inch ever closer to the overarching plot. I am looking for at least 5 players, with the possibility to two different gangs made up of 6. I will of course play rival gangs aswell. In game your first order of business will be to acquire a mercenary licence, simple enough isnt it?

This game will be a casual game in so far as you can detail things as much and as often as you want. There are no post count or word count restrictions. However it is suggested, -strongly- suggested, that if you are going to do a one word response that speaks volumes in character, then you should probably describe those volumes with a flashback or something not directly addressing your fellow RP'er. The only governing rule of the game is good taste, i'll let you figure out what that means.

There will be a character sheet dropped. The kind im going for is crude and blurry, with near-maximum artistic licence. One piece of advice is to keep the artistry in some form honest, to tell a story from a point of view, honestly.

Gangs Open:
- House Orlock
- House VanSaar
- House Escher
- House Goliath
- House Cowdor

Gangs Locked:
- House Delaque
- Arbitrators

"You only get three score and ten, you don’t get to go around again. Looks like you set too high a price, for a ticket to paradise. No easy target than the tired and weak, come back and try it when I’m on my feet."
Whoo its chilly in here... im going to go outside.


I dont know what this rampant eliteism is. I dont think i would have ever got into 40k again if the bar was set so high.

I'd be happy to help you come up with a character for this game or even my own game which im putting together which is based upon gang warfare in a hive city planet called Necromunda.

If you can imagine the imperial guard from DoW, but with a goodly amount of Lord of the Rings type fantasy thrown in, then we should be able to make a character for you. Many of the concepts in 40k are highly worked out by this stage including various gods (called primarchs) and also the dark gods. But the most important thing is that the average citizen isnt supposed to know very much about any of that atall anyway, or else purging. Thus it is quite open for beginners especially on a voyage of learning. Whatever the case:

You'll do :)
Yeah i might take you up on that. Im still gonna work on the game int check and you can check it out.

LoL i was just thinking of this comedy skit.

Hello welcome to scum and villany, home of the whapper can i take your order please?

"Hello, i need to get me some scum and maybe a side of villany."

Would you like to supersize?

"Oh god-no."

Thank you sir that will be πhundred dollars would you like to pay in Tibetan Yuan.

Humm, i was actually in the process of writing a Necromunda RP game. I have a great many pictures and inspirations on what i wanted to do. So i have this entire idea of northern hive thats a little bit like Georgia. It has its own problems and its set during the dark imperium. I wanted the players to form an impromptu gang, possibly with lineage to one of the main Necromunda gangs. It is set in the Dark Imperium. If you wanna co-GM using this then we can. It could even be entertaining as my gang will have to face off against the PCs and you can arbitrate. And then we could alternate.

The story also revolves largely around what must be done for the acquisition of mercenary licences, to elevate above a normal ganger, but you still need to maintain a territory in order to have enough wealth to survive as well as thrive. Which may alternate between the two depending on the day.

However i did expect something more like human level characters, than Astartese or Warrant of trade holders.

Also there are many, many more hazards and threats to be revealed.
Kinda thinking either a House Van Saar tithed guardsman.

Or something more like an Orlock with a mercinary licence and a big ole bike.
Oh i've got everything just the way i want it.

Like a cross between Fox Maulder and maybe Carlos Oliveira (but without being a commie.)
Seems like a barrel of fun.

I have two nations ideas.

1.) Basically Britain; industrious, impatient humans with Druids as a special resource and stone henge based layline abilities and some kind of time magic using greenwich mean time. Also has knights templars who can exorcise deamons.

2.) Something similar to Macedonia/yugoslavia (alexander the great) and/or jewish w/ werewolf units fighting a militia war of independence. When in human form they are intellegent and cool but wretchedly underfunded, in werewolf mode they are berzerk shocktroopers. They mostly use skirmish fighting and can also talk to animals and learn things.

Also, this is how i'd make ww1 Germans good guys, if i was going to use them:
- formost artisans of enchantments
- all standard rifles are frost elemental enchanted as standard
- dueling is legal and commonplace
- all armour is enchanted to the soul of its user, the steel can heal like flesh when scored but the heart also becomes cold like steel (iron within, iron without)
- use psionic powers such as astral projection / calling through ectoplasm from the weft and crafting it into somewhat weak crystals for use as weapons. Dont understand why? Look at this, now imagine he has a german accent and is a Baron.
- also has knights templar units
- also uses reformed witches sometimes
BCIT Smartwatch field guide.

The BCIT Smartwatch is an outgrowth from another project. It has a carbon fibre casing packed with about as much technology as DARPA could cram into it. It is, at its basic, a phone, but also a GPS. It is capable of sending and receiving encrypted messages to BCIT HQ. Its encryption software can also decrypt files with any standard government encryption, a somewhat controversial facility that other agencies would flip their lid if they knew. It can also do a good job on decrypting PGP maybe 85% of the time.

Its GPS system is wired into not only google, but also the combination of airforce satellite and US SOCOM tactical map overplayed one on top of each other. This program comes straight out of the CIA's blackbox program and the IT team receives updates every week from CIA headquarters in Langly. Its used to identify things like minefields and resistance cell pockets. Both things that are not present in the US. However occasionally weird things will pop up on the map that have been missed in the CIA technician scrub. Tactical Team 7 once found a dead drop on a map and it also weirdly contains a half finished map of all the fibre optic cables in the US as well as sub station junction boxes, which are generally nameless. IT department is working on an app to include air traffic control plane flight paths in partnership with the Airforce, but its atleast a year away.

The Watch is waterproof to 200 meters, it looks like it has a hologram interface but its actually just a specialised projector that just makes it seem like that. It can take SD cards and micro SD and other SIM cards. It can quickly duplicate any info on any of these and send it back to base or back it up internally until a signal can be found. It cannot scan anything wirelessly, such as bank cards and key fobs as this is too great a threat to the closed net of the BCIT computers. It is powered by a USB 3.0 cable with a battery life of just 12.5 hours but its battery is computer optimised so you might get more than that. It does actually have a pay function similar to apple pay, with an emergency reserve of a $100 US. Though expect payroll to chase your ass if you ever use it. The payment is registered from a number of shifting front companies but most often the US postal service as an archaic thing called a Money Order.

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