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Kinda thinking either a House Van Saar tithed guardsman.

Or something more like an Orlock with a mercinary licence and a big ole bike.
Oh i've got everything just the way i want it.

Like a cross between Fox Maulder and maybe Carlos Oliveira (but without being a commie.)
Seems like a barrel of fun.

I have two nations ideas.

1.) Basically Britain; industrious, impatient humans with Druids as a special resource and stone henge based layline abilities and some kind of time magic using greenwich mean time. Also has knights templars who can exorcise deamons.

2.) Something similar to Macedonia/yugoslavia (alexander the great) and/or jewish w/ werewolf units fighting a militia war of independence. When in human form they are intellegent and cool but wretchedly underfunded, in werewolf mode they are berzerk shocktroopers. They mostly use skirmish fighting and can also talk to animals and learn things.

Also, this is how i'd make ww1 Germans good guys, if i was going to use them:
- formost artisans of enchantments
- all standard rifles are frost elemental enchanted as standard
- dueling is legal and commonplace
- all armour is enchanted to the soul of its user, the steel can heal like flesh when scored but the heart also becomes cold like steel (iron within, iron without)
- use psionic powers such as astral projection / calling through ectoplasm from the weft and crafting it into somewhat weak crystals for use as weapons. Dont understand why? Look at this, now imagine he has a german accent and is a Baron.
- also has knights templar units
- also uses reformed witches sometimes
BCIT Smartwatch field guide.

The BCIT Smartwatch is an outgrowth from another project. It has a carbon fibre casing packed with about as much technology as DARPA could cram into it. It is, at its basic, a phone, but also a GPS. It is capable of sending and receiving encrypted messages to BCIT HQ. Its encryption software can also decrypt files with any standard government encryption, a somewhat controversial facility that other agencies would flip their lid if they knew. It can also do a good job on decrypting PGP maybe 85% of the time.

Its GPS system is wired into not only google, but also the combination of airforce satellite and US SOCOM tactical map overplayed one on top of each other. This program comes straight out of the CIA's blackbox program and the IT team receives updates every week from CIA headquarters in Langly. Its used to identify things like minefields and resistance cell pockets. Both things that are not present in the US. However occasionally weird things will pop up on the map that have been missed in the CIA technician scrub. Tactical Team 7 once found a dead drop on a map and it also weirdly contains a half finished map of all the fibre optic cables in the US as well as sub station junction boxes, which are generally nameless. IT department is working on an app to include air traffic control plane flight paths in partnership with the Airforce, but its atleast a year away.

The Watch is waterproof to 200 meters, it looks like it has a hologram interface but its actually just a specialised projector that just makes it seem like that. It can take SD cards and micro SD and other SIM cards. It can quickly duplicate any info on any of these and send it back to base or back it up internally until a signal can be found. It cannot scan anything wirelessly, such as bank cards and key fobs as this is too great a threat to the closed net of the BCIT computers. It is powered by a USB 3.0 cable with a battery life of just 12.5 hours but its battery is computer optimised so you might get more than that. It does actually have a pay function similar to apple pay, with an emergency reserve of a $100 US. Though expect payroll to chase your ass if you ever use it. The payment is registered from a number of shifting front companies but most often the US postal service as an archaic thing called a Money Order.

@Banzai Tracers

Well if you could find some folks interested in this RP. That be helpful.

Build it and they will come.
Kurt Chu (former Chicago SWAT)

Kurt isnt part of this team but can be seen in the bullpen office working different cases with his partner Dr.Halie Moore. Him and Gene were partners in Operation Whistlestop.

@AngelofOctober Interesting titbit.

I can make a second character just to be seen around base at BCIT. Further expanding on Kurt Chu.
Applying for Team Leader position:

Name: Gene Spade (LCpl, BSc(Hons) Criminology & Psychology)

@6slyboy6 Good luck to you.


I still feel all dirty though. I'll Take Daimler-Benz AG, but i'd be more comfortable with something based else where. If i cant be allies then can i atleast be someone like either Norway under occupation, or fascist Italy before it had its crisis of conscience. (as improbable as it may be that they had a competent military industrial system.) I can take either Beretta or Fiat. I wanna be a bouncy Italian man with a moustache!

I understand that none of us here are nazis, we're just history and military buffs.
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