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18 May 2017 10:05
Why wear loincloths when you can go commando?
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I am Jbcool (known as McScottish on the Total War Centre); Scotsman by birth, roleplayer by my own hand, and lover of literature. I am also an amateur historian, a reciever of a Bachelors degree in Ancient and Medieval History - quite a useless degree, actually - and would like to think that I'm a fair, honest and open guy.

As far as RP'ing goes, I'm pretty open to most things really, all you need to do is ask! :)

So, if you've ever any questions for me, wish to speak about RP's involving myself or run by myself, or simply feel like a chat, don't be afraid to get in touch.

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We are most certainly not pirates! How dare you.

Taenarum is a place for merceneries of all stripes to basically chill out and await further employment, our leader making his way there in order to hire/recruit a band of soldiers, probably on the orders of a larger entity. Likely he was hired himself and then used as a recruiter.

If you want characters to already know one anothe, and both parties agree, then there's no problemo there.

Make sense?
@Klomster Actually, marines really aren't all that fast, in terms of reaction time. They've got higher quality sensory input than the average human, but nothing they get actually increases the speed at which they process that information. The only thing is training and conditioning, and that only gets you so far before you hit the physical limitations of relying on a biological sensory system, which humans are already pretty damn close to to begin with.

So you still see Marines as just large humans in armoured suits then?

Your first part clashes with your second part, in my opinion, as it is their very training and conditioning (a good deal of it hypno-suggestive) that serves as the very thing which - partnered with constant training for warfare and their power armours sensors - makes them so fast when compared to humans; the whole point of the Black Carapace and the multiple sockets all over them.

Combined with the fibre bundles, and even without the armour, Astartes are just purpose-built weapons of war with their training regimes and conditioning doing mentally much the same as you've suggested with the Ogryns, the only difference being that a Marine can judge the best means and alternate routes to survival.

If we accept what you say, then why aren't Orks shown as being faster than Marines? They're much like green Ogryns, especially the larger ones.
@JbcoolNice. I was mostly referring to Jeyma making a pilot and an engineer. I'd think they should be exclusive, even if say, a pilot has engineering skills just in case.

The '/' usually acts as an and/or, which is why I put pilot/engineer, although you're perfectly correct that they'd likely have mingled skills if they were on or the other...more if you were a pilot being an engineer than an engineer flying a ship.
@Vowel Vagabond You're welcome to it.

@Jeyma That you have, although we will be a primarily ground-pounding group, so bear that in mind.

WOOOO! Here.

Also I suggest we each only have one role, yet we can have skills in other areas to cope in case we lose someone.

Of course, they're only roles that we actually need filled up for the hierarchy to operate - if other characters have a mix of other skills, that's perfectly fine.
I made a rough plan in the last RP, although the scenario differed too, so I'll await our Raven Guard or Emperor's Child to come up with a cunning assault. Mine would only be a frontal assault anyway.
Since I don't want want to leave any PCs alone with the GM, I guess I'll make a pick of one PC sororita and one or more NPCs?

Sounds about right!
<Snipped quote by Jarrid>

Yeah, I'm writing the first post, actually.

Oh yes...


A Sci-Fi Mercenary Roleplay

Introduction: As a Classical historian and lover of all things military, the idea of a professional warrior (or group of warriors) bound my nation, ethnicity, culture or coin and employed by another or others to fight for them - regardless of cause, religion and so on - is something that has always fascinated me. Hence the basis for this role play; you may be wondering why I chose to set it in a sci-fi setting if I like history so much, and the simple answer is that no-one really wants to read up on subjects before even creating their character - I have tried 'historical' on the Guild before and it has no gone down too well, alas.

So, here is a sci-fi based role play - think of Warhammer 40,000 mixed with Star Wars mixed with Iain Banks' Culture series mixed with Xenophon's Anabasis mixed with the Hellenistic Era in general mixed with the Italian condottieri, and you'll have some idea of what you can expect. Throw in a spattering of adventure, world building, 'slice of life' antics and you're pretty much there.

Setting: It is the 13th Millennia (according to human/Earth reckoning) and Mankind has spread far and wide among the stars, encountering species as diverse and contrasting as the stars themselves, all the while they have been founding colonies and settling upon alien worlds. To many children of Earth, the home-world itself is little more than a myth, somewhere they have never set foot and are unlikely to in their lifetimes, some worlds veering off in their own directions culturally, religiously, even physically as the centuries passed...some even mingling with 'creatures' that would have been seen as fantastical in the dim past.

As stated, Mankind is not the only species out there; among the vastness of space are civilisations and cultures far older than Man, and others that are so alien that there has been nothing but war and campaigns of extermination against them.

The most recent conflict (of any note) was a galactic-wide quarrel that caused a schism in the wider sphere of space - a united confederation of human Planet States banding together to defend themselves from the aggressive Valnaur Empire. It was a war that depleted both sides, the Valnaur deciding that annexing these territories was not worth it after all, while the human planets were left economically in tatters. Allies and client systems on both sides breathed a sigh of relief and began to rebuild as best they could, fearing for the day when another such event may occur.

Yet space is vast, and there are employers aplenty for any with the know-how and will to take what they want at the tip of a blade or the barrel of a gun. In the blackness are many gathering places for such folk, the planet of Taenarum being one such place, floating as it does some light-years on the edge of Valnaur space, but also within reach of human colonies. If one wished to find gainful employment, or simply build an army, then this is where they would start looking.

Players/Characters: Firstly, please ask questions if you wish, only by asking questions now will you save yourself time later.

As you probably gathered, we're going to be forming an inter-galactic band of gun slinging, blade-toting bodies-for-hire; exactly what form your characters take is more-or-less completely up to the player. I'm deliberately leaving the background/setting sparse and vague, as well as asking players not to reveal everything about their characters when it comes time to write them up.

All I ask is that no-one is invulnerable, no-one is a Mary/Marty Sue, and if I turn your concept down don't start complaining unless you have good reason to do so. I'd prefer a majority human group (although what their culture/background is is still up to the player), but aliens are welcome as I've stated.

This is an 'advanced' RP - everyone knows what that means - all the usual rules apply, it will have mature themes so please bear that in mind, and posting at least once a week is mandatory. If the action is high, or the story is flowing well, then of course more than once will be fine.

Character Creation: I would like everyone to write a form of 'character statement' for this RP, a prose-based character sketch that incorporates everything you would need to know about the character to deal with them. You do not need to reveal everything about their inner workings or their past, and it can be a reasonably short statement if you wish, as long as you give the other narrators (I'm shying away from 'player' as this is more a cooperative writing effort than a game) plenty to interact with once we get going.

As I said, characters can be pretty much whatever/however you'd like them to be, with a few caveats to consider;

There are going to be varying levels of mercenary – some may be green while others may be more hardbitten, so do not make your own an invulnerable killing machine. No one wants to write about their character sitting around watching another do everything simply because they began as the ultimate character (Gary Stu/Mary Sue).

Your character may die – this is not to say that I'll kill them off without permission, but don't put all your ideas in one basket. We're mercenaries, and death is ever present.

Balance – says it all really!

If my character is a master sniper then he might also be a drunk, pretty much negating his extreme skill with a rifle due to his constant alcoholism. If as strong as ten men then he may well have the intellect of a small child (a common enough trope, but a good balancing act). Perhaps you have a mercenary that is very skilled but sadly is too poor to afford any actual equipment, reduced to scavenging low-quality bits and bobs from employers and battlefields?

Apart from this, just use common sense.

Suggested Roles

1. Condottiere/General/Leader etc

2. Lieutnant/second-in-command etc

3. Paymaster

4. Quartermaster

5. Pilot/(Ship) Engineer

6. Linguist/Interpreter/Translator

7. Navigator/Tracker/Scout etc

Please post your completed characters inside a hider in the main OOC thread when you think you've finished.

Again, if you've any questions, then please do ask either by PM on on this thread.

Thank you.
@Necroes All very true! That's why I'm not bothering to demand things be changed, but I will say that it depends on what books you read really. True, there are many that do make them out to be nigh invulnerable, but there are others that similarly show them to just be massive humans in armour - all one needs to do is take a look at the organ list to see that 'taking a lot compared to a human' is an understatement.

While I also don't prescribe to them being indestructible, I do think - perhaps due to your penchant for not going by the established lore - that you actually underplay them.

Let's see...

Two hearts, a fused rib cage and general rapid bone growth, overactive red blood cells that heal in seconds (which means that Xeph's inner and outer tissue would have healed almost as soon as he was dragged off of the spike), a 'recharge' node, a poison and toxin filtration system, acid spitting, and then the power armour on top.

Again, I've no problem with Xeph being wounded, surgery or anything, I just think downplaying the abilities of being that are more like gods to your average human is just as bad as ignoring it completely and saying they're just big guardsmen...or armoured Ogryns.
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