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Happy New Year!
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Merry Yuletide, one and all! Gods bless.
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What's this then, ey?! You'd best not be a manhunter!
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It's almost harvesting season!
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Going to do the rounds on Monday, sorry to all my players for the delay!
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I am Jbcool (known as McScottish on the Total War Centre); Scotsman by birth, roleplayer by my own hand, and lover of literature. I am also an amateur historian, a reciever of a Bachelors degree in Ancient and Medieval History - quite a useless degree, actually - and would like to think that I'm a fair, honest and open guy.

As far as RP'ing goes, I'm pretty open to most things really, all you need to do is ask! :)

So, if you've ever any questions for me, wish to speak about RP's involving myself or run by myself, or simply feel like a chat, don't be afraid to get in touch.

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@Dead Cruiser, @Lady Selune, I apologise for the lack of response to your posts - I've been working nights all week and then sleeping during the days; I pray you're still both about and interested, and I shall have a post up today.

@Andreyich, @Flagg and @Ollumhammersong, and word from you guys on a post?
Boy Howdy This Shit Is Popping Off

Yes indeed, I'll get a post up today or tomorrow - I'd like to think everyone else may post before then...either way, doesn't mean matter.

Here's a character:

Nilus- Mechanicum Adept in service of Legio Cybernetica with a dirty secret. Wishes to uncover the secrets of both of his master's enemies; the servants of chaos, so he can eliminate them with his own mechanicum forces.

Going to have to currently say no, apologies.
Okay I'm now on the fence about the cult with how the intro is, I might go with a Squat instead

It's all good, a Squat is just as welcome.

Who is fighting whom in the next round?

Ollum and I - I'll try to make it quick/shorter, so that we can get into something a bit more 'meaningful' to our role as Alien hunters.
It did not seem that Ayuri was all that impressed - although he would not say why, and was likely to silence any that would have sought an answer from him - the dark and deepset eyes of the Raven Knight watching the pair and judging them even as the Chaplains wound began to clot and heal, the weapons placed back in the place that they were taken from, and Brothers Tyros and Kelmorian once more took their place in the line of four.

"Adequate," he grunted, "if you wish to be as the rest of them here."

He took to walking before the group, his bared head turning to look at each of them, his flesh almost see-through in the bright light.

"You are Primaris, do you know what that means? It means that they see us as something other. Possibly even as replacements, as potential enemies, who can say. It also means that you are required to go above and beyond, to do more and to show that you are more...and you are; we have the Belisarian furnaces within us brothers, we have been forged by the Arch Magos to assist our brothers and to defend our sundered Imperium from all enemies, most especially the insidious xenos."

Yijun wondered if their squad leader usually spoke this much, or whether they had forced him to do so by their actions. It mattered little, he listened and acknowledged the words spoken in his firm but soft voice, their differences obvious to all-and-sundry.


The Mantis Warrior - now a member of the Long Vigil, with all the thoughts and feelings that it entailed - stepped from the group and swung his limbs to warm them up somewhat. Ignoring his opponent for the most part, he then made his way to the weapons hanging on the walls and plucked a simple combat-knife into one hand, testing the balance and finding it much as their leader had said: adequate.

"Brother," was all he said as he returned to stand facing Randuin, both arms held close to his half-crouched body and the knife - which would have looked more like a sword to any mortal - held in the rear hand with his other slightly further forward.
So, where are we going? Are we going in the bar? Or somewhere outside it?

In short everyone, through whatever means you may want, has gotten word that Jakob (or someone) has been presented with a job offer and needs a group to help him complete it; Whether you want to go into the bar or start a commotion outside, and whether you wish to already know Jakob or not, is entirely up to you.
From what I've read they're religious fanatics who abhor anyone that isn't their version of 'human' - including Abhumans - and worship Big E as a God...all sounds pretty Templar to me.

Not that I'm arguing, I actually don't mind.

I will say that, according to the wikia (so an arguable source), not even half the 1st Company can be equipped with terminator armour and are usually assigned as sergeants to 'normal' squads; I assume this means that we're going to be a squad of hardcore veterans then?

I'm actually pretty looking forward to this.

Inwardly Diokletian was just as, if not more, nervous than those that stood before him; these were representatives of the God-Emperor himself, including a priest and a Crusader, a group that drew no small amount of looks and one that gave him no small amount of respect amongst the nobility and upper echelons of Cekrov.

How he dealt with them now could possibly have ramifications for his future, to err on the side of caution then.

"Thank you all for coming, it means much to me," he paused for a moment and frankly looked like a nervous child, "honestly, it means everything."

Watching a servitor as it made its way past, he casually grabbed a crystal glass from the tray it bore and took a small sip of the sparkling liquid within.

"Delicious, Elathian champagne," a smile spread across his face for a moment, his youthful eyes moving across the group to the arguably most religious representative of the group, both corners twitching, "but enough of that...eeer, my dear Confessor, it has come to my attention that you may be carrying a concealed weapon on your person." His smile did not drop as he took another sip from his glass, one finger moving to his ear here it tapped an almost perfectly concealed earpiece, "this could be construed as you believing yourself to be in danger here, I do so hope that is not the case? I assure you that you are all as safe here as you would be on Terra itself."

A bit of an overstatement perhaps, but the soldiers of the Palace Guard here were not the usual stuffy and ornate fixtures of many others. No, those of the Cekrov Guard were a dynamic and well-trained collective, led by Diokletian himself as it happened.

The rather different behaviour of Lisbeth made him smile even wider, and he eyed her sparingly as she made her way back to the group; it seemed that at least one of the Sisters had a curious mind, that was good.

"Ah...will you all please excuse me for a moment," came the imploring question, his finger once more tapping the bead in his ear, "it seems that business never stops for a Planetary Governor!" With the same cool smile and a slight whiff of mild perfume he disappeared past them and out into the corridor beyond.

Victorine had only been faintly listening, spending more time looking over the crowd than to the speech of their host, only now seeing the look on the face of the poor Hospitaller.

"I believe we have a choice here, to split up and..." a look of nausea seemed to pass over her otherwise beautiful face "...'mingle' while finding out what we can about the reason we came here, or to go our own way and find out what we can by ourselves; it could be seen as a lack of respect or ungraciousness on our part though."

It was true that such shared decisions were becoming more than a little annoying to the Celestian (who woul rather be giving orders than running a democracy), but being well aware that most of the group were more than a little uncomfortable in these social situations, she had to give them the choice to return to their quarters and then find their own way to the truth or not.
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