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I am Jbcool (known as McScottish on the Total War Centre); Scotsman by birth, roleplayer by my own hand, and lover of literature. I am also an amateur historian, a reciever of a Bachelors degree in Ancient and Medieval History - quite a useless degree, actually - and would like to think that I'm a fair, honest and open guy.

As far as RP'ing goes, I'm pretty open to most things really, all you need to do is ask! :)

So, if you've ever any questions for me, wish to speak about RP's involving myself or run by myself, or simply feel like a chat, don't be afraid to get in touch.

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Hey, if possible can we get a list of important officers and commissars...both full and junior I guess.

To be perfectly honest, there's only a few you need bother about - being as we're a single platoon in a larger regiment. Those being those we've already met, really.

Colonel (Oberst) Aditya Sabbadin - Regimental Commander

Captain (Hauptmann) Kauffmann - 2nd Company Commander

Commissar (Kommissar) J. E. Falkenrath - 2nd Company Commissar

Second-Lieutenant (Leutnant) Schuyler Hasenkamp (written by myself) - Platoon Leader of 3rd Platoon, 2nd Company

Sergeant (Unteroffizier) Freidrich Baumeister (written by @Jamesyco) - Platoon Sergeant/Deputy Platoon Leader

Corporal (Oberjäger) Erwyn Kovacs (written by @Oak7ree) - Platoon Corporal and Demolitions expert

Lance Corporal (Gefreiter) Hamlin Mehl (written by @FrostedCaramel) - Platoon Lance Corporal and Vox Operator

They're all the ones you need to know, for now anyway, while Private soldiers are simply referred to as Jäger.

If you want to know anything else, please feel free to ask!
Nice of you to join us, @caliban22. :) Good post, and welcommen to the RP.

The Sister-Celestian did her best to take to heart the words of the Confessor, well chosen for the situation and inspiring to the extreme to those of true faith - it just may have been better had there been more people around to hear them.

Making sure that her comrades were about her - and more than prepared to smite the unbeliever with righteous fury - she advanced cautiously into the settlement to find out what awaited them...

...and what she found filled her with an anger that could only be quenched with the blood of the enemy.

They say that you never get used to the stench of burnt flesh, of scorched skin and cloth, of non-combatants slaughtered mindlessly by fanatical heretics, and the smell directed toward you by a softly rising wind and filtered through helmet sensors could not make it any worse.

"Emperor guide my hand," muttered Victorine inside her sallet-style helm, treading as lightly as she could through the central part of the village - the sound of combat on the flanks only increasing with each pace - the outlines of corpses picked up in the highest definition by her visor, burn markings, bullet holes and blunt-force wounds as visible to her as if she had been kneeling next to them.

"Be ready sisters," she spoke into her helm-comm, her fingers twitching at her trigger "the enemy is near."

On either side rose up what had previously been thatched abodes, cottages inhabited by Sartons former workers and farmers but filled with nothing but ash, flames and death since the enemy came.

Speaking of which...

The first enemy to even be seen was a curled up body, one that had clearly been beaten to death by an angered populace as shown by the bodies surrounding it, as well as the many marks and broken limbs of the deceased. Although a cruelly carved mask of wood covered the face - shaped roughly into a screaming face engulfed in sharp cornered flame - the size, weight and long hair showed them to have been female, not that you would be able to tell by the flame-blackened hands or the orange factorium worker fatigues that pointed to a more urban origin.

Now not far from what had once been the village green, it came as no surprise that the number of corpses rose and the smoke thickened, autogun fire echoing from all around, the largest surprise was yet to come!

Corporal Delafare squeezed off another shot from his las-pistol, giving a smile as his bionic eye confirmed his target was dead, the shockingly organised ranks of the orange-clad enemy giving his troopers a hot fight that would only get hotter.

Everything came to a head when he heard the screams and smelt the stink of melting flesh and flak of his soldiers, flames flickering out to consume two more as Delafare yelled for them to fall back to the village centre.

Flamer-wielding enemies came forward - large packs visible on their backs, swishing with flammable liquid - fire pouring forth and driving the Cekrov soldiers back.

Organised as it was, it was nonetheless a withdraw.

"Sisters, to the left!"

Cekrov guardsmen came sprinting from the left flank, lasguns cracking even as they came, herded back by fire and flame and a mass of masked heretics firing solid-slug weapons into the air as much as at the enemy.

Highlighted by the sensors of her helmet Victorine picked out at least fifteen attackers surging through the ruins of the village, at least three of them using flamethrowers to melt person and home with impunity, the Cekrov guard forming up around the living figures of the God-Emperor's wrath to regather morale and strength.

"Heed the words of the Confessor, my kin, and destroy these heathens with bolt and with blade. Attack!"
@Jbcool I guess we have an Edelweiss as an regimental insignia, as we are based on the Gebirgsjägers?

I had been pondering on that actually, and if folks wish to go the whole hog, then I've no problem with an Edelweiss or two; they'd probably be on the non-Cadian uniforms that are arriving, but I'm not too fussed.

Colonel Sabbadin's Office...

"Ist das jetzt dein Ernst?"

The Administratum clerk, who had been standing and watching the Colonel write dispatches for at least ten minutes since giving his initial report, took a moment to realise that he was being spoken to. It had come as more of a mutter in his direction, and the clerk had no knowledge of the Jerman dialect found on Uzania Prime, but he looked to Sabbadin nonetheless.

"Pardon, Colonel?"

"I said, are you serious? My regiments uniforms will be here 'within the month'?"

"Y-yes sir, I'm afraid so."

"My soldiers were supposed to march into battle wearing the uniform of their forebears, and because of some dummkopf in your Adepta they must now clash with our enemies wearing hand-me-down Cadian surplus?"

"I am afraid so, but..." the clerk paused for a moment and gave a shrug, "it is only a uniform after all."

A second was all the clerk needed to see that he shouldn't have said anything, the expression on the Colonel's face one that could kill a man if he had been able. Oh how he wished to kill this one.

"That uniform," stated Sabbadin as deliberately as he could, "is not just an item of clothing, a costume, and had best be here in the appropriate quantities within the next two weeks. If they are not, then someone..." his eyes could not have expressed much more just who that would be, "...will be answering with more than words. Now get out."

Barrack Block 26Y - Temporary home of the 52nd Uzanian Rilkes and the Baotov 87th Lancers

For weeks now the Fifty-Second had been shacked up in a section of the troopship not too far from the opposing quarters of the Baotov Lancers, a rough rider formation assembled from moustached aristocracy and their baggage train of indentured peasantry, rich sons of stern fathers as puffed up as peacocks in their equally fine uniforms.

During those weeks in space there had been little enough interaction between the two regiments, the Lancers recently having seen combat and now being moved from one warzone to the other - they were combat-ready, puffed up on their own sense of importance, and in the tight confines of a ship...trouble was almost inevitable.

"Zey do look fine, do zey not, Gilbert?" Posited one trooper to the other, his hat tucked neatly beneath his armpit, his blonde hair and moustache gleaming in the dim light of the metallic barracks. More specifically he was leaning against the doorway of the Third Platoons section, a gaggle of his comrades at his back as they eyed the Uzanians with obvious malice.

"Ah but of course!" Quipped Sergent Lou Hugo-Lévesque back to his subordinate, "they are like the toy soldier, so"

A chorus of titters and sneers joined the NCOs words, as his white-gloved hands hovered threateningly close to the hilt of his curved sabre, the Sergeant daring to take a step inside the Thirds warehouse-like barrack-room.

"Mmm, it even smells like unused weapons and contains a hint of cowardice."

Upon seeing the uniform of an officer - obvious in any regiment - girded about Underleutnant Hasenkamp, his boyish features standing out like a sore thumb, Lévesque raised one hand dramatically to his forehead.

"It would appear they even have a boy leading them! 'ow is zis possible?!"

There was further laughter from the thirteen or so Lancers, Hasenkamp turning a shade of downright scarlet as he arranged his uniform on his bed once more, turning away from the taunting and casting his eyes down - though one fist balled itself up anyway.

It was clear that the Lancers were out for trouble, Emperor they craved it even, but it was yet to be seen whether they would get any.

@DeadDrop@Katthaj@Drunken Conquistador@Oak7ree@FrostedCaramel@CaptainBritton@Jamesyco@Hank@caliban22

Right then, I'll get some regimental information, as well as moving us along in-character. If everyone could try and contribute to the next 'round; of posts, I'd be most thankful.
Gotta say I was going for a Romanian vibe with my char :p

HOW DARE YOU! Nah, it's ai'reet.

Right, I'm going to be working nights until Tuesday, so that's the 6th. If everyone could do their best to get a first round of posts up, I would very much appreciate it.
Forgot to ask was to be the platoon medic or just infantryman?

If by that you mean is it alright to take the role of platoon medic, yeah, it's fine.
@DeadDrop No idea...we've got a Kyner, a Hasenkamp, a Mehl, Keizer...not sure how it happened, but it does seem to have.
@Ollumhammersong@DeadDrop@Katthaj@Drunken Conquistador@Oak7ree@FrostedCaramel@CaptainBritton@Jamesyco@Hank@caliban22

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