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Happy New Year!
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Merry Yuletide, one and all! Gods bless.
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What's this then, ey?! You'd best not be a manhunter!
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It's almost harvesting season!
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Going to do the rounds on Monday, sorry to all my players for the delay!
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I am Jbcool (known as McScottish on the Total War Centre); Scotsman by birth, roleplayer by my own hand, and lover of literature. I am also an amateur historian, a reciever of a Bachelors degree in Ancient and Medieval History - quite a useless degree, actually - and would like to think that I'm a fair, honest and open guy.

As far as RP'ing goes, I'm pretty open to most things really, all you need to do is ask! :)

So, if you've ever any questions for me, wish to speak about RP's involving myself or run by myself, or simply feel like a chat, don't be afraid to get in touch.

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@Sleater, still with us?
@Bright_Ops@Jamesyco@BangoSkank, thank you all for your sheets, and I hope you're all still about. We'll get to the actual RPing soon.

@BiffleChump@Enzayne@Ollumhammersong, shall we be getting a sheet from ya'll any time soon?

I'll probably give this until the end of the week, then we'll get going.
@Jbcool So originally I was thinking of an Iron breaker that left home because he didn't want to take the Slayer oath for. Crime he didn't commit. Since you've sort of ruled that out I was thinking either of a city Dwarf slayer, a Ranger, or a Sigmarite Middeblander noblemen, family driven from home by a minor peasant's revolt that as Ulrichans saw them as targets (think of a dismounted pistolier I guess).

Why would the Ironbreaker be ruled out? A Witch hunter could use him as well as anyone else. Honestly any of the above would be fine, which isn't much help, but is the truth.

Okie dokie, I've edited everything and all is done; if you're still about and with me, then please feel free to get your CS to me at any time.

We'll begin at Ubersreik but, as it says in the OP, from there we could potentially go just about anywhere - expect grittiness, 'realism', and an RP that I hope will last for a while at least.

If anyone else wishes to join who had not already posted, then please send me a CS and we'll see about it.

So it was that the Ecclesiarchal delegation was hosted by the absent Diokletion De'mange for what seemed an outrageously long time, as far as the Sister-Celestian was concerned. Indeed, they made their way through the ranks of the high-and-mighty of Cekrov and gleaned precious little by way of information concerning a resurrected young girl; oh they all thought it was truly miraculous, if it was even true, but the bulk of Patrician faces scoffed at the very idea – even in front of representatives of the God-Emperor's own Adeptus Ministorum.

It was with little reluctance that Victorine regathered her group to her side, a none-too-difficult task due to how these haughty civilians moved aside in the wake of every single one of them...Alexa being the focal point of much of the whispering and non-corporeal pointing.

As she suspected, among the money and the elite of the planet there was little joy at the tale of one of their farm labourers offspring returning to life, especially since the small-folk gathered round here as if she were some sort of beacon of hope. Hope was something that Victorine had learnt that nobility and aristocracy on Imperial worlds would prefer their subjects generally not to have too much of – she disagreed only a little, too much hope did tend to give masses of people harmful ideas in the long run.

“We shall retire for the night,” she announced to the group, already pondering on the elongated absence of their host as she spoke, “tomorrow we continue our search with fresh eyes; I have already requested we be taken to the site of the resurrection, and the request has been excepted.”

With a curt bow she retired from the hall, and then retired even further back into the Sisters shared chamber, first making sure that her armour and weapons were where she had left them. Satisfied with this – whomever had cleaned them really had done a fine job! - she knelt down at the side of her bed and intoned a prayer or five to the God-Emperor. When at long last this was done, she was finally able to strip herself of the blasted clothing that she had been forced to wear, preferring to clamber into the far-too-soft bed in only her undergarments than wear it for one second longer.

Bidding her Sisters a good night and an untroubled sleep – harder said than done, the death of Caroline even now circulating through her head – she slipped into a restless slumber that was anything but calm.

Rising with the dawn as was usual, Victorine cleansed herself in the accommodations overly decorated shower, thinking on the day and task ahead as the warm liquid cleaned her body.

From there it was back to the arms and armour, a blank-faced servitor being summoned to assist her in dressing herself. It was a luxury she knew, usually she would have simply dressed herself, but as they said 'when on Terra' and all that. The entire process went so smoothly that she genuinely considered putting in a request for her own servitor upon their return to the preceptory and Taniea Primus.

There was little enough time for food, although some was provided for them – a mix of leftovers from the nights revelries it seemed – before the Celestian made her way to meet with the Emissary of the Governor once more.

“A very good morning Sister-Celestian,” he droned at her from within his facial grille, “you are prepared for our journey?”

“I am,” came the reply, no doubt all of them as ready to leave the precincts of Bovange just as much as she, “we wait upon my fellows, then we may depart for the countryside.”

Emperor be praised.
All right. Which edition of WHRP do we play with? I'm most accustomed to the rules of 2E.

None, this is a post-by-post text-based RP section - there are no 'rules'; that sort of thing can be found here:…

If you're still up for RPing here, then either of those characters sounds good to me.
@Andreyich Middling level would be fine - you just need to think of who would join a Witch hunter; the destitute and desperate, the religiously fanatical/zealous, the foolhardy but also those who know their own worth.

Saying that, we'll be starting with low-level things and 'levelling up' so-to-speak, fighting back a Beastman raid here, maybe murdering a Chaos cult there...we'll work up to hunting down Vampires, eventually.

@BiffleChump Ah, I meant using Discord as a means of communication, not where we'll be doing the RP. That's here. :)

RIGHT! 'Update' coming tomorrow, then I'd like Character Sheets ASAP so we can get started. If you do need more time though, I can probably accommodate you.

Right, gonna do a little edit on this RP, the ideas sound good though! Give me a day or so, though if you have ideas for a Witch hunters retinue/guard etc you can send it to me or discuss it here.

May get a discord up too.
<Snipped quote by Enzayne>

40K has that charm from being A) a very detailed and fun setting that has room for nearly anything you want, and B) a setting that has the same effect as when you're at a disaster zone: you know it's dark and bloody as heck, yet you can't bring yourself to look away.

Personally, I'm torn between the choice of Astropath and some kind of poor put-upon translator who wants to promote peace and cooperation but whose wishes clash quite harshly with the daily realities of the 42nd Millennium...

Both sound good to me! One could explode, one will have permanent PTSD.

Hallo, hallo, nice to see you all here; I was considering altering this somewhat - from a mercenery based roleplay to one based around an Imperial witchhunter (love the Puritan inspired outfit) and his band of merry men. It would be more 'close' and 'mature' - think The Witcher in a WHF setting, classic horror, and the like.

If that sounds like something you'd still be interested in, pleae say so, or not if that's how you feel.

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