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A most adventurous BUMP
To whom it may concern; I, Sebastian O'hair am looking for a hearty companion to join me in a quest! There shall be peril, discovery, and the odd bit of gold!

A Bit about yours truly, I am the great sword swinging knight known as Sebastian O'Hair! The greatest swordsman to ever sheath a blade! I am human. Not that it's important, but I know around these parts there is some predigest about my kinship. I am willing to go upon this quest with any one, but would think it may make for a better song or tale if you had opposite skills as I.

If you wish to inquire more about my quest, please take this notice off the tree, house, post, ect that you found it and read it on and bring it to the old Drunken Sword Tavern in the center of town.

Best wishes,

Sebastian O'Hair-Knight.
The modern world doesn't know and doesn't need to know about the very real vampires in the world. They look just like normal people, they act just like normal people, they even have jobs like normal people. The only difference is the need to drink blood every so often and the government registry of the undead.

What happens if a rouge vampire is running around doing what he wishes? What if he doesn't suck all the blood from one person and this one person comes back as a new vampire? Surly some one must find this person and team up to find the rouge right? PM if interested!
Now accepting new enrollment letters!
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