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Current Flying out for the second time in three weeks for another video job...Joy
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Been on this site for 4 years and the old site even longer....and this is my first ever status update.


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@MegaraFoxfire PM for details please
The year is 2283, after the bombs of the great war fell, all that is left of the city of New York is crumbling ruins, slowly being taken over once again by wild life and vegetation. This is where you come in. By chance you meet a man looking for a partner to travel the wasteland looking for a piece of his past, though he seems reluctant to tell you just what he is looking for. You can accept the offer, knowing there will be no form of formal payment, just a promise of adventure, or you can walk away, never knowing what could have been. War. War never changes.
A most adventurous BUMP
To whom it may concern; I, Sebastian O'hair am looking for a hearty companion to join me in a quest! There shall be peril, discovery, and the odd bit of gold!

A Bit about yours truly, I am the great sword swinging knight known as Sebastian O'Hair! The greatest swordsman to ever sheath a blade! I am human. Not that it's important, but I know around these parts there is some predigest about my kinship. I am willing to go upon this quest with any one, but would think it may make for a better song or tale if you had opposite skills as I.

If you wish to inquire more about my quest, please take this notice off the tree, house, post, ect that you found it and read it on and bring it to the old Drunken Sword Tavern in the center of town.

Best wishes,

Sebastian O'Hair-Knight.

A bit of lore for ya:

As for the world its referred to as Histnam, records have been dated backs far as 20 thousand years, though most scolars believe there was "human" activity long before that.

The super land mass that all the content are apart of is composed of 5 kingdoms. Humans as we know them inhabit the smallest kingdom in the north know as Relisk, named after the first human king who became king after liberating the humans from the orcs who used them as slaves, to this day many races view humans as lesser beings.

The Orcs rule to the east and don't have a kingdom so much as a warlord based society. The current warlord has closed off the borders for an unknown reason, no one enters and no one leaves.

To the south are the Elves. While all the other races tend to have an average height of around 5'10 the Elves are much shorter with the tallest at 5'4''. Their kingdom is one that promotes peace between all beings, however they are very dangerous in a fight due to their speed and the fact that they attack in tens at a time with an almost hive mind way of fighting. They are also know to be the oldest race.

The land to the west is the Kingdom of the Beasts. Huminiod animals of all kinds are born and live here. They make exelent hunters and theives due to their animal instincts. They tend to prey on travels forcing then to pay for their lives. The Elves have been at war with them for 50 years trying to fix the issue with their aggression t little avail.

The center kingdom is a mixture of all races ruled by a shadow govt that the people never really see or know about. They will play a major part in the events of this role play. It is the largest kingdom covering about 60% of the total land mass.
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