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Current Flying out for the second time in three weeks for another video job...Joy
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6 mos ago
Been on this site for 4 years and the old site even longer....and this is my first ever status update.


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I'm looking to do a very simple plot that I think will be alot of fun!

A new guy moves to the city with dreams of being a stand up comic. Little does he know its really not that simple. life has its ups and downs and little adventures, and one day he meets some one, one thing leads to another and a friendship is formed. as time goes on it could become more.

PM if interested!
@MegaraFoxfire PM for details please
The year is 2283, after the bombs of the great war fell, all that is left of the city of New York is crumbling ruins, slowly being taken over once again by wild life and vegetation. This is where you come in. By chance you meet a man looking for a partner to travel the wasteland looking for a piece of his past, though he seems reluctant to tell you just what he is looking for. You can accept the offer, knowing there will be no form of formal payment, just a promise of adventure, or you can walk away, never knowing what could have been. War. War never changes.
A most adventurous BUMP
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