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8 mos ago
Current Do you ever just pause in the middle of a reply and realize you're making a face that reflects the emotions of the character you're playing? I honestly do that a lot lol
8 mos ago
I suppose I should actually go and look for some roleplays to join huh?


Just your friendly neighborhood cannibal, don't be scared to approach, I don't bite! .. Much anyways.

I'm an advanced roleplayer that generally matches my partners reply length and can roleplay a variety of subjects, themes and genres. I have an immense character collection from dinosaurs and dragons to modern day or medieval humans to werewolves and vampires to a talking velociraptor scientist and a kenku sorcerer who loves to steal shiny things. I typically join in other people's roleplay's, however on occasion I will post my own ideas and plots. The main fandom I'm in right now is the Warriors fandom (my profile picture is my most popular character), however I enjoy a great variety of shows, movies and video games.

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Hey everyone, new to the site but not to roleplaying! You can call me Duskflight or Dusk, I don't mind either one!
I may not be the fastest at replying to roleplays, however I always put effort into what I type and will never force a reply if I feel I can't put 100% of my writing ability into it. I've been roleplaying for over 6 years now, can't remember the exact amount of time I've been doing it, however I've grown and flourished and only continue to do so. I love making unique characters that are never linear or typical, they always have something to them that sets them apart from my others, and making new ones is something I enjoy as well.
I roleplay a deep variety of subjects, however my favorites include horror themed, fantasy and supernatural. I do slice of life, however there has to be plot involved otherwise I will lose interest. I also have a variety of nonhuman characters including dragons, cats, dinosaurs and unique species (such as the houndra and primtooth). Obviously I have human characters as well ranging from different time periods from modern to medieval, characters that fit into certain universes such as Skyrim and Dungeons and Dragons (specifically 5th edition), and supernatural characters including werewolves, shapeshifters and vampires (well, I'm in the process of making a vampire character). So I likely have something for everything!
I look forward to browsing around, making friends and roleplaying! See you around!
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