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3 mos ago
Current if everyone is poor then no one is rich! excellent plan
7 mos ago
my right hand identifies as a thot demolisher
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9 mos ago
9 mos ago
when i see an obese person eating something fattening like ice cream or cake or what have you, i feel an intense urge to take it away from them
9 mos ago
The Era of Rock comes to an end. The Era of Shitty Indie Music Produced By 20-30 Somethings and Uploaded to SoundCloud begins.


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1. Verthaven/Baybridge Series
2. Never Normal
3. The Crucible
4. ???
5. ???

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hmm, app is taking longer to post because im having a difficult time coming up with a viable background
Sorry for the delay, I'll get the app up today, likely within a half-hour or an hour. Kicked myself and decided to study harder for an upcoming exam, but it has passed now.
i hate when a roleplay has really interesting concepts and characters and has far more potential in my opinion for entertainment value but it just stays solely slice of life, which I find boring
think ill go ahead and make myself a villain epic, if that'd be a-ok
you guys looking for villains still or would you be fine with hero characters now
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