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Current my right hand identifies as a thot demolisher
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5 mos ago
5 mos ago
when i see an obese person eating something fattening like ice cream or cake or what have you, i feel an intense urge to take it away from them
5 mos ago
The Era of Rock comes to an end. The Era of Shitty Indie Music Produced By 20-30 Somethings and Uploaded to SoundCloud begins.
5 mos ago
Music is more diverse than it's ever been, unless all you listen to is pop music on the radio and the Top 40s


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1. Verthaven/Baybridge Series
2. Never Normal
3. The Crucible
4. ???
5. ???

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hmm, app is taking longer to post because im having a difficult time coming up with a viable background


welp, see you around. im going to uh... take the next dark alleyway
ive killed the same amount as how many screws are still tight in that head of yours: none

seriously missy get yourself checked out! all that cosplaying and escapism isn't good for you -- hell, im an actor and even im saying this
ummmmmmmmmmm are you saying there's something wrong with a homosexual poly-amorous relationship even if it's consensual with all involved???????

and i use my appearance and acting skills to acquire money which i promptly donate to many charities to help third-world countries get back up on their feet

so, what did you do with your life, miss cosplay?
Sorry for the delay, I'll get the app up today, likely within a half-hour or an hour. Kicked myself and decided to study harder for an upcoming exam, but it has passed now.
nice cosplay, nerd.
i hate when a roleplay has really interesting concepts and characters and has far more potential in my opinion for entertainment value but it just stays solely slice of life, which I find boring
think ill go ahead and make myself a villain epic, if that'd be a-ok
you guys looking for villains still or would you be fine with hero characters now
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