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4 days ago
Current Time to assemble the squad indeed. Best run of Dark Souls I ever had was playing through 2: SOTFS with my three buddies, one as tank, one as healer, and 2 DPS. Hella fun.
6 days ago
I've always found it funny when someone gets overly mad when you point out all the flaws in their favorite Hero. Even more so when he's still a good hero in spite of being a 1 trick Pony. #fanboys.
9 days ago
Brozime has released his 2018 Warframe Rankings. Can't wait to tear this one apart...
10 days ago
One of my coworkers has taken it upon herself to find me a date. What the hell did I do to deserve this??
11 days ago
Udina was a good one, I liked sabotaging the gunship in 2, but bar none the best Renegade Interrupt is in the third game. That was for Thane. You son of a bitch.
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Hi there! I'm Echoes of Old, and honored that you're choosing to waste your time in my tiny little corner of the internet.

I'm a long time RPer that got my start right here on this site WAAAY way back, dabbling in forum RPs here and there, on this site and others, before transitioning to Star Wars: The Old Republic, where I RPed primarily as Kyyrk-Xho Verros on the Ebon Hawk server (when I wasn't raiding or carrying my RPer-only friends through story content).

These days I spend most of my time working, playing Warframe, or RPing. Feel free to drop a message and say Hi, and happy writing out there!

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Just FYI folks, vacation starts tomorrow, so I'll post when I can.
"I second that." Garrett poked his head out from behind the fridge door, before closing it and revealing the apple in his hand. "Always a good idea to get the lay of the land first and foremost."

With the fixings on hand, Garrett knew it was only a matter of time before he was gonna fix up pancakes for the lot of em. He took a bite out of his apple as he watched the other students for a moment, then turned around and began fixing up a pot of Coffee. Lifeblood of the universe, and way cheaper than Starbucks. Once the coffee was started, he turns and leans against the counter, and asked the room at large, "So, how long do yall think it'll be before they send us on an actual mission?"

Garrett had been up since nearly 3. Wasn't his first choice, but his body had spoken. Eight hours of sleep had been gotten, it was time to get up and do things. So naturally the first thing he did was lay in bed. This didn't last long, of course. Once Garrett realized that going back to sleep wouldn't happen anytime soon, he got up, and set about unpacking his things. As he worked, he pondered the future. And really just how well he'd fit in here. He didn't know any language beside his native one, he wasn't a smooth talker, nor was he good with electronics...

He was smart enough that the academics of the school didn't phase him. But actual spy work? Well, perhaps he could still be of some use. After all, who said spies had to be subtle and non-lethal? Either way, he'd make it work. That'd always been what his Grandfather taught him. When you're not sure how to proceed, throw everything you got at the wall, see what sticks. If nothing sticks, find a glue gun. After a while, he heard the sounds of life outside his door. Seems like the others were beginning to wake up. He pulled on his jeans, a pair of socks, his favorite button-up shirt, and finally a light jacket. It was cold this time of year, especially for someone who grew up in the far south like he did. He walked downstairs towards the kitchen, having heard voices alerting him to the presence of other students.

There was a new one present. A girl, one he hadn't seen last night. As well as the Japanese kid and the dutch girl. He raised a hand in greeting as he walked past, heading for the fridge. "Morning folks." Garrett opened the fridge, and started poking around to size up breakfast options. "Don't suppose y'all'd know if they got anything for a decent 'murican breakfast?"
Garrett had turned to look at the newcomer as he walked in. Iosef. That was a Russian name if he'd ever heard one. Of course, Garret could always be wrong about that. He raised a hand in greeting, saying, "Nice to meet you, Iosef. I'm Garrett." He turned his attention back to AJ as she asked him about his home. "Closest city you're likely to have heard of is Atlanta. Otherwise I'm from a small town in the middle-of-nowhere, Georgia."

Garrett looked down at his watch to check the time. A bit past 7 in the evening. Certainly felt later than that. But that was probably the jet-lag talking. Garrett glanced at AJ, and said, "You know, I think I might just eat in my room. If only to save myself the embarrassment of being caught face down in a bowl of oatmeal."

Soon as his bowl was prepared, he grabbed a spoon, and moved to leave for his room. "See you around, AJ."

With that, Garrett took his food up to his room, and locked his door behind him. He sat down at his desk, and pulled his phone out, swiping through all the accumulated notifications that he'd received over the course of the day. Once that was dealt with, he dug into the oatmeal and what remained of his apple. Wasn't long before he was in his PJs and dug into the bed, bags pushed aside to be unpacked the next morning. Welcome home, he thought to himself as he drifted off, hope you can make it work.
Garrett, in the meantime, had been rooting around in cabinets himself, glancing at the other students every once and a while, and ultimately surfaced with an apple in hand. He looked up around the room again to see AJ waving him over holding a box of Oatmeal. "Oatmeal, huh?" He said as he approached. "I feel out of place with just an apple. Though, I do suppose folks eat apples for breakfast, don't they?" Garrett shrugged as if to answer his own question.

Garrett leaned back against the counter. " from around here? England, I mean? You've got the accent but I wasn't sure...ya know, plenty of folks in the states have accents still."

"Mmph...yeah, probably better..."

Garrett stood and quipped, "If scary french lady is in there, I'm hiding behind you..."

Garrett grinned at his joke (After all, with a sense of humor like his, if he didn't no one would), and gestured for AJ to lead the way. "Though with any luck the...ah....dick waving will settle down sooner rather than later. I'd hate to spend the whole semester like that. You all seem like such...uh...nice people."

In the grand scheme of things, Garrett wasn't...anti-social, per say, but if the freshmen were going to be at each other's throats all year, Anti-social could certainly be arranged. Garrett was a firm believer in picking one's battles wisely, and petty bickering wasn't worth the bother. Though in this immediate instance, Garrett's motivations were fairly straight forward. AJ had opted to sit back and observe the group of students, or so he presumed, and people like that were always worth having around. Never know what manner of useful insight they may provide...


I too have a full-time job. I understand completely. :P
Garrett sat down near Ava's perch, gesturing that she could sit back down. A small part of him hated that she'd gone to the trouble of standing up. Oh well. Hazards of being polite. He chuckled quietly at her mention of the TV show, however, and said, "I'm afraid I've never seen it. Though I blame being a boring sod who prefers the company of books to TV." He glanced at the rest of the group for a moment, then said, "But yes, I suppose today has been interesting. Lovely campus we've got here. Nothing against the dorms, but I sense I will be spending time locked away in my own room, more often than not." He gave AJ a knowing sideways glance and said, "No tellin' why."

He cracked a wry grin, and reached up to scratch the back of his neck. He realized that he was out of his element here, and his usual small-talk topics were...mundane to say the least. Hell, it was easy enough when you could follow a script, but he had a feeling everyone present was worried about more than weather and sports. Especially not American Football. But, if small talk ever failed, just get em talking about themselves. "So, what'd they get you in here for?"

Garrett glanced at Jackson, pointing a finger at him and saying, "Amen to that, my good fellow." Rule number one: don't mess with Mom. Ever. Even if you were a super spy and she wasn't. Garrett had learned that from an early age. He wondered for a moment if there was a school for becoming a badass mother, or if it just came natural to some women...

Garrett glanced around, and noticed AJ sitting off, removed from the cluster near the door. Being that she was quiet enough to have not introduced herself, and also hadn't picked any fights, she was probably worth talking to. Or sitting in silence with, at the very least. He stood up, and walked over. He extended a hand in greeting and said, "Hey. I'm..uh...Garrett."

Garrett had been sitting in his seat quietly, taking in all the hubbub of arriving students. A nod of greeting here. A smile acknowledging a joke there. A pointed disproving look cast toward's Chris's wand joke. Garrett spoke, introducing himself hopefully for the last time today (at least among this group of people), "Welcome, newcomers. I'm Garrett." This time, his Southern twang was definitely noticeable. As American as they come. "Anyone happen to know what time we eat?"

So many new people in a room wasn't an appealing prospect to Garrett right now. If he were well rested, it'd be no problem. But he was tired, stressed, and wanted little more than to go to sleep right now. Hell, depending on how long till his next assigned activity, he had a mind to forgo food in favor of a nap.
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