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@Polyphemus@Stitches@Eric Horst@DinoNuts

It is seriously imperative to gameplay that you have a discord. If you do not it is super easy to set up and WAAAAY convenient.

There will be a lot of things that happen discussion wise here so I implore you to do this so you are not left out of discussions.
@Eviledd1984 Sure, sure. Just let me know when you have completed everything properly and I'll look him over. Just @ me when you are done.
It's me isn't it. :P

EDIT: Ya know what? Imma change it. Fits more with eccentric and mellow personality.
@ItMeGritty nope, no Cthulhu. I can guarantee specters, demons, and all sorts of monstrosities.
@DinoNuts Absolutely beautiful. I adore him. Please move him over to the character tab!

@Eviledd1984 Yes, please apply!

@Eric Horst Looking good so far! Though it should read roguish charm, ;) but that's just me being nitpicky.

@Shaktzi Was your character finished and in need of review?
@Eric Horst why yes. Murder and spooky mysteries!
@MissCapnCrunch delightful! She seems like she'll be great fun!! Move her over please, she has been accepted.

@Stitches your story was amazing and had me enraptured. Accepted, please move her over.

I'd love to see a couple of gentlemen join us!
@Banzai Tracers while some nuances do seem similar I think the game play and overarching goal is going to be very different. If you like you are welcome to look through my first post. Especially the game play part. I don't think I can join yours though since I will be working on this in addition to some other rps. Thank you for thinking of me!
Fantastic! Thank you~
Hmmmmm..... The font I'd be okay with, but I would like the color to stay as if possible. However, if you feel the aesthetic will benefit I am okay with changing whatever.

Edit:. How about this, do as you like and if I feel the aesthetic of the character is well portrayed it's fine. Sacrifice all for the asthetic. I would like to keep things as uniform as possible. However, in the end, I have to remind myself it doesn't matter so much.]@MissCapnCrunch
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