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Mona Windrider

Location: Wizard's Way - Trader's Stall
Skills: N/A

Mona leaned gently forward as she stroked the nose of her beloved and most trusted friend. Constance stood as the tall tower of muscle that kept her safe and moving in this world. The dapple mare nickered quietly and pressed its head forward, carefully not to knock her companion over. "I've paid 'em extra, yeh see. Ye'll get the best o' care these pups can offer." She was loathe to leave Constance in the hands of strangers who might do her wrong. There was always that anxiety in the pit of her stomach whenever she came into a town. More often than not she couldn't go trotting about with the giant of a horse. Despite her mild manner, she tended to terrify people.

With one last apple and a kiss, Mona made her way from the stables to explore the area. She needed to ensure safety as well as plan escape routes should they become necessary. However, the young woman could not stay focused on such a task for very long. In fact, she had become distracted within the first ten minutes of her mental mapping. There were a series of stalls on either way of the walk that had her zig-zagging between them. She touched fine silks and look over exquisite pottery. It wasn't until she came to a gem dealer that she truly stopped to peruse.

Her well-trained eye moved over the different gems, both precious and semi-precious. Some had been polished and cut. Some merely polished. But the one that caught her eye was a raw chunk of labradorite. It sat among its brothers and sisters, happily gleaming in the sunlight. Because it was raw the color of it was dull, but still, the rainbows that lived inside of the stone still glittered with self-pride. Mona lifted the stone carefully and turned it over in her hands, considering the weight, coloration, and damage from its having been cut from its rocky home. "Oh gentle stone, speak to me," she whispered to it. She felt the vibrations of it rattle her hands. Confidence, importance, and a great deal of positive energy. Yes, this chunk of stone was quite special.

Location: Outside of the Mansion

Bobbi watched the younger girl approach the slightly older girl. There was a bit of an altercation. Obviously, the younger of the two was possessed by Memory Zero guy. Something something, blah blah, you suck and I am cooler and fuck the system, blah blah... And all of a sudden people were flung through the broken window. Bobbi whistled in appreciation. "Tell me your powers are nothing again," she teased with her lopsided grin. She soon followed Allison out of the window into utterly new chaos. Girl with vines, power beams blasting, and a freaking panther thing.

She had half a mind to just hop back on her bike and get out of this stupid, crazy shit. But then she saw Wolverine and heard the young girl, called Sara though Bobbi did not know it, ask for help. She was so distressed. It triggered something in her gut. No, she did not know the girl, nor did she understand what was causing her distress. Bobbi just knew that with the stress, the confusion, and the chaos of it all, she was about to hit the next thing that approached Sara or Allison. Or perhaps poor Neil would be the person to receive the smashing end of her hammer. This was all much too intense for her to understand, coming from absolutely no knowledge of these people or their previous battles. She was running on pure instinct and adrenaline now.

After a few minutes of conversation, the band's playing stopped. With it so too did the conversations. The lights began to dim and the ballroom became quiet. Despite the stop of conversation, the room thrummed with the excited energy of the TAP clientele. A light illuminated the stage and a tall, blonde, good looking fellow walked up with a microphone in hand. He had a charming smile and sparkly white teeth. He was in his late thirties and wore a pristine suit.

"Good evening ladies and gentleman," he said in a clear, low voice. His words were carefully enunciated and held no discernible American accent. "My name is Vance Polk and I am the CEO and founder of TAP." People started clapping and he soon held up his hand. "Thank you. I just wanted to welcome all of you to our 23rd annual dinner. We are going to mix things up a bit. Instead of your watches telling you when you find your partner, we have a special surprise." There were murmurs of confusion.

"The way I see it, life is much too short. Why don't we have dessert first?" Wait staff came through a set of side doors. Their trays held tall flutes filled with an ice cream confection in a varying range of flavors. There are names attached to the slim bottom of the glass with string and on a bit of parchment paper signifying which guest was to receive which. "But these desserts are not the only things in these glasses. There is something even sweeter than ice cream. An indicator which matches up perfectly with your partner. A partner who is sitting at the same table as you. With that, I wish you all long and happy love. Bon Appetit!" He waved a hand and the lights slowly came back to full brightness. Vance left the stage to the sound of grand applause before the clinking of spoons against glass filled the room.

Location: Hallway ====> Front Room

She smacked Allison lightly on the arm. "There ya go, gurl. Just try, even if you don't think it'll work. You might be surprised at the outcome." She gave the girl her brightest, crooked grin. Her words had been slightly muted due to the cotton balls but she still heard her well enough. It seemed that with her success Allison had become bolder. Bobbi understood that she was, perhaps, not the most fightiest of mutants. So the Detroit girl pushed her way in front of the younger. "Let me go first."

Bobbi lowered her hammer in preparation to swing upward into someone's jaw as she entered the room. Things seemed quiet. Everyone was down and Bobbi wasn't quite sure how to interpret all that was going on. Her body vibrated with energy as she prepared to knock the shit out of anyone who dared come at her or Allison. "Oi, fuckers. What the shit?" As she moved further into the room her hammer was ready for a taste of blood should anyone suddenly rise. She noted the broken window and blood on the faces all of the youngsters. "You have five seconds, Before I blast you to kingdom come and Xavier frees your brainspace," she at them. Her fingers adjusting to hold more tightly to her hammer. She kept in mind Allison's position, feeling the need to protect the young woman from any harm. "What the fuck?"

Location: Table at the Ballroom at the Plaza

Noemi paused her conversation for the announcement and clapped her hands in excitement. Finally, they were to meet their pairs. She gulped down the last of her drink, ordered one more, and bid goodbye to her chatting companion. She made her way over to the table and plopped down in her seat. She set the glass before her and found she was one of the first people at the table.

The table was both extravagant and simple. The table cloth was mostly white but with blue embroidery around the edges. The plates were similar, appearing of true china with little depictions on the plate centers. This was only at their table as all others seemed to have their own theme. The silverware gleamed brightly and the blue napkins were folded like swans upon the plates. The centerpiece was made of beautiful, yet obviously fake flowers.

Once everyone had arrived, she beamed brightly at them all. "Hiya, I'm Noemi and am just thrilled to go on grand adventures with you all. I hope you are just as excited for this evenings to reveal." She bowed her head slightly, her loose curls falling over her shoulders and a petal falling from her wonderful crown. "How about y'all? Names? Jobs? I am a mortician myself." She pressed a hand against her chest briefly before sitting back and awaiting the conversations about to begin.

The Boardwalk
Interactions: Drake Blackmore @Ruler Inc, briefly with Henry Olin@JunkMail

"Oh wow! Coloahful her'tige," she said lightly, sipping down more of her large drink. "Been truh Black Falls once o' twice. Mostly on dah wrong side o' the rivah. Smelled like fishes. Ah, I mahself ain't no fan of the cold, only been dere in dah heat o' summah. Yah see I am a delicate hothouse flowah." The bit about her being a flower was spoken with quite an exaggerated Georgian accent. She even used a hand to lay the back of her palm against her forehead and feign distress. The grin was back again as she then noticed the one person she had really hoped to see today.

Her grin widened and she waved as exuberantly as she could with a stuffed alligator tucked up beneath her arm. She then pulled it out and waved it a bit, as if to show it off. Like Henry might enjoy her dear prize. She hoped he enjoyed it as much as she did. Henry leaned against a tree and did not approach which spoke to her that he wanted not to join into the conversation. Fair enough. Perhaps he was a shy beastie and she wasn't going to press. Though she desperately wanted to. He was just so fucking cool.

Her attention was back on Drake. "Balloon?" She inquired, her voice dropping to a near whisper. "Dere ah fuckin' balloons?" Her lips curled into a genuine smile as she moved the alligator to tuck it beneath her drink arm and grabbed Drake's hand. "Please lead dah way, oh mon cher officah o' dah law." She hadn't noticed it until now but many people had balloons and she was instantly disappointed she hadn't gotten one yet. Her alligator was obviously in need of some accessories.
@Morose If it's okay, I'll wait for the update so I can get all caught up
@Morose I believe I have done it all!

The room continues to fill. The chatter gets louder and soon the band shuffles in. They sit down to play. Some people begin to dance. Some choose to watch or continue their drink and conversation.

At 5:45 an announcement is made. A man, somewhat larger in build, in all aspects, comes onto the stage. He appears to be balding and he wears thick glasses. But he has a welcoming and open looking face. The orchestra stops, grabbing most people's attention. “In fifteen minutes your dinner will be served. Please be sure to be seated at your appropriate table. Once 6:00 pm hits our head honcho and CEO will make an announcement.”

There is then a slow trickle as people begin to make their way to their tables. Some may stay till the last minute to drink at the bar. But worry not, those who are seated will have wait staff that comes around and offers to get drinks for the table.

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