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Location: Casino

She nodded mutely in understanding to Jack's statement. It was a hazard in their line of work to get beat up by someone else a bit. The cards could sting but wouldn't necessarily cause lasting damage. As evidenced by Bobbi's network of bruises from the practice fight just a few minutes ago. She smiled at Casper. "I'm just glad you're alright," she responded.

She approached Chrysi and Gambit, taking the crazy blonde by the upper arm. Her hammer was still slung over her shoulder. Having naturally enhanced strength meant that she might be one of the best candidates to take her down to the cells. Her grip on the girl's arm was perhaps a bit too hard but Bobbi would not be sad about that. "Come along." Her statement was cold and hard as she pushed the young woman toward her imprisonment.
Mona Windrider

Location: The Palace Courtyard - C8 to C6
Skills: Magyk

It seemed Importantman McFirefingers had completely ignored her and gone straight into the castle. Or more likely had just not heard her. None the less she as mildly miffed as she allowed a huff to escape her lips. She turned her attention on the civillian and gave him a broad grin. "Yer welcome, lad." She clapped him on the shoulder. "I would stick close, but nah too close." She was going to keep this man alive. There was still another vampire to deal with out here and if no one was going to help her out she was just going to have to take care of things herself.

She walked toward the man, undead, thing. Unsure of how to go about this as she was out of fire stones she figured brute strength would be the way to go. The table was still burning after all. Mona was not the sneakiest of people and it wasn't as if there was any sneaking to be done after she had just yelled about Erasmus needing to be killed. She approached the man, undead, thing and said, "I suppose dere isn't a way I could jus' convince ye to toss yerself into dah fire den? Seein' as all yer friends be dead."

Location: Serval Industries - Ballroom --> Labs
Skills: Void reach

She was a street junkie with no fancy pants clothing to speak of. If they wanted her to show up in leathers, she would be all for it. Have multiples to choose from in fact. She had short shorts and tank tops. But a dress-up dress was not among her few possessions. She would think about that last. She set about pinning her hair up into a mohawk, laying flat against her head with the dark curls fluffed and allowed to hang down her back. Simple earrings and a necklace of cubic zirconia was enough adornment. Once satisfied that her make up was done properly she reached her arm into the void and produced a pants suit. The pants were high-waisted and black with belted adornments on them. The top was low cut and white, practically see through but she didn't mind. The looked was completed with an old black vest she owned. Bobi didn't have any heels so she wore the only pair of shoes she owned - her favorite scuffed combats. Satisfied she looked presentable, she made her way down to join the others for the party.

Bobbi did what she did best, converse with people. She happily chatted up a few different high and wealthies, flirted too. But she was soon brushed off. She was just the help after all. She considered doing as Gambit had suggested earlier and lifted some wallets. However, she would have eyes upon her and she didn't particularly feel like getting in trouble. Even if they were rich assholes.

She yawned and stretched as Rossi's voice came through her comm. Yes! Finally. A little excitement! With a feral grin, she said, "I'm not too far away from the labs, I'll head there." Not as fast as Watts she still was pretty spritely and made her way through the halls to R&D.

Location: Serval Industries - Ballroom
Skills: none None

A man wasn't a man without a suit. He went for a fin, three-piece tux and pomaded his hair back from his face. He wore minimal jewelry but still managed to look like he was worth more than he could ever dream. He spent a good portion of the party skirting the edges of the room. He took in people, noted unusual scents or actions. He kept a catalog of everyone's face and was so very, very careful. His first thoughts were for the safety of those at the party. He did not much care about what was going on in their boss' office. Not until Rossi reported an intrusion.

Wesley reached up and responded back into the headset - "I'll stay here and make sure nothing happens to the guests. I'll keep my eyes out." His heart began to thrum with the thrill of the attack. When things began to go down-hill it was his job to make sure it all went right. Her heard Bobbi declare she would help Watts since she was closer to that direction. He nearly shouted that she should stay here with him so he could keep a better eye on her. He was sure Watts would keep the girl in line though. "Maybe one or two others should stay here with me so that the guests don't get suspicious," he muttered as quietly as he could while still being heard by those on the other end of the comms.

Location: Winged Boar, Aven, Askavi, Terreille

Fatima flinched visibly when Jassen was lifted from the ground. She hoped he wouldn’t get hurt. She hoped she wouldn’t have to hate a member of her Court. Jassen was lowered and she released a breath she didn’t realize she had been holding. She turned her attention to Xander, white-gold eyes taking him in and her heart hearing his words. She was about to respond, give him her name, but the Widow intervened. Her gaze met Faeril’s and she felt nothing but anxiety until the Blood Opal power slipped past her open barriers to enter the deep annals of her mind.

The scraping up of things in her past was inexorably uncomfortable. It turned her stomach to pure bile and her bronze skin paled. The hands she clasped beneath her breasts tightened their grip on each other as her knuckles turned white and blood seeped from puncture marks created by her nails. But she did not move. She did not rescind her decision to allow the Widow in. She breathed and remained as calm as she could.

Shadow figures came to the forefront of her mind’s eye. Her breath caught at their “images” - each one creating a strange slew of emotions. The first bathed her in a musky heat that danced along her spine. It cried danger and excitement. The second brought her a feeling of warmth and protection. A fire on a cold night in the wilds. The last was hard to grasp as if it were sand slipping between her fingers. At last, she replied with confusion, “Triangle?”

”Even the Twisted Queens ought to know of the Queen’s Triangle. How naive.” The Eyrien woman murmured with annoyance, her icy eyes studying the tiny Queen. ”The First Escort, sometimes the Consort, the Master of the Guard, and the Steward. The Queen’s Triangle.” Faeril furrowed her brow. What was she to do with such a naive Queen? Surely her spell, her webs, were mistaken? Surely this foolish girl was not the Queen who would be their salvation, for she would surely be their doom.

Fatima blanched at the statement. She went from pale to a burning red of embarrassment. She felt so stupid, there was so much she had not properly learned. She had the basics, yes, but even some of those appeared to be missing. She loosened her grip on her hands and brought them to her upper arms in a self-hug. “I see. Well, I am not the sort to back away from a challenge just because it could be difficult. That is to say, I will do what is needed and learn what I must - even if it is something I do not like - in order to save my village, the land, and its people.”

Faeril closed her eyes briefly in a grimace. ”Then you cannot make the sacrifices that would be required.” Perhaps it was her lack of sleep lately that was making her voice harsh and sharper than usual, but this girl was useless! ”Why would my spell bring a timid little girl, when we need a strong Queen?”

“I don’t know what you are on about, Widow,” she spat like a wild cat, her words a hiss of her dissatisfaction. Her eyes narrowed and her hands came down to her sides. Her anger swirled inside of her stomach, making the bile feeling turn to burning. “I am not here for your pleasure but mine. I am here to save lives, not be the puppet of some grand scheme. I ask for your help. Timid girl? Cannot make sacrifices? You saw inside of me. The whole of me. And yet you would weave such claims?” Unbidden, her Grey came swirling about her, a night tempest which rustled loose papers and picked at her clothes and hair. She walked toward the Black Widow, her face set in a determined scowl. “I am not here to fight you. I am here to do what is needed.”

”Then do what is needed and surrender your village for the time. Take up the Realm. I saw within you the strength, but stepping up to that line is another matter. You took the step once before. For the Jewel you do not wear.” The Black Widow’s ring finger tapping Fatima’s Sapphire Jewel. ”That is my price for my service. Pay it and I shall serve in your Court.” Words she never thought to utter and perhaps a fool’s promise, but for a chance of hope, she would break her own Jewel. Her face was a mask of rage while she snapped against the windblown dramatics of the Queen. ”Stop with the dramatics, child. They do not impress me.” Though she did like this bit of spine the child had.

The swirling, invisible wind of her Grey slowly settled as shock replaced her rage. She blinked and stared in confusion at Faeril who was now within arms reach. She glanced down as the Widow tapped the jewel and then she shook her head. “The Realm? You mean… All of Terrielle?” Her words were hollow as if she had never tasted them on her lips before. Fatima had not considered herself being a part of something so big. It was mind boggling. To save ALL of Terrielle. “My Court?” She was never supposed to have a Court. Of course, this woman would have seen that.

Fatima looked toward Jassen and Jandar and then at Xandar. She shook her head again as if trying to rattle things into its proper place. Give up her birthright - that which her mother had bequeathed her - to save everyone. Not just happy faces in the village but in all of Terrielle. Could she do that? Her attention came back to Faeril. “It will get bad before it gets better.” It was more a statement to herself. “What would you have me do, Widow?”

”That is an answer that lies with those males who would make up your First Circle. I would have you gain their loyalty, not to mention finding them.” Faeril gave a sideways look to Xandar with a raised brow. ”I can confirm that she is indeed free of the corruption that plagues this Realm, Prince. But the choice remains yours. Would you join her First Circle? She lacks the experience or skill, but her heart is pure if extremely naive and foolish. But we are lacking good and honest Queens. I could think of no one better to be the Master of her Guard than the Reaper.” Shifting slightly to regain her balance, Faeril withdrew her shields from the building and her power slipped fully from Fatima’s mind. Closing her eyes for a brief moment, Faeril gritted her teeth in annoyance. She would need to rest when they reached her eyrie. Fool was she for pushing herself too hard of late, but time was running out.

Relief filled her as the Blood Opal power slipped from her mind. The Grey immediately threw its fortifications back into place. Her mind was ready to take on anyone who dared enter without express permission. One uncomfortable entrance into the secrets of her inner world was enough. Her whole body relaxed in response to the removal of power from the room.

Turning toward Xandar fully, her stance was open and welcoming. Her palms turned toward him and arms held slightly away from her body - almost a mimicking a stance to pull the man into a hug if he were to approach. Her face was one of stony determination. “Or would you kill me dead?” She slid her eyes briefly toward Jassen and Jandar, she made a slight motion of her hand to indicate that they should do nothing. Then her attention was on Xandar again. “There is much in this world that is wrong. Atrocities that have taken place by the hand or word of those like me. I would not blame you. I do ask that you give me a chance to prove my worth.”

Location: Kavi's dank ass house
Interactions: Carter, Heorgia
Color: E0633C

"Nice to see you here too, Beatrice," Shit, did everyone just know who she was? She inclined her head slightly and brought her arms out in a grand gesture. "Have any trouble succumbing to social pressures that tell you that you have to look a certain way in order to please a certain crowd?" Here Prince lost her. She blinked up at him in silence for a moment as the gears in her brain were trying to process the information. What the hell was he on about? Who was she trying to please? She opted to take a sip of her drink rather than reply. "You look great though, enjoying the party?" She nodded vacantly as her eyes began to travel over the crowd. She wasn't very much fun to be around these days, it seemed.

Her attention was soon drawn to the DJ booth as April stopped the music and made her announcements. The final one, about the pregnancy, caused Bea to blink, shake her head, and look toward her partner who was smoking that funny smelling shit. The music started up again.
"Well..." Carter said. "That's a bit shocking, isn't it? I mean, I guess we all sort of figured that Santiago was bound to knock someone up at some point — I'm just surprised that it turned out to be April. My bad, though. I'm being hella rude. You smoke?" She looked between his face and the offered blunt before she slowly shook her head.

"No, thanks, man. As for the resident playboy, I'm honestly surprised its taken this long." She cradled the solo cup in her hands as she stared into the murky liquid inside. All around her relationships were falling apart. Kavi was even begging for a second chance. Publically. For whatever reason, it was sitting heavily on her heart. Made her feel antsy and agitated. She twirled some blonde hair around her fingers and was just in time to see Georgie spill her guts, quite literally. Sawyer was there and she wondered if they were renewing intentions to each other. Or, would be after Georgie was finished being down with the sickness. She heaved a heavy sigh as she looked up toward Carter.

"I think your date wasn't too fond of Sawyer's costume." HA! A joke. Bea gestured toward the scene of disgusted party-goers. "Wanna help? If Georgie needs carrying I don't think I'll make the cut." She had a good amount of experience taking care of other people though. She spoke the drunk language well enough and didn't mince words. Being a stick of a girl and a shorty to boot meant she wasn't so good about getting them where they needed to go. Without awaiting a reply she made her way toward the pair of star-crossed lovers. She reached out a hand and placed it on Georgie's arm. "Hey babe, let's get you cleaned up, hmmm?"

Location: Winged Boar, Aven, Askavi, Terreille

Their eyes met and her suspicions were confirmed. He belonged to her. Her smile grew slightly, showing more of her teeth. Had she known who this man was or his past she may have felt proper apprehension. She was calm and comfortable beside the huge man - despite the darkness of his jewels. She had no time to consider what to do about this connection though. Things began to move around her.

Her eyes slid from the Eyrien Warlord Prince as the woman spoke in a language she did not understand. Fatima assumed correctly that it was Eyrien. She said nothing as she grasped her cup and slipped a couple of paces away from the bar. The Black Widow. This was the one they had been searching for, surely! Her heart was racing a thousand miles a minute and a flush came to her face that had nothing to do with her drink. The shields went up around them and something began to touch at the edges of her mind.

Instinct reacted at first. Unbidden and rough due to the alcohol in her system her Grey bit back at the tendrils of Blood Opal that sought entrance. The grey sought to destroy that which it viewed as an attack on her person. Just a couple of beats and Fatima reigned that unintentional power back into check. Unfortunately, there came a distraction in the form of one of her own rushing the Eyrien woman. Fatima's white-gold eyes flashed, deep anger welling up inside of her gut.

She was glad that Jandar had gotten a hold on Jassen. She could not imagine what misfortune would become them should he have succeeded in hitting his target. She pulled the skullcap from her head and allowed her long, black waves to fall over her back. The cap and the cup were dropped to the floor with the wine splashing over her boots. Fatima brought her hands up and clasped them at her stomach, just below her breasts. She raised her chin slightly and looked toward Jassen with an eerie calm - as the sea before a torrential storm. "Jassen," her voice was a harsh breath as she hissed his name. "Attend." The tone was dark. "You will go and sit. Be-have." The word was spoken in two, distinct syllables. Her gaze then met Jandar and she hoped he could understand that reigning the drunk in beyond this might fall upon his shoulders. She gave him a slight nod of approval for his behavior thus far and a tight smile.

Her attention was turned back upon Faeril. "Life is my pleasure." With that, she opened the doors to her mind, let her shields of Grey fall and allow the Blood Opal to push in and investigate as it needed. She would see all that had happened in Fatima's life. The good. The bad. And the ugly of it all. Perhaps the hopes she held for her little village to survive and that she would not see a starving or hurt face amongst those in her care.

Location: Casino

Bobbi breathed a sigh of relief when Casper started to calm. She smiled up at him and gave him a slight punch to the arm which may have been a bit stronger than intended. "Don't be throwin' us for such a loop cher," she said kindly and then picked up her hammer. Her attention was drawn to Gambit as he placed the cuffs on Chrysi. So he had changed his mind it seemed. She was glad that she hadn't been all that involved lest their leader have some anger toward her.

She hefted the hammer over her shoulder and glowered at Gambit when he threw the card at Jack. "Complètement injustifié!" she called out to him. "You alright?" she asked Jack, hoping the explosion was minor. Kidnap victim? What the hell was going on? Wait, did he mean the child? Was Casper still high?
Mona Windrider

Location: The Palace Courtyard - S8 to U10 going around the right side of where Myrus and Lennox stand, to stop at R5
Skills: Magyk

She covered the lower part of her face with the cloak she wore about her shoulder. It did not protect her eyes from the dust the mini cyclone spewed from it. Despite that she was able to tell which of the three remaining had fangs and which did not. Just one unturned civilian. Damm. These assholes had moved much too quickly. There was anger boiling in the usually blase woman's belly.

"As deh fox outruns deh hound, thru' deh trees an' muddied ground, lace me feets wit' lightened step an' give me legs some extra pep." She wove together her first spell, allowing her the extra speed she would need to grab the civilian and get out of harms way. However, being a small woman she would also need some strength. She began her second spell. "Circus strongmen, bears, an' storms, allow dis body despite its norms deh strength I need tah save deir forms." A surge of power rushed through her and the spell had worked better than she had hoped.

Without further ado she ran into the fray, scooped the civilian over her shoulder and moved up toward the palace. She hoped to find safety there. The world swept by her and the civilian wiggled. It gave her trouble with her speed and balance but she was able to hold onto the person tightly. She, at last, made it to the palace steps and set the civilian down. Entering the palace was the man who had barbequed one of the vampires. "Oi!" she shouted to him. "Oi, Mister. Deh job ain't done yet. There be creatures what go bump in the night about." She gestured toward one who stood at the far end of the palace near the burning tables, Erasmus. "If ye ain't gonna help with thems, at least take dis one 'neath yer wing." She then gestured toward the civilian she had rescued.

Location: Briefing Room
Skills: none

Great training opportunity eh? People were just being vindictive and mean and... she was learning absolutely nothing she couldn't learn in a drug den to be perfectly honest. She leaned back in her chair, her face pointed toward the ceiling as her long curls cascaded toward the ground, the tips of her hair just barely ghosting the floor. Her arms went limp, hanging at her sides while she listened to people badger each other and especially geeky tech dude... the younger.

She began to tune things out, her brain taking her on a fantastical adventure. An adventure of what sort of riches she might be able to sneak out of those rich idiots. Ooooh, or maybe she could get herself a sugar daddy. Wouldn't that be something? She smiled a bit as she began to think of all the places she could go and presents she would get from some silver-haired fox who was good in the sack to boot.

Bobbi came back to reality when Belladonna came into the room. Rude much? Bobbi was just having a rather dramatic scene wherein her Silver Fox was getting jealous of the pool boy and was threatening murder. She blinked blearily as she sat up straight and rubbed her hands over her face. "Yeah... I'm getting jack shit out of this. I'm gonna get dolled up." She stood, taking her coffee cup with her. Let the smarties figure it out. She could sense Wesley was going to say something but she placed a finger against his lips and leaned close. "Listen here honey, it takes a girl a might longer than a man to get ready." She then patted him on the head and left the room.

Location: Briefing Room
Skills: none None

Wesley's eyebrows went sky high as Watts went on his rant about their new CEO not having killed their old one. A hint of a frown touched the corners of his lips as he listened intently. He thought he might speak up - no one had mentioned such a thing about murder and treason. Of course, he was not privy to much of the information the others had nor had he been involved in the quiet whispers that may have happened behind closed doors. He and Bobbi had only recently arrived here after all. He glanced at Bobbi who was not at all paying attention. He rolled his eyes and sighed, listening more intently to Psylocke's additional assessments of their next steps.

He opted to stay quiet, listening to the back and forth and bicker of the group. He was coming to an understanding that it was going to take a long while until anyone came to any conclusions. He laced his fingers together into a steeple and rested the tips of his fingers against his chin. "I don't know that breaking into her office is the greatest of ideas, especially now. I have not heard a good enough reason to invade someone's privacy beyond flights of fancy... On both ends. Regardless, let us concentrate on this party. After that we can decide the best way to gather the sort of information regarding that topic of conversation. Perhaps we should choose a team leader as well, to help keep us on track. It might make things easier for Gardner if she has one point of contact to whom she can give information." After Belladonna arrived, he glowered at Bobbi who saw her chance to leave. He opened his mouth and she placed a finger against his lips. His eyes grew wide in shock and he was stunned into silence.

She left the room and he was motionless for a few beats before he shook his head and turned his attention back to the map. "I would like to add that breaking into teams of two would be highly beneficial. Two pairs of eyes, back up, more veteran members working in tandem with those new to this scene." He shrugged and brushed his hair back from his face.
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