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Bride of Gwillim@Tracyarmav and Scyrvensrel @Amethyst
Interacting with Alfhildr @Tracyarmav

She felt the pressure on her wrist before the tug on her arm. It was strong and caused her to twirl around to face the person who accosted her. Hestia's reaction was to throw up her other arm to shield her face. She was going to get it. She got caught. This was the end. The voice which spoke to her was all wrong though. Slowly she lowered her arm and saw the tall Drakken girl looking confusedly down at her. She frowned, taking in her surroundings.

This was not Oldynn's home. It was much too grand. As she came to terms with where she was, she remembered being taken, the reaping, and remembered the armour. Oh no. Had she finished her job? Was she in trouble with her new spouses? She was shivering as she brought her attention back up to Alfhi. The girl was sleep swept. Her hair a lion's tangle and her clothes wrinkled from her bed.

"I'm so sorry... I wasn't going anywhere. No... I was just... I was looking for a glass of water," she said lamely. Hestia hoped the excuse would be believable. After all, how was she supposed to explain the breakdown? She hardly understood it herself. The ground she stood upon, metaphorically speaking, was like sand. It shifted and ate at her, pulling her down. She had no rock and no way to steady herself. It would take time to get used to her new home and new rules. It was not impossible but certainly difficult to teach an abused dog new tricks.

Sister Bride of Aubree @Ellion and Bride of Kagan @ghastlyInc
Interacting with Kagan and Bree

His eyes on her and the confirmation of his enjoyment of her caused her to feel, if it were at all possible considering, more at ease. She practically glowed with the words of praise. Even if they were only two. She fiddled with her lilac hair, twirling it around her fingers as she watched Bree enter the bath. She was a light, delicate creature. Like some sort of elf or fairy from the stories. She had been a bit shocked earlier by the girl's vehemence with being touched. She supposed that things were quite scary for her right now. Adora considered that perhaps she should also be afraid. In so far, Kagan had proved himself to be one of the kinder of his race. Though, she had not been terrified of the prince either. Or the guards. It was only on the first day she had been afraid; when they had proven the truth to the Gem's horror stories. But since then they had simply acted as a more gruff people than she was generally used to. Perhaps she had just been lucky in this whole circumstance.

Adora's attention was brought back to reality when her sister spoke to her. Bree wore a smile but her mouth spit barbs. Adora's contented appearance changed to one of confusion. What had she done to Bree that caused her to act so negatively toward her? Was it the touch? Or was her presence offensive? Did she maybe wish for their husband's attentions to herself? It seemed unlikely but her sister bride was quite the mystery.

Opening her mouth, she was ready to respond - though not entirely sure how to do so. Bree's comment had been an attempt to be hurtful so Adora planned to accept the words just as they were. However, it seemed that her husband would act as her Knight in Shining Armor. The contented smile returned to her face as she grabbed her glass of wine and sipped from it. She watched with some amusement as Kagan kissed Bree. It was a sloppy kiss to say the very least. She would have to fix that. She hoped that Bree's first time would not be too painful, though she doubted it. The first time always hurt.... and with a Drakkan as... well built as Kagan, she was not too optimistic.

As he settled back into his spot she decided, perhaps it was time to show off a little of that experience that Bree teased her for. She glided across the tub, barely making a ripple. She pressed herself against Kagan's chest, warm fingers sliding up his chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her lips formed a pout as she spoke, "Well now, I'm feeling just a bit abandoned." The pout turned into a mischievous smile. The fingers of her right hand softly brushed their way up his jaw to tangle in his hair. Pulling him in, she pressed her lips firmly against his and nestled her body against him. Her kisses became more light, feathery until she slid her tongue lightly against his lips as if to ask entrance as a small moan escaped her. Instead of continuing, she feathered kisses down his neck before removing herself from him. "Tastes like wine," she purred, hands resting lightly against his chest.

Bride of Gwillim@Tracyarmav and Scyrvensrel @Amethyst
Interacting with Gwillim @Tracyarmav and Scyrvensrel @Amethyst

Hestia did not move or make a sound as Scyr took care of her. The whole experience of her Reaping had simply been too much on a fragile soul who had experienced no more than abuse at the hands of the man who should have been her father. She did not stir until Gwillim lifted her from the bed. She moaned softly and wrapped her arms around his neck, clinging to him as she felt the bed fall away from her. When he laid her down she clung closer still until eventually, her arms softened at the feeling of the new bed against her back. She lay quiet again, the cool cloth against her forehead causing her to fall back into her fainting slumber.

It was not but an hour later that she jerked awake. As she sat up the cloth fell from her forehead and panic riddled her body. She shook and her limbs barely did what she demanded of them. She had fallen asleep at the mill. She was sure of it. Hestia was going to receive a beating for sure. She could already feel the leather against her back. The heat of the poker. The heat of his breath and the wet of his saliva as he screamed. Maybe if she got up quickly enough she could get back to work before Oldyn came for her. But.. what if he had already seen? What if he had something planned for her when she came back inside? Hestia choked back sobs as she removed herself from the bed. The clothing on her body was strange but she paid it no mind. Her fear had taken over her.

Falling to the floor, she slammed into it. It knocked the wind from her for a moment but the tears still spilt freely down her face as she curled up, struggling for breath. After a moment or two, she was able to push herself up and she moved toward the door. Desperate hands fumbled against the knob. She couldn't breathe. She was going to be beaten for sure. She had to hurry. Finally, the door opened and she fumbled her way down the hall, attempting to be as quiet as possible. She felt light-headed as she held her breath to avoid any more sounds of tears.
'Please... Please don't let him know. I promise. I'll be good. Please, I'll be better. I won't do it again. Just, please. Please!' her mind screamed as she used the wall to support herself while she approached a staircase.

Sister Bride of Aubree @Ellion and Bride of Kagan @ghastlyInc
Interacting with Kagan and Bree

She was surprised to hear the fire Gem request a bath. She supposed that she must have been horribly cold but she had not thought Aubree would be so bold. It made her smile a bit as she applauded the young woman. After all, it was hard to be brave in such a strange and unknown situation. She hid the smile behind her glass of wine and as she finished her sip she stood back, having finally dried her sister bride. It was then she turned her attention to her new husband. Kagan Galegar. What a very Drakken sounding name. It was hard and stacatto unlike the flowing names of Gemmania. At least now she knew his name. She would likely stick with husband, for the most part, to give herself some distance from him. Kagan if he was extra good.

"As you wish, my husband," she replied calmly.

He went to check on the bath and Adora looked to Bree in their moment of privacy. She set her wine glass aside and approached her. "I understand you may not be used to this so I am happy to help in any way possible. If there is anything you need from me, please do not hesitate to ask it. I wish for your comfort and happiness as much as my own. In fact more." Her voice was a soft whisper and she attempted to get as close as she could to the other girl's ear by standing on her tip toes. Her thin fingers lingering on buttons as if she were merely helping the taller girl undress, loosening what needed to be loosened.

After finishing her statement she took a step back, scooped up her wine glass and filled it properly. Once done, she approached the tub, only to see Kagan undress. Her eyes lingered over his form for a moment, taking in the bare and well-muscled flesh. He was not just pretty it seemed. She was a bit shocked by his... well... she had to wonder if she and her Sister Bride would be able to walk after tonight. She allowed herself to relish the thought for a moment before continuing her trek to the tub. She set the glass somewhere close by as a low, primal growl escaped his lips. She felt her cheeks warm with excitement and a shiver ran through her spine but did her best not to let on.

The dress slipped easily from her body and pooled around her feet. Adora turned and allowed herself to be on display. "I do hope my form pleases you, dear husband." Her tone was almost teasing. She would not mind his answer either way - he seemed the sort to not share his true thoughts with a people so weak as the Gem. She stepped from it and climbed deftly into the tub. The heat of the water was not so grand as that of the hot spring but was welcome none the less. As she finally settled herself opposite of Kagan, she began the process of removing the pins from her hair. As each pin dropped to the floor more of her lilac hair fell around her shoulders, the curls settling into the water. Once completed she turned her black eyes toward him and leaned forward. "There, will that do?" she inquired in a delicate purr.

Sister Bride of Aubree @Ellion and Bride of Kagan @ghastlyInc
Interacting with Kagan and Bree

He was so delightfully calm about the whole ordeal. It was strange she felt a bit comfortable beside the giant. Not in the sense that he was a good or kind person. Adora had no way of knowing this having met him for a total of two minutes. But rather, as someone who did not lose his head or give way to anger. Assuredly annoyed with the situation but she was relieved he did not take it out on her. It wasn't Adora's fault after all. She thought that perhaps she could come to like him as well as the life she might share alongside him. Perhaps friends at the very least. He discussed, in what Adora considered to be a light tone, with Aubree whether or not to keep her. It seemed, for now, she was safe.

With her comfort, her confidence grew. As he sat down she stopped at the table to retrieve another glass since he had taken the one she used. She wasn't quite sure why considering the others available but it mattered little. He whispered to Aubree and she paid no mind as she poured her own glass. They'd had more time to spend together so it made sense that they would be more companionable. She removed her own shoes, balancing with the glass of wine. Adora sat to Kagan's right. She situated her skirts so as to show off a bit of thigh and curled her legs to one side of her, opposite to Kagan. She brushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she became comfortable, leaning into the soft couch. It was now he asked the girls a question.

She sipped her wine, to suppress a small laugh. If he really cared so very little, why even ask in the first place? He would be a fun little puzzle to figure out. After a beat it seemed Bree was not prepared to answer so, Adora being the chatty little thing she was, took the reigns. With her free hand, she began the process of removing the excess moisture from her new husband's clothing. With simple yet elegant movements she slowly moved her hand over his clothing, mere inches from his body. Water collected in her hand and as it did so it was released as steam. It took a little time for the steam to begin but she hardly noticed as she happily recounted her tale... In as little detail as possible. Kagan did not seem the type to enjoy elaborate stories.

"I grew up in a small town in the South of Gemmania. The Southern Sea was less than half a day's walk away. There I was a midwife and healer. I lived with a woman named Olynna. She had taken me away from my parents after I was born a girl. They had hoped to hide me away from the world so as to not be taken when the Drakken arrived for the Reaping. My desire for contact saw to the end of that. A relative discovered me and I was taken back to my parents. Who, as it would turn out, were of nobility - though it all means nothing to me. Especially now." At this time she had finished drying Kagan and stood to begin the process with Bree. Her hand was heated at this point from the energy pooled there and the procedure was done much more quickly. It helped she was dryer as well.

"I have a little brother. Sweetest little thing. It broke my heart to leave him. But this is my life now and there is no use crying over spilt tea." She offered Bree a gentle and sweet smile. "And there ends my rather boring tale. I would dearly love to learn about my Sister Bride. And of course my husband. Especially how I should call him." She turned the sugar smile toward him before returning to her work on Bree.

Sister Bride of Aubree @Ellion and Bride of Kagan @ghastlyInc
Interacting with Kagan and Bree

The door opened just as she got herself rightly situated. She hoped she looked the picture of absolute perfection. She gave a small, coy smile when she saw the man begin to enter the room. The look of surprise or perhaps annoyance on his face made the corners of her lips twitch and she had to hold back laughter as he closed the door. Oh goodness. He had not been expecting her at all. How tricksy! This would be a most interesting night. She hoped that she would not be cast back to the prince. Breathing happened to be one of her favourite past times after all. Adora stood, moving from the chair closer to the door. She folded her hands together in front of her in an attempt to appear as demure as possible. Her eyes were cast to the floor. Had the man made a mistake? Was this not his room? Today was not at all going how she had anticipated. It was, in fact, quite the opposite of what she had expected.

Once again the door opened and he entered. Yes, this was much more clearly annoyance - no doubts. She brought a hand to her mouth, attempting to suppress a fit of giggles, and closed her eyes. Adora wondered if she looked convincingly chaste rather than about to fall to the floor in a gale of laughter. She had to answer his question but it took a moment for her to quell her amusement. Finally, she opened her eyes and returned her hand to its original position. "My name is Adorabella Orchard. I do believe I am to be your bride." It was then she caught a glimpse of Aubree. Her sister bride to be sure! Her heart fluttered with elation that her sister was someone she recognized. A bright smile found its way to her lips and she gave the other girl a small, excited wave. Hopefully, they could get along. Having a companion and friend in these times would be invaluable.

She then turned her attention back to Kagan. "Dear husband, I was left with a note for you. From am exceedingly handsome, hornless Drakken." She wanted to mention what a haughty jerk he was too, but did not wish to offend her new husband in case they were close friends. Taking measured steps she approached the bed and retrieved the scroll before bringing it back to Kagan. She held out the scroll for him to take. It was now she had a good look at him. He was obscenely tall. Nearly twice her height in fact. Perfect. She could... no would climb him like a tree. He was also quite pretty for a Drakken. Not nearly as pretty as the prince had been but at least his face was nice to look at. Something altogether unusual. Adora thought, perhaps, she would like her new life - even if it meant missing out on her brother's. None the less, she was here and she might as well enjoy herself and have fun.

Sister Bride of Aubree @Ellion and Bride of Kagan @ghastlyInc
Interacting (briefly) with Ehkota

It became quite obvious, true to her initial suspicions, that this man was not to be her husband. In a small way, she was disappointed and only hoped her true husband would be just as if not more pretty. She calmed slightly, allowing her nervous energy to leave her. There was no need to impress this man and entice him if he was not to be her partner. She followed him silently out to the carriages. She wondered how far they would have to travel. She welcomed the scent of rain. It washed away the rotting scent of city life and made the earth and mud more pungent. The petrichor of Drakka was certainly different from home since trees and plant life were more scarce here. However, it still smelled like rain and that brought her a small comfort.

She situated herself carefully in the carriage. She had to ensure that her hair was not tousled and her dress remained unwrinkled. Deft fingers lightly situated the skirts of her dress and she leaned back carefully. Most of the trip was spent observing the buildings and people of Drakka. It was intensely different from anything she had ever experienced and brought her to a peak of curiosity. The rest of the time she studied Ehkota - his face, his posture, anything she could glean from him. She noted he was likely of high standing due to the number of guards, his demanding nature, and the way he held himself. How high up, she wasn't sure but he certainly had some sway.

Surprisingly, they had arrived at their destination much more quickly than she would have thought. She exited the carriage, accepting the Drakken guard's hand as he helped her down. She caressed it lightly and gave him a coy smile before following Ehkota into the building. From what she could tell this was some sort of swanky hotel. The decoration was gorgeous and judging by the distances of the doors the rooms were spacious. At long last, they entered a suite. The room was warm and comfortable looking. She took in the bed and bath, finding she approved of the accommodations. They were much more than she had ever seen in the entirety of her life.

Ehokota spoke to her, directing her to lay on the bed. She lay out on her side, hand suggestively laying on her hip and the other supporting her head. “Now, I shouldn’t have to tell you that you not fucking this up in very important for your wellbeing. I heard about your little stunt when you were first brought to Castle Worth. In part, that is why you were selected, as you know. You are no innocent creature, best use every bit of that to your advantage tonight. If you are returned to me, well, let’s just hope that the Kinner mercifully puts you out of your misery before that point,”

She just stared at him, not sure how to respond to the seriousness of his words. Much like his wife, everything just seemed to be such a big deal. She sighed lightly, "Yessir," was the only response she could muster. She was naturally quite bored of all of this running about and frowny faces.

“Don’t move from that spot, I suspect your husband and ‘sister’ will be here soon. Don’t do anything stupid, after all it would be a shame if someone else got hurt because of your antics,”

She smiled lightly, "Of course not, sir." The door closed and she scowled. Her stomach was now in knots and she sat up befor sticking her tongue out at the door. Adora decided she DID NOT like that man at all. So grumpy and so serious and so... so... He was a fucking asshole. If there was anything that could make Adorabella mad it was threatening another's life. It was easy to take the abuse herself but she could not bear the hurt of others. Picking up the scroll she carefully pried it open and read its contents. What she found inside made her laugh. Oh lord, she was some sort of bribe. And what was a Kinner anyway? She rolled the scroll back up and carefully resealed it. She used one of the burning candles to help the wax soften enough to hold steady to the scroll. She tossed it back on the bed before investigating her surroundings.

The room was, as she had thought earlier, certainly gorgeous. She began opening drawers and searching through boxes to see if she could glean anything about the man who was to come for her. Unfortunately, there was not much. As she was looking around the room she caught the first real glimpse of herself since Twenty had applied some makeup to her. She gasped as she turned her face from side to side, examining the work. She had done quite a good job, lightly accentuating some of her features. However, the reason for her gasp was the ungodly bright lip paint she had applied. The red did not suit her and made her look like a Calling Lady. As much as she enjoyed partnership she would never do anything of the sort. Finding a nearby towel she removed the offending colour from her lips. It was obvious the girl did not have much experience with darker skin tones. She was glad the woman had not deigned to do more to her. Otherwise, she would be on the corner of the streets begging for coin in exchange for...

Adora shook her head, just glad the red was removed from her face. She took the time to look out of the windows and found the scenery equally as lovely as the room itself. It was in quite a lovely location. The lights and buildings were spectacular and showed only the finer parts of the city. She opened the pane and reached out. Rain fell on her fingers - cool in comparison to the warm air. She collected the droplets into a puddle in her palm. With her direction, the water danced and played. Adora let it finally fall to the ground before she turned and noticed the food. Or more particularly the wine. She filled a cup before downing it. As she set the now empty cup back onto the table she heard a key in the lock and the knob of the door begin turning.

Looking around, she had forgotten to stay on the bed. There was no way she could get there now. She opted instead to sit in a nearby chair in front of a vanity. Crossing her legs, she moved the panels of her skirt so as to expose them and let an arm rest on the back of the chair. Her hand then rested on the low neckline of her dress, as if to begin removing it. She arched her back and looked out the window as the door opened.

she loooooooves him.

isn't that all that truly matters

Sister Bride of [Unknown] and Bride of [Unknown]
Interacting with Twenty and Ehkota@Ellion

She took note that the Drakken was not pleased with her noticing the pregnancy. Adora held up her hands in a gesture of resignation. She would make no mention of it again. She wondered what it was that had them both so scared of the pregnancy being found out. Wasn't this something to celebrate? It was a headscratcher, to say the least.

Goodness, what a grump! Everything was so serious with this girl. Adora wanted to roll her eyes. She could understand the fear but the stiff anger the woman had was strange to her. She supposed if one was hurt enough she would perhaps want to warn the other what to expect. She allowed herself to be pushed back on the bed and watched the girl's pretty face come into view. She was still being very serious. And was attempting to be vague and teach her about kinks. A small smirk appeared on Adora's lips as the woman spoke.

The door suddenly burst open and Adora let go of the bride. The extraordinarily handsome man entered and he was just as grumpy as his Twenty. No wonder she acted that way. It had to be him to thank for it. It was said that partners start to become more like each other as time passed on. Twenty removed herself from Adora and she sat up. She patted her hair, making sure each strand was still in place - so as to be properly ruffled later. The man forcefully grabbed her wrist again and pulled her off the bed. Why couldn't people just ask? She was more than willing to go wherever it was she should go. After all, this was to be her new life. No resistance from this tiny Gem.

She followed along after the man, taking in the sound of Drakken enjoying their newly gained toys. It only further hammered home that what was happening to her was abnormal. "Why the rush?" she inquired of the handsome, hornless Drakken. "If you desired to take your time to enjoy me, I would most certainly not decline," she purred. She suspected this man was not to be her new husband but she couldn't be sure. From the way Twenty spoke, it seemed she was to was to go to someone else. She was not about to let the chance to make an impression fly away.

Bride of [Unknown]
Interacting with Twenty @Ellion

A young woman entered the room in a rush. Adorabella was a bit nervous at first, put on edge with concern with the need for haste. She felt the weight of the bag upon the bed, shifting her position there only slightly. The girl had not even introduced herself before speaking about what the plan was. Adora nodded her understanding. "Alright. Do you know where I am going? What exactly is going on? I'm feeling a little hesitant without any direction. I am fairly certain that this is not the normal procedure here." She let the girl handle her face, moving as directed so she could use the little brush to paint her up. The brush tickled her sensitive, bronzed skin and she tried hard not to laugh. She smiled a bit at the compliment. "Why thank you, I do try to take care of myself." She spoke in a haughty yet joking way, trying to lighten the mood of the room. She found it much easier to be chipper when she felt there was someone else in need of cheering up. It also meant not being stuck with the circling thoughts in her head.

At the next question Adora stiffened and then laughed. It was a bright and cheerful laugh. She wondered if it would be the last time she would do so. "Oh, my little darling. My experience with men is perhaps much more than any lady should speak on. You could say I am well versed. As for my nakedness during our training period - it was forced upon me. I could not let them see my fear. Besides, there is beauty in the naked form." Her fingers idly played with the fabric of the long belt. This would be her power. Something that helped her through. She would always wear it. Her eyes then found the tell-tale sign of pregnancy. "Oh, congratulations! How far along are you? Is this your first?" she inquired. Adora's fingers instinctively reached out to touch the bump but she did not have permission. This poor thing had likely been touched quite enough. "I'm Adorabella by the way. May I have your name?"


Bride of Gwillim@Tracyarmav and Scyrvensrel @Amethyst
Interacting with Gwillim @Tracyarmav and Scyrvensrel @Amethyst

She stiffened as she felt her husband lean down and begin to whisper to her. Her eyes widened and she brought a hand to her mouth, resting her fingers there as if she were afraid any sort of sound would get her in trouble. She winced, feeling his warm breath against her neck and the back of her ear. She had never been this close to another person before and she shivered. Once the Drakken straightened and looked up at him tearfully and nodded. Perhaps she should just not speak? Perhaps that would be best, yes. The less she got into trouble the better. But knowing how stupid she could be Hestia imagined there would be quite a few beating in her future before she learned her lesson.

Hestia allowed herself to be steered and moved about like a doll. It was amazing how quickly the Drakken moved - being so much taller than Hestia. (Though she was not exactly short for a Gem.) The way back to her new home was a blur and entering the home was chaos and commotion. Drakken, all much taller than she, were coming up to introduce themselves. It was so quick and there were so many that Hestia was overwhelmed. She found herself grabbing onto Scyrvensrel's hand to keep steady. Her head was feeling a bit dizzy and she tried her best to remember all of their names. In particular there was the daughter, excited and perhaps unsure of the new bride. Hestia wasn't sure how she felt about the child either since the girl could likely kill her with a pinky. And, true to children, would test the new bride.

During dinner, she had not remembered a single name. Not even her new husband and wife. She ate daintily, glad of the bland and light foods available. Each bite seemed to turn her stomach but she did not want to give offense. So dutifully she ate little bits here and there. At the giving ceremony she had done quite enough damage. She drank what was offered to her, though it made her head swim more. A light flush had come over her cheeks and her memory a bit foggy.

At long last the feast ended and she followed her spouses up to their bedroom. At Gwillim's behest she began the process of helping Scyrven remove her armor. It was not something she had ever done before, but her thin, nimble fingers made quick work of knots. She wasn't sure but it seemed the room was darkening. Was someone turning out lights? She swayed on her feet and had to place a hand against the bed to steady herself. The other went to her forehead which even she felt was overly warm. Was the floor moving? Wait... "Please... forgive me...." she whispered as she collapsed against the bed and slid to the ground in a faint.
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