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Like the military does! And star trek~
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Sir can be used gender neutral. All such words can be used this way. Sir.
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Location: Casino

Bobbi shrugged when there was a trade off in dance partners, so to speak. She was feeling a bit pouty since she wouldn't be able to knock a little sense into Richard, but what can a girl do? She turned her attention toward Gambit with a sly little smirk, "Comme tu veux mon capitaine." She took a few paces back and readied herself for a delightful spar and work out.

"Do y'all be needin' any silly rules? Or can we be startin'?" She gestured vaguely toward Ana and Rogue since they seemed to need to flesh things out. A spar was simple, why all of these rules? Just hit 'em hard and hit 'em good and leave 'em unable to stand. Well, so to speak. No sense in damaging a teammate for the pure sake of showing off or winning.

Location: Casino

Her attention on Gambit and Rogue were brief as they discussed Mary. This information and news were uninteresting to her. There was always something going on with the twins and unless any of it was particularly juicy Bobbi could not care less. Instead, she watched the small chat between Ayita and Richard. This turned out to be equally as boring. She was ready to get down to business. Her body was aching for a battle.

She nodded, swinging the hammer up onto her shoulder as she turned her gaze upon the reptilian shifter. "O'course I can take 'im. Question is, can Ri-shard take me?" she said playfully. She placed her free hand on her cocked hip as she watched him carefully remove his suit jacket. It certainly took all types to make up a successful thieves guild, didn't it?
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@QueenNugget Thank you so much!

EDIT: Also yes, I love discord! Easy plotting
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@QueenNugget@Canidae Okay, I've finished. See above. Let me know what I can fix!

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Mona Windrider

Location: The Palace Barracks
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Mona just about peed her pants when the rattle caught flame. She quickly dropped it with a muffled yell and used her skirts to pat out the fire. She looked bewildered at the infant. It had to be a coincidence right? Babies generally didn't make things catch fire with sneezes. So, note taken, nothing flammable for little baby Dawn. Mona studied the charred remains of the rattle, tiny pebbles escaped from the burnt leather wrappings. It hadn't been anything with sentimental value and was not at all an expensive item to make. However, it was a bit concerning how easy it was for the rattle to become engulfed in baby-fire. She would need to consider a new way of making it, perhaps some stones around the outside that would give the rattle protection against fire.

She looked up from her wonderings when the spooky lady asked the baby's name. Mona could honestly say she hadn't the faintest clue. The child had not been concerning to her through her short time spent here and so the name never learned. They went on chattering about some witch lady and Mona went back to entertaining the flame sneezing baby.
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Location: Casino

At the announcement of the teams, Bobbi breathed a small sigh of relief. She wouldn't have to work with the crazy, volatile sister. That was a bonus. She wondered what exactly her team would be doing. Being small she tended to be rather sneaky and could fit into small spaces. She had her strength and a great deal of experience behind the wheel. She couldn't quite grasp what it was they were to do from the people in her group but at the statement that there would be a training session the young woman glowed. She lived for a good fight.

She popped up from her chair and began to follow people out of the room when Richard spoke to her. She raised her eyebrows, still surprised he was giving her this sort of attention. She glanced at his sister to see if Ayita could tell her brother was acting a loon. She seemed to have her own things to worry about so Bobbi did as Bobbi generally did. She would spar with him. Verbal, physical, it was all the same.

"Get boring, Ri-shard?" she tossed back at him, flicking her hair over her shoulder and giving him one of her famous lopsided grins. "Den y'all mus' nah have many tricks hidden in dem..." She paused to look him up and down, to stop at his groin before meeting his eyes again, "sheets." She lifted her hands and wiggled her fingers at him. "Maybe one day I'll show yeh a trick or two, cher." She winked as she swept past him and followed Gambit into the training room.

The air around her was electric and she felt her breathing quicken in anticipation of their mock battle. This was further incited by the brief argument between Gambit and Mary. Ever the little pacifist. The twins really were polar opposites. Not waiting to be told, Bobbi reached her arm into the spaces between space and grabbed for her trusty, beloved hammer. She had some difficulty but eventually, her fingers alighted upon it in that invisible space. She pulled the beautiful, master crafted sledgehammer into the room and swung it experimentally with a large, feral grin on her face. "à vos ordres, mon capitaine!" She turned green eyes upon her group's leader.
I extend a great interest!

Location: Root's Teeth, Dhemlan Terreille

She had to laugh at herself when Jassen reminded her that this was, in fact, a tavern. Obviously, there would be random loud noises - drunks fighting or falling. Fatima ran her hands through her silky curls with a sheepish grin on her face. "Of course. DOn't I feel a bit silly now." But there was no helping this on edge feeling they both shared. She was a Queen away from her home and was in another Queen's domain This was risky but there was no helping it. It had to be done.

The food arrived, causing her to jump as well. How could the pair of them still this anxiety? The door opened to reveal a young, frightened looking woman. As the door began to close Fatima called out a quick thanks to her. She could smell the delicious meal even before Jassen lifted the tray's lid. Her mouth began to water and she grabbed a fork as she sat at the table. She didn't wait for Jassen to attempt to stop her. Her stomach growled loudly with demand and in anticipation of the fantastic meal before her. She said a small prayer to the Mother Darkness before stabbing a soft potato from the soup and pushing the whole thing in her mouth. Her cheeks went wide as she chewed the oversized tuber. She moaned in satisfaction. It was so perfect. She would need to get this chef's recipe.
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