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1 yr ago
Current @Kai 53 Sí, pero mi mamá realmente sabe conducir un coche. so ha but great image only the video is only funny to ppl that can understand it
1 yr ago
"your name" was an amazing movie but it is one that you have to get tissues for but i didn't know that so i was crying in a damn theater without tissues
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1 yr ago
that moment when you're trying to hide something from you're parents but then the thing you're trying to hide makes noise and then you're just like "crap i'm screwed"
1 yr ago
you go out with someone and think "what a nice day" then you see you're ex and then you're like "shit run before the devil sees me"
1 yr ago
why is it that a person can make someone kill themselves. with just 2 words honestly what have ppl become don't they ever think that the person might already be hurting but 2 words can change the path


guys i know most things i say sound sad but if you read it over and over again you will start to understand the meaning

well to know more about me i can just tell you some things that interest me. honestly not gonna lie i wouldn't be mad if you hated me in any way because i'm a person that can be hated by many so i wouldn't be mad about that go on and say any crappy thing you want about me and if i end up laughing to it i wont be mad if you hated me even more but feel free to say whatever you want to me i have heard stuff like "hey let me drive you to a bridge and push you off" or stuff like "why do you have to be a huge slut" like i said i wont let that effect my life so speak you're mind

side jobs: voice acting,daycare
music: metallica, kiss, megadeth, ect.

i also play the guitar and some piano and just a bit of drums and violin
songs i know how to play on guitar are "nothing else matters" by metallica
songs i know how to play on piano are *nocturne op.9 no.2" by chopin (and) "waiting for love" by avicii
songs i know how to play on drums are "hard times" by paramore
and i cant play a full song on the violin due to my stick snapping

if you need a voice over or something feel free to PM me
i would put my twitter but i love to keep my stuff private same for instagram and snapchat but you can just PM me ~Elissa

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