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Current It's done, it's over. I finished Jedi Survivor and now I feel inspired to write something new.
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11 mos ago
“Leadership is a role and a task that should never be aspired to lightly. Neither should loyalty be given without reason.” Such an accurate line, Timothy Zahn.
12 mos ago
Time to finish Jedi Survivor and pray it doesn't crash my pc.
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Hello! & Welcome!
My name is Ellodie, a friendly rp writer who's just starting back in the rp scene.
I'm in my late twenties and am hoping to meet fellow fans of SW or just Scifi or fantasy to come up with some fun stories. This is my first rp site in a long time so I'm very rusty ^^

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Hi, I'm very interested in Ramattra and Mercy. Though I don't really have a plot in mind.
Going to boop this ^^
Hi there!
My name is Ellodie! || 18+ Writer ||

Rusty as a rp writer but I still enjoy creating stories.
Hoping to find someone who can create amazing rps with me.

- Minimum of two paragraphs.
- 18+ Writers! Non negotiable.
- I would like to keep rps here, though I have got discord.
- I have more experience writing female characters. But may be willing to try writing male characters.
- MxF/FxF
- Smut is a thing that can happen. I'm happy to included it, just not have it as the main focus.

Roleplay Options

- Star Wars (Movies, Series and some books as reference)
- Last Kingdom
- Ghostwire Tokyo (Not sure how to make a solid plot, but the games premise was brilliant)
- Far Cry
- Overwatch
- Avatar (LOK,LA)
- Witcher?

Original idea keywords:
- Vampires
- Dragons
- Sherlock Holmes style mystery
- Feudal Era Japan
- Romance Adventure D&D

I've never written one of these before, so it's quite a shot in the dark.
Please pm me if you're interested!
Hi! My name is Ellodie
I used to rp many years ago but uni and life just really took over and I had to take a massive break from writing hobbies. Over the years I've looked to find a spot to try rp write again and ended up here ^-^

Not really sure how much I should share XD I'm a massive star wars fan and have probably read/listen to too many books. My favorite genre to write is Sci-fi, fantasy, romance, horror and fandoms.

Thanks for taking a moment to read this ^^
Fingers crossed I can make some new writing friends here!
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