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Definitely, gonna start working out a character

Glad to hear! :D
Small bump, glad ppl are interested^_^ I'll flesh out more details today or tomorrow!
Any room for a guy with a celtic/irish deity? or are the spots for different anchors already taken? =3
*excitedly throws hat into the ring*
Sounds like something I'd love to participate in^_^
>TO BE EXPANDED< =) First rough overview. Feel free to start reacting if you're interested^_^

So here's the setting:
- A colony ship, carrying 10'000 passengers plus 2000 members of the crew, departed from earth 1 month ago, with another 5 months to go until arrival at Gaia, the second human colony after mars.
- We are colonists on that ship. Think spaceship titanic, or the movie passengers if everyone was awake. Think the size of the citadel from Mass Effect, if it was a moving ship. There are many amenities, it's more like a cruise ship. A Dining hall, pools, space observatories, a sports arena, work out place, a biodome...
- There are living quarters for all classes: big and luxurious if you are rich, medium and amenable like a good hotel room if you are middle class, tiny and cramped if you are poor

- At first, it's slice of life. Mingle, make new friends, or already have friends. Talk to ppl in the ooc and decide if you want to already know someone.
- THEN, a murder happens (it will happen a while into the story. It might be someone you know).
- Someone in the ship is a murderer. There are 12'000 possible perpetrators, and the clock is ticking. Will we find out who it was before we arrive? The Gaian government will not be happy to hear that a manslayer is departing unscathed from the newly arrived colony ship...



Something about your characters views on life, their attitudes, alignments etc

Describe what your character looks like or insert a picture/image/photo

Something about your characters background. Can be short, leave as much mystery as you like =3

Powers, Fighting Style, preferred Weapons
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Player #2 has joined the game <3
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This sound fun. Since I'm familiar with most of the stuff you base this on, I think I get what you're trying to do^^
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