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Something about your characters views on life, their attitudes, alignments etc

Describe what your character looks like or insert a picture/image/photo

Something about your characters background. Can be short, leave as much mystery as you like =3

Powers, Fighting Style, preferred Weapons
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Player #2 has joined the game <3
Something Something content
This sound fun. Since I'm familiar with most of the stuff you base this on, I think I get what you're trying to do^^
Well, the above mentioned break has arrived so... *bump* if anyone else is interested^_^
Greetings fellow Roleplayers!

I'm back in the game again... almost. Exams are coming up, so right now I'm too swamped to do any serious RPing. But in around three weeks, I'm on break again for a while, and totally in the mood for some roleplaying! Since I'm so pumped already, I've decided to start scouting ahead for a suitable 1x1 RP-partner.

Yei this RP sounds awesome indeed now that so many people are here :D I'm working on my character. Just one teensy question more out of general interest: Why are anime pictures a no-no? I had one in stock that fit my character pretty well..
This may be a good roleplay to join. HOWEVER...you will need to limit the characters or I'll just make Omnipotent Man - "Does what he wants".

Agreed. I'm actually digging around for one of my older OCs that had "superpowers" if you will, but with certain restrictions on them as to not make him overpowered. I'll modify him a little for this RP and then throw him up when he's ready
You have my attention good sir
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