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Current Training a new girl in another state at a different location and it's taking up a LOT of my time, including having me return to my room and pass out. Thank you for waiting everyone!
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Things are going crazy and I don’t even have time to respond to chats so bare with me; should have time tomorrow!
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Okay I've pumped out a few responses. Missing some people but I'll get to you either tomorrow or Wednesday (depending) so bare with me those who haven't received a response. And thank you again!!
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Thought I’d get a chance to respond today but no. Tomorrow Saturday and Sunday will be crazy busy for me; probably no response this weekend so Monday/Tuesday ❤️ Thank you to everyone who reads these!
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Back from vacation! Had a great time! PMs and Role play replies coming tonight!


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Not dead I promise!!!! I'll get back to you tonight I swear! Thank you for waiting.
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It was a little embarrassing to bare her neck to him; do to the fact that it was a huge sign ease, she was comfortable enough with him to expose bare skin to him and a weak point of her neck. Her instinct was that she shouldn’t have. She should have accepted the locket and put it on herself but alas, she wanted to show to him that she trusted him. And more importantly, to herself that she could trust him.

The feeling of his fingers lingering on her caused her pause, was something wrong? But they pulled away before she got a chance to ask. Upon turning around, she found him using the word ‘home’ instead of house and her gaze moved to the construct as well. “A home…” She repeated softly. Who would have thought she’d hear those words from a human’s mouth when it came to them being together but here they were.

The offer of his arm was met with a smile as she took it without hesitation. “Yes, let’s.” With that the two ventured inside.

The two story house was larger than it looked on the outside as the house was deeper than it was wider. Their entry into the home presented a beautiful foyer with a seating area to remove shoes and clothing, which Lyra did as she moved her cape and hung it on the wall, her bag still remaining by her wide hanging over her shoulder and her shoes were removed from her feet and gently placed in a small cubby built into the wall. The first place form the foyer was a sitting room; a few couches and chairs scattered about with coffee tables arranged with fine china already waiting for the possibility of hosting incoming visitors. Off of that was a lavatory indicated by the opening of a door.

“Oh” Lyra responded with acknowledgement as she guided him into the living room and over to the fireplace. “I recognize this. So this fireplace is ran by magic.” Squatting down she pointed at a small decorative pattern on the fireplace’s lining that went all the way around. “These are ruins, scripted into the stonework to look like art, a common practice in a hosting room as some ruin designs make people uncomfortable. It provides a barrier between the fire in the fireplace and the rest of the room. Magic conjured by fire can be controlled by magic with ease while fire hand created is much more wild in its design.” This would explain why fire was a much more feared particularly when the humans started using it against them than anything else.

“Knowing a human would have been moving in…” She stood up, her finger dancing against her lips as she hummed and scanned the fireplace for a clue. “Ah there it is.” After a moment she seemed to find what she was looking for and pointed to the artwork that hung above the fireplace. “See that painting there?” It was a beautiful painting featuring a sunset in the background while two loves embraced on a boat in the waters. “Normally, we create the fire ourselves but knowing they were working with humans and that a human would be living here they went with an activation instead of by a magical means. There a small ruin in the sun, if you look real close you’ll see it looks like two capital Ts connected together with a capital C on each end. This is a trigger ruin made to trigger magic. If you touch it, meaning the sun, it will activate the fireplace. And your bracelet will glow red. Do you want to try?”

Her voice seemed to give away that she was excited to share such things with her new found partner and she couldn’t wait to show him more about her culture. Maybe as tensions eased and their people started to feel safe with each other, she could take him into her village, her home and show him around. It would be a completely different experience for him but, it was an experience she wanted to share when he was ready.
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Wanting to build some more characters but I don't have the patience to do it on my laptop since the thing kinda lags if more then 3 things are open ha ha ha! Jotting down some new plot ideas though.
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I'm glad my post made you laugh! I will PM you and we can talk more!
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It was surprising, almost amazing, to see the humans were able to design and create a working hand, she had felt movement against her cheek and a twitch through the glove but it was completely shined metal. The blonde found herself staring at it, but not in disgust, she was looking at it in wonder she even bent over a bit to get a closer look at the device, her mouth slightly open in surprise before a very gentle whisper of “Wow.” Left her before she straightened herself up feeling like she might have been rude.

When he offered her his left hand, she gave him a soft smile. Gently taking his hand it was the first real skin to skin contact. Her skin was soft like silk, smooth and gentle like her movements and grace. Everything about her was tender and kind and unlike a lot of people, elves included, her kindness was true. Her fingers danced softly along his skin as if learning the hand that she was going to bestow this gift on. After gently running her hand up his fingers to his wrist she looped the bracelet around it and it fit perfectly and even she looked a little surprised. Though her surprise turned into a smile showing her straight white teeth, “It fits perfect.”

With that she stepped back and turned giving him her back before she wrapped her hands around her hair and lifted it up exposing her neck to him so he could wrap around and clasp it for her. “We will build a wonderful future together.” She whispered softly for him to hear, “No more war and our civilizations will learn to coexist in harmony and we shall lead that.”

“I do want make you aware, when the house was being built there is a mix of both magic and mechanical; if you’d like I can take you through the house and show you the magical items and how they work so they don’t startle you and could you show me the mechanical things?”
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