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Current Heater is broken in my house yuck - won’t be fixed until Monday. Got a lot of events going on this weekend might not be on until Sunday or Monday enough to do replies and even chats. Not ditching. ❤️
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Work’s been insanely busy and I haven’t been sleeping well the past couple nights. I haven’t had any time to prep replies but I’m getting on to keep them fresh. Bare with me until the weekend! Hugs!
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I bought Kingdom Hearts 3 and it devoured my soul. I'm back now! Finishing up a small project then I will be working on responses!
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Anyone have any nostalgia songs that makes them think of their early times of writing? I do! It’s TLC’s “Shout”, ha ha ha!
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Boyfriend and I are going to the mountains with friends for a long weekend. I should be back by no later than Tuesday (maybe Monday depending) See you all then! :)


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Lyra’s fixation was on the car. What an odd contraption… Her gaze scanned over the black coloring and intensity it carried through its presence. On the battlefield she had experienced the humans’ creations but never something as simple or sleek as the car. Her head tilted to one side, the car gently rumbled but didn’t shake and the ground under it seemed unaffected by the rumbling. It was… odd.

“A car…” She repeated, her voice filled with questions and maybe…a hint of excitement? Sure, humans had shown a darker side of themselves with the war but… so did the elves; the amount of people, humans, that had died by her hands weren’t worth of keeping track of but she was just as tainted with red as any of the humans’ machines. But they didn’t just use their machines for destructive purposes; apparently it was also used for transportation.

She closed the gap between them and she could feel her father tightening with concern behind her, however her movement was as innocent as it was fluid as she spoke in a low whisper, as if it was a secret. “Can I touch it?” An innocent excitement filled her voice but she didn’t want it to seem prominent so, she reserved her excitement to share between the two of them.

Once at the car, she brought a hand out and hesitated before she placed it on the hood of the car. The hood was warm and the rumble could be felt under the steel. The material felt different compared to what she had encountered during her time on the battle field. This was smooth feeling, almost like silk and it obviously surprised her as she wore the emotion on her face. “It’s so smooth…” Her voice was soft, almost in awe as she stopped walking and put both of her hands on the car feeling it rumble under the weight of her hands. “It feels like many horses running. But there are none.” At this point, she was speaking to herself as she walked around the car and pressed her face to the dark glass, she couldn’t see anything then suddenly the glass move and she let out a yip of surprise, springing backwards away from the window and into August as the drive peered over the tinted window with a raised eyebrow of confusion behind his dark sunglasses before rolling the window back up, ignoring the blonde’s weird reaction to the car.

Lyra’s hand rested over her heart, “It moves!” Their glass didn’t move. And yet the humans had it so dark you couldn’t see inside and it moved up and down. She was astounded and seemed to stare at the vehicle with delight before she realized where she was. “Oh my apologies.” She said quickly stepping away from him once again before she turned her attention back to the car. “Will you keep one of these… ‘cars’ here? I would surely want to go for a ride.” Her head rose and fell in a nod as she continued around the car and put her hands on the trunk.

Confusion spread across her face as she looked over at August, “It’s… it’s not shaking like the other end… is it broken?”
Cannon Fire - Pew Pew! Not a requirement by any means but I'm just proud I got them up, been wanting to for a while!
The Harry Potter plot is up. :)
The sound of roaring metal and the cascade of smoke brought back some memories of the battlefield and Lyra placed her head into the palm of her hand as she turned herself away from the machine. You’re not on the battle field, you’re not on the battle field, you’re not on the battle field. This was her internal mantra to remind herself that peace had arrived and there was no need to fear the approach… machine that carried her future father-in-law and her future husband. Her hand slowly removed from her face at the gently coaxing of her father; for Lyra had been involved in the war for a long long time that her reaction came as no surprise to her loving father. But alas, the reaction, that PTSD was still ever present in her eyes as she turned her attention to the now parked vehicle before finally turning her entire body to face it, feeling less afraid now that it had come to a stop.

The announcement was meant with a small smirk from Lyra as she whispered to her father, “Such a fan-fare when we are the only ones here.” and to that she received a gentle scolding of ‘hush’ before the two humans arrived.

There was no doubt that the kings wanted peace, their handshake reminded Lyra of how he would greet his brothers. Her father truly saw this as a resolution to the war but Lyra wasn’t so sure. Humans and Elves have hated each other for longer time then she had lived. But her father lived in a time where there was peace and during his rise to the throne, he had made many attempts to form peace between the Humans and Elves, King William was the first to actually be willing to talk about peace when he took the throne and was the first to agree to a truce and to marry their eldest children as proof of the solid unity between the two nations.

Hopefully… everyone outside of the royal families agreed to this union…

August’s words caught her attention and her sapphire blue eyes flicked to him before she realized she was being spoken to. The bow was much more elegant then she had expected from someone who came out of such a machine and she seemed almost impressed, almost.

“Likewise your highness,” She said, returning his greeting with a graceful bow that seemed as a natural as breathing. Every movement of hers showed that a lot of practice had gone into the way she was raised and, considering her age, she had time to master elegance, grace and poise. And that she did.

As she rose up from her bow she folded her hands neatly in front of her with a gentle smile. “I am Princess Lyra Holaceran, If I may be so bold, please refer to me as Lyra from this point forth, seeing as our…” Her gaze moved to the building that would now be their home. “arrangements will have us be in a much more informal setting, I feel it would be best to forgo the formalities.” Her attention then moved back to him before her gaze went to the car, she… she had to ask and she could fee her father saying ‘don’t’ from behind her.

“What… pray tell, is that contraption? It moved as if you it has horses attached but makes a loud noise and spits smoke.” Ah… there’s the undertone of sass she was known for within the castle but now wasn’t the time to introduce all of it. Just… an innocent question right?
Hey I'd be interested in this. Though I have a question, you seem to give off the impression they're in high school by the reference of 'classmate'; are you actually referring to college 'classmates'? The reason I ask is because you say no characters under 18 so that leaves either Senior year at graduation time or college age. PM me when you get the chance because I do like this idea and I think it's really sweet I just want some clarity.
“Lyra… Lyra please look at me…” The elder elf pleaded to his daughter who sat across from him in the carriage. The blonde haired pale man with deep brown eyes stared down the girl across from him, she looked so much like their mother it was almost painful for him to be ignored but he pressed on until she finally turned those sapphire blue eyes up to look at him from behind her book. “There you are.”

“Don’t start.” The princess warned from across the carriage as it gently swayed the two of them down the road.

“Start what?” He asked in an attempt to be innocent but as he saw her gaze turn back towards her book he jumped into what he was actually meaning. “Lyra, thank you for doing this.” His sentence was met with a simple Mmhmm of acknowledgement but he ignored the sarcastic response and continued, “Without your agreement we could have had nothing but a continuous war and more bloodshed. Your agreement to this will save the entire kingdom.” Mmhmm was all he received as a response and he let out a sigh, obviously he wasn’t getting through to his eldest who was more pissed off about this than anyone else. “Lyra I…”

“You and I are doing what’s best for our country, even if it means years of unhappiness for myself; at least there will be peace and our people won’t die for reasons we can’t even remember anymore.” With that she disappeared back behind her book. Ever the stubborn one but she knew what was best for her people even if it wasn’t necessarily the best for her.

And to that her father just gave her a thankful smile.

The carriage rolled up to a house and stopped. The house was two stories and wide with a lack in the back along with a garden of flowers and walking trails to the surrounding forest. There was an joint effort between the two kingdoms to build the house intermixed with magical and mechanical properties while the house and the land sat with equal amounts between the two countries and at any one point, the countries would have a foreigner within it and it was okay. An idea both the kings seemed to agree on that was a good symbolism. Climbing out of the carriage first was Lady Lyra, accepting the hand of the footman as her feet touched the ground. She was in a long comfortable green dress that touched the floor and ballet style shoes. She looked delicate and innocent, almost everything she wasn’t.

Her attention scanned over the house, this was her first time seeing it since it was completed and she seemed relatively surprised. Pointing at the porch lights on each side of the double door entrance to the house she asked her dad what they were and his response was a simple shrug, he didn’t know. Their attention moved towards the opposite end of the road as dust began to move; the other kingdom was on their way and per the agreement, it was a two people, the king and the eldest to arrive. Today the elven kingdom showed up with a footman, a coach driver along with the Princess and the King, who would the other kingdom show up with? And… would they follow the rules in placed.

While the King looked confident, Lyra was not and she tucked some straight blonde hair behind her ear and tucked her book into her shoulder bag, the last of her belongings to bright to her… their new home.

Age: 112 – Looks 24
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Height: 5’10” – 178 cm
Weight: 145lb – 65.7 kg
Build: Lean-toned
Birthday: January 1st
Astrology Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: A

⋆ Responsible ⋆ Know-It-All ⋆ Stubborn ⋆ Kind ⋆ Reliable

Lady Lyra is the eldest of 8 children within the region of Nephalm, a kingdom specializing in magic and the mystic arts. For centuries the kingdom has been at war with a neighboring kingdom, including putting all 8 children into the battlefields, for they were elven warriors and she, Lady Lyra was due to lead the country and if she was going to do so, she would need the experience as many have had before her.

At least, that’s what she thought; for years Lyra had fought in the war, returning home with dead troops and beaten to her near death. Never a hostage but always the retriever whether it was by trade or taking someone back by force. She was always the first on the battle field and the last to leave, the sign of a true warrior.

Now… now her father and the kingdom’s leader have drawn a peace treaty and part of the treaty the eldest son of the other country would be married to the eldest daughter of Naphalm… Lyra.

As you can imagine the knowledgeable magic wielding warrior princess wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of being married off but if it was to save her people, keep them from getting hurt and help them prosper in peace, she would do it. Begrudgingly but she would and that is where our story picks up…

Two warring kingdoms come to peace after a long devastating and decide to marry their eldest children to ensure war does not break out again. The big difference between the two kingdoms is that one has magic but the other has technology, so vastly different cultures and quite likely a lot of residual antagonism between the two.
I did add some role play ideas. Far from a requirement for usage but it was a few things that were built. I'm currently typing on another one, this one Harry Potter themed which will be added shortly.
Back from a mini vacation, didn't expect to be back this early so yay! I'm up for discussing something with people if anyone is out and about looking for a new role play partner! Swing in, see my options, let's chat!

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