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6 mos ago
Current @Iceborne Ah, that makes sense. Not the same author. That's the key, right there.
6 mos ago
Ren faire? With that profile pic, don't you mean... Rem faire? Pfffthahaha
6 mos ago
@Iceborne Sword Art? Good? I'm concerned, but curious.
6 mos ago
Been binging through a bunch of the MCU movies to catch up to Infinity War, and wow did Tom Holland absolutely kill it as Spider-Man.
1 yr ago
A yearly playthrough of EVERY Kingdom Hearts? Isn't that just, like, playing Kingdom Hearts every month forever?


I'm Envay. I'm a big fan of fantasy and anime based roleplays, have a love for D&D (Pathfinder in particular) and have recently begun dabbling in ryona-based RP and ERP. Shameless fan of 18+ anime/manga videos and have a dirty mind active 25/8. I love cute anime girls, and even more than that I love seeing cute anime girls in pain. Tomboys are the best type of girl, and if you disagree you're wrong.

Despite everything I just said though, I hate forced romance or romance just for the sake of it. Even more so I typically don't do love story RPs. If romance is to happen in an RP for me, it both needs to make sense and not be the main plot. I'd say I'm a hopeless romantic, but really only under those circumstances is that true. If there were a genre of story I'd prefer never to touch it'd be love stories. Gimme something else to work with there, seriously.

Aside from those things, feel free to message me about whatever, whenever. I don't bite. But I might encourage you to.

Current waifu: Chiaki, Danganronpa

Current favorite ship: Kaminari x Jirou, My Hero Academia

Favorite fandoms: Digimon, Fate/, Soulsborne, .hack

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Sounds a lot like Bloodborne, especially with the name Loran being the name of a place within Bloodborne itself if I do recall. Big fan of that game.

Is this still active and happening? I'd be interested if so.
Well, you're in character, I'll give you that.
Hey there! So I've been keeping tabs around here and thinking up ideas, but I think for the moment I'll be opting out of the RP. Too many characters, not my style for the current moment.

Sweet. I'll send you a PM in a few hours after I've gotten a bit of sleep and let you know some of my ideas for witch/magic/divine protection ideas.
Suuuuuper interested. Very majorly into this as a fan of the Re:Zero anime. My only question is how heavy spoilers for the LN will be? As an anime-only up to the point at which the anime ended, anyway. Or is it its own self-contained story?

Regardless, I can already tell you I'd be interested in the witch gene or divine protection depending. I'd probably need to PM you to confirm what kind of options I have though. Will there be a group Discord for this or will all conversation basically be on the site?

EDIT: Oh, and can I have a witch gene later in the plot and start as an isekai-er? Or is that exclusive to being a native?
Absolutely interested, I like the twist on the world and the self-awareness of Shippuden's slip-ups. Sign me up.

EDIT: I could also be a Co-GM depending on what you need help with. The last I saw of Naruto was near the end of the manga (the last ~50 or so chapters I'd like to say), and can try to catch up to Naruto and Boruto before the RP begins if need be to refresh myself.
Looking for takers to fight a cute girl OC who is very susceptible to losing badly and getting humiliated by her opponents. PM for more details on the character sheet for a grasp of the general power level/how much stronger than her you'd prefer to be. Could be done either publicly or in PMs, depends on how... "into it" you'd prefer to get.

I'll be honest, it's more of a hybrid between combat and ERP I'd say, so depending on how far you wanna go it may be better to do it in PMs in general.
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