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will do buddy
so I cannot find the time to get my thoughts together and post. I am going to have to drop this role play as my life is moving in a new direction where my time needed to be dedicated to my pursuits.

thanks for putting up with my double posts and the like.
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hey all, sorry I have been busy lately. My plate is filling up and making time to run a role play is getting harder and harder. So, I will be lightening my load and putting this on Hiatus. I am sorry for the disappointment. However I hope that things will allow me to move more freely in the future.

Again I apologize to those I have hurt and disappointed.
The number one danger of her entire stay at B.U.M. than Polyanna. La’Tavia was both frightened and upset about how things turned out. Why was she so naïve into thinking she could just do right by some and they act accordingly? Nothing about becoming friends or anything, just cooperate till the end. That’s it. Just to the end. Guess when things hit the ceiling, it’s every person for themselves. But hey, when one door closes, that same door is then destroyed and kept open for everyone who followed her. ”Whatever, I don’t need to contract a fairy anyway. I’m outta here. See you at detention Midget Poly,” La’Tavia said with a snarl as she walked away from the group towards the school.

Feeling defeated, she thought about the events which transpired up there. Her mistake, the people she got involved with, how she trusted. Yet, nothing was more heart wrenching than being misunderstood and unable to do anything about it. Trying to help and ending up in detention, again, was not how she wanted to start her year. La’Tavia just wanted to get away and fast. Her walk began to speed up into a jog, then a spring, ending in her taking off into flight, ignoring anyone who she might have passed along the way.

First up for her was to get stronger. She could not stand not being able to challenge Polyanna to a fight without being one-hit by her. The next thing was to maybe study something other than just combat. Maybe she would actually graduate this year, maybe. What could she lose? ”Oh yeah, I forgot to sign up for classes.” The reminder rang in her head as she was lost in thought about what her next move was. ”I need to be able to bring others to me and be able to challenge anyone with confidence. That is what a leader is.” Of course, she was partially right. She still had a lot of growing to do but this year, she was going to position herself to grow instead of burying herself in duels the entire year. Maybe her Organization will finally grow if she gained a better reputation.

Arriving at the administrative building, she beelined towards the bulletin where the classes were posted.

”Hmmmm, these classes are the basics. I guess there is nothing wrong with that. The old man always said,” La’Tavia stood up straight and began stroking her imaginary beard while starting again, trying to sound like Headmaster Niccolo, "Children, the basics are fundamental to the growth of any mage." As she said it, her mind was made up about what she would do.

”Hey, I would like to sign up for these activities and classes.” La’Tavia choose the class Magical Geographies, Fae Terriotory Field Trip, and Released Experiment quest.
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Sorry took so long. Update is up
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Dr. Ferb was perplexed at how much these people did not know. Everyone knows about magic. Kids are introduced to it as soon as they are born. Mana literally welcomes every living being into the world. ”You guy’s really must have bumped your head.” The dark haired man said scratching the back of his head. ”Yes we have ways to determining how much magic you can use. In fact we have a system to determine your actual potential as a whole.”

As he spoke, his line of answering melded right into the questions of Apollo. ”I am actually curious to know your potential myself. Those strange devices have my curious about who you are. A group of unknown people who just appeared right outside of town. It’s quite odd, to say the least.”. He then gets up and walks towards the door and gestured for everyone to follow him. ”If you want to see the guild though, look no further. This hospital also happens to be the Adventurers Guild for this town. I’ll show you around and get anyone who wants to registered.”

Meanwhile, Alice(the blonde, check the character section) was all over the place snapping pictures and failing to get the results she wanted. It was frustrating her. Katsuo gave chase but he was not fast enough to catch her. Pretty sure she was just a nurse though. Maybe looks are deceiving. She ran up and down the place and ended up in the lower tavern where many people were laughing and playing. Most of them were loud and rambunctious people sharing tales of adventures triumphant and disastrous. Still it was a merry place to be.

The reception table had two people greeting and handling business. One male and one female who seemed to be dressed similarly. Across from them was the bar whose bartender was a larger burly man who seemed as gentile as could be. Yet, it was this triangle of administration that kept everyone in line. This was the Adventurer’s Guild.

As Alice weaved her way though, she was slowed down by men who were trying to get a bit hands-y. Katsuo recieved just enough help to make it close enough to her to turn on the Charm. But, when he got to her, two men jumped up and impeded your route. Unfamiliar with you and upset you had the gaul to try to hit on their goddess, they confront you. However, your Charm was turned on and the simpleminded men fell prey to your cuteness. ”We don’t know anathin bout no smart phone. But if you need us to do anything to help you, just say so Brother.”. This turn of events was probably unexpected however it’s something. Your phone vibrated with a notification but Alice has your phone. How will you check it.

Luckily, the Male receptionist caught Alice running around and stopped her. She immediately ceased her antics as she was casing a ruckus among the people. As she was being lectured, the vibration caught her off guard. Looking at the phone, she turns back and sees you. ”HEY KATSUO!! THIS THING SAYS NOTIFICATION!!!”. She is waving at you to come over to her. Be cautious, other guys are eying you with malicious intent and the Barkeep is waiting for something to happen. Be on your toes.

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It’s cool. Life happens and we all move accordingly.
Can I kill him off?
I’ll get working on a post tonight. Reading through the posts to properly insert myself
Zane was the worst friend you could possibly make. Not only did he not have her back, he literally turned tail and blabbed about La’Tavia trying to get in without a pass. She was trying to help someone and help herself at the same time. So why did they just do whatever they wanted? Why did the old tree farts have to be so stubborn? Why did she even think people would treat her like she treated them? Well, it is what it is. They all only thought about themselves. Sure, so did La’Tavia but she helps people no matter what. That is what Outcast is all about, helping others.

Polyanna was someone who La’Tavia had run-ins with all the time. It is not hard to understand why though. Every time she tried to fight her way into the forest, she was soundly defeated AND Pollyanna put her to work for detentions. That is not to mention the MANY unsanctioned fights that she has had all over the school. At this point, La’Tavia had no legs to stand on. She knew she was done for and nobody was going to help her out of it.

Then, to add insult to injury, the one whom she offered to help sold her out too. Her face sunk in defeat. She had no Will to actually fight back. She could not fight back. All she could do was sit down, Indian style, away from the holes and wait for her sentence. ”Just take me to detention already. I don’t care what I have to do. Clean, volunteer, whatever. I’m already used to this song and dance, Teach.”
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