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I'M BACK! Giving this a biiig bump.
Hello hello! Are you interested in a long-term romance rp that's set in the future world? One that has BOTH Norse and Greek mythology, magic and the concept of soul mates? Then you've come to the right place! This is still a fresh idea and it's far from perfect, but I couldn't stop thinking about it after a holiday in Italy. So, here's a little snippet of what I have so far. Apologies if there are grammatical errors and whatnot, I wrote this on my phone. I may edit this when I have time

Here goes!

A pillar of light surged from the skies and made contact with a grassy plain in the middle of the night. A loud thunderous thud could be heard for miles, as if something dropped-abondoned by the mysterious source. The beam of light disappeared as soon as it appeared. A body laid in the middle of a stamp the portal left behind. It was a strange marking, it burned the grass and left the dirt exposed. She was sprawled on the ground, left in a tattered armour, a tired hand raised to the starry sky after she turned herself on her back. Unaware of her surroundings, the words "Wait-- father.." was all that came from her split lip before she slipped into the darkness.

You were restless that peaceful night, and your instincts pulled you to a grassy field. The moment you saw the pillar of light, you rushed to it. Unknown of any dangers it might have brought. You've never seen or heard of such a thing happening in your entire lifetime. A strange scent drew you towards a body. It pulled you- it was intoxicating and you can't help but be immediately attracted to it. A slow movement of a hand made you quicken your pace, and your ears managed to pick up a pained voice, which ached your own heart. You brushed the stray hairs away to catch a glimpse of blue eyes before the girl fell unconscious. And you couldn't believe it- you couldn't fathom the idea of it. Because you just found your soul mate.

Exiled from her homelands, her powers locked away inside her and the only memory she has is her name and a bearded man banishing her. Left on an unknown world with a strange man that saved her, how would Zaeyla, the youngest daughter of Thor, cope with a new life that was written by otherworldly gods of fate and destiny themselves?

A crazy love story between two broken souls that are so different but are made for each other.

I reiterate that this is a work in progress. You play a Greek God! I'd prefer if you would not play Hades cos I like Hades and Persophone together. You could create an entire new God if you wish. The only thing I ask you is that he also cannot return to Olympus because of reasons that you can come up with.

Plot/Arc Idea
I'm thinking the humans would be after her for interrogation, research etc then they would both try to find a way to return to their homelands (probably Olympus first since she lost her memories) for refuge. And the Greek gods are wary. Some will be so against it they will fight to keep you out. Some will claim that she is a threat- her powers and origins must be stripped away from this world. During this, Zaeyla will get flashbacks which may cause her powers to go out of control.

The World
The world where Zaeyla landed is midgard aka earth. Its where Greek gods are still very real in the year 3600 and lives hidden amongst mankind for millenia. Gods do get hurt, they can die, but they are hard to kill and they have a very long lifespan.

As for technology, you can expect holograms, state of the art transportation (Hover cars? Maybe portals? Spaceship-esque helicopters? Or whatever you can think of), medical facilities (3D print tissue to organs? Genetic alterations like skin color, eye color, basically amped up plastic surgery?), historic landscapes still exist, species are still endangered, the climate and weather is still going crazy-if not crazier.

Shoot me questions! I would love to discuss the characters and lore together! So any suggestions, changes, additions etc is very welcome. It'll be more fun if we create the world together anyway. With that said, I would definitely prefer if my partner:

  • is committed to be in a long term RP
  • will let me know if they will be away/unable to reply for longer than a week (I will do the same)
  • is over 18 years old
  • is ok with intimate scenes
  • would come up with new ideas/plot/setting/NPC characters
  • reply with a minimum of 2 paragraphs (I understand if it's less due to dialogues/interactions)
  • has good grammar and vocab (I'm not perfect either. I won't bite for a small typo or a missing period. As long as it's understandable, you're good.)
  • is willing to play NPCs
  • RPs in PM here
  • not afraid of OOC (We can talk if you are stuck, have questions, or just want to chat! I think that I'm nice to talk to.)

Ooh-- and send me a PM! Introduce yourself, tell me what your favourite holiday destination is (to let me know that you've read everything), and fill this short form:

Ok, I think that's it for now. Thanks for reading all that! Look forward to hearing from you!
Misaki pouted her lips, an unimpressed expression on her. "Well, you were cute." Emphasising on the tense. She snickered, teasing him after he complimented himself. Her feet pattered on the wooden floors softly, making her way to the dining table. She felt herself salivating at the mention of an entire cake and more chocolate. She pulled out a seat and promptly sat down, a squeal of excitement sounded at the sight of the fresh treats. "Please help me thank your mom for these! I probably should have come with some kinda gift too, shouldn't I?"

Placing a generous slice of cake on her plate after Ikari. Misaki took a bite of the cake and shivered, moaning with the spoon still in her mouth. She took another bite greedily, "Homemade sweets are the best!" She exclaimed, shoving more in her mouth before pouring herself a glass of water.

"I know I asked you to help me find Ri-chan, but I want to know more about you too! I mean, if that's ok." She smiled, "like did you grow up here too? What are your parents like? What's your favourite color? Do you have a hobby? Well you don't have to answer all my questions. And you can ask me some too!"
BUMP! Added a plot to currently craving
"Excuse the intrusion!" Misaki announced her arrival as she entered after Ikari, taking her shoes off and placing them neatly by the entrance. She was pretty excited after he stopped her at the front of the house, seeing how big it was with modern architecture and a neat front yard. She followed the blonde's trail further into the house, liking it already. There's always something exciting about seeing another's house. The room was spacious and had windows for natural light, the red sofa immediately catching her attention. The girl immediately plopped down without hesitation after Ikari invited her to, running off elsewhere. It was softer than she thought it was bounced on it a little like a child. She looked around the room more now, noticing all the little frames on the walls.

Curious, she got up and walked towards the nearest one. She recognised a young Ikari, still blonde and wondered how long he's had that hair colour. A young woman stood by him; she looked a lot like him in the picture. A sister perhaps? Or maybe his mother. She glanced at all the pictures, ranging from his young teen years to recent times. Many of them were of him and his mother or sister, but not many with his father in them. There was one of a wedding couple, standing in front of a church. Misaki felt herself smile a little as she stepped closer to that one. There was a few people in the background and she saw a few familiar faces. She grabbed the frame off the tv stand so she could take a closer look. Looking up, she checked if Ikari was around before swinging her cell out of her bag and take a picture of the photo. A loud shutter and flash startled her and made her squeak as her phone juggled in mid air before she grabbed it. She retook the picture, since the first had the flash glaring angrily back against the glass cover. Just as she heard footsteps outside, she kept her phone and went back to place the frame where she found it.

"You're so cute in these photos, Ikari. How long have you had blonde hair? I kinda want to see you in your natural hair colour now." She continued to browse through the many photos below the tv console before she looked back up at him, smiling like she usually does. Hopefully he won't suspect that she did anything weird or sneaky.
Misaki pondered for a moment, a finger tapping her chin as she did before she coughed, "be the change you want to see in the world." She nodded at her own words, a hand stroking a long imaginary beard. Giggling, she gave Ikari a toothy grin and finger gunned him. "Did you just think how admirable I am?" She twirled around and striked a pose, mimicking some anime she saw a while ago. Her father was the one who taught her to approach others with a smile, 'because who doesn't like that?' Was what he would always say. "To put it simply, I don't see a reason to not be nice to everyone. I agree that some people don't like it, but it's very rewarding when it counts. That's how we met after all." Misaki told him, a soft smile on her face.

Just as they approached a road crossing, the light for pedestrians to cross had just turned green and a melodic beep sounded to alert pedestrians that it was safe to cross. An elderly lady with her hands full of groceries was on the opposite side and just started to cross, walking towards the students. Misaki ran across and offered to carry the bags, taking it off the tired hands of the elder. She fell in step with her as they crossed, slowing her pace to match the grandmother. Once they safely made it across the light changed and made way for vehicles. The elder thanked her and gave her a juicy looking apple. The girl declined kindly but the woman insisted as she made her way home. Misaki waved the apple at Ikari, almost as if proving a point. She chose not to mention what she did before she came as she didn't want to dampen their spirits. The Kondo family had moved to a bigger city to get better medical facilities for the head of the family. However, that fact was covered up with an employment opportunity to their young daughter so many years ago.
Misaki turned around when Ikari pulled them to a stop. Leaning towards the side to see that he was right, in fact they were already a few blocks from school. How did she not notice that they've already gone this far? She stuttered when she realised she was still holding his hand, and let go quickly. She looked up at him with a puzzled expression, "of course. It's only natural to help a friend." she said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

The corners of her lips slowly turned upward in understanding. The blonde did seem like he's not had many friendly encounters. Her eyes started twinkling at the mention of sweets handmade by a goddess. Mimicking a soldier, she raised her right arm and saluted. "I'll eat all of them!" Misaki declared, a cheeky grin on her face and laughed, putting her hand back down. "I hope I didn't drag us too far away from your place." She said, looking around the area.
Rokurou was not impressed, she narrowed her eyes even further if that was physically possible, and looked at him like he just offended her ancestors. Sparks of tension seem to fly between the two, glaring down each other. As president she had the authority to kick him off school grounds, especially since he was suspended due to violent acts. In fact, he should be no where near the campus. A teacher should have called to check in on him if he's home. Suspension in Higashi High basically meant you were home jailed. "It's obvious that you are not even regretting your actions from yesterday. If you keep this attitude up, your mother can expect another phone call."

Approaching footsteps could be heard by the two, but Rokurou didn't bother turning around to see who it was. "Ikari! We can go-" Misaki paused when she saw the white-haired president with him. A chill ran down her back, feeling the tension in the air. "Oh hello president. Didn't see you there." She joked, faking a laugh but it soon became awkward as the president merely glared at her.

"And where are you going, Ms Kondo?" Rokurou interrogated. Her eyes flickered between the two, "You can't possible be hanging out with the very guy that hurt you?"

"You're wrong! Ikari wasn't the one who hurt me. Whatever you think of him, is wrong!" Misaki blurted out the moment she accused him. She was met with the president's shocked face, and she used the chance to grab Ikari's hand and started running. Leaving a stunned beaut by the school gates.
Misaki had worked her way from the shoe lockers to the school's courtyard. She was surprised with how much litter she picked up along the way. She sure didn't notice these things, and gained admiration for those part of the cleaning club. Of course the club was informed of her punishment and left it all to her. The area was pretty much empty now, and she wiped her brow and stretched her back as it was getting sore from bending down to pick up miscellaneous things to put it in the trash bag. All that was left was to sweep the fallen leaves from the school gates to the side. Misaki tied the bin bag and put it to the side before grabbing the broom.

She was in a midst of sweeping when she heard someone call out, ”Hey, you. Do you know this dumb girl named Misaki? Ya know, the one who gets abducted very often in this area.”

Misaki spun around, mocking anger as she placed a hand on her hips and held the broom in front of her. "Hey, a good afternoon or a how are you is muuuuuch better way to greet someone!" She stuck her tongue out childishly. "And this girl happened to get you out of expulsion." She pointed to herself and held her head high, whether it was something one should take pride in or not she wasn't sure.

All jokes aside, Misaki told him, "I'm nearly done for today, I've just got to take out the trash and grab my bag. Wait for me, ok?" She didn't wait for him to respond and ran back to where she left the bin bag. Grabbing it and taking it to the back of the school where the trash and recycling bins are, she quickly tossed it into the non-recyclables. The girl went back into the school building to return the broom and proceeded to take her bag.

Meanwhile, Roukurou saw an outsider and one of the students talking through the window of the student council room. She left the room to confront the outsider as to why he would be within school grounds. As she approached the school gates, the female student she saw before wasn't there, but the blonde wearing bright yellow clothes was hard to miss. "Why is a suspended student here and not at home reflecting on his actions?"
Stuff to note updated and K-Drama added!
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