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Current I finally go my own laptop!!!! Wooohooooo! I'm so excited!
3 yrs ago
I hate putting so much work into a character for the RP to die five seconds later :(
3 yrs ago
I just got married!!!!! I’m so happy right now! Sorry my rp responses will be a little postponed.
4 yrs ago
So. Fucking.Bored....And I just want to go home
4 yrs ago
I apologize to all of my partners! work has been crazy and I've had like a million things to do. I'll respnd to things as soon as I possibly can!
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I may be interested in this, but I will say that I’m not sure if I could post every day. I do like zombies, dark plots, and romance though! I’m a little rusty as o late, but I have been an on and off again writer for about 10 years. When I give a post it usually consists of 3 to 5 paragraphs, sometimes longer depending on what’s going on in the story. Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss further.
Hey there!

So, I am a little rusty when it comes to RPGing, but I’m wanting to get myself back into the mind set for writing. I was a heavy writer some years ago, but once things in life happened, I got a bad case of writers block that I couldn’t work myself through. Work and life itself just got busy and I let it go. Now, I’m finding myself with a lot more free time in the evenings and on weekends, so I believe it is the perfect time to start getting back into it. I think I’m a little too rusty for a full cast RP and want to dip my toe back in with a partner instead.

I have a particular story I’m interested in writing about at this time. It has been stuck in my head for a while and I would love to play it out. There are some things I haven’t worked out yet, so the world and other things can be decided between us.

Quick Preview of story: Two werewolves, who have been friends for many years are found out to be secret lovers by the leader of the pack. One of the wolves, Haven Castle, is the daughter of the original werewolf, making her stronger and faster than any wolf among the pack. However, due to old ways and traditions, she is not considered the leader of the pack. Tradition states, only males can become alpha of a pack and females are permitted to only being wives. Since her parents were killed many years back, the pack has been waiting for Haven to marry a well chosen suitor to become the next alpha of the pack. While they wait, her uncle has taken the mantle as leader until she finally marries someone. He has attempted to match her with many different young were-men, but she has refused all that he has brought to her. What he doesn’t know is that she chose someone already, but the werewolf she finally chooses is no man. It is a women she falls for. When Haven’s uncle finds out about her secret lover, he goes off in a rage and almost kills Haven’s beloved werewolf. Begging him to let her lover live, she promises to marry anyone he wants her to if he lets her lover go. He agrees to this in part, but not fully. Instead he tells Haven, her lover can live if she can run faster than his men. He is even kind enough to give her a head start.

10 years later, Haven is now married and is not the person she was. She can no longer handle the depression and emptiness that has plagued her over the years. Not able to take it anymore, she secretly escapes and then sets off to find the lost love that was taken from her. Will she find her? Will she have moved on by now? And will Haven’s husband, who never really felt the love of his wife, come looking for her?

What I’m looking for in a partner for this story:

So I’m looking for a somewhat serious partner, who is good with FxF and wont disappear within the first week of starting things. I want to really build our characters for this story. I’ll be in control of Haven. I’ve had her in my head for a while now, so I have a clear view of how I want her, but I want to really build our characters history together.

I like characters sheets, so you must be willing to make one of these. I want us to understand each other’s characters going into this. I say this because they will have had history together prior to the story we are going to write about. They will have known each other extremely well, which means we should know each other’s characters well too.

I don’t do smut. I have a wife and she would not appreciate me having virtual sex with someone. There of course will be romance, but after a certain point we will need to cut it off. We can talk limits when we discuss things.

Your character must be female. Haven is a total lesbian and I have no want to change that.

Must be okay with grammar mistakes. As I have said, I’m rusty with writing and that means my grammar is rusty as well. Plus I was never that good at grammar to begin with. I would love some pointers, but would get annoyed by a grammar nazi.

Well that’s all I got. I will go into more details once someone shows interest. Pm me if you are interested!
I’m a bit interested in the Running Running plot. Are you still looking?
Hey there! I’ve been completely obsessed with Orphan Black lately. I would so be interested in doing a role play based off of that.

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.
I will get working on a character sheet.
Seems interesting!
Wonderful! I will get started on a character! And join the discord.
Are you still accepting players?
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