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Current I apologize to all of my partners! work has been crazy and I've had like a million things to do. I'll respnd to things as soon as I possibly can!
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I'd be interested in talking more about this. Still looking for a partner?
Hey all! Ever here again, looking for a partner for a idea that just came to mind today! I've been wanting a very tragic romance RP and being as I'm not one for slice of life, I have to put a touch of supernatural in it.

Basically I'm wanting to do some kind of werewolf RPG with a tragic/betrayal romance theme to it. I haven't thought too much on the plot, but believe me it is buzzing around in my mind and I would love to discuss and build it with my partner.

I only do two types of pairs, FxF and MxF. Sorry I'm just not used to MxM. I usually only play female characters, but can play a male if you don't feel comfortable. I'm looking for someone who can match my posting, which is about 2 to 3 times a week. I think of myself as a high casual writer and would like my partner to be the same. I do make some grammar mistakes, so if you are the grammar police, I may not be the best match for you.

Due to never knowing how deep into things we may go, I'm going to make this into a 18+ only RPG. I'm not into smut, so I will only go to a certain point before fading to black. Everything else is a go. Be as dark and descriptive as you like. I like to put my characters through the ringer most of time so that they become strong, developed characters.

Well that is all for now. Please PM me if you are interested in hashing this out with me.
Hey! Are you still looking for someone for this? I'm a sucker for vampires as well, so I might be interested in any ideas you have for that? I also love werewolves. Would a werewolf/vampire story be something you are insterested in?
Hi! I'm Ever.

So I'm obviously looking for an RP partner for some dark themed storylines. I've been doing large group stuff and just cant handle that at the moment. It involves too much and can be a little too fast paced. So I'm wanting to slow it down. I compose about 2 posts a week, but am active enough to do chatting about the world we are building and the characters we are making. I think of myself as a casual to high casual writer. When I post I usually write up to 4 or 5 paragraphs. The lowest I will write is 3 and that is if I'm having some writers block. I'm 24, so just for safety reasons I'm going to have to ask that my partner is over 18.

So some basic rules:

Please post in here or PM me if you are interested in working with me. Not really a rule. I swear I won't be like most assholes and ignore you though. I will actually write you back, even if I don't think we'll match as writing partners.

I mainly play female characters, but my partner can play either sex. I can do FxF or MxF characters.

I'm all for romance, after all, it is the first thing listed in the tabs. I love creating deep relationships between characters. I feel it adds to the story, though I do want a plot involved. However, I do not do smut. We can go a little into sexy scenes if the story calls for it, but will need to fade to black at some point.

I would like a partner that would like to help build the world with me and different characters. I want to be a team when it comes to this.

I need someone who will write at least 3 paragraphs per post. I also need someone who can match my posting habits. At least twice a week.

I don't like slice of life very much. Little boring. Gotta have some kind supernatural or out of the ordinary touch.

Okay, I think that is it for rules. I have a few plot ideas, but am open to others as well. Just let me know if you have ideas and we will talk through it.

The Asylum

Our characters would play super powered humans that have been locked away in a special prison for testing. They have endured horror after horror in this place and now one in particular wants out. She plans to bring the place down and let out as many of the others as possible. Who will follow and will they succeed? And what happens once they are loose in the world?

Falling Deep

A fallen angel, who only fell from grace to save others is now imprisoned in hell. Now her soul mate aims to save her and lay her at God's feet to be bathed in light again. Along with him comes some of the archangels of heaven, together they fight their ways into the depths of hell to save this special soul. Getting in is easy, but finding her and making their way out is a whole other story.

Through the In Between: I'm really digging this idea right now.

Character A finds themselves in a bad point in their lives right now. They are at their lowest moment in life for one reason or another, then everything changes. They find themselves falling into whole new world all of a sudden. When they land in this strange place, he/she comes face to face with character B. Both of you are stunned by the seeing each other and are unsure what to do or say. Who is this mysterious stranger? What world are you in? How will you get back? And most importantly, do you even want to go back?

Those are just a few that I have in mind. I may add more as I think on this. Feel free to ask any questions!
I would be interested in this. I'm a sucker for vampires! Have you found someone to help this with you yet?
Go ahead and replace my gal. Got a lot going on right now. Sorry!
Nora had heard the rumor about vampires possibly being infected with some sort of virus. That had actually been the next thing she had planned to investigate, once she had figured out if everyone guarding the boarder was indeed dead. She sniffed the air as Sarafine asked her if she could smell the infected close, she indeed could. There was a faint smell of decay that made her nose wrinkle up a little. She hated the smell of rotting flesh and blood, it seemed like it was even worse now that she was a darkling. This was more than likely just because her sense of smell was a lot better than it was when she had been human. She probably wouldn't of even noticed the scent had she not been a darkling.

"Breath through your mouth," Asa said with a smirk on his face. "Though, you look really cute with that look on your face."

"Shut up.That is ridiculous, then I'll just be forced to taste it if I do that." She unwrapped her chain of fire as she spoke to Asa in German, knowing for once she wouldn't thought of as crazy for talking to herself. There was no doubt that Sarafine knew who she was really talking to, after all, she had a demon whispering in her ear as well.

"I wouldn't dream to get in your way, but no, I haven't dealt with the infected before. Just heard whispers about it at the rebel base. What shall I expect?" She asked, reading her weapon for whatever fight was coming their way.
Selice and Jamie

Selice let relief flood her as the Royal City came into sight. She had been riding her horse, Cerus, for a fairly long time and her body was not appreciating the bouncing of the trotting pace they were going. She turned her head to the caravan behind her. "We're just about there, sir," She called to the lord who was relaxing in his carriage. The Captain of the Royal Guard had been visiting the lord to address the frequent spats along the border between Galinas and Orewyn. However, since he was on his way to attend the festival of destinies, he had requested that Selice accompany him on the ride to the castle. She had accepted, but hadn't realized that they would be riding at such an agonizingly slow pace. Thankfully it didn't take long to reach the city.

The royal stables were bustling with activity, people unloading the carriages and tending to the horses as well. Selice took a moment to gaze over the organized chaos on top of her horse. She enjoyed the view from being tall and wanted to wait for a bit of clam before she left her horse in someone else's care. Dust flew around from the stomping of feet and a strong, unpleasant odor filled the air. As much as she loved her horse, the warrior wouldn't want to spend her time in this place. But, she supposed, there were some people willing to make the sacrifice. Selice could tell her horse didn't like the close proximity of the chaos, and did her best to sooth his nerves with gentle strokes. Smoothly, she slung her leg across Cerus's back and hopped off. She kept a calloused hand along his flank, waving for the nearest stable boy to come over.

Jaime was tening to one of the many stalls in the Royal Stables when he felt a new wave of fear roll over him like a wave. He'd been feeling the emotions of the horses in the stables all day, but this feeling was completely new. Stepping out of the stall, he latched the door and began looking for the source of the fear. It was then that he saw a woman, who oddly enough appeared to be a solider. She was waving for assistance while trying to calm the horse beside her down.

"Good day ma'am," Jamie said with a bow, making red hair sweep across his eyes. "May I be of any assistance to you?"

Selice gave Jaime a once over and, deeming him to be acceptable for the job, turned to grab the reins on Cerus. She lead the chocolate colored horse over to him and handed him the rope of leather. "I need you to take care of Cerus. He has a strict diet and needs a lot of exercise, he must be in top condition at all times." She began to list off all the instructions she had for taking care of the horse. It seemed a little excessive, but it worked. "With the festival of destinies coming up, I'll be busy and unable to check up on him. So I need someone to take up the reins, so to speak. If there is even one thing amiss, I'll know." The brunette warned. Her attentive posture seemed intimidating, but it was only a scare tactic. She needed this done right. "If need be, I can send a more thorough list to the stables at a later time. But for now, do you know what needs to be done?" Her dark brown eyes trained themselves on the dirty stable boy, and she quirked a brow up almost challenging him to say no.

"Yes, ma'am. He will be taken very good care of." Jamie took the reins from her hands and rasied one of his own up to the neck of the horse. The moment he touched him something seemed to change in Cerus. He instantly calmed down from his scared state of mind and leaned into his touch ever so slightly. Jamie smiled for a moment, happy to bring the horse peace with all the chaos going on around them. Though, being here in the presence of horses made him miss his own horse. Mystic was residing in the way back of the stables until Jamie was done for the day.

"You still may send a detailed list, if that would please you, ma'am,' he said, looking over towards Selice once more. There was confidence in his eyes as he looked at her. He could tell she wasn't one for weak minded people or people that didnt know what the hell they were doing. Thankfully for her, Jamie knew exactly how to treat her horse and wasn't one to disappoint. "He will be well taken care of either way." He gave her a quick bow of his head and waited for what she would say next.

"Great, I'll leave Cerus in your care then." Selice turned back to the stallion momentarily. She took a treat out of her satchel and held it up to his mouth. Her other hand stroked his neck while the horse consumed her offering. "Don't cause too much trouble." She mumbled to him. When he finished, Selice gave him one final pat before turning away and heading into the castle. On the way there, she began stripping herself of her riding cloak, impatient to get into more comfortable clothes. However, she did have one more duty to attend to before she could get to the good stuff.

Not long after Selice left, a man came jogging into the stables, out of breath. He took a moment to catch his breath, nose wrinkling at the smell of the place. His sharp brown eyes then scanned the area, clearly looking for something. His gaze locked on to Cerus, and he made his way over to Jamie. "Excuse me, is Selice here?" He asked, running his hands through his short brown hair, trying to put it back in place.

Jamie tore his eyes away from the beautiful horse in front of him and glanced at the man who had just entered. With a nod, Jaime pointed in the direction the stunning but seemingly cold woman went in. "Yes, sir. She should be right up there. She left him here not a minute ago."

Thank you so much," The man smiled while adjusting his rumpled clothes. Without another word, he walked towards the door to the castle, his long strides taking him quickly across the stables without causing him to become sweaty or disheveled. One of the men guarding the area elbowed the other knight next to him with a sly grin on his face, pointing to the rushing man as he disappeared into the castyle door. The two snickered, continuing their job and gossiping along the way.

Jaime watched the man walk out the door then, adjusting his clothes as he went. He looked more of a higher born than Jamie was and of course a lot cleaner too. That was one thing Jaime was hardly ever to pull off, being clean. Working in the stables as much as he did made it pretty hard to smell like anything other than horse and manure. Though he vowed to take a bath before the festival. As his mother had said, he was never going to find his destined smelling like he did. The thought of her saying that made him smile as he patted Cerus on the neck.

"Well, what you say we get you some water and grub," He said to the horse, leading him over to a empty stall. "Then maybe we will go out for a trot to keep your rider pleased.We wouldn't want to make her angry."

@Old Amsterdam

Nora was quite hesitant to follow Sarafine as she walked passed her. Not only had she just confirmed the death of the warlocks protecting the area, but she was also about to bring death to someone else apparently, vampires who owed her something. She wondered if it was Sarafine who had actually killed the warlocks, making her look at Asa curiously. He shrugged and then shook his head, the movement cause his beautiful black hair to fall over his eyes a bit. She loved when that happened.

“Sarafine has never been one to be on one side or the other. We both know that,” He said while nodding for her to follow the older darkling. Nora had met her once before and had been just surprised by her then as she was now. It had only been a brief chat during one of the many times Sarafine decided to hop over to the rebel side of things. I believe I might have called her a bitch at one point. It wouldn’t have been a surprise if she had, Nora was known for speaking her mind and having no filter. Plus, Sarafine really was a bitch, the ancient darkling would even agree to it.

“You ever going to answer her questions? She will find it disrespectful if you don’t. “Asa’s brow rose in question as he looked over at her.

Nora sighed, not truly wanting to answer the questions her elder had just asked her. They were such odd questions, it made her wonder why the older one cared what she thought. “Well I suppose if chaos broke out I would fight the best I could for my side. If the council fell then I would enjoy the luxury of being able to walk among humans without having to hide, they are what is preventing that, after all. If it is the rebels that fall, well I suppose I would fall along with them. Does that answer your question, Ancient one?”
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