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OCC is up. I will be working on the character sheet thread tomorrow! :)

The November 9

(Excuse the fact there is only 8 people in this picture)

“Demetri, this will only put them in more danger. Why give birth to them now?”

A woman with fiery red hair was standing in the middle of what looked to be a dingy attic. She stared disapprovingly over at a man who was huddled in the corner of the room. His knees had been pulled up to his chest and beads of sweet could be seen dripping down his forehead. He didn’t answer the question she asked, which caused the woman to take a few steps closer to him. She knelt down in front of him so that they were eye level and their differently colored blue gazes could meet each other.

“This birthing will do no good.” She whispered to him.

The man sighed in frustration, his face turning a deep red as he fought against a pain that burn deep within his gut. “You..are wrong, Tassia.” The words were forced through his teeth and sounded more angered than he meant it to. There was a Swedish accent to his voice when he spoke, which was vastly different from the woman across from him, who spoke as if she was from somewhere in Russia.

“Aldric will not stop the hunt with us. My brother and his cluster are paid far too well for him to stop with us.” Deymetri continued, running a shaky hand through his soaked blond hair. “He knows about Aleksandra and will move on to her cluster once he has finished with ours.” He looked over at Tassia with soft but pained eyes. “She is your daughter. Do you not want her to have all the protection she can get?” He stopped speaking then as his face started to glow a bright red color again. His icy blue eyes closed in that moment as he fought back the scream that was bubbling in the back of his throat.

“He will find them whether they are reborn or not. At least they can help one another this way. I can only do so much for them…And you.” Demetri paused for a moment, this time not do to the physical pain he was feeling, but due to a sadness in his heart. “And you are no longer here to help any of us.” When he opened his eyes Tassia and her red hair were no longer in front of him. She was gone, but that was because she was never really there to begin with. He sighed again in sadness and finally let loose that painful scream he had been holding back. There was no physical wounds that were the cause of his pain, but one would certainly think there would be when looking at the state he was in. He’d been going through this for up to an hour now, but he could feel he was close to what his main goal was.

“I see them, Tassia..” He whispered after a moment, his eyes glazing over and becoming distant, as if he was somewhere else entirely. “I see them all….And her..she..she is as beautiful as you and Calvin thought she would be.” A small smile came to his face suddenly and when his eyes came back into focus Tassia was in front of him once again. Her lips were drawn in a smile as well and her hand slowly came to up to caress his cheek. He could still feel the touch of her hand despite the fact it wasn’t really there. A groan rumbled deep within Demetri’s chest and in that moment every part of his body became tense to the point his veins began budging beneath his skin. He stayed like that for several agonizing moments before the breath that he’d been holding in came out in a loud whoosh!

“They won’t fall as we did, I promise.” He whispered in an exhausted voice. “They are stronger than us..Stronger than him.”

November 9 Outline

Okay so if you didn’t originally join this on the interest check I posted, this is a Sense8 world based RPG. If you have never seen Sense 8 I have attached a link to the Wiki site so that you can take a look at it if you want. You don’t really need to have seen the show for you to be in this, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen it. I explain things below.

So we are going to be starting this RPG off right where I left it in the opening above, by us being reborn as Sensate. From there we will just be getting used to our new abilities and each other. I would prefer that characters are from different parts of the world, so please let’s not all be located in the same country. It will just make the story that more interesting! Once we have all gotten use to each other, I will be adding some things in from the opening scene above. The question of who Aldric and his cluster is will be revealed, our sensate father and his imaginary Russian friend will be explain, and many other exciting things will be thrown in there!
I’m very excited about this and hope you guys have as much fun as I hope to!

Sense8 World Information


Sensates, also known as Homo sensoriums, are actually a different species of human. They share much of the same genetics as normal humans do, but have more advanced abilities than a human. Sensates are a species that are telepathically connected to one another, and are typically born in groups. A group of sensates are known as a cluster, and members of a cluster can mentally communicate with one another from anywhere in the world. When in a cluster there is no language barriers, so if a person is from Germany and another person is from the US, the two will still be able to understand each other no matter what language they speak. This is due to what sensates call sharing, which is explained in the section labeled ‘sharing’.

When a sensate is born it is extremely hard to distinguish them from normal humans, but they actually have a dormant connect to their cluster that must be activate by a sensate outside of their cluster, who of which is referred to as the cluster parent. Once the conection has been activated by the parent, the cluster is ‘reborn’ as sensate. Members of a cluster are all born on the same day at the exact same time. They share their first breath with each other mentally, though, this isn’t usually remembered since they are infants at the time.

When a sensate is ‘reborn’, they are visited by the parent of that cluster mentally. Each person in the cluster sees their sensate parent in some way. The parent doesn’t speak to them or make physical contact, but they make direct eye contact to establish the connection as parent and sensate child. After the connection is established, the parent disappears and the reborn sensate start to feel the effects of their rebirth. This usually consists of extreme migraines for a few days, this is because the psychic nervous system that they have is activated when they are reborn and is starting to fully form. Once that nervous system has formed, they start feeling the effects of their new abilities and begin connecting with the rest of their cluster.

There is no information on if any sensate can give birth to a cluster or if there is something that a sensate requires to give birth. Many say it is just a feeling they get when it is time for their cluster to be born. They can feel the faint psychic connection between them and their unborn cluster. A sensate that is capable of birthing, can give birth to a cluster no matter how old they are or if they are male or female. They can also give birth to more than one cluster in their lifetime. This does not mean that the two birthed clusters share a connection at all, they remain two separate clusters for the remainder of their lives.

Sensate parents share their memories and experiences with the cluster they give birth to, much like when human parents pass along certain genes to their children. These memories and experiences resonate with the cluster even if their parent dies. This means the parent is forever apart of their sensate children.

It has been discovered that the biological children of a sensate can also inherit the same sensate abilities as their parents and can later be a part of a cluster once they are reborn. However, like any genetic disposition, it can skip generations and other siblings. So if a sensate has two biological children, one could turn out to be a sensate but the other will not. So far there are only a handful of siblings that have been found to both be sensates like their parents.


Psychic Link: “You will start to feel strange things... You will feel snow in the middle of the summer, rain when there isn't a cloud in the sky. You'll feel anger and joy and pain... pleasure, without any reason." – Jonas Sense8

Sensates that are born within a cluster are mentally and emotionally connected through a psychic link. The connection isn’t strong when the cluster is first born and starts out as a sensory input. This means if one person in the cluster is feeling extremely hot from living in a warm climate, one or more persons in that cluster will feel the same way, even if it is below zero where they are. Over time this connection grows much stronger to the point where they feel each other’s thoughts and emotions regularly. When one is in pain the whole cluster will experience the same pain. When ones feels love or has a sexual experience with someone the whole cluster with feels that love and passion as well. They even feel when one of their cluster dies or is killed and will experience the death as the person that is dying.


One of the main abilities all sensates have is what they call visiting. Visiting is the most common way sensates communicate. This gives them the capability to mentally transport to the location of another sensate. It may not always be desired and you don’t always have control over when or which cluster mate you visit. Sometimes if you are feeling a certain way, you will visit a certain member of you cluster without meaning to. This is usually due having something in common with that cluster mate that has to do with how you are feeling at that time.

Visiting can only happen if you are in the same cluster as the other sensate or if you have made direct eye contact with a sensate that is not in your cluster. When visiting, it really feels as if you are there in person. You can feel, hear, and smell everything in the area through the sensate you are visiting. Cluster mates are able to see, touch, and speak to each other as if they were together in person. However, if you are speaking to a sensate who is visiting with you, it will appear as if you are speaking to yourself to anyone around you. Be wise with visiting when in public so you are not thought of as crazy.

If you are in the same cluster, you can even interact with objects in the room or area you are visiting. Interacting with objects is done through the sensate you are visiting, but seems like you are doing it yourself. However, if you are not in the same cluster, you are not able to touch or use the items around you as you are not mentally tied to that sensate.

When visiting you are only seen and heard by the sensate you are visiting. If you are in the same cluster, other members of you cluster can join in on whoever you are visiting and can interact with both you and the cluster mate you are visiting. When visiting with a sensate outside of your cluster, members of your cluster can visit as well, but the sensate outside of your cluster can not interact or see your cluster mates, unless they have made eye contact with that person as well. Cluster mates can also visit each other while they are sleeping, which allows them to share dreams and memories with one another.


Sharing is when a sensate accesses the knowledge, skills, and language of another in their cluster. Sharing can only be done with cluster mates. Sensates outside of a cluster can’t share with anyone except their own cluster. Sharing works when someone is the cluster is either in trouble or caught up in a bind and needs to access skills from someone else in their cluster. The cluster mate with the skills needed physically takes over the other cluster mate’s body to perform the skill. To any normal person observing the situation, it looks as if the cluster mate that needed the skills is preforming the act, but to the sensates within the cluster, the person that is sharing is actually performing the skills.

As said before, there is no language barrier between cluster mates due to sharing those language skills with each other mentally.

ECC: Aka Eye Contact Connection

ECC allows sensates from other clusters to share the same psychic link with other sensates. The way this is done is through direct eye contact, and can happen even if they meet eyes for a fraction of a second. This connection is not the same as those who are within a cluster, it is weaker and only allows the sensates to visit each other. They don’t share senses or thoughts like cluster mates do. There is no limit to how many sensates you can connect with via ECC. Some have connected with over 300 sensates in their lives.

Some sensates, such as the dreaded Mr. Whispers, uses ECC to hunt down other sensates and their clusters. Others use it to form allies in different parts of the world.


Blockers are a lab created substance that are made into pill form for sensates to ingest. When taken by a sensate it helps silence their psychic nerve system and temporarily cuts their connection with their cluster and others sensates. This allows the person who takes the blocker to visit other sensates, but blocks other sensates from visiting them.

This is commonly used to help stay hidden from Mr. Whispers and corporation, BPO.

BPO: Also known as Biologic Preservation Organization

BPO is a government funded research group that studies genetic mutations in humans. It was founded 1952 by Doctor Ruth El-Saadawi, with the goal to protect "homo-sensoriums", as the sensates were known to the scientific community. When senates were discovered many military groups around the world met to discuss this new form of human race and decide what to do about them. After many meetings and debates on the subject they all decided to extend human rights and protection to the newly discovered race and also agreed that none of them would use them for military purposes. It was decided that BPO would be charged with protecting the sensates and study them and their effects on human evolution. This however would not be shared with the rest of the world and would remain a secret within the government to prevent backlash from the rest of the human race.

BPO stayed true to their goal for over 50 years, but all things will change over time. After 911 hit and the War on Terror began to grow, fear among humans began to grow as well. Sensates began being seen as both a threat and potential assets to the government. This is when things changed within BPO. They went from protecting sensates, to hunting them down so they would no longer pose as threats to society. Once this began to happen sensates all over the world went into hiding and only spoke about what they were to those in their clusters. Some clusters bought their safety with BPO by selling out other clusters that they had connections with earlier in life. These clusters are thought of as traitors to their kind and now work for BPO not only to stay alive but because the sensate community no longer accepts them.

BPO has several connections within the federal government and will use the FBI, CIA, or any other agency whenever needed to track down or isolate sensates.

Currently, BPO is being led by a man who is known as, Mr. Whispers. Whispers is in fact a sensate as well. His overall position within BPO is to hunt down and capture sensates all over the world. He of course has his own agenda that he keeps secret from the organization. Whisper’s is known by many names, one in particular is ‘The Cannibal.’ He has earned this nick name due to the fact that he killed his entire cluster to continue his research on his species. This is very rare for sensates since he not only experienced their deaths as their murder, but he had to experience their deaths as the victim as well. Because of those experiences, he now has a lifelong fear of death, and intends to use BPO’s scientific equipment to lobotomize sensates and maintain his consciousness within them. This will essentially give him the ability to live forever within other people.

Rules of the RPG
The rules are quite the same as most Rps.

* No godmodding

* If you have been inactive in the RP for greater than two weeks, your character will be used by others as needed, taken over by someone, or even killed off if I think it will bring something big to the storyline.

* Be nice with each other. Our characters don’t exactly have to get along, especially at the beginning, but don’t be dicks to each other in the OC.

*Please let me know if you aren’t going to be able to post.

Character Sheets

We don't currently have 8 yet, so we would be happy to have you!
Yeah, I'm still working on how I want to plot to work. I've gotten everything else written up so it could always be a sandbox type of plot. Though I would love to add Whispers in there some where. However, as you said a lot of what made Sense8 great was the characters themselves and the interactions they share. I've seen the finale and will be setting the plot for this in a time before what happens in the finale actually happens.

But we would be very happy to have you! I'm almost done with the OC and will be posting it soon hopefully. Just missing one more part!

I'll be calling this The November 9. Instead of 8 characters there will be 9 since not all clusters are made of 8 people. I was trying to come up with a good name and that just sounded good.
Awesome! Thank you! Been working on an OC that I will hopefully have done this week!
@McHaggis Yay! Would be happy to have ya.

Guess I’ll get thinking of a plot and making an OC. If anyone had any ideas for plot hit me up!
Yeah, that would work!
Bump? Well if no much for interest I might move this to the 1x1 thread.
Glad to have you guys! Thanks for the interest!

Yeah, I haven't watched the finale yet, but I'm still bummed it is got canceled. It was sooo good. My fiancé doesn't even really like shows like that, but she kept getting sucked in while I was re-watching it.
Hi everyone,

So I've been super sucked into the show Sense8 for a while now. I kinda forgot about it for a while when I was waiting for the series finale, but now that I've been re-watching the series to prepare myself for the final episode, it kinda really has me wanting to do a sense8 RPG.

If you are not familiar with the show it is about 8 people from different parts of the world, who's minds mysteriously become connected together. This gives them the ability to see and feel what each other is thinking. To help each other in their times of need, be it a fight, giving a speech, or even just decision making. They can literally see and feel each other as if they were in the same room, but really they are thousands of miles apart. They call these groups of people Clusters. However, this connection between them instantly makes them a target and causes them to be hunted down by an agency who see them as a threat to society.

Here is the link for those that want to know more about it.

I don't really have a plot in mind yet cause this itch to create an RP for this kinda just popped up. I even though about spicing it up and giving them powers as well, but I'm not sure about that. Anyway, I'm really just posting to see who might be interested and if I should waste my time trying to come up with a plot.

Please let me know if you are interested, this RP will need around 7 more people. I'd also really love for someone to co-gm it with me if possible and help build the plot, so just hit me up if you are interested in that as well.
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