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28 days ago
Current So. Fucking.Bored....And I just want to go home
5 mos ago
I apologize to all of my partners! work has been crazy and I've had like a million things to do. I'll respnd to things as soon as I possibly can!
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Interested, I'm a sucker for these supernatural/school setting rps.

Mine should be all fixed, unless you dont like what I put in the bio.
I’ll have mine fixed in a few hours.
Shoot! I’m sorry. I copied all the first letters of the rules and then forgot to put them at the top!

I knew I named warping wrong. I couldn’t think of the right name. This is probably why I shouldn’t write while I’m at work :P

Alright, I will get everything fixed soon!

Alright, so here is my girl. Let me know if I need to change anything!

Yeah, I was planning on it being the younger Jean Grey. Start her off with just the telepathy and tekinesis.
So would I possibly be able to create a alter version of Jean Grey?
So I may sounds silly, but I've been looking up the multi universes and haven't found much on 1940. Why are the names changed for some of the big ssuper heros such as captain america. I know a lot of the marvel universe, but not when it comes to the multi universes.
I’m in!
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