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I apologize to all of my partners! work has been crazy and I've had like a million things to do. I'll respnd to things as soon as I possibly can!
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Wait till Hava arrives.
@CloseEnough Those guys are so mean! I'm tempted to have Everly come beat the crap out of them, but want to give the others a chance.
@Kaesus@sassy1085@Cleverbird@Prosaic @Converge@lozi

Will you guys be posting soon at all?
Lots of good looking posts guys!

Please know that all teachers, except for Hava and Adrian, are free game to control. Just please stick to their personalities or if you have questions about them feel free to ask. I recently noticed I never made a character sheet for Professor Jadis Prior, so I will make sure to get that up soon!
Any conversations where the words are in italics is a ancient language only known by Haven and Adrian

Hava Lucianus

One Month Later..

A long but good month had passed since the opening of Blood Moon Castle. The students had been thriving and doing well in all the classes that were provided. Much to Haven and Adrian’s liking, very few problems had arisen since the first day. There had been one werewolf student by the name of Everly that had gotten a little out of hand with a vampire. The two had been found fighting one another just outside the castle. Saraphina had been the first to hear of it and had been quick to respond, but was beaten by the evidently angry, Haven. The ancient wolf made quick work of the two without even transforming herself. To an outsider, it looked just like what would have happened in a real life wolf pack.

Haven and her powerful strength had forced Everly to the ground and pinned her there with just one hand. Saraphina has taken the vampire and pushed him up against the wall in a delicate but also forceful manner that gave away the fact he was in trouble. The giant but young wolf had struggled in her hands, but couldn’t move if her life had depended on it. There was a deep growl that burst from Havens lips, the kind that would strike fear in anyone, even one as stubborn as Everly. Her bright greens eyes grew dark with anger and there was a wild, animal like look in that that showed the true dominance that she possessed. Haven didn’t even have to say anything for the young wolf to get the point.

Mystic had been standing in the back ground, her hair standing on end, but when Haven brought her eyes up to the animal, she quickly backed away, though made sure to stay close enough to still watch after her owner. After a moment, Haven let Everly up and motioned for Saraphina to let the vampire go as well. She growled once more before motioning for the two to go. They scampered off like scared little children.

Since that incident, nothing else had happened and all seemed to be living together in peace. Now it was the day of the full moon and all of the faculty were readying for the night. They all sat at a table together in a large meeting room deep within the castle, where they wouldn’t be bothered by the students. Tonight was a big night being as half of the student population and even the teachers would be going crazy in silver lined kennels. It was evident even now at the meeting that the werewolves could feel the full moon upon them. Haven looked even moodier than normal. The usually cheerful Saraphina sat with a grimace upon her beautiful face, her hand tightly wrapped around Eric’s arm, who was even more quiet than normal. Even the gentle Elijah seemed uncomfortable.

“Eric have you rechecked each of the holding cages to make sure all of them are secure?” Haven asked, massaging her head lightly with her right hand.

“Yes, ma’am.” The blond wolf said politely with a nod. “I inspected each one myself last night, all are in perfect condition. The cages holding you, myself, Sara, and Eli have also been triple enforced to insure none of us get out.”

“Jadis, Anna and the vampiric grounds keepers will be posted outside of the holding room for the students. And Asa and I will be outside of the holding area housing the four of you.” Adrian interjected from his position at the end of the table. He placed a hand on Haven’s shoulders, knowing she was not feeling completely herself with the full moon upon them. “All will be well, Hava.” He said in an old language that very few would have actually understood, not even the others teachers knew exactly what he’d said. Haven gave him a hint of a smile in return.

“Very well. All the wolves will need to be gathered in the holding area after dinner tonight. All vampire students must be instructed to stay out of the west wing of the castle. It will be off limits to them for the night.” Haven looked over towards the blond vampire across from her. “Anna…if you will please make sure all the students are informed of this?” Anna nodded and immediately exited the room in the blink of an eye to do as she was asked. “The rest of you go prepare for tonight, it is going to be a long one.” She said before all the others, save for three, exited the room. Eric and Saraphina lingered for a moment, looking at Haven with concern and a touch of discomfort. When she was uncomfortable the two of them tended to be as well, especially Eric since she was his sire. She waved them off quickly.

“Don’t fret you two…Go.” They stalked out of the room together, their hands just barely touching one another.

“I don’t know why you have been fearing this night, Hava.” Adrian finally said when everyone was gone.

“You know why. There are more wolves in this castle right now than any other area in the world. One mistake could bring disaster upon us...You must make sure this night goes flawlessly.”

“I promise, all will be well, Hava.” He repeated again, this time in a more reassuring tone.
Well it is going to take me a little bit to get the time skip post made today. If I post before you guys, just add a little bit about the time skip in your posts.
Yes, Robyn is so going to be at risk of losing a hand this time if she tries to pet anyone :P
I'm working on our time skip post today. Once Josh post we will skip a month to the day of the full moon.
Yes of course, Josh!
Hahaha! Well you might actually have another player for a roommate. I have someone making a character sheet so they can join in.
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