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@Ever Do you still want a collab between Jaime and Selice?

Sure! Shoot me a Pm on your thoughts on it!
So when are we starting? Just curious is all.
In Faded 10 days ago Forum: 1x1 Interest Checks
Here are a few pairings that make sense to me for different reasons/plots. Not exactly shipping but they go together some way or another.

Lukas - Nora, Oriana, or Matilda

Faolan - Dairmud, Veronica, or Ciara

Edwyn - Jinayah, Nora, or Lauralin

Duncan - Rhoslyn , Dairmud, or Veronica

Darius - Lauralin, Oriana, or Anne

Boen - Matilda, Rhea, or Nora

George - Ciara, Veronica, Matilda

Jamie - Veronica, Nora, or Jinayah

Arthur - Anne, Ciara,or Dairmud

Etienne - Rhea, Nora, or Rhoslyn

Rhys - Nora, Rhea, or Oriana

Elian - Oriana, Ciara, or Rhoslyn

I'll have to look at the people you have Jamie with. I've looked at them all before, but not quite as closely.
In Faded 11 days ago Forum: 1x1 Interest Checks
Hi! So I'm Ever. Never done 1x1 role play before, but have been role playing for quite a few years now. I',be had a story in my head for a while that I would like to write out and I think it would be fun to have someone writing it with me. I'm looking for someone who is somewhat active and would like to build up the story with me. I have a outlined plan, but would like to add other things to the story. You don't have to be super active, but at least able to post once or twice a week.

This is partially a romance, but I'm not interested in writing a porno. I want real depth involved in this and a lot of character development. I would like to keep to posting on the forums, so others canread along with the story, but we can also private message things as well.

Here is the back ground of everything. The world is set in a apocalyptic time. 50 years ago Lucifer finally set his dark army upon the world. God had been preparing for this and had placed angels among earth to protect his beloved humans. The only hitch was that they lost. Lucifer succeeded and broke down the angelic army, setting up the fall of the world. Now earth lays in ruins and heaven seems to have left them there to rot in the new hell that'd been created. The remaining angels have been taken as slaves. Slaves used to hunt down any of the human race that is left upon the earth.

A small group of angels are currently being held in what used to be an old church, by a powerful demon named, Riken. We would be playing two angels in this group. They would be a destined angelic couple that have been hiding their love for one another to keep each other safe.

I prefer playing female characters and am looking for someone to play a male character. If you are interested please apply and we can hash out more details!

Thank you!

I seem to have found a writing buddy!
Yep, it is in the royal city!
@Ever My character who is still in the works might be able to Collab with you.

Awesome! Hit me up when your character is ready and we can star working on something!
Hey everyone. Sorry to do this but I think I'm going to shut Blood Moon down. Just not enough to people to make the story fit :( I'll hopefully be coming up with some other ideas, but not sure when that will be. Thank you for those who did take some interest in this.
Okay well that is true :P
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