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Shelby Jackson – S&W Weaponry/Home

"I ate about an hour ago", Mary replied, "But a Nuka-Cola would be nice." She then added conversationally. "You like to read, Shelby? So do like to read novels about witchcraft?"

Shelby looked at Mary, the young woman was beautiful and very mature, “Alright, one cold Nuka-Cola coming up.” She walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out two cold colas. She handed one to Mary, “Yeah, I like to read about it, but after my last endeavor,” she paused and swallowed hard, “I don’t even know what to say about Calypso and her Jade Emperor. I believed in her and her beliefs for years, it slowly unraveled and I had my doubts. Ended up being a load of sh…crap.” Shelby sat back down and propped her feet up, “I have a real hard time believing in anything magical, good, bad or whatever. The idea of witchcraft entices me though, and I do enjoy imagining it was real and all.”

Waylon popped in “Hey, I’m going to go help Frieda with watch tonight.”

Shelby was sitting in a chair with her feet propped up, “Frieda? Whatever, have fun, I’m sure your watch the town,” she rolled her eyes.

“Brat,” Waylon turned and headed back out as Shelby shook her head.

Shelby looked at Eliza resting and got up and sat closer to Mary, “Do you believe in that stuff? I wish that it was real and that I knew how…do the spells and such.” She hiked her thumb towards Eliza, “I would heal her up as quickly as I could. I’m a blade smith, and I’ve read fantasy books about enchantments and such, that would be pretty neat to enchant my blades. But, I just like to learn, and the stuff that attracts me is mostly considered dark.” Shelby looked over at Eliza, maybe it was her mind, but she thought she stirred, “You alright Hun?”
Waylon - Salem - Night

Frieda came back out if Brandy's place, “Hey, if you still want to hit the diner, we better boogie. That waitress with a bad attitude told us a couple hours ago she wanted to close up. Plus, my coffee could use a warm up."

“Yeah...Betty, she's something else. Brandy sure got worked up about her; Shelby talked to Brandy trying to convince her she needed to tell Betty off because she was all over Ace.” Waylon shrugged, “I've been tied up so I don't know if she actually did anything or not.”

They walked back down the street towards the diner. "Yeah, I guess I'm part of Barney's 'militia,' but I managed to weasel some caps out of the gig. Mainly I'm the clinic guard, but I'd rather take a watch at the road than have to jump out of bed and confront someone within the clinic, itself. And that's assuming the doc would get out in time to even call for me..."

“Arthur does seem like he could use some help in that area, not to mention his patients.”

"Here," Frieda said, lingering at the doorway to the diner and handing Waylon her empty coffee cup, "I actually don't need that, anymore. I'll meet you at the main road."

Waylon took the cup, “Alright, I'll grab us a couple drinks and run and grab a rifle and meet you there.” He walked into the diner; Betty was wiping down a booth and tossed her rag on the bar clearly frustrated.

“What do you want old man?” she sneered.

“Two beers to go smart ass,” he smacked the mug on the counter, “And here, Frieda asked me to bring this back.”

Betty snatched the mug up and broke it as she threw it in the sink, “We were supposed to close like two hours ago.”

Waylon smirked, “Maybe you need to talk to Ace about posting the hours in the door. But, I still need two beers since you haven't locked the door there genius.” He waited until she grabbed the beers and was walking over, “Ya know, on second thought I'll just go home and grab some. I mean, since your feathers have been ruffled and all.”

Betty’s mouth fell open, Waylon held up his hand, “I wouldn't run your mouth, maybe Ace and I will have a talk if you do.” Betty flipped him off as he walked to the door, “This little handle here, turn it and it'll lock the door, then you won't be bothered Kid.” Betty shook her head and mumbled under her breath. Waylon jogged home, he had not expected to be caught up at the diner for more than a couple seconds. He walked inside, grabbing a custom SKS with a precision stock and night vision scope and slung it over his shoulder and shoved 4 extra mags in a backpack. He went into his office to fetch his Kevlar vest and pulled two beers from the fridge and some snacks putting them in his backpack too. He went upstairs and poked his head inside Shelby’s bedroom, “Hey, I’m going to go help Frieda with watch tonight.”

Shelby was sitting in a chair with her feet propped up, “Frieda? Whatever, have fun, I’m sure your watch the town,” she rolled her eyes.

“Brat,” Waylon turned and headed back out, locking the door behind him. He found Frieda sitting atop an old car, he walked up, “Mind if I join you? I brought us a couple of beers and goodies.”
Brandy Brooks – Ace’ Diner - Nightime

Ace looked through the window, "Yeah why not." He opened the door and followed her inside. Brandy took a seat on the counter, and he went to the other side and poured her a drink of her moonshine, "Gotta say this stuff is real good. You said it's your pops secret recipe? Better watch out, I may try and get recipe from you." Ace smiled and laughed as he said that.

Brandy smiled after the satisfying aftertaste of the moonshine, “It would take a lot to get me to give away my secret recipe.”

Betty came up by him and placed her hand on his shoulder, "Well...if it isn't miss sunshine." Brandy smacked the glass down on the counter and glared at Betty.

Ace shook his head; he patted Betty’s hand, "Be nice, Brandy was just worked up before. Just let her passion get to her."

"Whateves... thanks for before Ace. Really put me at ease." Betty replied as she rolled her and then giving Ace a smile.

Brandy felt a mix of emotions, rage and hurt; she found herself unsure what to do for a second. She bit her lip, clenching her fists she tried to calm herself down, “Thanks for what?” She asked venomously, she looked from Betty to Ace before her glare landed on Betty again. She looked at Ace, “Can I have a key to the cellar door?” Ace handed her a key and Brandy got up, “I’ll be back, I need to go home and grab a couple of things.” She stormed off across the street to her house, slamming the door behind her and she stomped upstairs to the bathroom and washed up. Returning to her bedroom she snatched her old romance novel and turned the bookmarked page, her finger traced down the words. Sexy lingerie, doctor’s coat, heals. Brandy rummaged through her closet and found the items. Looking in her old bathroom mirror, she put on everything but the shoes. She buttoned up the lab coat and walked back to the diner, grunting from the weight of the cellar door.

Brandy got to the entrance of Ace’s room; using a paperclip she attached a small piece of paper with some words she wrote down from the old novel. Slipping on the heels while using the last of Ace’s freezers to keep her balance she took a very awkward step. She peeked in and saw Ace lying on the bed; she slowly made her way into the room, unbuttoning the coat. “Does someone nee a…” Her ankle rolled in the heels and she stumbled several steps and hit the wall. “OOPS,” she brushed her hair back and stood up straight, pushing the coat with her hands back to her hips revealing her red undergarments. She gave Ace a sly smile and took a step her ankle wobbled and she kicked off the heels. She looked at her wrist and the notes were gone, laying on the floor a couple of feet away. Defeated, Brandy blushed and walked over to the bed and let the coat slide off her arms. Getting on the bed and straddling Ace, she eased down, “I tried to be sexy and irrisistable, but…um…the heels, I’ve never wore them before, I’m sorry.”
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Waylon - Salem - Night

The woman jerked her hand, spilling some of her coffee, "Oh shit," she hissed, passing the cup into her left hand and wiping her right on the back of her pants. "Sorry, I was...lost in thought," she muttered, finally extending her hand properly and shook. "I'm Frieda. Nice to meet you. -- wait, your name sounds familiar. Do you have a weapons shop? I think that's what Brandy said. I'm Brandy's...roommate, I guess you could call it. She isn't exactly charging me rent."

Waylon smiled, “As a matter of fact I do, I run it with my friend Shelby. Brandy is a sweet kid, but sometimes things sail right over her head. She has a good heart though, I imagine she's been taken advantage of more than a few times.”

"I hope I didn't spill any coffee on you. I'm actually just heading back to the house right now for some extra clothes. I'm pulling a watch at the head of the main road, there were a couple raider attacks during the day, and some wounded Gunners heading north, so I'm going to...uh, watch for them."

He took a drag from his cigarette, “Yeah, that's what I hear. Part of Barney’s militia too huh?”

"To think that Ace just told me he wants streetlights. Why don't we just build a tower with flashing lights that says 'ROB US NOW'? God, that guy..." Frieda cleared her throat. "Sorry, I didn't mean to just, uh, start talking like that. You were heading somewhere, I didn't mean to keep you."

Waylon dismissively waived his hand, “Nowhere in particular really, just thought about grabbing a beer at the diner. I saw you there for a minute yesterday but I had to get Shelby out of there, she's terrified of muties.” He walked alongside Frieda towards Brandy's place. “I agree, I’m not too sure about street lights either, that would almost guarantee an attack, most likely after dark.” He walked Frieda to the door, “I can go grab a rifle if you’d like some company? I mean, I don’t doubt that you can handle yourself, so please don’t take that the wrong way. Just thought two might be better than one, it you want that is?”
Shelby Jackson – S&W Weaponry/Home

Shelby caught herself staring at Eliza while smirked after tossing her top in the floor. It was like a tease, as Shelby just wanted to be with her for once. Waylon yelled up the stairs and brought up a young woman named Mary whom had cared for Eliza's horse. “I'm sorry, I'm still really out of it.” Eliza's face was starting to blush, “Thank you for taking care of my horse. We've been through alot together. I take it you're familiar with them?”

"I am", Mary replied, "We had several when I was growing up. folks around here don't seem to have ever seen one, so I decided I'd take care of him." she then added, "Cleaned him and your saddle up, too." She then stepped up to the bed and took the saddlebags off her shoulder and set them on the bed next to her. "Here are your things", Mary said, "I had to borrow your gear for the horse and leather, but I didn't disturb anything else. I can continue to look after him for you until you get better...if you want."

Shelby furrowed her brow, “Where are you from Mary? I only ask because I've only ever seen horses out west. I mean, that's not to say they aren't anywhere else, just curious.”

Waylon enjoyed the peek he had of Eliza, he didn't have to wonder why Shelby was attracted to her. He toed the floor as Mary and Eliza spoke, pushing thoughts of the two women being together. He had been thinking for quite some time that he may be ready to settle down. Never before had he been presented with the opportunity but now outside of Calypso and her empire he would be able to explore the option. He cleared his throat, “Well ladies, if you'll excuse me I believe there's a beer calling for me over to the diner.”

Shelby flashed him a look, “Whatever...bring back a couple would ya?.

“What else for your order Miss?” Waylon acted like he was scribbling into a order pad, “You still want one of those witchcraft books?”

“Ha ha ha, very funny Waylon,” Shelby flipped him off, “That last book was full of shit, that witch shit is just a bunch of bullshit like Calypso was. Not saying it wouldn't be pretty amazing to actually do stuff like I've read, but that's just a pipe dream.”

He flipped her off back, “I'll be back when I'm back.”

“We'll be waiting with baited breath,” she waved him off, “So...are either of you hungry? Thirsty? I have snacky stuff and some Nuka Colas in the fridge.”

Waylon stopped outside the door and lit up a cigarette, he shook his head happy to be out of the shop able to have a little time to clear his head. He began walking up to the diner when as he was passing the clinic he noticed a tall blonde woman. He took a quick glance and nodded, “Nice night tonight,” he offered his hand, “I'm Waylon.”
Brandy Brooks - Salem - Evening

"Gosh, Brandy, you're so handy. Makes me a little jealous. I did make these scones, though. You should help yourself."

Brandy looked at the scones, she had never seen them before, “I would love to try one, I've never heard of them before but they look tasty.” She nibbled on a scone and enjoyed it as Steve walked by calling her a twerp, she frowned, “Jerk .” Steve then said something to Sara that she didn't fully hear as she was trying to ignore him.

“How about I shove one of these feet up your ass and then you can talk to me about the rules of combat!?” Sara snapped at Steve as he continued out the front door. Brandy let out a little laugh.

Celeste smiled at Sara. "That's a funny idea. How would you ever get a foot up a butt?"

“I don't know how you would, but that was funny,” Brandy giggled.

Celeste peered into Brandy's picnic basket. "I'm gonna be nosy and ask, what'cha got in there?"

“Oh, I have some fried chicken and moonshine that I made. I brought some for you to try, maybe later you can have some after your date.” Brandy smiled, “I hope you have a good time.”

A final, particularly loud and close sounding gunshot rang out. Celeste gripped the edge of the counter and blinked, suddenly paralyzed in fear. "Oh my god, oh my god! I thought this town was going to be safe!" she squeaked.

Brandy froze where she stood, just turning her head towards the door. “Me too,” she closed up her picnic basket, “This is terrible.”

Archie floated into the room and scared Celeste half to death. Brandy's mind raced with worry about Ace as Archie and Celeste spoke. Celeste looked between Brandy and Sara. "I...I don't know." She gazed, wide-eyed and scared, at Sara. "Do you think we're in danger?"

Brandy looked at Sara equally wide eyed, she scooped up her picnic basket, “I need to go, I need to find Ace and make sure he's alright. I think we'll be ok Celeste, Sara and the others took care of the other raid earlier today. But I really have to go. Have fun on your date Celeste. See you later Sara.”

Archie bid Brandy a good evening as she made her way to the door, “Bye Archie.” Brandy opened the door and poked her head out looking around. She took one step outside, listening and looking around again before she sprinted to the diner. She flew up to the door, grabbing the handle and was about to yank it open when she noticed Ace leaning against the corner of the building. “OH THANK GOD!!!” She quickly sat her picnic basket down and threw her arms around Ace. She buried her head in his chest, “I was so worried about you. The gunshots again, I'm so glad that you're alright.” She reached up and put her hands on his cheeks and kissed him.

“We should go inside, we'd be more safe in there with everyone.” she looked through the windows at the busy diner.
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Brandy Brooks - Home - Afternoon

"I'm equally to blame here, but next time let's make sure we turn the hot stove off, don't want to burn the place down after all." Ace commented as he turned off the stove.

Brandy clapped her hand over her mouth though she was grinning, “Sh...crap.”

Ace pulled Brandy close to him and kissed her forehead, "I'm a leg man myself though of course I do love me some far as chicken is concerned I'll take some breast." Ace had wicked smile on his face as he said that. He began rummaging through her counters "Now where do you keep your booze...ah here we go. Some vodka, prefer whiskey but this will work." Before she could reply Ace had found a bottle of vodka and put it in the table.

Brandy turned to prepare him a plate, as she turned around and brought him a plate she noticed him slip the small tin in his pocket, she furrowed her brow.

"You got to tell me where you got these vegetables from, they taste so good, better than what I have, and I get most of my stock from Finch Farm." Ace poured himself a large drink, and down all of it. He looked down at his chest and arm, he still hadn't put on his shirt. He ran his fingers across his Brotherhood emblem tattoo, "I wonder if there's a way to remove this one...lots of people around these parts hate the Brotherhood...bunch of rock bangers..." he looked over at Brandy, "should I go check on diner? Make sure Betty is not overwhelmed? Don't want her to burn out...also need a shirt, cause a certain someone ripped mine off and left me with a soaking undershirt...not that I'm complaining."

Brandy was taken back by Ace’s sudden change in his demeanor, firing off questions like she usually does, “ grow my own vegetables. Are you OK Ace?” She offered a smile and pointed at the Reggie on his chest, “I think you should try to change or remove that one.”

"Sorry am I rambling...don't know why I'm rambling. Just have so many thoughts running around in my head...the chicken is good though Brandy, you have some skills after all...not that you're not skillful, I didn't mean it that way...if you opened a restaurant you'd probably run me out of business..." Ace laughed awkwardly.

Brandy just watched Ace as she ate her fried chicken, he was fidgety and acting very weird, like he suddenly had a burst of energy. “It's ok, I like to hear you talk about things. I'm glad you like the chicken, it was my Grandma's recipe.” She blushed a little, “I doubt I would run you out of business. Besides, if I added more to my greenhouse maybe I could supply you with some vegetables.”

She took the empty plates over to the sink and rinsed them off. She turned around and leaned against the counter, “I don't think any shirts that I have would fit you,” she walked over and ran her hands down his muscled stomach, “You should cover up though, I don't want Betty seeing you like this.” She gave him a kiss, “So, I can kiss you whenever i want now and it won't embarrass you right?”

“Oh, I forgot, I'm supposed to go and talk to Celeste down at the inn. Maybe you should go make sure the diner is alright, I can go see Celeste and stop by later if that's ok?” She pulled out a picnic basket and wrapped up the remaining chicken and put it in the basket. Walking over to Ace, she looped her arm through his, “Follow me,” she led him to her basement where she had a small pen and lamp, “I have these baby chicks, so I'll have more eggs when they get older, you could serve some at the diner.” She drug a milk basket out of the corner and pulled out a jar, “This is my Papa's Potion moonshine I distill out back, try it.” She took two jars and placed them in her picnic basket, “I'm going to sell some at the inn, like a bar type thing so i can actually make some caps.” She giggled, “Burns going down but mellows out, it's potent.”

Brandy headed back upstairs, Ace followed, she opened the front door for him and locked it behind her. She interlaced her fingers in his and walked across the street to the diner and gave him a kiss, “Go make sure Betty isn't causing any trouble, I'll see ya later Honey.” She made her way down to the inn, singing along the way. She heard two pops of gunfire and scurried inside the inn, slamming the door behind her causing her mason jars in her basket to rattle. “Not again, twice in one day?” She calmed herself down when she saw Sara, who could apparently hold her own as she ran off earlier to the disturbance that disrupts her beach time with Ace. “Hi Sara, Celeste you look great. I sure hope this stuff stops outside.” She sat her picnic basket on the counter, “Oh Celeste, thank you for the wheelchairs. I fixed two up and Shelby's girlfriend Eliza was allowed to leave the clinic because she didn't have to walk on her injured leg.”
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