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Brandy Brooks – Salem Clinic

"All I see right now is my friend who is in bad shape. I'm taking you to the clinic so the doctor can look at your shoulder, okay? Whatever it is, we'll find it, but you need some help." Frieda squat, pulled Brandy's right arm up and around her shoulder, then wrapped her other arm around Brandy's back and lifted her up. Frieda nearly lost her balance, having braced herself for the effort, but lifted Brandy easily.

Brandy was starting to have a difficult time holding up her head, “It hurts.”

Frieda took a breath, holding Brandy firmly. "I'll try to be gentle, but stairs are a little jarring, no matter what. Here we go." Frieda half pulled, half carried her friend up the stairs and into the kitchen, Brandy grimaced in pain. She closed her eyes as tight as she could so she wouldn't see the dead deathclaw. Her heart skipped a beat as vision of the ferocious beast chasing her vividly flashed in her mind causing her to quickly open her eyes as they entered the clinic.

"Here, Brandy, lie down here. The doc will be right with you," Frieda aided Brandy down on the cot as she began to shiver and lose color. "'s shock," Frieda muttered out loud, before covering Brandy with a blanket.

Everything was a blur now as Brandy looked around, her body felt especially weak. Another figure appeared, followed by a touch around her eyes.

"Brandy? It's Dr. West...can you hear me?" Arthur asked as he looked at her with a light.

Brandy reached up and touched Arthur's hand, “They're real,” she whispered and choked up more tears, “They're real.”

"Her shoulder's bloodied up, I didn't really look at it," Frieda said to Arthur. "I found her in her basement. She was hiding, maybe? I honestly don't know. She had knocked down both shelves, whole place is a mess. She'll be okay, though, right? It's just, a flesh wound?"

"It's a nasty gash she got from that creature...but yes, she should be fine with proper treatment. I'll need to clean and examine her wound better as quickly as possible." Arthur quickly explained before gathering some supplies.

Ace then rushed to her side, “How are you Brandy, are you okay? please tell me you're alright." He looked her over and saw how she was bleeding, "Oh my god... hey doc, is she going to be alright?"

Tears fell down the side of her head, she swallowed hard, her throat was sore, “They're real Ace.” She winced and tried to tell them about her left shoulder but she just couldn't. She tried to reach up to touch Ace’s cheek but it hurt far too badly, she blinked trying to stay focused and stared up at him. Dr. Arthur told Ace to sit down, Brandy watched him do as he was told. Frieda rummaged through the supplies Arthur had gathered, treating Brandy as instructed. The pain was excruciating as she tried to mouth the words about her shoulder when Frieda jammed a shot if Med-x into Brandy's thigh. Her leg tensed up and she briefly closed her eyes to see the huge deathclaw readying for the death blow. Her eyes shot wide open and she turned to face the side of the cot and vomited, knocking over the supplies with her leg. She rolled back onto her back and grit her teeth, placing her hand on her left shoulder, “My shoulder.” Her voice cracked, still not loud, but loud enough.
Shelby Jackson - Slaughtering in Salem

After the chaos had ceased, Shelby pressed her tongue to her cheek. She looked at Waylon, “We can use their skin to reinforce our armor. Lets drag the small ones to the shop so I can dress them out.” She knelt down to grab the arms of the small deathclaw that had attacked Waylon when she heard a robot and woman talking. She dropped the arm of the deathclaw and readied her AK47 as she turned the corner. She stopped and grinned, pushing her rifle into Waylon's hand, “Hold my gun and watch this.”

“What are you gonna do?”

“Just watch,” Shelby replied as she twirled her staff in her hands. “You may want to step back.” She told the short woman and the robot, “This one is mine.”

The injured baby deathclaw growled as it hobbled around watching Shelby come closer. She spun and thwacked it across its face and spun the opposite way and cracked her staff right in top of its head. The deathclaw snarled and lunged forward but was hindered by its missing leg. Shelby giggled and twirled her staff again, pressing and locking the button that shit blades out of each end of her staff, clicking as they locked out.

“You wanna play little guy?” She mocked the injured creature, jabbing her staff towards it making it swipe at the staff. Shelby began to spin her staff and faked right, turning on her heal to her left and sunk the blade of her staff deep into the creature's good thigh. It howled out in pain and tried attacking, Shelby easily danced out of its way. “Ring around the rosie,” She sang and she quickly spun and dug her blade into the creature's foot bringing another cry of pain.

“What's the matter?” she pouted and cocked her head, picking on the creature. She kneeled down as the baby deathclaw grit its teeth and came for her. With a rapid jab that made her grunt, Shelby shoved her blade into the creature's chest making it throw out its arms as blood dribbled from its mouth. Giving up, the baby deathclaw slumped onto her staff, the staff propping up the small beast. The deathclaw panted trying to catch its ever escaping breath, each time it was deeper as life began to leave it. Shelby unsheathed her kukri and provocatively ran her tongue on the side of the blade. She stalked around the dying creature, “Ya know, I'm gonna need that back.”

Shelby slashed the creature on each arm and took a chop at it's damaged leg before spinning and landing a heel kick to its chest knocking it back. The creature stumbled backwards and began to fall, Shelby yanked her staff from the creature's chest, it backwards momentum in her favor allowing her blade to become free once more. The baby deathclaw lay on the ground gurgling on its own blood, she toed at it.

“JESUS CHRIST SHELBY,” Waylin cursed as he walked up and put a .45 round into its head to end the misery.

Shelby turned around and frowned at Waylon, “What the fuck is your problem?” She licked blood from her staff blade and smiled with reddened teeth, “Can't a girl have a little fun?”

“I think we have more important things to do right now than play cat and mouse.”

Shelby furrowed her brow, “Like what? Whatever ,” she scoffed, unlocking her blades on the staff of retreating them back inside. She pushed Waylon aside and started to drag the baby deathclaw back to S&W.
Most of us have been busy, except Lewis, so it's not a problem.
Brandy Brooks – Here house

Brandy just gently rocked back and forth on the crate, they're real, they're really real. The baby chicks caught her attention briefly as it gorged itself, “They're real,” she whispered to the baby chicks. She stared at the kitchen knife in her hand, briefly placing it on her wrist contemplating. No, then I won't ever see Nana and Papa again. Her throat had become sore from all the screaming she had done, her voice was still absent.

She looked down at her bloodied and soiled khakis. The burning on her left shoulder was worsening, fresh blood still shined in the light. She could feel a warm trickle down her back from where her backpack once rode. She was becoming dizzy and thought that she heard something or someone upstairs in the kitchen. Brandy grit her teeth in pain as she slowly stood back up and gained her balance. She blinked to focus but nothing was very clear and her legs were extremely heavy feeling. Shuffling to take a step her head spun.

"Brandy, if you're here, can you answer me? We're worried about you, we just want to help. Me, and Waylon, and...and, uh...Shelby!"

Brandy gasped, she recognized Frieda’s voice, “I'M DOWN HERE!” She tried to yell, but her voice didn't even scare the baby chicks. She threw the kitchen knife in an attempt to make some noise, it clattered on the cement floor. Her breathing picked up, making her dizziness worse and tears began to flow again, “FRIEDA!”

Nothing, a slight breeze was louder than her voice. She pressed her lips together and let go of the one set of shelves she was using to balance with and stepped towards the stairs. She fell, knocking over her second set of shelving making a horrendous noise. When she fell she hit her hand and groaned, balling up into the fetal position and cried. In between her sobs she could hear footsteps. She looked at the stairs and saw Frieda, her face reddened and wet with tears, “They're real. Frieda, they're real.” Her eyes rolled back as she fought to stay focused, she just layed her head down and sobbed. Brandy suddenly picked her head up and looked at Frieda again, "Oh no , Frieda, do you see a little tube?"
Shelby will be all over gutting the Mama Deathclaw, feel free to say she's approaching with the proper tools lol.
Brandy Brooks – About to break down - Mary's House

Gunfire, yelling, screams, roaring, all were just white noise as Brandy stared blankly at the massive beast that lay before her. She looked down at it's large teeth, her eyes never leaving the beast, Brandy picked up a piece of her grandfather's gun stock that had been dislodged when the beast hit the ground. It was covered with the creature's saliva. Suddenly, she was jerked, making her wince as the pain was beginning to set in from her injuries. Someone pulled as eas yelling at her, Brandy pulled back but it was a struggle she was destined to lose, any fight she had, it was long gone. She found herself in pain as she was slung over the person, she continued to stare at the beast, “The are real.” Her voice nearly gone and nothing more than a whisper.

She stared back, concentrating on the large dead deathclaw until she was inside a house, not her house. Wincing as she landed on a bed, "Stay in here until this is over, you silly girl.”

“They're real, they're real,” she whispered as tears flowed down her cheeks and dripped onto the pillow. She reached up touch her shoulder and snapped her hand back to her side, covered in blood from the searing pain. She stared at the ceiling until the sounds of fighting ceased to enter through the window of the room. Brandy’s entire body was beginning to hurt, she looked at herself, her clothes had been torn and bloodied, but for once, it was the least of her concerns. She wanted to go home and hide.

It took her a couple of minutes to finally be able to stand, her eyes felt dry in spite of the tears. They were still pried open in utter shock and disbelief. Slowly, she opened the door and looked down the stairs, carefully inching down them with the chunk of gunstock still in her hand. She was as quiet as a church mouse as she walked by Mary who noticed her, “They're real.” She paused, “I need to go home.”

Brandy shuffled her way into the sunlight, looking at the carnage about the town center. She wobbled on uneasy legs, walking like a zombie to her place. She didn't bother reaching back to close the door and went straight to her mantel. Looking up at her old family photo, Brandy placed the piece if gunstock on the mantel before the portrait, “Deathclaws are real Nana, Papa, Rick. There is no hope anymore.”

Shuffling to the kitchen Brandy pulled the largest knife she had from the knife block and went to the basement. The chicks chirped pleasantly still, she just pushed the feed off the shelf. It scattered covering one of the chicks, it shook it off and went about picking it's food. Brandy walked to the corner and sat on an old trunk, painfully pulling her knees to her chest, “They're real,” she kept whispering. Her eyes still pried wide open, the pain bringing more tears along with the emotions she was experiencing.
@2sky11 just to let you know incase im needed for something, ill be gone hunting from the 3rd to the 11th and I don't get cell service up there at all, so theres my heads up to everyone.

Good luck hunting
Think of Negan smashing Glenn and Abraham's skulls in The Walking Dead and that would be Shelby smashing the skull on this deathclaw
Shelby Jackson – Mary’s House with guest apearance frim Waylon

"Are you sure?", Mary asked sternly, "I'm concerned that you don't realize what the price of such knowledge is." After a pause, Mary continued. "For one thing, you can forget normal relationships. Everyone and everything you care about will turn to dust while you live on. Fame, renown, wealth...learning what I know will bring you none of those things. You will learn and see the most amazing things....but one terrible day you will realize that the world of men has passed you by, and that you are truly alone....and you won't care anymore. And if that wasn't'll know about those Outside...who, if they could, would gobble up this whole world and every soul in it like you would a Fancy Lad Snack cake."

Shelby exhaled and kind of slumped down against the bathroom door, “I've had people try to kill me for what I have done before, for who I was and being associated with Calypso. I would live forever like you?”

Mary settled back in the tub and continued, "Ignorance is bliss, Shelby", Mary said, "Those Outside cannot enter our world unless someone lets them in. People have tried to let them in, but so far they have failed....because there are those who will gladly kill someone like me to make sure that door is never unlocked. Witchfinders, Hunters, whatever you call'll always be looking over your shoulder for them, iff'n you aim to live, that is."

Before Shelby could answer, more gunfire came from outside. Both women looked at each other, "Think on it and come back to me after dark and we'll discuss it some more", Mary said as she put on the bathrobe and tied the belt, then walked out into the hallway and into one of the front bedrooms.

“Alright, I will.” Shelby backed out of Mary's way. She went downstairs and opened the front door to see what all the commotion was about and froze, “You've gotta be kidding me?” She reached for her pistol but it wasn't there, “Dammit,” she cursed under her breath and looked to see a fire poker sitting by the fireplace. She grabbed it and got a feel for how it was balanced, “This'll have to do.”

As Shelby stepped outside Mary rushed by her in a robe with a double barrel shotgun that looked huge in her hands. Mary raised the shotgun and fired, first one barrel and then the other, then as smartly as she could broke open the shotgun, ejecting the spent shells and loading two more, hoping if that didn't do the trick, others were on the way to help out. “Holy shit, you don't fuck around,” Shelby winked at Mary and spun the poker around once,, grasping it with both hands and charged as the deathclaw flailed.

Then she froze in her tracks, “A fucking mutie.” Shots rang from everywhere, Steve had his hands full, so Shelby ran to Brandy and pulled her arm. Brandy was still staring at the beast pulling the trigger in an empty pistol and would not budge, “You're fuckin’ funeral Twit.” Shelby left, uncertain if the deathclaw was actually dead or not and headed back to S&W in a dead sprint to get away from the m super mutant, which she was more scared of than a deathclaw. Up ahead she saw the tall blonde woman she had only seen briefly the day before, the woman was covered in deathclaw blood, with the smaller beast on top of her. Shelby bit her lip, “FUCK!!!”

Taking the poker and using it to pry off some of the beasts weight she yelled, “We don't have all day Honey, c’mon.” The woman scrambled to her feet as Shelby winced trying to hold the beast up, as soon as the blonde was clear she yanked the poker back, “Fun shit huh? Take care of these then those muties.”

Shelby resumed her course back home and saw what appeared to be a baby deathclaw hauling ass towards the center of town. In a split second Waylon rushed out from the store colliding with the mini monster and both fell to the ground. The deathclaw howled and Waylon struggled to hold it back, he managed to get the barrel of his SKS to it's chest and unloaded the magazine. The creature reared back, Shelby sprinted as fast as she could, the deathclaw swiped at the side of Waylon's head scratching it. Shelby flipped the poker and tightened her grip, “MMMPH,” she grunted as she thrust the poker through the soft skin under the deathclaws jaw up through its head. She yanked back and the creature fell, screeching and failing. Waylon jumped up and slapped in a fresh magazine and began shooting it's chest as Shelby relentlessly beat it's head until a section caved in rendering the minster motionless.

Shelby looked at Waylin and smiled, wiped spatters of blood from her face, “Fun times, I miss this shit.”

“Me too,” Waylon replied, “Grab something and let's go, there's more of them.”

Shelby stepped inside the shop, grabbing the AK47 she had the day before and slinging it over her shoulder before snatching her staff and joining Waylon back outside. “Let's go have more fun,” she gave a devilish grin.
A scardey cat who won't take one for the team and is leading a pack of deathclaws in to town

Brandy honestly does not know any better she is far far far from a fighter
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