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He gazed down into the depths of his wine glass, allowing the swirling, fragrant crimson to fill his narrow range of vision and distract him from all which occurred around him, save music. His ears were filled with it - a young woman was exhibiting at the pianoforte in the opposite corner and his mind was far, far away. Of course, he didn't know enough about the art form to be able to determine if her technique was correct, but she wanted for nothing when it came to sheer emotion. He felt every twist and turn and rise and fall very nearly in his soul.

And then it ended.

He was brought stumbling back to reality as applause and chatter filled the place where gentle notes had once been, and he lifted his head to gaze suddenly around as though awakened violently from a pleasant dream. All about him were people paired off in twos and threes with friends and acquaintances, while he stood mostly by himself in the far corner of the room.

It was often so at parties and balls such as this - he never approached anyone unless secure of previous acquaintance, and no one ever requested an introduction of him. And why should they? The most interesting thing about him was that he was an Earl, and even that was mostly mitigated by the fact that his face nearly always assumed an unintentionally bored or vaguely angered expression.

His gaze shifted absently over the crowd of onlookers as he waited for another young woman to assume the bench, though it came suddenly to rest upon a certain figure nearby. His eye lingered briefly upon her for she seemed to his memory somewhat familiar...But he looked quickly away again a moment later as her own gaze lifted to meet his. How shameful! To be caught staring openly!

His mouth became a thin, straight line and he cleared his throat with obvious discomfort, his eyes fixed once more upon his untouched glass of wine.


Hey there! My name is Fable and I'm seeking likeminded individuals to assist me in the writing of Historical Fiction set during the Regency/Georgian period! I roleplay mainly on a forum, but the community is small and fun, and there are many opportunities for both one-on-one and small group threads!

My latest character is a socially-awkward Earl in need of a conniving sister, a thoroughly disinterested love interest, and a best friend who is his complete opposite. My ideas for him include numerous, potentially hilarious misadventures, so if this sounds like something you'd be interested in please find me on Discord! Fable#9105
About Me:
- 28F
- Advanced Lit/Novella
- plays M or F characters
- prefers MxF romance

About You:
- 21+
- preferably female
- can adjust the length and detail of your replies based on the scene's requirements
- loves OOC chatting
- plays M or F characters (and isn't picky about it)

Hey there! I'm looking for a partner or two for some Regency Era, Jane-Austen-inspired, romantic goodness. I have a several ideas for plots and am, as always, open to many others. Here are some vague ideas:

- A noblewoman who married for convenience is forced to wonder if she made the right choice when one of her husband's rakish old military friends begins paying frequent visits.

- A woman of the gentry must decide between happiness or the preservation of her conscience when she begins to fall in love with a certain gentleman - can she risk entangling him in the vicious rumors surrounding her family?

- The troublesome daughter of a nobleman (who heads a powerful crime syndicate) develops a friendship with a very upright and by-the-book Naval Captain. Despite frequently butting heads and a near-constant stream of thinly-veiled insults, they begin to fall for one another.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please message me on Discord (Luxe#9103)! I will request a writing sample from you in exchange for one of my own.
I can make exceptions. ;) Please do.
The sky seemed to churn and billow with angry clouds where moments before it had shown black and starry. It was impossible to say from whence the storm had come, but it now swirled and raged above the lake, stirring the air with tongues of white lightening and rolls of thunder. After several moments, the center of the storm seemed to yawn wide revealing a hole through which could be seen heavenly bodies and strange forms standing about its rim in symmetrical rows. They seemed to sway and ripple as if distorted by intense heat, and they emitted a terrible, eerie sound like multitudes of voices calling out from the eons in tongues no longer spoken. At the center of the celestial maw glowed something like an ember which was then thrust downward toward the earth. It streaked through the clouds leaving a reddish trail and drove itself into the hillside below.

The ground rumbled from the object’s impact and the beings within the storm suddenly ceased their strange song. The hole closed in the next moment and the storm dissipated, leaving the night as cool and serene as it had been minutes before.

The meteoric object had burned a trail through the woodland and the surrounding trees still smoldered above the crater it had created. For several hundred feet in every direction, the plants had been reduced to ash and the smell of smoke lingered in the air. In the middle of it all lay a body, humanoid in form, curled protectively about itself with arms and legs tucked close to its abdomen. It was apparent in the reddish glow of the little fires that burned around the edges of the clearing that the being’s skin was black as ebony, its wounds appearing as fractured glass upon the surface of its body where the lines glowed crimson and gold as if lit from within. With a shuddering breath, the creature seemed to unfurl itself and lie prone upon the ground, its face now visible. The creature appeared to resemble a human or elven male with a strong, square jaw free of stubble or facial hair, a straight, Grecian nose, and tilted eyes which seemed absent of whites and were instead entirely black like the rest of its body, with glowing red irises. Atop the being’s head grew long white hair now tangled and knotted; through the messy locks, around the crown of the being’s head could be seen strange horn- or antler-like protrusions.

The being lay in silence for several minutes, completely unmoving. Then, as if slowly becoming aware of its surroundings, it attempted to push itself up onto its elbows and raised a large, claw-like hand to its temple.



- 21+ only
- Novella/Multi-para
- MxF romance
- Google Docs for IC
- Discord for OOC

Hey there! I'm Fable, and I've been mulling over this idea for a while--essentially, the God of Chaos is exiled from the pantheon of deities and sent to live out eternity in the mortal realm until such a time as he sufficiently atones for his trouble-making. So much of this is up for discussion! Ideally this would be set in some sort of Medieval Fantasy world, though I suppose other time periods could be used.

My discord is Fable#9103. Find me there if you're interested! We can discuss character ideas and plot~
Hey there! I'm Fable.

Let's just cut right to the chase--I'm a huge Phantom of the Opera fan and have lately gotten it into my head to write some phanfiction.

So where do you come in? I would love to find a gifted writer (or writers) who can help me with this. I have a plot in mind and have already begun planning things out, but I would love to find someone who could help me plan scenes and determine realistic reactions for the characters by way of roleplay.

- +21
- familiarity with the original novel, the musical, or the movie(s)
- a Discord account for chatting
- a willingness to review/beta read
- bonus points if you have experience writing as Christine

If interested, please message me on discord (Fable#9103)!
- Fable’s Interest Check -
Advanced | Novella | Multi-para

Hello there! I’m Fable (or nomdebloom, depending on where you found me), and I’m a +25 roleplayer seeking a partner or two. I have around 15 years worth of roleplaying/writing experience under my belt and have managed to settle firmly into a particular style of writing--3rd person, past-tense. My average post length is around four paragraphs and my posting frequency is about 2-3 times per week (though this varies depending on work schedule). I’m pretty friendly and enjoy OOC chat on Discord between replies; I get a real kick out of imagining different scenes for the characters in each story as well as working out their personalities and backstories.

I will happily tell you more about myself if needed, but I think this covers the basics!

- Rules & Expectations -

+21 Only
This isn’t a hard and fast rule, per say, but you’ll have to convince me if you don’t technically meet this requirement. I will absolutely NOT write with anyone younger than 18. I, myself, am 27 and would prefer to write with individuals who are around my own age.

MxF Romance Only
I don’t mean to put people off, but MxF is the only romantic pairing I am comfortable writing. It should be noted that I require at least the potential for romance in all of my plots. To offset this rather rigid rule, I will say that I am willing to play both male and female characters--though you should NOT assume that I will automatically play male. I dislike it when writers insist that they will only play their own gender as it seems incredibly narrow-minded and, frankly, insulting.

No Smut
I will be honest--I’m not talented at writing sex scenes. I’m not opposed to them, but they are not what I am interested in and should be used sparingly. If our characters show compatibility and seem headed down that route then we will discuss it, but I am not here to satisfy your sexual fantasies.

Google Docs for IC
This is my preferred medium, not only because there is no limit on word count, but because it is easy to make documents visually pleasing and stories are easily searchable. I can be talked into email instead, of course, but I don’t enjoy the format nearly as much.

Discord for OOC
This is kind of mandatory. Roleplaying is my main creative outlet but also my main social outlet. I want to be friends with my partners and hear about how their day is going or exchange memes. As stated previously, I enjoy plotting and find that it is easiest to do in the context of Discord.

Do Not Pester Me
I don’t think I need to remind most of you that ROLEPLAYING IS A HOBBY. I do not owe anyone replies and will get to them when I am able to sit down and write them. I do my best to alert partners to absences and delays, but if you start pinging me repeatedly I will become grumpy. To ensure that you have read this item in particular, tell me the name of your favorite book when you contact me.

Provide a Writing Sample
I request samples for several reasons, not the least of which is to check for style compatibility. I enjoy reading almost as much as writing and want to enjoy the stories we put together--and not become distracted by constant grammatical mistakes or the frequent use of historically inaccurate terminology and slang. I will provide my own samples in return.

- Genres of Interest -

Regency Era ***
Victorian Era
American Civil War Era
Roaring Twenties
1940s Old Hollywood Glamour

The Phantom of the Opera ***
Gone With the Wind
Pride & Prejudice ***

My list is, admittedly, rather short but these are the only genres I am interested in at the moment. You are welcome to suggest others, but chances are good that I will decline. Asterisks indicate strong preference.

- Samples & Contact Info -

If any of this sounds appealing to you, please do not hesitate to reach out!

- bump -
Fable here~

Still seeking partners for a few obscure fandoms, but I also have a random craving for a good old, hella cliche arranged marriage plot.

Important Notes about Me ::
- I play both M and F
- MxF romance only
- Casual to Novella
- Google Docs for IC
- Discord for OOC
- replies 2-3 times per week

What I need from you ::
- 21+
- open to playing both M and F
- a writing sample

The Plot ::
- Medieval Fantasy?
- Arranged Marriage?
- Long-term

I like the idea of a prince or king from a warlike and savage nation falling for a princess or noblewoman from a more elegant and peaceful nation. This could be within the context of an arranged marriage or some kind of accidental circumstance which throws them together. I'm open to suggestions!

EDIT: I have an idea for a character~ Basically the prince/king would be a kind of oblivious and fairly upbeat warrior-type similar to Thor from the MCU.

Contact me on Discord if interested: Fable#9103
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Hey there! I'm Fable, and I'm seeking a partner to help me sate my Pride & Prejudice craving~

About Me ::
I'm a veteran roleplayer in my late twenties, decidedly female, and reasonably skilled in both writing and plotting. I can play both male and female characters, but prefer MxF romance. My style is always 3rd person, past-tense and frequently multi-para/novella. I use Google Docs as my writing medium and am generally able to reply 2-3 times per week. I will happily provide writing samples upon request.

The Plot ::
As stated above, I'm interested in a story based on Jane Austen's novel Pride & Prejudice. Ideally we'd play around with the original plot a bit (for example, what would have happened if Elizabeth's father had been wealthy?), so come prepared to plot! I would also consider trying out a generic Regency Era RP if potential partners are unfamiliar with Jane Austen's works.

Contact ::
Discord: Fable#9103
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