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Raven smiled at the brooch for it was beautiful and was going to treasure it for the rest of her life. She may be simple and love simple gifts but receiving this was still a nice gesture from him. BUt once she heard him blurt out the question she looked at bit confused for the last time she asked about how she wanted to get to know the really Eliezer he siad he was who he was bit now was questioning it himself.

But she smiled at him. “I am having a great time with you Eliezer and I am glad we can get to do this to learn more about each other at least.” SHe said with a smile at him for she was truly happy to be with him but she still feared his brother after she told him the deal with off after she actually started to have true feelings for him but she decided for now to try to hold off on it for as long as she can or at least hold Mathazar off while she spent more time with Eliezer.

“Are you at least enjoying your time also?” She asked him wanting to know if he was at least having a good time also.

He dad did give everything to be with his mother due to it being frowned upon him owing someone that was not with Nobel blood to his her mother opened the world to him and gave him something important something to live for until it was taken by force.

Allister soon walked over with some tea ad snacks. Forgive me your highness I thought you and the young lady would like some tea and snacks while on your little date.” He said with a smile and Raven looked at him narrowing her eyes at him for she was not happy that he came to her home all of a sudden last night and then acted weird after wanting to learn about her parents for some odd reason. “I hope you two are enjoying this nice day together could not have asked for a better weather to be at the lake.” He said with a smile. “Though I must ask does someone have the time?’ He said looking at Raven knowing she had her families pocketwatch on her.

Raven groaned for she thought the guy was toying with her and she pulled her pocket watch out and told him the time saying how it was getting close to one in the afternoon. ‘Thank you so much dear and my what a lovely pocket watch I never seen designs like that before in this kingdom before.” He said and Raven growled a bit for he was ticking her off.

“I am not from this kingdom that is why I lived near a forest with my parents along with a few other families that wanted to live near the forest area.” Raven explained to him.” Raven said to him and Allister smirked a bit. “ANd what forest would that be perhaps it must have a name.” He said for he was prying more infor for himself to send back to the lunar king.

“Wynton Forest.” Raven sad all of sudden the same forest that was raided and many had fled from after the raid and death of hundred of innocent lives.
When Raven listened to him she reliazed she goofed a bit at how she explained love and the want to be close and fell someone specieals touch. “Hmm well that’s how my parents were I am sure everyone expresses their love differently I only know from what I seen of my parents me and my family were well isolated from everyone else.” She said to him with a smile. “I am sure some do take it to that obsessive level while other stil show it but not in such an agressive or obsessive way.” Raven said and thought for a minute. “And I think it just looked and sound obsessive with my parents for when they went to market at different times so one could watch me they could of been gone for 4-5 days sometimes almost two weeks and it always worried them fearing something bad happen to one or another so once they would return they could not help but show their love and how happy that they were safe.” Raven finished explaining before stretching a bit taking in the beautiful scenery.

Soon she felt him guid her to a pastel colored pavilion which she thought was beautiful and wish her mother had one of these to view her garden back when she was little. She sat with him and was at peace for this place felt peaceful and felt like she could just be free to relax and enjoy her time with the prince.

“It was like time had stood still just for them to enjoy this beauty and she did not want it to end at all. But she son looked at Eliezer when he took out a small velvet box and soon tilted her head for she was sure he was not proposing since she could tell he was not sure about her.

But when she saw the brooch she was speechless. Raven was simple she was not big on getting fancy gifts for one she never really got anything fancy and two she was always happy with getting Flowers and other small little things that were simple.

She looked at him and listened to him as he spoke and once finished she smiled at him and placed her hand on top of his. “We will take this journey one step at a time.” She said with a smile and kisssed his cheek. “Thank you for the Brooch it is really beautiful but just so you know for next you don’t have to always get me something as nice as this I would also just be happy with flowers also.” Rave giggled a bit. “But I wil treasure this brooch>’ She finished with a smile. She only wanted to kiss him on the cheek for she felt like if she tried the lips it be pushing it and she knew he was a bit hesitant on wanting to be with her because of her birthright as a commoner not someone of noble status.

Allister watched from afar while leaning against a tree sighing he knew he had to report to the lunar king that he found his missing granddaughter and what was going on on this end but he also was haoping that maybe Eliezer would maybe truly love Raven and bring peace between the kingdoms. “I guess I will keep watching for now until I send my next weekly report next week.” He said as he smiled at the two watching them enjoy their time together but also wished for his niece happiness.
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Raven smiled as she approached Eliezer and blushed a bit when he took her hand and kissed it like he normally did. ‘Thank you for inviting me to this place I can not remember the last time I was at a lake.” She said with a smile and had not mind that he was still holding her hand for she had really liked it a lot. “And thank I love playing the flute it brings good memories back from the time my mom taught me how to play the flute and dad would listen even when I was bad playing it for the first time.” Raven said with a small laugh remembering how she could tell her father was uncomfortable with her playing but endured it and told her that she did great for her first try.

But when Eliezer apologized for hold her hand still she just smiled at him. “Its because you fell comfort hold the hand of someone dear to you.” Raven said to him with a smile and griped his hand a bit. “I will admit it feels nice to hold your hand brings me happiness and comfort knowing you this close at least.” She said with a smile. SHe knew Mathazar was her to kill him but for now she was going to stall it for as long as she could or if something weird were to happen. For now she justed wanted to be close to Eliezer.

“When you start to grow close to someone you start holding dear to your heart you start to crave a bit more if that make sense.” Raven tried to explain. “My parents they loved each other so much father woul tell my mom how he hated when one or the other had to leave for a long period of time saying how he would miss being able to hold her and be with her at all time for he had that need and love to want to be close to her even if it was just hugging her or even a simple kiss on the cheek.” Raven said to him. “For you it looks like you just find comfort with us holding hands at least like I do right now.” Raven finished explaining with a smile.

She soon like at the view before them and was in awe with everything. “This place truly feels magical its almost we left the crazy world of the kingdom and came to a place filled with peace and tranquility.” SHe said loving how peaceful it was and it felt like it was the two of them even though she new the guards were near watching them.

Allister was also watching with the guards with his arms crossed. He was still in shocked with the information he learned for the more he watched Raven the more he saw his sister in her. The way she smiled and her way of thinking was very much like his punter sister. But also the fact that she was the missing heir also completely shocked him that this girl acting sweet and kind to Eliezer was also a cold hearted killer. But he could even tell that his sisters traits was in her with how she acted. She could tell that Raven was indeed falling for Eliezer it was why she had not stroked him down, killing him on the spot with all her past opportunities.

Allister suspected she at first did it to gain his trust but things must of changed the more she spent time with him.”Ophelia she truly is your daughter she is so much like you personality wise but I fear for her life now I want her safe but I know just like how you and the prince fell in love she has fallen for the prince of the kingdom that to you and the prince away from this poor child.” Allister thought as he watched the two standing by just in case he was needed for anything but to also keep his eyes out for Mathazar.
Raven had gotten the letter reading it over in her place looking at the it thinking a bit. She was very confused on things for she wanted to be like her father and just Fowler her heart and instincts by giving up the hit but with Mathazar threat it made things even harder. But at the time she decided to not let it get to her and just at least enjoy her time with Eliezer and just wait and just wait to see what will happen next.

She got out more paper and a pen and started to write her response back to Eliezer.

Dear Eliezer,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and for wanting to meet me once again. I would love to meet you at the lake at noon tomorrow. I Can not wait to see you.

Sincerely Yours,

Raven Omrea

Raven finished her letter and got it ready to be delivered. She handed it off to the messenger to be delivered to Eliezer.

Once she was done with that she looked out her window looking out at the night sky for it had been a long day but soon let out a sigh until she heard a knock on her door and wondered who that can be and made her way down the stairs. When she opened the door Alister was standing there right before her.

“Hello Miss. Omrea I am ALister the royal family butler may I come in I would like to talk with you?” He asked and Raven raised her eyebrow for she did not like the look of this guy.

“No please leave.” Raven said as she closed the door but Alister stopped her. “Now now miss asssasin I think you do have time to talk.” He said with a smirk and Raven looked at him shocked. “Talk to me and I promise to keep your secret from Eliezer and how his brother hired you to kill him.” Alister said and Raven just glared at him but let him into her home.

“Ok talk now I want to get to bed and be rested for tomorrow.” Raven said to him.

“Ah yes going to see his majesty tomorrow tell me do you truly love him or are you just trying to get close to him to make it easier to kill him.” Alister said with a smirk and Raven just glared at him. “Alright moving on I just wish to know what your parents names were is all.” Alister said with a smile. “I am just researching you for my own reasons and there is very little history on you.” He explained and Raven crossed her arms.

“I was not born or raised here I just remember living near a forest all my life before my parents were slaughtered by the royal guards of this kingdom and I fled here with the rest of the people that also lived near the forest.” Raven explained to him. “That might be why you have not really any information on me.” Raven explained and soon Andy walked in.

“Hey Raven you got the time the kids are complaining its not bed time.” He siad and Raven sighed pulling out her pocket watch opening it to check the time and Alister looked it and looked in shocked.

”That......that is the royal families pocket watch of the lunar kingdom I recognize it anywhere....could....could this girl be Prince Aster’s daughter?” Alister thought.

“It is their bed time Andy get them to bed now.” Raven said and andy nodded and went off.

“That watch you have there its not something you see well someone of the low class possessing.” Alister said knowing Raven took care of the orphaned children of the kingdom.

“That’s because this was my fathers he belonged to the high class word but left it to be with my mother.” Raven explained to him.

“Who was your father I might of known him?” Alister asked trying to keep his cool.

“I never knew his title or last name he and my mom changed their last names after he gave up his title.” Raven explained and Alister looked at her strange.

‘What do you mean by that.” He asked and Raven looked at him. “My mother was not always Omrea she used to go by Ophelia Cornell she did it so if my fathers father asked around they would not kno who she was and they could not find them.” Raven explained and Alister looked shocked for he thought this was another Ophelia and his sister had gone missing or was kidnapped.

“And....what was your fathers first name at least.....?” He asked Raven looked at him and sighed a bit.

“My fathers name was Aster that’s all I know like I said they both changed their last names that they told me at least so that that my fathers family could not find them he wanted me to live freely and not be like how he was before my mother.” Raven said with her arms crossed while holding the pocketwatch. “All I got that clued me in as his high status was this pocketwatch that he passed down to me before he died.” SHe finished and ALister was in our shock for not only was this truly the missing heir but this girl.....was also his niece.

“I see then........I am sorry for taking up your time I just wanted to extr information for the prince safety I just like to be wel infomred on those who intereact with I will leave you then.” Alister said as she stood and left for the night.

Once he returned and quickly rushed to his room and got a quil and paper out about ready to write but then froze.....”Why am I hesitating I did my job I found the missing heir I need to report this...” He siad but then again he thought of his sister for he did remember how she was acting weird after the prince broke from his shel and was fighting to marry this mysterious woman he had fallen for then how they both vanished. ‘Or am I stopping after now learning that she is my sisters niece........what....what do I do?” ALister asked himself before he sat and drifted into a deep thought.

Raven as just confused after Alister left but just sighed and went to be for she wanted to be ready to meet Aister tomorrow for she wanted to be able to play the flute for him. She soon turned in for the night and was in a deep sleep.

The next day it was getting close to noon and Raven was getting ready to leave to meet Eliezer at the Lake and she smiled while getting ready and gripped her flute. She was excited for she liked being out in nature and cant remember the last time she was at the lake. Once she was ready she told ANdy she be back later and left towards the lake and played her flute along the way.
It was Allister that had entered the room with a tray of tea and snacks. “Eliezer studying hard I see.” He siad as he placed the tea tray before him and say the corner of the book about the history of Lunar along with the bloodlines or the Royals. It made him glad he snuck in already and stole the pages of what the Royal Family’s heirloom of the pocketwatch look like when he first started working here years ago. But the pages about the the so call dispute was not his doing at all. “I brought some tea and snacks to keep your energy up.” He siad with a smile even though his scar across this face wa seen by all he never mind.

He then grabbed the book the Prince had hidden and smirked at the prince. “My my my are we reading up on the people or Lunar now?” He asked showing that not much get past him. “Now what go you so interested in the Lunar kingdom all of a sudden?” He asked as he opened the book looking trough it again just for fun but had the heirloom pages hidden in his coat pocket. “Come now Eliezer you know you boys can not hide a lot from me for I know pretty much all I just let you get away with a few things for you Prince’s need some fun and to do something to make your lives interesting.” Alister said with a smile.

“So want to talk about it or you just going to talk the word of your father like you always did when you were younger.” He said fr he did remember when he first arrived and got associated into the status of Butler in the palace he watch Eliezer ask questions about certain things that had great concern but the king would brush it off telling him he a story or something making him believe it. “Or would you like to talk to that lass you been enfatuated with ever since that night at the ball.” He said with a smirk at the prince seeing how the two have grown a bit close but he did know she was an assasin hired by Mathazar bu decided to see how it plays out between the three. And also he did not care what happened for he was just here to find the missing grandchild heir to his king back in Lunar nothing more.

Raven was stilly playing with her new flute after she found an open field to just play her flute for she was also trying to get out the rusty kings with her playing. She did remember how Eliezer wanted to hear her play the flute and she wanted to get better at it like she was a long time ago. Bt it felt better to play the flute again then her mothers interesting insterment.

Though after a bit she did stop playing and eat the wind blow through her hair letting out a long sigh. “What am I going to do I am the toughest assasin around and look at m so confused along with wanting to follow my heart over everything what dad did to be with my mother.” She said and looked at her flute before getting back up and went back to her place and getting some paper out and started writing to Eliezer telling how one of her brothers had bought her a new flute along with how she has been practicing with it and hoped that she could come by or if he could come. Which every he wished to do so she could play for him sometime soon or when he was available. After she finished writing it she got it sent off to the palace and hoped to get a reply from him.
The messenger gave the letter to a servent and the servent to it to Eliezer. Once at the door the servent knocked before walking in seeing the prince with Alister. “Your highness a latter has arrived for you it is from Lady Raven Omrea.” The servent siad as she handed it to the prince before taking his leave. ”Omrea? That was Ophelia’s last name Asters true love as he claimed.....Did Aster take on their Ophelia’s last name and if she could this girl be the missing granddaughter also heir to the would explain why the prince is looking up the Lunar kingdom Nobel’s but Ophelia was common birth so it was good at covering tracks.” Alister thought as he let the prince read the letter.
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Name: King Roberto of Lunar

Age: 78

He raised his heir how he was raised to be tough stern but also fair along with closing his feelings off from the world. But when when his son found true love in a commoner he went against the marriage between the two to only find a note later on from is saying giving up his rights to the throne and eloped wth the village girl. He had hoped his son would come to his sense to but only to receive one letter about how he did Marry the girl but not only that but how he had became a grandfather to a little girl. He never learned his grandchild’s name just that she inherited all the genes of how every first born looked like of the royal family and also his plan to pass their family heirloom down to the child when the time was right. He spent years trying to figure out where the letter came from so he could finally find his son and meet his granddaughter. But in the end he found he was too late for when his faithful servent Alister finally found the home he reported that the prince was dead along with his wife. The only good news was that a child’s body was not found in the burn destruction. Roberto believes that his granddaughter has survived and may have fled with the other refugees from one of the raids that happened to Dainia. He sent Alister to go and infiltrate the royal family and keep an eye out for his grandchild and to report to him weekly on how the mission goes and also if the King of Dainia is planning something against his kingdom. Years had gone by and he still has heard no word about the where about of his granddaughter but rumors did spread about how the heir to the kingdom was still alive and with unknown whereabouts. All Roberto wished wa to find the only thing left by his son and apologize to her all the pain and suffering he caused her and her family because of his stubbornness and pride.
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