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Current Sorry for being absent I had just finished school and work got crazy plus I was enjoying time to myself along with getting out house ready to be sold. But I am back.
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due to an injury on my dominate hand i am postponing reply’s so sorry :(
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Finally got a new iPad case with the keyboard that works a to better now hopefully I can post more!!!
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Ok sorry to all those who I Roleplay with forgive me. I thought Ibhave more time especially after hearing they would be cutting back on hours only to find they are cutting everyone’s hours but mine 😓
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YAY!!! I am done Finally with Finals but i unfortunately have a long work weekend will post hopefully by next week


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“Well mainly your father I hate the most to be honest my plan was to use you to get close to him and all that junk but after being with you and spending time with you the feeling of wanting to confront your father or even take revenge upon him started to well disappear for thanks to you I am actually slowly even starting to become truly happy again.” Raven said to I’m with a smile. Raven basically let slip a small part of her pan but he still held no knowedge of who she was for being a killing machine basically. But it was true her need for revenge was no longer a desire of her for she found something else that gave her a reason to be happy and live. She looked at him for when he said that he was actually making her happy and she looked at him.

“Not making me happy you cant be serious right?” Raven asked him and smiled at him. “You basically went along with my crazy request to go into the village with me, trying to make up for what happened in my past, grave me this beautiful brooch, and just spending time with me like this I am actually at my happiest that I have ever been.” Raven said to him. “You have really made me happy so far that most of the darkness of my past I dwelled in has been fading thanks to you.” She said with a smile at him.

“You do have the ability to do it Eliezer for you have done it so far in my honest opinion.” She said to him with a smile before leaning over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You are amazing Eliezer and will make a great king in the future.” She siad before taking a sip from her cup and enjoyed the snacks that Allister brought them for at least the snacks and tea was good. She then smiled and just enjoyed her time with Eliezer taking things now one step at a time with him but in the back of her mind Mathazar did worry her for she was risking things and was worried he might try to pull something that will expose her or worst make Eliezer hate her all of a sudden.
Yeah i am Injust ben lazy lately but trying to get back in the posting game I should hopefully have a post up by tonight or tomorrow
Yeah but it is what makes them who they are I am sure back in olden times of kings and queens royal children ran into those problems where one is raised strictly like Eliezer and ignored like Mathazar and if a third born was around they be the favorite of the parents for they are third in line and they can do what they want while the second is nothing more then a back up prince

Its sad but unfortunately a cold true fact
no worries good luck finishing it I believe in you
sorry for disappearing I had finished school and work kicked my butt for a while then also trying to sell our house has been fun so I took some me time but I am back and will post as soon as possible
Raven was mainly annoyed by Allister for he never knew when to stop prying information from her and she hated it for she had no clue what Allister was up to. FOr he looked like a faithful servent but at the same time something seems off like he was there for his own reasons but she had no clue why. Alister soon smiled and bowed. “Of course your majesty forgive my intrusion I will take my leave now.” He siad and walked off but to go write his letter to the lunar king for he finally found her for he knew he could not keep this information any longer for he knew the king is waiting desperately for the information about Aster’s daughter.

Once he was gone Raven was glad for she did not like him one bit. But she looked at Eliezer when he started talking to her but was wondering how he found out already she was from Wynton Forest But Lao what really happened but when she told him how the king sent guards out into the night to kill innocent people it looked like he did not believe her. But what made he shocked was that he was basically considering her to rule by his side. She had blushed a bit for she did think it would not be a bad idea to be by his side since she had basically fallen for him. But she had wanted him to pick her not because she was the right fit for the kingdom but how she was also the right fit in his heart.

“Wow thank you Eliezer and true an apaology is not enough but it is a start along with helping those who once lived there and had to flee.” Raven said with a smile at him for she had to admit he was nothing like his father at all and was glad she got to know him more along with trying to break him out of his princely doll like shell. SHe had been able to chip at it little by little but she was glad to see him trying to open himself up more to the world around him. “I know with baby steps things will start to get better.” She said with a smile at him.

“I am really glad I got to meet you Eliezer and to be able to be with you like this I will be honest I did hate your family for what happened to me but after being with you and seeing you wanting to do these things I don;t really hate you, though your father he still a different story with me” Raven said basically admitting she did not like them but it did change after being with Eliezer but his father was still not on her good list more like he was still on her kill list. “You make me really Happy Eliezer ad honestly the dark place I was trapped in has been slowly fading away the more I spend time with you.” Raven explained to him.
Raven smiled at the brooch for it was beautiful and was going to treasure it for the rest of her life. She may be simple and love simple gifts but receiving this was still a nice gesture from him. BUt once she heard him blurt out the question she looked at bit confused for the last time she asked about how she wanted to get to know the really Eliezer he siad he was who he was bit now was questioning it himself.

But she smiled at him. “I am having a great time with you Eliezer and I am glad we can get to do this to learn more about each other at least.” SHe said with a smile at him for she was truly happy to be with him but she still feared his brother after she told him the deal with off after she actually started to have true feelings for him but she decided for now to try to hold off on it for as long as she can or at least hold Mathazar off while she spent more time with Eliezer.

“Are you at least enjoying your time also?” She asked him wanting to know if he was at least having a good time also.

He dad did give everything to be with his mother due to it being frowned upon him owing someone that was not with Nobel blood to his her mother opened the world to him and gave him something important something to live for until it was taken by force.

Allister soon walked over with some tea ad snacks. Forgive me your highness I thought you and the young lady would like some tea and snacks while on your little date.” He said with a smile and Raven looked at him narrowing her eyes at him for she was not happy that he came to her home all of a sudden last night and then acted weird after wanting to learn about her parents for some odd reason. “I hope you two are enjoying this nice day together could not have asked for a better weather to be at the lake.” He said with a smile. “Though I must ask does someone have the time?’ He said looking at Raven knowing she had her families pocketwatch on her.

Raven groaned for she thought the guy was toying with her and she pulled her pocket watch out and told him the time saying how it was getting close to one in the afternoon. ‘Thank you so much dear and my what a lovely pocket watch I never seen designs like that before in this kingdom before.” He said and Raven growled a bit for he was ticking her off.

“I am not from this kingdom that is why I lived near a forest with my parents along with a few other families that wanted to live near the forest area.” Raven explained to him.” Raven said to him and Allister smirked a bit. “ANd what forest would that be perhaps it must have a name.” He said for he was prying more infor for himself to send back to the lunar king.

“Wynton Forest.” Raven sad all of sudden the same forest that was raided and many had fled from after the raid and death of hundred of innocent lives.
When Raven listened to him she reliazed she goofed a bit at how she explained love and the want to be close and fell someone specieals touch. “Hmm well that’s how my parents were I am sure everyone expresses their love differently I only know from what I seen of my parents me and my family were well isolated from everyone else.” She said to him with a smile. “I am sure some do take it to that obsessive level while other stil show it but not in such an agressive or obsessive way.” Raven said and thought for a minute. “And I think it just looked and sound obsessive with my parents for when they went to market at different times so one could watch me they could of been gone for 4-5 days sometimes almost two weeks and it always worried them fearing something bad happen to one or another so once they would return they could not help but show their love and how happy that they were safe.” Raven finished explaining before stretching a bit taking in the beautiful scenery.

Soon she felt him guid her to a pastel colored pavilion which she thought was beautiful and wish her mother had one of these to view her garden back when she was little. She sat with him and was at peace for this place felt peaceful and felt like she could just be free to relax and enjoy her time with the prince.

“It was like time had stood still just for them to enjoy this beauty and she did not want it to end at all. But she son looked at Eliezer when he took out a small velvet box and soon tilted her head for she was sure he was not proposing since she could tell he was not sure about her.

But when she saw the brooch she was speechless. Raven was simple she was not big on getting fancy gifts for one she never really got anything fancy and two she was always happy with getting Flowers and other small little things that were simple.

She looked at him and listened to him as he spoke and once finished she smiled at him and placed her hand on top of his. “We will take this journey one step at a time.” She said with a smile and kisssed his cheek. “Thank you for the Brooch it is really beautiful but just so you know for next you don’t have to always get me something as nice as this I would also just be happy with flowers also.” Rave giggled a bit. “But I wil treasure this brooch>’ She finished with a smile. She only wanted to kiss him on the cheek for she felt like if she tried the lips it be pushing it and she knew he was a bit hesitant on wanting to be with her because of her birthright as a commoner not someone of noble status.

Allister watched from afar while leaning against a tree sighing he knew he had to report to the lunar king that he found his missing granddaughter and what was going on on this end but he also was haoping that maybe Eliezer would maybe truly love Raven and bring peace between the kingdoms. “I guess I will keep watching for now until I send my next weekly report next week.” He said as he smiled at the two watching them enjoy their time together but also wished for his niece happiness.
sounds good :)
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