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Current Hear everyone so I might go on a small hiatus due to we will be done packing the house up and we are diving from the west coast to the east I will try to post when I can I just wanted to do an update
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Sorry for being absent I had just finished school and work got crazy plus I was enjoying time to myself along with getting out house ready to be sold. But I am back.
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due to an injury on my dominate hand i am postponing reply’s so sorry :(
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Finally got a new iPad case with the keyboard that works a to better now hopefully I can post more!!!
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Ok sorry to all those who I Roleplay with forgive me. I thought Ibhave more time especially after hearing they would be cutting back on hours only to find they are cutting everyone’s hours but mine 😓
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yeah that sounds good but i might not put the post up for a bit.....I am going through a small depression spell right now so it might be a while just want to warn and apologize in advance
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Allister looked at Eliezer as he cleared the table and looked away for a second. “I had checked on her for you since she had no record in this town or in the other kingdom you suspected her to be from Lunar.” He explained to him as had all the dishes in his hands and had the young prince follow him and had another servent take the tray of dishes. “As head butler of this castle my job is to make sure you are safe so I might have pushed her buttons a few times prying for information but I will say this.” He said as he had the prince enter his office. “That girl has no knowledge she is from Lunar from what I can tell her parents never told her a way to probably protect her.” Allister said as he sat in his chair and pulled the map out and showed Eliezer where the forest was where the raid happened and where Raven lived and the distance from from Lunar and their kingdom. “It is a few good miles away from the main kingdom but it is in Lunar territory and not many nobles go into the forest for it mainly consist of wood cutters, farmers, and other simple jobs that the low class do and take it into the main part of Lunar to sell.” Allister explained to the young prince.

“Her parents if indeed her farther was noble which I truly do believe due to that pocketwatch she posses I think they changed their laws name to hid themeelves and Raven from his family.” Allister said to him as he looked at the young prince. “I believe her father was protecting Raven from the nobility world not because he wanted her to be called insignificant because he was scared his family would take her away and prevent them getting to her for some nobility will practice taking their grandchildren away from their own when they marry outside their rank they will disown their children but take the first born grandchild by force and raise it as their own claiming its their son or daughter when reality they are not.” Allister finished explaining to the prince. “Her parents must of not wanted to happen so to protect her more is to move in an area away from nobles and royalty would not dare to go too then kept her in the dark who her grandparents are and where they reside originally to make sure raven did not suffer the same fate her father went through before meeting her mother.” Allister said as he sat back in his chair.

Allister looked at the prince Eliezer and was debating on revealaing what he learned but feared that the walls have ears lately for he had felt like he has been spied on. “But from what I did learn is that you can not tell her this for I was able to coax her mothers name and maiden name and I learned that her mother is actually my sister...........meaning Raven is actually my niece.” Allister said looking at Eliezer dead in the eye when he revealed that small part of what he actually knew. “My missing sisters daughter and to only learn my sister is dead and I have a niece soI have no clue how to really react around the girl now.” Allister said with a sigh as he sat back in is chair waiting for his reaction.
hmmm that actually sounds really cool
OMG That is so crazy :D I love it
“I wish I was jesting but I was so angry with your father and what he did to my family along with many others from where I lived I will admit rage and anger along with revenge had clouded my judgement so yes I did used you in the beginning I used Mathazar generosity to bring me to the palace after I saved him to get close to you since you are the heir and the heir fiancée has access to getting close to the king.....” Raven said as she looked down. “You must hate me now after learning the truth about my true intentions but I swear I no longer am after revenge or to shed any blood not after being with you and being with you and of course I have seen an improvement in you Eleiezer.” Raven said with a smile and took his hand.

“I really do like you a lot to the point were I even started falling in love with you even though I still dislike your father I do not wish for revenge I just wish to be happy with you and help protect people of this kingdom with you.” Raven said to him with a smile.

“I just hope you do not think to ill of me after what I told you but I just did not want to keep it a secret anymore and if I have to re earn your trust I am willing to do what I can to do so....I don’t want to lose being by your side Eliezer.” Raven said meaning it she just did not desire vegence or to go through with Mathazar bidding.

Raven soon just enjoyed her time with Eliezer just being with him for the past few days she could see him actually being truly happy an smiling more narutally and not that oh must smile for its my royalty thing to do. But after many hours of past Raven noticed the sun was setting and checked the time on her pocket watch. “Well i better be getting back I am sure my brother Andy must be driven to his wits ends after watching the orphaned children today in my absents.” SHe siad with a small giggle and put on her new brooch that she got from Eliezer for she truly loved it and was going to treasure.

She then looked at him before giving him another kiss on the cheek. “I hope we can meet again soon ELeizer.” She siad with a smile and soon left to return back to her home and to help Andy’s its the kids along with discussing moving the orphans out of the city to protect them from Mathazar.

Allister came out of no where again. “Looks like you two had a fun date today and she must really loved your gift for she is wearing it now.” He said as he cleared the table from the now empty tray of snack and empty tea cups. “Its nice to see you so happy honestly this is the most happy I have ever seen from you prince Eliezer.” Allister said with a smile but knew he was seting a dangerous path forward for he sent word that he had finally found the heir and the next step is prevent the king or the princes.....especially Mathazar know that dear Raven is actually the missing heir to the lunar kingdom the grand daughter of King Richard and daughter of prince Aster or Lunar. “Though I must say it seems like something heavy weighs on your mind would you like to come inside and talk about it or would you also like to have your brother opinion on the matter also?” Allister asked the young prince.
“Well mainly your father I hate the most to be honest my plan was to use you to get close to him and all that junk but after being with you and spending time with you the feeling of wanting to confront your father or even take revenge upon him started to well disappear for thanks to you I am actually slowly even starting to become truly happy again.” Raven said to I’m with a smile. Raven basically let slip a small part of her pan but he still held no knowedge of who she was for being a killing machine basically. But it was true her need for revenge was no longer a desire of her for she found something else that gave her a reason to be happy and live. She looked at him for when he said that he was actually making her happy and she looked at him.

“Not making me happy you cant be serious right?” Raven asked him and smiled at him. “You basically went along with my crazy request to go into the village with me, trying to make up for what happened in my past, grave me this beautiful brooch, and just spending time with me like this I am actually at my happiest that I have ever been.” Raven said to him. “You have really made me happy so far that most of the darkness of my past I dwelled in has been fading thanks to you.” She said with a smile at him.

“You do have the ability to do it Eliezer for you have done it so far in my honest opinion.” She said to him with a smile before leaning over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You are amazing Eliezer and will make a great king in the future.” She siad before taking a sip from her cup and enjoyed the snacks that Allister brought them for at least the snacks and tea was good. She then smiled and just enjoyed her time with Eliezer taking things now one step at a time with him but in the back of her mind Mathazar did worry her for she was risking things and was worried he might try to pull something that will expose her or worst make Eliezer hate her all of a sudden.
Yeah i am Injust ben lazy lately but trying to get back in the posting game I should hopefully have a post up by tonight or tomorrow
Yeah but it is what makes them who they are I am sure back in olden times of kings and queens royal children ran into those problems where one is raised strictly like Eliezer and ignored like Mathazar and if a third born was around they be the favorite of the parents for they are third in line and they can do what they want while the second is nothing more then a back up prince

Its sad but unfortunately a cold true fact
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