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Current Hey all Hurricane Dorian has passed and I am back from evacuation let’s have some fun now.
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Hey all Hurricane Dorian has passed and I am back from evacuation let’s have some fun now.
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Hi everyone just to let you all know Inlive in Florida now and by the looks of it wen have a hurricane heading our way so if I stop coming on it’s due to lost of power or internet or both
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I need new rp ideas anyone got some good ideas out there maybe even a Harry Potter one.......
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HEy everyone sorry for not getting back sooner but I officially moved to the east coast and got unpacked along with getting a new Job soI am free to RP again


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Raven looked at him as he talked answering her second question and smiled a bit at him. “Maybe she wants it still but is not sure with how things are if she should keep it for her own selfish reasons for happiness.” Raven said to him as she looked at him and played with the single rose she had pulled out of the bouquet before watching him sit next to her and listening to how he just received it and let out a sigh thinking someone with held it to long.

“No it is ok you do not have to read it all it states is me leaving after the festival with my master and shadow due to my irrational behavior and fear of becoming something I do not wish again.” Raven said to him as she looked at the rose. “I wanted to do the right thing to where even if it hurt m to leave and give up on well us for the sake of you becoming king instead of Mathazar then it would be worth it.” Raven explained to him and closed her eyes. “I am leaving for I know I am slowly growing unstable this Red Robin makes me irrational for thanks to her my world reshattered I thought maybe I could finally move on from my past my blood thirst for revenge and just be happy with someone I love but in the end fate plays a cruel hand towards me.” She said to him and looked at him.

Hen he mentioned her attitude she let out a sigh for she remember how she acted that was her not knowing what to do either. “That attitude was just me not knowing how to comprehend my feelings for in reality you were never suppose to know I was an assassin and that you were my target in the first place but when I fell for you I went against Mathazar and no thanks to Allister who I now learned is actually my uncle on my moms side of the family told you I was upset and I will admit was not thinking rationally.” Raven explained herself to him for she was happy to see him for she still love him with all her heart.

But what shocked her the most was his boldness to all of a sudden say that he decided and wanted to be here knowing the risks and soon watched him lean over holding the bridge of his nose she had to admit she never thought she ever see him like this ever for how composed he always seemed when they were together except for the times she took him out of his comfort zone with them dancing, taking him to the harvest festival. But she listen to him as he spoke and was even more shocked for he was actually speaking what he wanted and not doing what he should be or told to do.

Raven then placed her hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Eliezer that is life nothing is easy I am sure you have been told this by someone by now but sometimes you will make choices that will not make everyone happy but what matters is what you believe in but also consider others at the same time.” Raven explained to him. “And do not apologize Eliezer I am not someone you are here to please are be the prince almost king of this kingdom...Right now you are Eleizer someone who I still and the person who will listen if you have these problems and issues you do not have to put up your usual front you do before the people when its just you and me.” Raven explained to him and soon moved her hand to his hand and held it.

She let him take a deep breath and recompose himself and held his hand still in the process not showing any sign of letting go of it. But soon listened to him on how he knows what family she belongs to along with her father really was. But what threw her off was when he said that she was.....important to Lunar and how he wished he could let her leave. All this now confused her and got her very curious and wanted to know what he meant but to only be interrupted by Hildebrand and Andy.

Once she heard what was happening she looked at Andy. “Yeah he is not lying Amy is distracting the guards right now you both need to get out of here for not only are they looking for you Eliezer they are looking for Raven also to question.” Andy explained and Raven was shocked for she did what she could to not stir trouble up with the guards.

When Raven heard his question she was a bit shocked and was confused now at how to answer but soon Amy ran into the scene. “Whatever you are planning do it now for man they got a bit upset when I refused to go into a inn with them.” AMy said. “And they are hading this way now.” Amy said respecting Hildebrand wishes not to kill them.

Raven looked at them then at Eliezer then at Amy and Andy. “Amy Andy try to throw them for the trail I am going with Eliezer.” She said to them giving Eliezer her answer that way making them both looked shocked.

“But master is...” Before Andy could finish. “There is no time go now both of you Nd Amy get your mask on.” Raven said and Amy nodded as she put her mask back on and disappeared with Andy to go throw the guards off and Raven looked at Eliezer. “We need to move now Eleizer and if you know where to go you better lead the way then.” Raven said to him.
Raven just walked with him to the secluded area but keeping her eye out to make sure they were not followed as she held the bouquet of roses in her hand for she loved how they looked and smelled flowers also preferred them as gifts over shiny things. Once they were out of prying eyes and ears she looked at him as he spoke. She thought she listen to him first at least and had to do a small giggle realizing he had no clue that she had already recognize him already but was only playing along due to the guards around.

But she looked at him a bit when he mention he had basically her heart and she let out a small sigh and smiled a little at him before reaching her hand up and removing his mask. “You may of had her heart Eliezer but did she ever have your heart.” She said to with a small weak smile. “Also I knew it was you right off the bat Eliezer I just acted like I did not know due to the guards I did not want to give you away for I know Mathazar is trying things to prove you are not fit to rule.” She said to him as she held his mask in her hand.

“Also Eleizer didn’t you get my letter I wrote one explaining I was leaving after tonight due to what I did out of instability and also fear of becoming something I wish to never become again.” Raven explained to him as she found a spot to sit down. She pulled one of the roses out of the bouquet gently holding the stem that still possessed thorns.

Raven then looked at Eliezer for he biggest question has not be asked. “Eliezer why are you even here?” She asked him. “Do not get me wrong I am Happy to see you but why you are risking being seen by either citizens or the guards?”

Amy and Andy were talking when Hildebrand approached them and listened to what he had to say. “You think Red Robin had something to do with this Amy?” Andy asked and Amy nodded and took her mask off revealing her face. “Andy you and Hildebrand go find Raven and Eliezer knowing them they went to a secluded spot away from the guards eyes I will go distract the guards as long as I can.” Amy said to him as she took her cloak off even though it was her assassin outfit she still looked like any guys dream and can distract anyone with her looks.

Amy went off and approached the guards putting on the charms basically asked them if they can help her out. Really putting up her charm while Andy took Hildebrand and went off to find Eliezer and Raven so they can get ELiezer away from the festival before he gets caught and warn Raven they would question her.
no worries i understand sometimes we have to disappear due to things going on just glad to know you are alive still lol
Raven was leaning against a building getting her breath back for dancing and singing at the same time is a hard skill to master for it makes you lose your breath faster. As she relaxed and let the cool night air blow on her she felt a a presence approach her and opened her eyes to see someone before her speaking to her. Also try as hard as he wants Raven still recognized Eliezer from all their encounters together and her assassin skills helps her dictate this stuff. But she decided to play along for now since he was trying to hide it and with the guards around the festival she did not want to risk it either.

“I think the people just wanted to let me catch my breath first for they know doing a dance like that while singing is not easy even for someone with a lot of skill and practice as me I still get a bit winded.” Raven explained to him with a small smile and gently took the pink roses for they were pretty. But before she could answer about walking with him one of the villagers approached her.

“Hey Raven beautiful dance shame we won’t see anymore of it or you after tonight me and my wife still can’t believe you are leaving Dainia.” He said and Raven did a small weak smile.

“Yeah its just....just time for me to leave not even sure if I will be returning or not.” Raven said in a small voice.

“Well we do hope you do come back everyone in the village will miss you.” The man said and Raven nodded.

“We will see but please excuse me I believe this fine young man has waited long enough.” She said to him and the man apologized when he realized he interrupted them and waved bye to her. Raven then turned to Eleizer with a small smile.
“Sorry about that I guess word got around that I am leaving the kingdom once the festival is over.” She said to Eliezer. “But to answer your question earlier walking with you sure I do not mind at all.” She said to him and started walking with him.

Allister was also out in the festival with King Roberto also both wearing masks and cloaks to cover their identities. They had also been there to watch the Ravens performance. “She does have the gift even the moon got brighter when she performed.” Roberto said to Allister with a sigh.

“It seems even though Aster left he still raised her to know somethings that is needed for a princess maybe his plan was to come back when she was old enough?” Allister said to Roberto.

“It is possible but I had not been a fool or stubborn none of this would have ever happened.” Roberto said. “And we would not be in this position.” He explained and Allister looked at him feeling bad for it was tough for Raven is their last living blood relative one being his niece born from his sister and for Roberto his granddaughter bore from his son.

“We will figure this out but it like I said you just need to talk to her or she will not know and you will never know what she thinks.” Allister explained to Roberto and he was just hesitant for he did not want his granddaughter hating him. “Look she is leaving after the festival you have to talk to her before she leaves it might help her to come home with us.” Roberto siad and looked at him.

“Maybe but first we have to find where she disappeared too.” Roberto said and they both went looking for her.
oh yes he is the idiot brother in the group so he gets swatted a lot

and we will see what she does lol
we will see i could just be having my own fun and two i never expect eliezer to do the acrobates that’s more ravens style but i can see them dancing itnout mainly not really doing the acrobats but i can honestly see them mainly dance it
I don’t know why but I can imagine them doing this sound (Eliezer and Raven) lol
When Shadow heard the footsteps he quickly vanished out of the mansion and waited outside for the prince and Hildebrand to come out for he wanted to respect them on this and also did not want to have broken trust between the two. He waited patiently but he felt things were off and as Raven always told him to trust his gut. As he waited a bit Amy and Andy appeared in thier clothes and masks. “Shadow you ok you look on edge?” Andy asked as he took his mask off along with Amy.

“Yes you never normally look this tense unless you have a bad feeling.” AMy said as she held her scarlet rose mask and Shadow looked at them.

“I might need to leave the prince and Hildebrand with you guys and I want you to send Scott here also I got a feeling this household might get targeted by the Red Robin.” Shadow said and they both looked shocked.

“Are you positive?” Andy asked and Shadow looked worried.

“Honestly I hope I am wrong but I want to keep them safe they are on Eliezer’s side and I want the prince and I know Raven wants the same to have Eliezer have more allies then enemies.” Shadow said. “And also it was Raven that taught us to follow our gut and follow the lead it gives us even if it is wrong for it is better to observe and make sure then to ignore it and something bad happens.” Shadow explained and they both nodded. Soon they heard foot steps and saw the prince and Hildebrand approach them.

“Prince Eliezer please forgive me but I will no longer be accompanying you I will be staying behind so My sister Amy also known as the assassin Scarlet Rose and Andy you already know as Night Owl will be escorting you through the festival.” Shadow explained.

“But why the sudden need to stay?” Hildebrand asked.

“A gut feeling and as my sister Raven always said better to follow the lead you gut gives and observe to make sure it is wrong then to ignore it and then it be right and something bad will happen and I got a feeling that Lady Nemes might be getting unwanted visitors tonight so I am going to stay and make sure she and her family will remain safe I am having them send me other brother Scott to help me scout and keep an eye on this.” Shadow explained and Amy walked over dressed in deep red corset, pants and knee heel boots along with a hooded cape.

“Do not worry with Shadow and Scott watching them the Nemes family will remain safe.” She said to them as she moved her braided blond hair behind her. “But we should get going Ravens dance will start soon.” Amy said as she and Andy put their masks back on and lead the way as Shadow stayed behind.

Amy and Andy lead them into the main village square that was lite up with lights, decoration and much more and in the middle was the area Raven was going to be dancing in. Music was being played and people were mingling, dancing, and also eating snacks that was being prepared for the festival. “As lively as usual.” Andy said and Amy made a small giggle as they walked and helped Eliezer and Hildebrand through the crowd

“That is true but it will soon become quest once it is time for Raven to take center stage in another one of my designs.” AMy siad happily.

“After you screamed and yelled at her saying you would never make her another outfit after she returned from her last date in torn clothes and cutting her hair even shorter along with leaving the shoes behind.” Andy said and Amy smacked him hard and pointed at Eliezer meaning not the best time to bring that info up. Andy only sighed and apologized and they continued to show them around and even got them something to snack on.

“Man how much longer till she dances I am tired of waiting?” Andy said for he hated waiting and also being a babysitter.

“Oh relax I am sure she is nervous and that is why it is delayed a bit just relax already.” Amy said with a smile and soon the music stopped and everyone looked at the middle of the area where the dance was going to take place and the soon a an in a mask that had a start design walked out.

“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the celestial festival a time were the stars and moon shines at its brightest to bless those for soon the days will grow shorter and the nights will become long so we hold this festival every year to recited the moonlight blessing thanks and to gain it we choose one lucky girl to do the dance in hopes to gain the blessing of the celestial night and now without further a-due I give you Raven Omre and her dance.” He said as he stepped to the side and Raven walked out and everyone was in aww with what she wore.

Raven stood in the middle of the dance floor she wear a unique black outfit that none that had ever been seen. She then looked up and and took a deep breath in as the music soon started to play and soon started to move gracefully as before the first few notes of the song left her lips.
”You are the ocean's gray waves
Destined to seek
Life beyond the shore
Just out of reach
Yet the waters ever change
Flowing like time
The path is yours to climb

She sang as she dance in sync with her song and foot movements showed nothing but grace as she danced even with her hand movements.

In the white light
A hand reaches through
A double-edged blade cuts your heart in two
Waking dreams fade away
Embrace the brand new day
Sing with me a song
Of birthrights and love
The light scatters to the sky above
Dawn breaks through the gloom
White as a bone
Lost in thoughts, all alone”

As she sang she used the whole stage space to dance and got close to some people ad not knowing it she had made her way in font of Eliezer.

Life is not just filled with happiness
Nor sorrow
Even the thorn in your heart
In time it may become
A rose

She sang and the tone and emotion could be hear through her voice and soon danced away from Eliezer and was in the middle again doing her dance. The HEr emotions and voice grew as her son went on.
Sing with me a song
Of silence and blood
The rain falls but
Can't wash away the mud
Within my ancient heart dwells madness and pride
Can no one hear my cry?
You are the ocean's gray waves
Destined to seek life beyond the shore
Just out of reach
Yet the waters ever change
Flowing like time
The path is yours to climb
You are the ocean's gray waves

Before the song had even ended many could tell the moon had looked like it was shining brighter then normal which shocked some of the people but soon watched her end the dance and was in the middle on the floors on her knees and head down.

Soon all the villagers clapped and cheered for her and she did a small weak smile for she was exhausted a bit and got u and started to walk away.

“Let’s get her.” Andy said with a smile as they lead Eliezer and Hildebrand to where Raven was going which was to be alone and catch her breath a bit more.

“Now is your chance Eliezer she will not run away for she is tired and do not worry we will keep the villagers away from you guys.” Amy said with a smile and gave the prince a gentle push towards Raven.

Shadow was now glad he stayed behind and had Shadow with him for he had just witness what happened to Lady Nemes and Scott went off and used his traps to smoke bombs to disorient the goones before killing them but had unfortunately lost sight of the Red Robin.

Shadow soon walked out from his hiding place and held his hand out to her. “Please do not cry everything will be fine and do no listen to her she is working for Mathazar she is on mine and a few other assassins hit list right now for all the trouble she has caused so far.” He said as he helped her back up and took a handkerchief and wiped her tears with them. “LOok do not do as she says and I promise nothing will happen to your family for one even if she threatens you she is holding a big risk of exposing herself for last I checked for who she really is she is suppose to be at the palace doing her duties not out here doing this and two its a lowly servant girls word over a nobles word after all all you have to mention is Mathazar has done the same thing.” Shadow explained.

“Also you can help us also we are helping Eleizer take his brother done for the one that is trying to stop us is the leader of out assassin gang is my sister moon raven the first assassin to break the assassins code to Dow hat is right though I can not say what it is for now it must be kept secret.”

Soon Scott came in with his mask on still. “Sorry shadow I got the goones and the ones that attacked me but it allowed the Red Robin to escape.” He said.

“Its ok Sparrow at least we are wearing her defenses and two those goones are based off greed Mathazar will not keep giving her money to pay them off for their services forever.” Shadow said before looking at Lady Nemes and bowed before her. “You should’ve be safe now my lady and if you ever need me just send a letter to Eleizer for I am serving as a bodyguard for him from the shadows.” He said and walked to Scott. “Your traps set?” He asked and Scott nodded.

Shadow then looked at Lad Nemes with a smile before he and Scott jumped ou the balcony and vanished themselves
Yeah Hildebrand can meet Amy at the festival and see how they interact

and Lol you might be right about that part with Shadow and Lady.... ok going to take me time to remeber how to spell her name lol
In the middle of he village decorations were going up getting ready for the festival. Raven, her master and other siblings were getting the area were she as going to perform ready for the that night. The boys got all the poles up as Amy got the drapery done along with the tightrope and silk rope for RAvens performance due to her amazing skills in agility and acrobats. “I swear Raven is there nothing you can not do I mean you sing, dance, do acrobats, play a musical instrument, and so on.” One of her brothers said as Raven was on one of the Tightropes testing it.

“Well believe it or not when I was young and before I was forced here my parents to great interesting teaching me these things when I was young though I had already loved to Dance and learning to play the flute was my idea for my mother knew how to play one.” Raven explained and jumped down before them.

“Yeah but still kind of weird not even nobles teach their kids that much its just the basics like ballroom dancing, a simple instrument like the harp for girls or eve the piano, needle point, and other girly stuff.” The other one said as thy worked.

“Mom was teaching me that stuff to like needle point along with knitting even but that stuff was hard to come by due to use not having a lot of Money which was fine with me I was just happy with them.” Raven said to her brothers. “They just wanted me to experience things and not hold back on my ambitions along with the willingness to try different things.” She explained which was part of the truth her parents had told her. The other truth was Aster was preparing her to be heir for he wanted to take them back to Lunar when Raven had gotten older and already have some skills as a princess along with a few extra. “And also I only got better because one mAster encourage it and two had explained how it was beneficial for an assassin.” She finished explaining as they all just laughed at Raven a bit for she was right about that part.

Her master had been listening in and smile for he had seen Raven as his daughter for years to watch her grow not the fine young lady/assassin. Even the other children he had raised he had never thought he would of taken orphans in until he meet Raven and saw her skills. Raven smiled at her siblings before looking to see her master smiling and she went over and hugged him. “Oh my what has brought this on.” He said with a small laugh.

“Nothing just felt like giving you a hug you have been by my side for years dealing with the good and bad never giving up on me especially during my unstable times.” She explained to him and Her master just smiled and ruffled her short hair.

“And I would not trade it for the world now then I think you still need to practice dear.” He said with a. Argh along with her and she went off to practice her routine again and just watched with a smile.

Allister was still at the in talking to the king of Lunar. “Your Majesty I know you are anxious to finally meet her but remember she does not know you are her grandfather or the fact that her father was the crown prince and now that he has passed she is crown princess of Lunar that might freak her out.” Allister tried to explain to King Roberto as he paced the room a bit.

“Allister I have been separated from her since the day she was born I need to see the last thing my son left in this world I need her to come back to Lunar and take the throne.” He said frustrated.

“Your Majesty she is also my niece the last piece of my sister also so I understand perfectly but after she learned I was her uncle I have not heard from her all I got was that she might be leaving the kingdom sometime after the festival.” Allister explained to Roberto.

“I still can not believe my own blood fell for a prince of this kingdom the son of the man that sent troop to specifically kill my Son and her to end the bloodline.” Roberto said angry and soon his main servant got him to sit and drink some water.

“Your Majesty he is not like his father now his twin brother Mathazar yes he is like his father but Eliezer actually cares about his kingdom and Raven can see that she does not expect him to give it up like her father did she rather he take the throne even though she loves him and I can tell he loves her but he will just not admit it at all or just tries to deny it for of the fear of knowing where she is from and her bloodline now.” Allister explained and Roberto just sighed a bit.

“It will just eat him up Allister Aster did the same exact thing for I prodded for information and even then he admit he could not love her due to her birthrite and how she would be treated or how the people of Lunar would accept it because of my past.” Allister looked shocked.

Roberto took in a deep breath before speaking. “You see long before you and you sister ever set foot on Lunar soil, before even Aster was ever born back when me and my wife were young and not married for my Wife was the heir of the kingdom looking for a suitor and I was just a simple merchant family with not title or status and fate soon brought me and the princess together for I was delivering something to the palace.” Roberto said as he pulled on the necklace he wore and opened the large pendent revealing a picture of his wife in it.

“It was love at first sight for the both of us for I thought she was the most beautiful lady in the land and she thought I was funny for after we were introduced I tripped and landed straight on my face caused her to laugh but I just laughed with her for it was so infectious.” Roberto smiled at the old memory. “After that we became inseparable always finding excuses for us to meet to talk and just be with each other then soon years later I took the chance I went before her parents and my wife and confessed my love for her and how I know I cold not give much due to what class I was but I said I would love her for the rest of my life and can I have their blessings to marry their daughter.” Roberto said and Allister was shocked for he thought that he was at least of a noble family by how he acted and treated his son Aster.

“But judging by how you were married and has Aster they must of accepted right?” Allister asked.

“Her parents did for they just wanted their daughter to be happy and knew I could along with how I showed them that I had the skills or least the ability to learn to be a good king but others were not and made it hard for the both of us for other nobles were not happy for they wanted Luna to marry their sons to build there status up and even the royal advisors were against it and worst my own mother and father did not help my case either for they tried to use the soon to be new title and family of the royal family and changed from their kind selves to selfish greedy people that I no longer recognized and it only made the advisors question my true reasons of Marrying Luna and even her own parents were slowly starting to believe it but thankfully Luna was not going to stop without a fight.” Roberto said to Allister.

“Luna fought the advisors the families of the nobles that just wanted to use her and even my own parents saying they were not worthy of being my parents for how they acted but it was because of her fighting spirit and her will to not give up on our love she fought and soon thanks to her she gave me the will to fight back also and we fought all way to our wedding day.” Roberto laughed remembering how one noble tried to kidnapped him in his wedding day and replace him with their son to only have them punched in the jaw. “Even after we married I still faced trials to prove my worthiness to be king and soon when her parents were ready to step down the gave their crowns to use and soon I was finally accepted but because me and Luna fought back very hard and for a long time to be accept then Aster was born but a few years after his birth Luna grew sick and never recovered before passing then I had to fight again to stay by my sons side and raise him to be king for the advisors tried to get ride of me after Luna’s death.” Allister was dumbfound when he heard that.

“What they tried to separate you from your own son but why? I mean it makes no sense he lost his mother why take his father away also?” Allister asked.

“Because they used my past as a scapegoat saying how I was only accept because of Luna and the former king and queen said so but also claimed that I allowed Luna to die when in reality I was the one fighting hard and pushing our healers to find a cure for her desperately so after that I decided I did not want Aster to go through the same fate as me when he told me he loved a girl of common birth and wished to marry her its why i raised him to follow his duty and how he should marry someone of noble class and not below that along with erasing history of my past and how me and his mothers fight to get to where we were before she passed but in the end I failed for he ran off with the girl and then they brought granddaughter I never got to meet and never will get to experience holding her as a baby, seeing her walk for the first time or her trying to talk and even me spoiling her like a grandfather oiled do especially with their first grandchild.” Roberto said and Allister finally understood.

“You just did not want History to repeat with Aster and my sister from what you experience.” Roberto nodded his head at him. “It all does make sense why you were so hard on him to marry a women from the noble class you were only protecting them.” Allister still could not believe it but soon stood before his king.

“Sire you need to tell Raven this story it will help her understand why you did this why it had ended up that way sure she may dislike you but it might help with some closure for it helped me understand better.” Allister explained to Roberto and he sighed.

“Maybe you are right after all if I had not done that Aster and Ophelia would of been still Alive but she might hate me for being the reason why they died.” Roberto said not sure he wanted to face that.

“Roberto she may be angry but also we could not predict their deaths fate just played a cruel hand to them but do not let it stop you being with the last family you have left.” Allister said and Roberto looked at him and was thinking that he might be right.

The days had passed and it was time for the festival many people were out checking out the decorations,food, little stuff they were selling , and even dancing before Raven came to do her dance of the night.

Shadow was in new clothes but a still had his mask sitting next to Hildebrand without him knowing. “So Hildebrand ready to see my sis dance.” He laughed when he made Hildebrand jump. “You truly spook easily maybe we should train you to detect things anyways I came to see if you ANd Eleizer are ready to go I figure I guide you through it also brought you both masks.” He said holding them up. “This festival is known fro its people wearing masks so it will help you both blend in a bit better in the crowds where no one will hopefully recognize either of you.” Shadow explained to him.

“Thank you Shadow but please be careful we are no longer in the palace we are in the home of another noble that is close friends with Eleizer.” He said and Shadow nodded.

“I know I do apologize not trying to cause trouble I can meet you both outside the mansion if you like I mainly just wanted to give you guys the masks.” Shadow said with his smile and was ready to go see his sisters dance wondering what she came up with.
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