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Raven had gotten the letter reading it over in her place looking at the it thinking a bit. She was very confused on things for she wanted to be like her father and just Fowler her heart and instincts by giving up the hit but with Mathazar threat it made things even harder. But at the time she decided to not let it get to her and just at least enjoy her time with Eliezer and just wait and just wait to see what will happen next.

She got out more paper and a pen and started to write her response back to Eliezer.

Dear Eliezer,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and for wanting to meet me once again. I would love to meet you at the lake at noon tomorrow. I Can not wait to see you.

Sincerely Yours,

Raven Omrea

Raven finished her letter and got it ready to be delivered. She handed it off to the messenger to be delivered to Eliezer.

Once she was done with that she looked out her window looking out at the night sky for it had been a long day but soon let out a sigh until she heard a knock on her door and wondered who that can be and made her way down the stairs. When she opened the door Alister was standing there right before her.

“Hello Miss. Omrea I am ALister the royal family butler may I come in I would like to talk with you?” He asked and Raven raised her eyebrow for she did not like the look of this guy.

“No please leave.” Raven said as she closed the door but Alister stopped her. “Now now miss asssasin I think you do have time to talk.” He said with a smirk and Raven looked at him shocked. “Talk to me and I promise to keep your secret from Eliezer and how his brother hired you to kill him.” Alister said and Raven just glared at him but let him into her home.

“Ok talk now I want to get to bed and be rested for tomorrow.” Raven said to him.

“Ah yes going to see his majesty tomorrow tell me do you truly love him or are you just trying to get close to him to make it easier to kill him.” Alister said with a smirk and Raven just glared at him. “Alright moving on I just wish to know what your parents names were is all.” Alister said with a smile. “I am just researching you for my own reasons and there is very little history on you.” He explained and Raven crossed her arms.

“I was not born or raised here I just remember living near a forest all my life before my parents were slaughtered by the royal guards of this kingdom and I fled here with the rest of the people that also lived near the forest.” Raven explained to him. “That might be why you have not really any information on me.” Raven explained and soon Andy walked in.

“Hey Raven you got the time the kids are complaining its not bed time.” He siad and Raven sighed pulling out her pocket watch opening it to check the time and Alister looked it and looked in shocked.

”That......that is the royal families pocket watch of the lunar kingdom I recognize it anywhere....could....could this girl be Prince Aster’s daughter?” Alister thought.

“It is their bed time Andy get them to bed now.” Raven said and andy nodded and went off.

“That watch you have there its not something you see well someone of the low class possessing.” Alister said knowing Raven took care of the orphaned children of the kingdom.

“That’s because this was my fathers he belonged to the high class word but left it to be with my mother.” Raven explained to him.

“Who was your father I might of known him?” Alister asked trying to keep his cool.

“I never knew his title or last name he and my mom changed their last names after he gave up his title.” Raven explained and Alister looked at her strange.

‘What do you mean by that.” He asked and Raven looked at him. “My mother was not always Omrea she used to go by Ophelia Cornell she did it so if my fathers father asked around they would not kno who she was and they could not find them.” Raven explained and Alister looked shocked for he thought this was another Ophelia and his sister had gone missing or was kidnapped.

“And....what was your fathers first name at least.....?” He asked Raven looked at him and sighed a bit.

“My fathers name was Aster that’s all I know like I said they both changed their last names that they told me at least so that that my fathers family could not find them he wanted me to live freely and not be like how he was before my mother.” Raven said with her arms crossed while holding the pocketwatch. “All I got that clued me in as his high status was this pocketwatch that he passed down to me before he died.” SHe finished and ALister was in our shock for not only was this truly the missing heir but this girl.....was also his niece.

“I see then........I am sorry for taking up your time I just wanted to extr information for the prince safety I just like to be wel infomred on those who intereact with I will leave you then.” Alister said as she stood and left for the night.

Once he returned and quickly rushed to his room and got a quil and paper out about ready to write but then froze.....”Why am I hesitating I did my job I found the missing heir I need to report this...” He siad but then again he thought of his sister for he did remember how she was acting weird after the prince broke from his shel and was fighting to marry this mysterious woman he had fallen for then how they both vanished. ‘Or am I stopping after now learning that she is my sisters niece........what....what do I do?” ALister asked himself before he sat and drifted into a deep thought.

Raven as just confused after Alister left but just sighed and went to be for she wanted to be ready to meet Aister tomorrow for she wanted to be able to play the flute for him. She soon turned in for the night and was in a deep sleep.

The next day it was getting close to noon and Raven was getting ready to leave to meet Eliezer at the Lake and she smiled while getting ready and gripped her flute. She was excited for she liked being out in nature and cant remember the last time she was at the lake. Once she was ready she told ANdy she be back later and left towards the lake and played her flute along the way.
It was Allister that had entered the room with a tray of tea and snacks. “Eliezer studying hard I see.” He siad as he placed the tea tray before him and say the corner of the book about the history of Lunar along with the bloodlines or the Royals. It made him glad he snuck in already and stole the pages of what the Royal Family’s heirloom of the pocketwatch look like when he first started working here years ago. But the pages about the the so call dispute was not his doing at all. “I brought some tea and snacks to keep your energy up.” He siad with a smile even though his scar across this face wa seen by all he never mind.

He then grabbed the book the Prince had hidden and smirked at the prince. “My my my are we reading up on the people or Lunar now?” He asked showing that not much get past him. “Now what go you so interested in the Lunar kingdom all of a sudden?” He asked as he opened the book looking trough it again just for fun but had the heirloom pages hidden in his coat pocket. “Come now Eliezer you know you boys can not hide a lot from me for I know pretty much all I just let you get away with a few things for you Prince’s need some fun and to do something to make your lives interesting.” Alister said with a smile.

“So want to talk about it or you just going to talk the word of your father like you always did when you were younger.” He said fr he did remember when he first arrived and got associated into the status of Butler in the palace he watch Eliezer ask questions about certain things that had great concern but the king would brush it off telling him he a story or something making him believe it. “Or would you like to talk to that lass you been enfatuated with ever since that night at the ball.” He said with a smirk at the prince seeing how the two have grown a bit close but he did know she was an assasin hired by Mathazar bu decided to see how it plays out between the three. And also he did not care what happened for he was just here to find the missing grandchild heir to his king back in Lunar nothing more.

Raven was stilly playing with her new flute after she found an open field to just play her flute for she was also trying to get out the rusty kings with her playing. She did remember how Eliezer wanted to hear her play the flute and she wanted to get better at it like she was a long time ago. Bt it felt better to play the flute again then her mothers interesting insterment.

Though after a bit she did stop playing and eat the wind blow through her hair letting out a long sigh. “What am I going to do I am the toughest assasin around and look at m so confused along with wanting to follow my heart over everything what dad did to be with my mother.” She said and looked at her flute before getting back up and went back to her place and getting some paper out and started writing to Eliezer telling how one of her brothers had bought her a new flute along with how she has been practicing with it and hoped that she could come by or if he could come. Which every he wished to do so she could play for him sometime soon or when he was available. After she finished writing it she got it sent off to the palace and hoped to get a reply from him.
The messenger gave the letter to a servent and the servent to it to Eliezer. Once at the door the servent knocked before walking in seeing the prince with Alister. “Your highness a latter has arrived for you it is from Lady Raven Omrea.” The servent siad as she handed it to the prince before taking his leave. ”Omrea? That was Ophelia’s last name Asters true love as he claimed.....Did Aster take on their Ophelia’s last name and if she could this girl be the missing granddaughter also heir to the would explain why the prince is looking up the Lunar kingdom Nobel’s but Ophelia was common birth so it was good at covering tracks.” Alister thought as he let the prince read the letter.
no worries i have times like that before

Name: King Roberto of Lunar

Age: 78

He raised his heir how he was raised to be tough stern but also fair along with closing his feelings off from the world. But when when his son found true love in a commoner he went against the marriage between the two to only find a note later on from is saying giving up his rights to the throne and eloped wth the village girl. He had hoped his son would come to his sense to but only to receive one letter about how he did Marry the girl but not only that but how he had became a grandfather to a little girl. He never learned his grandchild’s name just that she inherited all the genes of how every first born looked like of the royal family and also his plan to pass their family heirloom down to the child when the time was right. He spent years trying to figure out where the letter came from so he could finally find his son and meet his granddaughter. But in the end he found he was too late for when his faithful servent Alister finally found the home he reported that the prince was dead along with his wife. The only good news was that a child’s body was not found in the burn destruction. Roberto believes that his granddaughter has survived and may have fled with the other refugees from one of the raids that happened to Dainia. He sent Alister to go and infiltrate the royal family and keep an eye out for his grandchild and to report to him weekly on how the mission goes and also if the King of Dainia is planning something against his kingdom. Years had gone by and he still has heard no word about the where about of his granddaughter but rumors did spread about how the heir to the kingdom was still alive and with unknown whereabouts. All Roberto wished wa to find the only thing left by his son and apologize to her all the pain and suffering he caused her and her family because of his stubbornness and pride.
Alister watched the little assasin leave the palace and sighed a bit as he walked down the dark hallways. “So far no luck I have been here since it was learned that the heir is still alive.” He said as she walked and smiled at the maids making them swoon and he walked and thought of his man mission. “How is it so hard to find a girl with Raven black hair, fair which skin, crystal blue eyes and also carried the heirloom pocketwatch but then again the stupid king keeps me in this pathetic palace to wait on him hand and foot.” He said angry for he truly hated the king of Dainia after what he did to the Prince of Lunar and almost killing the princess.

“Once I find that her I will finally be able to leave this horrible place.” He mumbled as he went to the kitchen and got tea for Prince Eliezer for he has noticed he seemed on edge and thought tea would help him relax. As he walked with the tea set he sighed for the Eliezer did remind him of Prince Aster for he was very doll like until he meet Lady Ophelia. The women that broke the prince out of his shell to where they fell in love.

Aliester sighed and soon made it to the prince Roma and knocked on it. “Prince Eliezer I brought you some tea to help you sleep may I come in?” He asked through the door but heard nothing not even movements if he was in bed or in his room. “Eliezer?” He opened the door looking around and sighed. “Oh he pulled a Mathazar he snuck out then again he did it yesterday to go to the village with that assasin girl.” He said and placed the tea set down and left the room.

Once back in his room and took out a paper and quil and was writing down his weekly report about what the king was planning and still had no leads on where his granddaughter was at all. “Man the only clues we had about the granddaughter is the letters Aster wrote to his father about him eloping and then later how they had a daughter ugh but no name just that she has the first born gene and his plan on handing over the pocketwatch to her that is is.” He sighed and finished his report and went to a cage where an owl resided and he tied the note. “Take this to the king and be swift my feather friend.” He siad as he let the owl out to take flight and deliver his message. “I better find this grandchild soon I hate being here.” He groaned and went to retire for the night.

The next day Raven was As normal dealing with the orphan children when Aruthur came in. “Wow busy as usual.?” He asked and she nodded and Arthur laughed. “Well I might have something to help you get by.” He siad and pulled out a box and handed it to Raven and she raised an eyebrow at him and opened it before letting out a gasp. AHat her brother had given her was a flute. “I know you miss playing the flute so I got this one specially made for you.” he said with a smile.

Raven smiled at him and gave him a hug. “Thank you Arthur I love it very much.” He said happily as she took the flute out. “WHy don;t you go out and play it get a feel for it.” He said with a smile and Raven nodded and went out and started to play her flute and it was a fun tune that caught the villagers attention making them smile and wanting to dance. Raven felt happy and was glad to be playing the flute again it made her forget being Threaten by Mathazar and how she might have to kill someone she truly loved.

Name: Allister Cornell

Age: 45

He is a butler for the the princes and king of Dainia but holds a dark secret. He was actually the main butler for the king of the Lunar kingdom sent to Dainia after his son was murdered but to learn that his grandchild was still alive for no evidence of a child’s body was found and witness saying they saw a little girl from out of the home when it was burning to the ground. HIs main mission is to find the missing heir and return with her.
yeah it is I am still trying to think of a good post i am actually thinking of putting a spy in the castle as a servant that watches everything and reports back to the lunar king
I got a bit carried away and besides he need time to get the things he needs to frame her i am also trying to work on idea to have the lunar kingdoms king come to the kingdom and play a role in this somehow
Raven looked at him when he suggested about playing the flute again. “I would not mind playing the flute again but unfortunately I do not posses on anymore it was destroyed in a fire years ago.” She explained to him and did feel bad she did not eat the food that was provided for her but she had unfortunately lost her appetite for the day.

When he brought up about her wanting to go back to the village she did think it was for the best and nodded at him and followed as he lead the way. She smiled at him from what he said about him having a good time with her. “I had a great time with you also and I will admit you are the first person I revealed a good chunk of my past too not even my own siblings know what I told you.” She said with a smile but soon blushed when he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

She had not expected that but she did not hate it at all she had actually liked it and smiled at him. She siad her goodbyes to him after he helped her into the carriage and she rode him thinking a lot.


Raven thanked the coach driver and watched him leave. She then let out a sigh and walked back into her home to see Andy there still. “Hey Raven welcome back how was it?” He asked as he was playing with the kids.

“It was interesting.” Raven said as she walked over and sat down. Once she did a little girl came up with her arms up and raven just smiled, picked her up and then placed the little one on her lap.

“Interesting how?” Andy asked as one of the boys talked his back and it caught Andy off guard.

“I got to learn more about him along with opening him up more but....” She said as she sighed a bit. “I started to open up about bits and pieces of my past.” Raven explained and Andy poked at her concerned when she said that.

“Raven be careful you can accidentally reveal why you are there and that is to kill him so you can get close to his father to kill his father for revenge.” Andy said to her as he got one of the kids off his back.

“That is the thing thoug....what if.....” Raven said and looked down. “What if I don;t want my revenge anymore?” Raven said to him and Andy’s jaw just dropped when he heard those words come out of his sisters mouth.

“Whoa back up did I just hear you correctly Raven ou are starting to consider not wanting to revenge?!” He said shocked and watched Raven nod her head. “Ok I am confused Raven for as long as I known you the only thing we hear come out of your mouth is revenge against the king for what he did to your parents.” He said to her and Raven sighed.

“I know Andy I know but after spending time with Eliezer and get to be with him along with watching him open up so much.......” Raven said and looked at her brother. “I.....I think I am actually truly falling in love with Eliezer.” Raven explained and that caused Andy to fall over freaking Raven out.

“Little miss black heart actually has a heart to love someone and not just anyone the prince and son of the man that killed your parents and also the oldest brother of the younger brother that also wants him dead?!” Andy said as he sat back up looking at his sister as if she was nuts.

“I get it ok I am heartless except with kids but its not just me opening him up he has opened something up in me that I thought I had sealed off years but he brings it out of me.” Raven finished and Andy sighed looking at her.

“Man I do not fully understand it but I guess as long as this is what you want and it makes you happy you have my suport sis but I do have one question....what about Prince Mathazar?” Raven just looked away.

“I will talk to him tonight I am thinking of calling the deal off.” Raven explained.

“Want me to go with if he tries something?” Andy asked and Raven shook her head.

“NO I will be fine.” Raven said with a smile.

Once night time came Raven was in her assasin attire and had once again snuck onto the palace grounds making her way to Mathazar’s room. While on the way Mathazar was sitting in the chair thinking. “Hmmmmm I wonder if Raven even knows she is from that kingdom she never mentioned or showed signs shewas from that kingdom.” He said to himself as he was thinking until he heard the window open and saw the very women he was thinking about.

“I am glad you came to visit me dear Raven I must say I am disappointed in you my brother should be dead now instead I am still seeing him walking around breathing just fine.” He said angry as Raven took her hood off.

“Forgive me but a......complication happen even one that I could not even predict would ever happen.” Raven said to him. That caused him to raise an eyebrow and noticed that she had a mall blush on her cheeks and was a bit fidgety and he knew her well and was not the type to do that and it hit him why she had not killed him.

“Oh my you are in love with my brother that is why you can not kill him I can not believe this.” Mathazar said mad and got up walking towards her. “You better get those thoughts out of your head I want him dead so I can take over this kingdom.” He said to her approaching her and grabbing her wrist.

“Do as I say or I will send all forces into the village to hunt you down and they will not spare those orphans you care for so dearly.” Mathazar said and Raven looked at him.

“YOu would not dare my siblings will help protect them!” Raven said mad

“No if I send my best forces and I know where you all live I can have you all taken down at once and have you put on trial for treason towards the royal family.” He said and threw her down. “YOu will do the job before the coronation if not say good bye to your family and the stupid pathetic orphans.” He said as he pointed his sword at her.

Raven may have been the best but she knew when to stand down if she was not mentally ready for a fight and just bowed her head down. “Alright ....alright I will get the job done.” SHe said wanting to protect the orphans on the village.

“Good now leave.” He siad and she jumped out his window and into the night. “Hmm just to make sure I better get things ready to frame her t might help with a little motivations for her.” Mathazar said with a smirk watching the Assasin return to the village.
Raven just pushed her food around her plate for she was not really that hungry but listened to him talk more but when she brought villagers up she actually still hated them for how they treated her when she first arrived as a kid after her parents were slaughtered. But she just created a facade to fool those to get what she wanted like information and other little perks. “Of course the village it basically one big family and you have to help your family.” She siad with a convincing smile towards him not letting on anything.

But when he brought up the isolation for him who he liked it for it only showed how different it wax for them. She was eft alone no family shunned by the whole village as soon as she stepped one foot into it and treated as if she did not exist for a long time. But she thought that he must of been surrounded by tutors, royal adviser, performing royal duties and other royal things he had to do. “I guess that does show the different worlds we live in.” Raven said to him.

“I have been alone for so long when I was little no one to help me, one to be there for me, and most of all no one to love me.” Raven explained to him. “I didn’t start meeting my brothers and sister until 4 years after I arrived and that was also when our master took us all in and raised us as his kids.” Raven said as she pushed the plate of food away from her. “So the thought of being alone is not something I wish to endure again....I rather end everything then suddenly be thrown into isolation.” Raven said trembling a bit remember how her master would punish her by thrwing her in a small dark room with no one.

It was his tactic to know all their weaknesss and use it to get them motivated to train harder and to get it right or if we failed at their task given to them. “I guess that is why I take in the orphan children of the kingdom at least do not feel alone and it gives the kids a stable place to live, food, and we all are like family at least.” Raven finished explaining to him. “I know it seems childish but it is one of my greatest fears.”

Raven soon shook off everything from what she said and looked at his violin and it made her think of all the lessons her mom gave her with that one strange instrument she cant remember the name of and a flue. Music was a big thing in her parents lives it was how they were brought together one time and lead to them falling in love. “My mom actually taught me how to play the flute but I have not played one in years not even sure if I can recall how to play one again.”” SHe said trying to change the subject not wanting to reveal anymore of her past to him.
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