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2 mos ago
Life is scary and difficult but we have to trend through it all to find the. light at the end
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3 mos ago
I hate Opening shift I have to be up before 6am :(
4 mos ago
I lucked out and passed both classes with a B and a B-
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4 mos ago
Flipping out about my last final this teacher is evil no study guide he never reviewed it he is setting me up to fail so studying hard won't post for a while sorry.
7 mos ago
I wish all the Stress from the world will go away.


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<Snipped quote by Fairy Tale Dreamer>

You've done fine on that count, in my book - there are other posts on page 2 and beyond of 1x1 interest checks (they were recently at the front, but actually been knocked off the first page) that would legitimately earn my ire.

In this case, it seems odd to single you out, because while I agree with where he's coming from - you're not the problem. Other posts in this section, yes, do make it clear that they want player = character gender.

You want a male character, which for a time was a rarity, and so the male focus was slightly refreshing at first glance. I didn't consider there to be a heavy bias towards the roleplayers actually being male.

Consider the affair a non-issue, carry on, and continue preparations for the ball that will spout more IC drama.

Thanks right now I just want to move past this now and get ready for my test
You're good. Thanks for fixing it. I hope you find loads of people to RP with. Consider it dropped. :)

thank you very much and once again I am very sorry about that and thank you for telling me about it so i could fix that mistake that I have made
<Snipped quote by ArenaSnow>

I say exactly the same thing, actually. I've made several posts about it in the past. You know that because you've liked my posts on the matter in the rp discussion section of the forum. The only reason this post "stuck out to me" is that today was the first day in months that I actually skimmed through the interest checks. None of the other posts I clicked on mentioned such a blatant inability to distinguish between player and character. I also do not think that a vagina is required to play female characters, full stop.

OK can we please drop this I made a mistake and I do apologize for it and changed my title of the interest check. I am only human and I made a mistake I admit it. I see how it can offend people I do apologize for that deeply that was never my intention to do so. So please stop I don't want to lose potential people to rp with because of a stupid mistake I made and obviously had to be called out on but I don't want this blown up anymore then it has been.
Yeah, you should. A penis is not required to play a male character.

I know I am sorry I was not thinking when I put the title up I just put something random up I really did not mean to offend anyone :(
<Snipped quote by Fairy Tale Dreamer>

You're doing fine. It seems clear to me that you don't hold the bias that portions of the section has, namely, that real world gender == roleplay gender competence.

I just hope no one thinks I was being bias I wasn't at least I was not trying to make it sound that way
it was an old thread from a

<Snipped quote by Drache>

What do you say to the swarm of posts that want only females to play female players?


This OP stands out purely because it's not a thinly veiled dating attempt it actually held a male bias in the title...

it’s an old thread from a few years ago and when i redid the thread on a new one i just did not change the title i did not mean to be bias to anyone
Why only male players?

I mostly play females and i don’t do MXM or FXF they are not my style
it mainly means i am looking for people to play male characters i should have used that as a title instead
Still wanted to apologize at least I am taking the summer off from school to mainl work (Or possibly find a new job) work on my dogs obedience training and alos rping
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