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Current Finally got a new iPad case with the keyboard that works a to better now hopefully I can post more!!!
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Ok sorry to all those who I Roleplay with forgive me. I thought Ibhave more time especially after hearing they would be cutting back on hours only to find they are cutting everyone’s hours but mine 😓
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YAY!!! I am done Finally with Finals but i unfortunately have a long work weekend will post hopefully by next week
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So sorry i am almost done with finals I only have one more and get through father’s day weekends at work then I should be back to posting I promise.
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Hi everyone I do apologize for a lot of my long long delaying in posts. I have not forgotten about you just been so busy with school and work its been hectic. Finals are almost over will post soon.


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Raven watched the kids run around tring to have some fun at least and looked at Eliezer and then looked out. She was not that kind for she has killed for money but she took the jobs that she thought was worthy to die the most. If only he knew al the darkness and blood she was covered in was to much to hand/ Even her job Now was to just get close to the king to finally kill him then one she gained her revenge she would end all the pain she possessed still deep in her heart. Raven did see a world a world no Royal would look at a world that some Royals just trying to find a stupid fix hat does not work.

Most people like here who saw the Royals only felt like a charity case give them money and they should be fine but so much more had to be done. She then looked at him when he apologized that he could not fully relate to her and she let out a small sigh before looking at him. “It is alright we grew up in two different worlds after all I live in the world where I worked hard to be here but was taught some still like my mother taught me all about plants and herbs and my daughter taught me a little fighting skills and also to be kind.” She explained.

But when he brought up what her affiliation was with the Royal family she was stuck for she only knew Mathazar but then came up with an idea. “Oh through your BRother Mathazar yeah He snuck out of the palace one day and he was about to get mugged by these three big guys because even though she wore a cloak she was still wore things that a thief or a mugger looks for.” Raven started to explain to him. “And I just happen to be near by so as you saw how I took down those assasins at the ball I did the same with the thugs.” Raven was glad she was a good liar.

“So as a thank you he got me into the Ball to let me experience it I mean Yeah I hoped you would notice me and let me get the chance to get to know you...not the stiff doll like prince the Real you the real Eliezer..... I guess that was why I wanted you to come here to forgot for a day you are a prince and just be well normal for a change.” Raven finished explaining to him and hoped he bought the first part the second part about bringing him here was true before she betray him and kill him.

Raven though had to admit the more she did spend time with him it did get a bit harder for she did feel something weird in her chest but she then remembered one fact. “He was a prince finding a queen that will fit the title not a girl who thought differently and possible can’t fit in the royal world. She was a farm girl to a village girl to an assasin type. She had a good hunch that he brought her here to return the favor for saving him not because he liked her in any way.

“Well well well if it isn’t little Raven what are you up too.” A female siad and Raven rolled her eyes. “Hello Sister Amy.” Raven said annoyed for Amy was known to seduce any guy that was how she got all the good jobs and she was an even worst killer. “Aww Litle Raven mad at me still after all I stole what 5 of the guys you liked and now going to make it 6.” She said as she turned the charm and flirt on with Eliezer and Raven growled and grabbed Eliezer’s arm and pulling him away.

“Dear sister he is mine now back off I am so tired of you stealing the guys I like.” In reality it was code Amy mean Prey over the the ones that Raven liked for they were originally her prey and Raven was not letting Amy have this one.

“Alright fine probably for the best can;t let the man I have waiting for me to see me and get mad that I am trying to steal another one from you though if you worked on your looks a bit more he might want you in a heart beat but no your are plain and simple.” AMy said with a smirk. “Well Bye dear sister.” She said and walked away while laughing and Raven got really angry for AMy and here were close when they were younger but it changed when AMy hit puberty first and it hit her hard that made her more feminine and sexy.

“I am so sorry I thought she was 3 kingdoms away from here and do not get mixed up with her she is a huge manipulated.” Raven explained as she let go of his arm not noticing that she was blushing a bit.
lol it’s ok no worries i still love reading what you write
Raven just loved to dance for it was like fighting with the movement but not really. And it was one of her favorite past times of her past that she did with her parents many years ago. “Her parents had taken her to a couple festivals and they would dance together especially with her father eh would always dance with her then throw in the air for fun to make her laugh when she was younger.

Once she heard his comment about how she craved another and bout the other night she only let out a small giggle for she could tell he was trying to be humoris but was not good at it. “I just love to dance I used to dance all the time with my father when I little.” She explained with him and had fun freely dancing with no care in a world.

But she did blush a bit when he suddenly moved some strand of her hair out of her face and what he said about her. It was one oh the kindest things anyone has said to her for she was used to be calling street rat, dirty thing, devils child, and many other hurtful things. All the people in this village did that to her until her master came to her aid and took her away and once she returned no one recognized her old self and liked her all of a sudden. It was strange since he knew nothing of her past.

She then stoped dancing all of a sudden and looked down. “I...I am not that amazing with my heart in all honesty.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him from the dance floor and away from everyone. “You see everyone how I seem to know them very well and we get along just fine.” Raven explained pointing everyone out.

“Well see that man who sells the bread when I first arrived here and I asked for something to eat he told me to beat it your street urgent.” She explained and pointed out a noble women. “And I asked her for spare coins for something to eat and she actually hit me with fan telling me to get away some she would get the royal guards on me.” Raven said said remembering that day. ‘She even had her two daughters who were at the ball last night beat me up.” Raven looked at everyone.

“Every single one of them I may be nice now but I hold resentment towards them and angry for how they treated me and my orphan brother and sister family.” She said with her hands behind her back. “It was why we resorted to thievery for even the churches would not even take us in we were all branded the bad omens of the land.” She said and looked at him.

“If it was not for our master who taught us all how to fight and gave us all a purpose in life there would be a good chance we still be stealing and I would not of gone to the ball last night well not as a potentional bride but to steal from the royal treasury and I would not of meet you.” Raven finished explaining to him. to him before feeling something at her legs and saw two of the kids she recognized and smiled at them before fulling their hair and have them some money before watching them ru off.

“Those two are brothers by blood but they were born of a mistress and the father never acknowledge them and the Monet raised them for a bit barely until she killed herself due to depression.” Raven explained for she was good at getting information. “The little twerps stole from me once so I take care of them along with a few others I give them money or food or anything needed to help survive out in this world.....but also its my way of well kind of showing them the same kindness my master showed me and the others.” Raven watch the two buy food and treats and run off to another group of kids giving them their share.

“Someone that has hope and faith in these little ones for these kids and me we never asked to be orphans but people sure treated us as if we made the choice.” Raven finished explaining as she leaned against the wall. She knew a lot of things, dark secrets, people’s skeletons in the closet, and so much more but the worst one was witnessing royal guards come and take her parents away permanently.
Raven smiled as they walked to the village and hummed a tune to herself as they walked and waved at the people who they walked past the cottages off for she was making her way to the town area of the village. “No need to worry about meeting my family...” Raven said but thought for a second and taped her chin while looking upwards. “Well except for the orphans of the village or course and maybe a couple of my brothers and sisters that work around the village a bit.” Raven said forgetting that some of her orphan sibilings still live in the village after settling down and marrying.

“I lose track of all my siblings to easily and I gain new ones so fast too but then again that is the life of an orphan and of course orphans stick together like family.” Raven said with a simple smile while revealing a bit of her past since she never mentioned parents or anything like that. AS they got closer to the town area it was getting more lively and up ahead was a big festival being held.

“Welcome to the Autum Harvest Festival.” Raven smiled and before the two was a town square filled with people at stands selling treats, doing games and other fun things to do. There was even a couple contest that was going to happen through the day. Kids were running around with each other’s as adults talked walking around and the young women were giggling as they looked at some of the items up for sell.

Raven looked at Eliezer before taking his arm and leading the way through the busy area. “This is held every year for the harvesting time for this will be the only time most of these people will have some fun before they has spend days in and out working in the fields and orchards to harvest and store for the winter.” Raven explained to him. “There are games, food, souviners, and even some contest to do.” Raven explained to him with a smile.

As she walked with him one of the villagers noticed her and waved her down. “Hey Raven over here.” He yelled and Raven looked up and smiled waving at him. “Hey Arthur.” SHe said and quickly pulled Eliezer towards his booth.

“Well look who finally cut her long hair what happen to I am never cutting my hair short again after what happened last time.” Arthur siad with a laugh. It was roughly the same age as her and was selling hand crafted Jewlery and he was well known for them.

“Oh long boring story on how this happened what’s done is done.” Raven said with a smile and looked at Eliezer. “Eliezer this is Arthur he is one of my brothers I told you about though I thought you were out in another kindgdom Arthur.” Raven said with a smile.

“Hey I would never <sis this festival its were we first meet as thieving kids.” Arthur siad and laughed before looking at Eliezer not recalling thinking it was the prince at all. “Uh she he be hearing how we used to be theives?” He asked Raven and she only let out a giggle.

“Oh its fine I already told him how most of siblings along with me were orphans we just what we did to survive back then I mean look at you now selling hand crafted Jewlery.” She said with a smile.

“Ah Raven you know how to make a man blush well I will let your get back to your little date Raven of before I orget since I missed your birthday here.” Arthur siad and placed a necklace in her hand with the pendent of a raven holding a moon flower. “I made that so you could feel close to your mom like how you feel close to your dad with the pocket watch he gave you.” Arthur explained while Raven smiled and quickly put it on.

“Thank you Arthur I love it.” She said with a smile and waved by to him. “Sorry about that Arthur is knowing for being the talker in the the old group.” She explained to him with a smile as they kept walking and showed him around and even introducing him to some of the shop keepers. WHat was interesting was Raven pretty much knew everyone and everyone knew Raven always having a smile when they see her.

Soon music could be heard and in the main square people started dancing to fun live beat of the song. It was no waltz it was different and fun. “Come on lets dance.” She said and pulled him to the dance area and started to show him the steps. Raven figured if she had to kill him she was going to at least give him the best day of his life.
lol i thought youbwould
Raven was able to get a glass to quench her thirst even though she did not break a sweat fighting she was a tad thirsty from the fight. “Hmm those boys were no challenge at all true ametures.” She said to herself with a smirk on her face for she liked to be challenged a bit when she fights. The only person that was capable of challenging her was her master that trained her in the ways of the assasin realm after she gave him a run for his money a long time ago.

She still remembered that day when she meet him for she though he was going to kill her at first. Raven had arrived to the village after loosing everything, her parents, her home, and possessions. No one would help her many turned in disgust of her thinking she was a bad omen or something so she started to restore to stealing money or food just to survive on the streets of the village. She was able to out ru the guards all the time but one day she stole from her a mysterious man and he was chasing her down. Raven had pulled every trick she knew to lose him but he warble to keep up with her until she had finally out smarted him. It was after she bought food for herself and the other orphans on the streets that she was finally caught by that man and she remembered how she flung her arms and legs at him trying to make him let go of her and also told him that she would stop stealing for her and the other children survive. It was that saying that made the assasin take her and the other children in making them his pupils and Raven was his top pupil.

The other children had left to go travel and look for work in different places while she stayed in the kingdom still striving for revenge. Her master had left for a long missions and now here she was an assasin who as now paid to kill the crowned prince. She had no desire to be queen she just wanted to do her job right and make sure she truly killed him and not leave any loose ends.

As she thought of her past she was brought back to reality when she heard the Prince talk to her and she smiled at him. “Please just call me Raven your highness.” She said to him and smiled when she had taken her hand for she has had that happen and knew they were not just tricking her. “And I would love to see you again but the next time we meet you are letting me choose the destination I will even provide the clothes for you.” She said to him for she had a plan to take him to the village and let him see first hand his people up close but it gave her an idea but she was keeping it to herself at the time.

Once she left the palace to return to tomorrow to meet up with Eliezer she has taken it the dress off and was back in her assasin gear and on along with her hood and had snuck into Mathazars room where he was pacing back and forth.
“Nervous dear prince.” She siad with a smirk on her face and Mathazar looked at her angry.

“Uhg those punny assasins ruined the plan Eliezer is suppose to be dead now.” He siad to her and she rolled her eyes at him.

“May I remind you while I was fighting you could of had him join the fight he would of been killed that way but you did stop him.” Raven points out at him with her arms crossed.

“Uhg how do you plan to fix this dear assasin.” He said knowing the walls can have ears but he made sure no guard comes near his room along with maids and he also knew his brother was getting ready for bed at the moment.

‘Relax dear Mathazar believe it or not I think those ametures gave me an opening for your brother wishes to see me again and I plan to gain more of his trust this way that way he will not suspect that I am trying to kill him.” She said to Mathazar. “SO the plan will take longer but it will get done and you will be taking over the role as crown prince which do not know why seems like a hard job I mean look at your brother he is more like a doll or puppet for the kingdom then a person.” She said to him as she sat in a near by chair.

“Hmpf to get officially seen its always Eliezer this Eliezer that and why cant I be more like him.” Mathazar said as he looked at her. “I am skilled in military, strategy, sword fighting and many other things and have more sassion for it then my brother to him its just an obligation to me its what I want more then anything.” He siad and Raven gave him a look of why has he not told his family this. “Do not give me that look I have tried talking to my parents but all they say is that the law states is the first born son takes the throne and all I am is a back up prince.” He said angry.

Raven just sighed and sat up. “ALright I get it just keep your end of the barging though I kill your brother you pay me but also allow me to take my revenge on your father.” Raven said and walked up to him. “And one more things.” She said sweetly at first before grabbing by his throat before he could even blink. “If I find out you plan on betraying me or once I kill him you pin everything on me know only will I kill you but I will let them know you are the master mind behind the whole hit on your I make myself clear.” She said to him and he nodded then Raven removed her hand. “Good then I will see you later then have a good night Mathazar.” SHe said and laughed before she disappeared into the night.

The next say it was sunny and a beautiful day to be out along with the villagers doing their daily work and children were running around playing happily. Raven was in her village dress and she had some similar clothing to here which was a simple button up shirt, pants with suspenders and comfy shoes for walking. She even has a hat and fake glasses to help prevent anyone from recognizing him in the village. Once at the palace she waited for him rocking on her heels a bit as she waited for Eliezer while a servent siad had told him that she arrived and of course when he arrived to meet her she would just shove the clothes in his hands and coax him to go get change no questions asked.
Raven smiled once the dance was over but after hearing him she knew this was going to be tough for she has seen this before. Those with obligations and duty were the harder prey of an assasin job but she did love the challenge. She watched him walk away and she tapped her chin thinking a bit at what her next step will be to get him to focus on her and only her. But a she was thinking she saw the assasins that she posted early make their way to the prince.

“Oh so that was it wait till he got tired so he can not fight back armatures.” Raven said with a smirk and rushed over.

The first assasin rushe over with his blade. “Prince Eliezer we come for your head now die!” He yelled as he brought his sword down but did not see someone had stepped in between him and the prince. All that was heard was a loud clang sound and the assasin was shocked. The one blocking the blad was Raven using her metal cuff like braclets (they are like wonder women’s bracelet but they are all siliver). “My my my such naughty boys I saw you all a mile away.” She siad with a smirk as the assasin stepped back and the other two joined his sides and the crowds parted getting away from them. “Awww three agains one that does not seem fair.” Raven said as she giggled. “For you boys at least.” She said to them with a smirk.

The assasins growled not knowing that it wa Raven the number on assasin of the kingdom and all three attacked her. “Oh don’t blink boys.” She said as she blocked and dodged all their attacks with ease. “Hmm are you all new at these seems so ametureish in my opinions.” She said and soon got her openeding and attack. One she did a down kick that involved her getting close to the floor that allowed her to dodge one attack and then took the other one down but took his blade in the process and took the other one down but the last one grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled her. “Now I got you brat.” He said for he knew women loved their hair but Raven just smirked and one swift moment her long hair was now shoulder length for she had cute it with the blade she had in her hand and kicked the the one of the man that was now holding the now cut hair. She caught the blade that she kicked and pointed it at his neck.

“I suggest you surrender right now for if I were you for I do not wish to end your life.” She said to him and soon all the assasins ended their fight and surrendered. Raven smirked and gave he blades she used to the guards as the other took them away.

Raven felt her now shoulder length hair for it felt weird. “Hmmm I guess this is not bad for me it will grow out again in time.” She said to herself as she then turned her attention to the prince. “Forgive me your highness I actually noticed them earlier but thought they would chicken out due to how many people were here but I was wrong.” She explained to him but looked at him. “also did not mean to startle you with my skills I was trained to fight when I was little so I could defend myself and others as I grew up.” Raven finished explaining before she turned to walk away.

“Oh by the way Raven is my name my mother gave it to me the day I was born when she saw a Raven flying one day carrying a moon flower in its claws I saw the frustration on your face when I said my name and I am from the village hope that helps get ride of your frustration.” Raven explained for she did see he got frustrated something that she knew the Prince was tring to not show.
But what she was doing was proving that she was right for what he needed in a queen for she was strong and will not let anyone stop her, she could see things that others can not, and she can read people with ease.

Raven let out another smile at the prince. “Now excused me I need to get something to drink that fight took a bit out of me.” She siad as she walked away but what she was doing was getting the prince interested in to want him to follow her.
I actually never seen it believe it or not i was looking up certain musics and stuff and found it by chance
Raven smiled but felt this dance was a bit to stiff and well over done she has done the same waltz over and over that she was bored of it. But she did what she thought was best but she did wish she could spice it up a tad. But she soon drew out of her daydream a bit when she head the prince speak but just did a simple smile t him. “My name I Raven your majesty Raven Omrea.” She said to him as they waltzed together the same old steps that were to predicatable.

“And where I come from would you just believe that I might of appred from the beauty of the night.” Raven said joking a bit trying to also not convey where she was from which was basically the slums in a sense. “Or we could of meet once upon a dream.” She said with a giggle to him as the dance soon came to an end when the music slowed to its end. But she was not ready to let him out of her sight just yet she wanted to are sure she makes the impression she needed.

When the music came to a stop Raven came up with a smile idea. “Your Majesty if you do not mind would you honor m with on more dance but no ordinary dance.” Raven explained and soon rushed over to the band playing and whispered in the conductors ear and the man smiled and nodded. Raven then returned to the prince and held her hand our to him with a smile as the music played. “Just follow my lead in the beginning and let the music flow through your body.” She said with a smile as the music started to play. (Click me and Watch! And the dance is similar in the clip note be sure to watch the whole clip)

Raven smiled as she took him and began to dance with him while some were a bit confused by the tune for it was not a score normally played. t was a score Raven learned about and she loved it for it was more fluid and made you feel more free. “Some your majesty do not be stiff and relax like I said do not just listen to the music feel the music in your body along with your movements as we dance.” Raven explained and smiled as they dance and once she knew that he was ready he handed th lead of to him so he could lead the dance.
A grand ball that as to extravagant for Raven’s taste for she liked minimal things in life for it made it easy to move around to place to place. “Uhg the noble life how pathetic have t keep up a certain way and keep a social status among others that believe that it matters.” She said and sighed for she lived in the world of so call commoners that worked their fingers to the bone to make life easier ad better for this rich people. Then ther were her kind the assasins that were paid a high price to kill those who are wanted dead. She has done it all for she has killed husbands, wives, daughters, son and more just for selfish gain and here she was again about to do the same thing for Prince Mathazar just so he could get the throne.

She listened to the eldest prince speech and could tell it was very rehearsed and he almost sound well like he as an unfeeling human being. “Hmm is it me or does that seem well as if he does not truly want to be here.” She said to herself a she tapped her chin thinking about this carefully. “Hmmm I do know Mathazar wants him dead immediately but I want to keep a low profile in this kingdom still so looks like I will deviate from the plan a bit.” She said with a small smirk for the best assasin knows to not rush into a kill but to take their time to gain their trust then strike when the time was right. Raven knew the prince would be attracted to her fast for she was different that was why most men fell for her fast, when she disguised herself in parties or noble affairs, for she was not like all the other noble ladies out in the world.

Raven then just went to an area that way she would not associate herself with the other noble ladies. She just waited patiently but did notice something and glared a bit. “Looks lie either Mathazar took extra precaution or someon else is after the princes head.” SHesaid to herself and decided to go with the second on and that made her mad but would deal with them later for she needed Prince Eliezer’s attention. But soon her luck finally came for the prince approached her and she did a small smile before curtsying to him and took his hand.

“I would love to your majesty.” She said to him and let him lead her to the dance floor and she could feel the glares on her but only shot them her icy glare that scared the other measles a bit for they could feel from the stare that she was not someone to mess with. When it was time to dance she returned her attention back to th prince with a smile and started her dance with him.
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