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Current Hey all Hurricane Dorian has passed and I am back from evacuation let’s have some fun now.
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Hey all Hurricane Dorian has passed and I am back from evacuation let’s have some fun now.
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Hi everyone just to let you all know Inlive in Florida now and by the looks of it wen have a hurricane heading our way so if I stop coming on it’s due to lost of power or internet or both
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I need new rp ideas anyone got some good ideas out there maybe even a Harry Potter one.......
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HEy everyone sorry for not getting back sooner but I officially moved to the east coast and got unpacked along with getting a new Job soI am free to RP again


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Raven had roamed the halls hiding when she saw someone walk past that she did not recognize not wanting to cause a disturbance in the house hold and Eliezer either. AS she roamed she stopped and heard Hildebrand talking to Lady Nemes and decided to listen in on what they were talking about and it seemed she was right that Adelina would not be fond of her and be best to keep her presence hidden from her for now. But what shocked her the most was how it seemed it was her doing that helped Eliezer change just a bit and want to think for himself. Raven smiled at that fact that Eliezer was not thinking a bit more for himself.

She soon heard enough and made he way back to Eliezer’s room wanting to make sure to stay our of Adelines sight for the time being for she could tell she was not liking the idea that she was with Eliezer. Raven soon walked back into the room and saw Eliezer was in the room and walked up behind him and tap his shoulder. Once he would turn around she had her hand held up. “Before you say anything no I did not speak to Lady Adeline I was mainly looking for you for I was wondering where you disappeared too.” Raven said as she put her hand down. “Besides I heard her talking to Hildebrand and could tell that she is not found of me though he let it slip how I helped you change a bit and she mentioned something though I will not repeat it for you know my true feelings but I want to wait and hear yours about me.” Raven said to him as she undid the ribbon from her hair showing it had grown from her really short hair to being now 5 inches past her shoulders.

“And by the look on your face it looks like you need someone to talk to and I know I am not your knight but I am willing to listen to your troubles Eliezer I want to be there for you.” Raven said to him as she took his hand into hers and held it gently.

Amy was watching the whole thing between Hildebrand and Adeline but once Adeline was gone she walked out. “Hmm she seems paranoid with all this info didn’t she?” Amy asked and looked at Hildebrand before letting out a smirk. “I know you basically regretted letting slip about my sister but it is better if she knows sooner then later the longer you wait the more hurt they will be once the truth is revealed trust me I have seen it so many times and so have all my siblings.” Amy said to him before walking past him before stopping and looked at him. “Also best to let her know soon basically we are in her home even with our skills to hide in the shadows we can be caught or found out if caught off guard.” She said to him sweetly.
yeah sure if you have an idea it is going to be good :)
Yeah sorry when i did the post i kinda got a little out of hand for once an idea started flowing i got a tiny bit carried away sorry if you don’t like it i can change it
Raven was still asleep when Eliezer woken up from his slumber resting for the night at the festival had drained her a bit with her dancing and singing then fleeing. Once he was gone though Raven slowly stirred from her slumber and sat up rubbing her eyes a bit before getting out of bed walking across the floor to the mirror to see how bad she looked since she slept in her only clothes that was brought to her. Once she rubbed the sleep from her eyes she looked in the mirror to see some wrinkles in her dress but nothing to bad but what caught her off guard was her hair, it went from from her crazy short length, from when she cut it to after what happened on one of her dates with Eliezer, to now past her shoulders in one night. “What the world?” She asked herself as she felt and tugged her hair a bit to see if it was real then pinched herself thinking she was dreaming still. It had hurt when she tugged on her hair and all she did was wince from pinching herself. “What caused this for I know this is not normal at all hair does not grow this fast.” Raven said examining it very confused and tried to think back what could of caused it but then remembered during the festival as she dance she could of sworn she felt different as she did her performance then how the moon just got brighter that night.

“What is going on?” She asked herself and soon Shadow walked in stretching and saw Raven shocked to see her new hair length.

“What the world Raven is that you?” Shadow asked and Raven looked at him.

“Yeah it is me so you noticed too my hair just magically grew from behind halfway down my ear to now a 5 inches past my shoulders.” Raven said to him as she tried to smooth out the wrinkles from her dress with her hands.

“Yes very odd indeed.” He said as he walked p to her and felt it himself wanting to make sure they both were not going crazy. “What could of done this?” He asked and Raven only shrugged at him before looking herself over in the mirror.

“Your guess is good as mine but also why are you in here I know this is not just to talk about my hair.” Raven said to him.

“Yes Lady Nemes just talked with the royal guards and choose to keep the secret that Eliezer left last night into the village but also master sent a note saying guards are also looking for you since you were the dancer last night to see what you say.” Shadow explained to Raven as she got her shoes on and found a ribbon and placed it in her hair to hold it back.

“Its got to be the Red Robin’s doing she sent the leak and now she wants to push it but what that little twit does not know is that I build credibility in this village so it's very hard to tarnish.” Raven explained to Shadow.

“What if they suddenly claim you are Moon Raven?” Shadow asked as Raven stopped and turned towards him with a smirks. “And who would believe a sweet young lady like myself who once was an orphan, grew up with her orphaned siblings along with starting up an orphanage with my own money and helped with problems in the village being known as the kindest and purest citizen." Raven explained to him as she kept her smirk. "How can anyone believe that I am a killer, this is why I build this reputation she would need to either expose me when I am in my gear along with ripping my mask off or somehow find some kind of evidence that I am the Moon Raven.” Raven explained to him and Shadow knew Raven had a back up plan for everything for it was her nature to try to stay a few steps ahead.
“For now keep gaining intel on what is going on and what they are plotting along with keeping the Nemes family safe, since she decided to go against Mathazar and Red Robin I am sure her family will be in danger.” Raven explained.

“I already too precautions I have traps set along with a few siblings willing to keep watch and Master is trying to find a way to temporarily move them without being known.” Shadow explained and Raven nodded.

“Good I do not want to see them being harmed for they have done nothing wrong but help Eliezer with a favor.” Raven explained as Shadow nodded at her. Raven then left the room to look for Eliezer.

Allister was with King Roberto back at the inn he was staying at but no one could enter or hear anything from outside the doors, window, and even wall like something was preventing it. Roberto looked very worried for they could not find Raven last night and what he witness scared him more.

“Your majesty what is wrong you have been on edge since last night please tell me for I can not help if I do not know.” Allister said to him and Roberto sighed as he sat down and his maid took his cane.

“Last night you noticed the moon seem to have gotten brighter right?” Roberto asked and Allister nodded. “You see the Lunar family is not just some royal family with this unique gene of birth of how all the first born have black midnight hair, fair white skin, and crystal blue eyes but also how from stories I have heard they are descendents of the first moon maiden from legend.” Roberto explained.

“Wait the moon maiden Lunars oldest legend/ myth?” Allister asked and Roberto nodded.

“Tell me Allister do you know the story?” Roberto asked and Allister nodded.

“Yes legend says that before Lunar was born a group of refugees fled from a distant land due to how the king treated them as slaves even his own son who lead the people away to find a better life. They had soon came to the land of Lunar where a snow storm hit. The people were starving and weak from their long journey along with loosing the lives of some of the people it said that the Young prince looked towards the moon begging for help from the Moon Maiden to save his people. Then the storm seem to suddenly stop along with the moon growing brighter.” Allister said as he thought recalling the story by memory. “It then said how a beam of light came down from the moon and before the young princes eyes a maiden appeared before him skin, fair and white that glowed in the night, bright crystal blue eyes and silver hair that shined. The prince then bowed before her knowing she was the moon maiden and wanted to show respect towards her for she was a higher being. It was then thanks to her help the prince and his people turned the land they settled to into the Kingdom of Lunar with the maidens help for she taught them architect, wisdom, math, reading, writing, and so much more until the prince was crowned king of the new land. Once the land and kingdom was stable the maiden returned to the moon and to honor what she has done the first king made a statue in honor of all she did and as one last blessing she blessed the first born with her skin and eye color while the hair mainly came from the first king.” Allister explained as Roberto listened.

“Very good but have you ever heard of the first ending for the ending you know is an altered ending.” Roberto explained.

“An Altered ending I do not understand.” Allister said as he looked confused.

“The first times the story was told before it was altered for many did not believe it or it was to protect the royals more in the story the Moon Maiden never return to the moon for the Moon Maiden and the new King of Lunar fell in love while she helped build the kingdom of Lunar and she was made queen of Lunar and thier first born did bare he skin and eye color and the kinds hair color but not only did they inherited that they had also inherited the Moon Maidens powers.” Roberto explained.

“Wait powers they ......they were born with the moon maiden powers that is impossible.” Allister said. “Magic is not really the moon maiden is a fairytale nothing more.” Allister said.

“That is how the Royal family wants it you see the first born were more of a target of kidnapping and being abused because if it by people who wanted to use their abilities for evil or their own purposes. So one of the descendents decided to protect the the bloodline and the kingdom he made it a law that no one outside of the royal family knew of their abilities and changed the records about the Moon Maiden but to help the first born with the powers they all go special training that had been pass down for over 100 years Aster went through it thankfully his mother left something for him to learn from since she passed before she could but now it looks like Ravens abilities are about to awaken fully that was just a small fraction and indication of what is to come next.” Roberto explained.

“Wait so Lunars royal family has magic?” Allister asked as Roberto nodded.

“Yes and some kingdoms do believe it for some hold the old records of it and they fear it so much that is way lunar has had wars and do what they could to protect the first borns I will not be shocked if that is the reason why the king of Dainia is trying to rid of the bloodline for he must fear it even though the abilities were used for good other kingdoms do not want to deal with one kingdom that is possibly more powerful then they are.” Roberto explained to Allister and he was dumbfound at al this.

“So if what you say is true what is to come for Raven then since she will have no way of knowing how to control this new power she will be obtaining soon?” Allister asked worried.

“If I remember correctly it’s going to involve sudden surges of powers that can either effect things around her or herself it mainly affected Asters body the most so he was in pain a lot. But once she learns to harness it she will be fine but that training takes a while it is one of the reasons I got to get her back to Lunar and fast all the books she needs are there along with old advisors that helped her grandmother and father get through this stage of their life though I will admit her powers are awakening later then her father his awakened when he was 13 she is in her 20s right?” Roberto asked and Allister nodded. “So now we have to hurry if the king sees this he will execute her right away and the lunar bloodline will die.” Roberto said with a serious voice and Allister mainly just looked worried knowing Raven will soon being in pain and confused what what will soon be happening to her.
yeah sorry my fault been busy and also trying to think of my post also i keep forgetting to charge my ipad since it has a bluetooth keyboard i can use. I do apologize i meant to say something about being slow sooner but i forgot i should hopefully have a post up by tomorrow
Raven was just more confused now with all these for this was the the second or third time he was trying to tell her something but to suddenly get interrupted. "what did he mean by he wanted to right by lunar and what I should be addressed as it all makes no sense to me." She looked at him but watched him go to the couch and wanted to stop him but knowing him he was just going to insist on her taking the bed and she did not want to argue with him. But she then grabbed a spare blanket and placed it over him. "At least please stay warm and placed a pillow under his head so he be more comfortable. Once she knew he was comfortable she walked over to the bed but stopped by the window moving the curtain to see the full moon for a bit before noticing the guards and closed the curtain before she could be seen. Raven then made her way to the bed and took her shoes off leaving her clothes on and laid on the bed thinking it was really comfortable but she still had a lot on her mind one of them is what is Eliezer trying to tell her.

It all made her wonder what makes Eliezer think she was so important to Lunar sure she just learned that she is from that kingdom technically but she had to be nothing special to that land. All of this just made her so confused but she was also worried about Mathazar and Robin they are growing more cunning and how to basically expose her as the Moon Raven and make Eliezer look like he is not fit to rule this land which was not true. Eliezer has showed he cares about his kingdom while Mathazar felt like he was more entitled and risked putting it in danger and have caused the death of innocent people from the convoy taking Eliezer to Soren that time which caused the death of Hildebrand's brother. Raven soon let out a sigh and closed her eyes as she laid in the bed.

Amy and Andy soon found their way inside the manor not being seen by the guards and found Shadow along with Hildebrand. "Well glad to see you two are safe." Shadow said to the two as Amy and Andy took their mask off for what was the point since they know what they looked like.

"Yeah had to tip the guards up big tie for man they were really trying to nab Amy." Andy said annoyed for this was not the first time. "Why do you have to look like you belong in a brothel and not a normal female." Andy said and Shadow groaned for he knew Andy said the wrong thing and he was not saving him. And sure enough Amy punched Andy hard in the face sending him across the room a bit and him landing on his back.

"And you seem to have forgotten she has a knock out punch Andy man you do not thinking before you speak I swear how are you alive still." Shadow said annoyed with his arms crossed as Amy waved her hand feeling better after punching Andy while Andy sat up now holding his bloody nose.

"Shut up shadow it has been a long night and month for all of us." Andy said a bit annoyed.

"Well what do you expect all the craziness Raven got tangled in its us as kids all over again she always managed to get entangled into something weird then we all somehow get involved into the mess." Amy explained as she sat down stretching a bit.

"That is true but it was all for good reasons remember how we saw that one noble girl abuse her puppy but also how that brat yell I will drown you and replace you with one of your siblings." Shadow explained as he leaned against the wall.

"Ah yes I remember that runt she pushed Raven hard when she tried to stop the brat from hurting the pup and then the next day we all woke up to find Raven had went to the brats house and dog napped the mom and all the puppies man we al had to take a puppy and run for the hills we had guards on our tails." Amy said with a groan while Andy looked at them.

"But in the end we did save them the little animal family and gave them to a nice farmer that was stopping buy and said he can use them as herding dogs where they can run and be free on the farm." Andy did explain to them and the both went quiet for it was all true Raven may of been a heartless killer but she was the kindest girl who care about everyone along with the animals being mistreated.

"Yeah that is Ravens best quality after all saving animals starting up the orphanage and so much more I will say this for a heartless killer she had a big kind heart." Amy said with a small smile along with the other two kinda forgetting Hildebrand was in the room.

"Sorry Hildebrand we tend to go off when we all get together as the crazy siblings we are." Shadow said to him and noticing he was looking at Amy a bit. "Maybe we all should get some sleep its been a long day and night so far." Shadow said as they agreed. Andy went off to sleep in a high hiding spot. Amy took the comfy couch while Shadow saw gains the well near the door sleeping leaving Hildebrand to sleep in his own bed.
lol yeah before he found out raven was actually his niece i need to bring the scumbagness back out one day
Finally after closing 7 nights in a row this week and dealing with Christmas last I finally got to post I am so happy. Its not super long but I am happy with it. Glad to be back in the roleplaying game. :)
Raven watched as Eliezer left and was now wondering if she did the right thing for having her must only stress him out for he must feel that all the pressure that he must be putting on himself. She wish that she could help him out and tell him everything be ok but in all honesty she had no clue herself if things will be alright Mathazar was being tricky and this Red Robin was only driving her nuts with how she was being heartless willing to kill others for gain. Though she should speak for herself that is what she did for years just to survive but she did learn to be lenient and not just kill whole families or if what her job could be does not involve kill at least after she stopped being Blood Moon Raven.

“I still think we should check on him though it is obviously dangerous for him right now.” Shadow said to Hildebrand and was ready to move but Raven held her hand up to stop him. “Raven....”

“Let him be like you said there are traps that only assassins can trigger everywhere so he will be fine right now he has a lot on his mind its best not to push it.” Raven explained to her companion. Shadow just looked at her worried about the whole mess they were all entangled in. “If you wanted to stretch your legs got get me clothes to change into I can’t just wear my dancer outfit all the time.” Raven said to Shadow thinking that maybe giving him a job would help him a bit.

Shadow then nodded and disappeared to go get Raven a change of clothes to make her comfortable especially since she was barefoot she would probably like to be wearing shoes at this moment. Once gone Raven looked at Hildebrand. “That should keep him away for a bit and busy also that way Eliezer can have his quiet time to himself.” She explained to him and Hildebrand nodded.

After a while still seeing no sign of Eliezer Shadow returned with a change of clothes and Raven went to another room and got out of her dancer outfit and put on her dress she liked to wear in the market with was a simple blue dress that she could tie the skirt up along with an apron. She was also happy to be wearing shoes again for walking everywhere barefoot was not fun. Once done instead of going back to where Hildebrand and Shadow was she went to where Eliezer was and hid behind the curtain watching him for she did grow worried and wanted to make sure he was safe. She peeked her head around the curtain to see him leaning on the railing with his head in his arms. She then slowly walked up to him and hesitantly reached her hand out before she finally placed her hand on his back and if he were to look at her she would still have a worried look on her face for him. “ you regret coming tonight to see me?” She finally asked him wondering now if he just regretted everything.
Thank you very much i am hoping i be able to post sooner but we will see how things go
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