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I'm mostly an OC RP-er, I get too into character with Fandom sometimes and worry that I'm not staying true to them, but I am still up for it if that's what you're up for :D

I enjoy coming up with plots and I do like gritty stuff, I am also a huuge fan of fantasy, so if plots are left to me, that is generally the direction that they will go in!

I can RP one-liners or casually, not TOO good at advanced, but with the right plotline I'd give anything a go :) I'm not really into RPing smut, but I will be that third wheel in your romance story, or the bad guy working with the romance to break your characters down if you need me!

I can't say how quick I can be to reply, I work long hours, but have the summer off, so I may trail in and out between the holidays - apologies in advance!

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@Raptra@Burning Kitty Lol my bad! That’s what I get for reading at night clearly! Thanks for letting me know :)
@Burning Kitty I think that Link was the one to fall through the ceiling.. lol she must have hit her head
Zack flinched and instinctively held his arms up as the ceiling collapsed on them. He closed his eyes waiting for the impact that never came and blinked them open slowly. They widened, seeing two glowing blue shields and he laughed in both relief and awe, “Man, how are you doing that?! What materia is that one!?” He watched the teen eagerly then realised there was someone else - a blonde with a green tunic and a naked man. Zack’s eyes widened when the woman started to shout. “Woah woah calm down we don’t mean any harm!” He held his hands out to try and show he wasn’t trying to fight.
May need a note or a clever npc-type character to spread the news then :P @KatherinWinter
Ratte looked at Kai and raised an eyebrow, “You’re a pretty smart kid... I guess you’re right, maybe we should just confront the guy. We’re the bigger group so far.. we don’t exactly have to hide in the shadows.” Ratte didn’t add that this is what she was used to. She was used to handling her own operations and maybe the extra manpower meant that she could start confronting others, rather than stabbing them from the shadows. She glanced back at the stranger and could swear that she had caught his eye. She caught sight of Kai’s hand on his dagger and her hand automatically went to her own beneath her cloak.

@Raptra @King Tai @CoolHwiff @KatherinWinter
@KatherinWinter why not get Griffin involved in the conversation? He could start some rumours and have some information for them to go on to start believing Roxy might be out there again? And it gets you involved in the RP too :)

Do tell me if i’m wrong but I don’t think any of us will hold it against you if you bring Griffin in to talk :)
Actually a club/bar arc doesn't sound too bad.

Could be a lot of fun! Zack would be in his element 😂
@CoolHwiff Sorry dude, I should have read your CS more carefully! Thank you for pointing it out :D
Ratte’s eyes darted everywhere and they caught a glimpse outside at the window. She frowned and focused on it, then saw it again. She stepped back away from the conversation and over to the window where she saw a shadow darting from the alley outside. She slowly gripped the handle of her dagger, then flicked her head to the door of the tavern. A shifty-looking kid not much older than and similar in stature to Kai entered and she was certain that his frame was the shadow that she had seen. Quickly, she stepped back towards Kai and Isago and kept her voice low, “We’ll have to rendezvous later, I think we’ve got company and I don’t want to lead it to the base.. let’s meet there tomorrow at sundown..” Ratte shifted her eyes towards the potential spy to try to point him out to the others. She wasn’t sure what they would do with the information, but any little helped.

@King Tai @Raptra @KatherinWinter @CoolHwiff
@CoolHwiff was a good first post! If you don’t mind, I will have Ratte notice him only because she’s specifically looking for someone to be spying. I don’t want to infringe on his abilities though :)
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