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I'm mostly an OC RP-er, I get too into character with Fandom sometimes and worry that I'm not staying true to them, but I am still up for it if that's what you're up for :D

I enjoy coming up with plots and I do like gritty stuff, I am also a huuge fan of fantasy, so if plots are left to me, that is generally the direction that they will go in!

I can RP one-liners or casually; 2-3 paragraphs is my limit for speedy replying because i’ve got a busy job and can’t sustain massive posts every time DX but I will do my best to match what you give me :) I'm not really into RPing smut, but I don’t mind a bit of romance and smush. I tend to say kiss touch and play, anything more fades to black :D

I can't say how quick I can be to reply, I work long hours, but have the summer off, so I may trail in and out between the holidays - apologies in advance!

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Ratte grinned back and nodded, “Glad I have you to guide me then.” She stepped back and looked to her car through the old windows of the garage. She wasn’t sure how she felt about not having a car, but she knew that she would get a good feel for the streets and the city by travelling around on foot. She wanted to find out if there were any libraries or magical shops that might sell some talismans for her own protection whilst she tried to retrieve the book.

She looked at Andrea when she asked about help and Ratte nodded, “There is actually Do you know where I might find a library or a magical shop or something like that?” She hoped that Andrea wouldn’t ask why, but she probably would anyway. If not now, later; she’d have to make up a lie quickly. She already had one settling in her head, so she wasn’t worried.
Had a good run. Sad to see it die but thanks for trying with it :)
Ratte watched the address get filed and the small niggling worry that she always got with things like that disappeared and she could focus on Andrea. She had a little smirk that bled into her eyes and gave her a mischievous look. She liked that look. Ratte debated her offer. She was only staying a few blocks down from here and she didn’t know whether someone knowing her hotel was a good idea yet. She rarely took anyone back there, ending up at other women’s houses and flats more than she took them to hers.

“Here is fine.. though if you have somewhere in mind, we can take your car there. You’re not wrong, I’m only visiting, I don’t know any good places to go.”
Ratte nodded, her smile curling at her lips, “Sure.. I don’t have anywhere to be anymore so should I meet you here? I’d pick you up but you have my car now.” She waggled her keys in front of Andrea and followed her into the main office. She took the form from Andrea and suddenly felt unsure. She bit her lip and slowly took the pen from the form.

Whatever she wrote here, she would have to remember, she would need to play over and over in her head until she could recite it in her sleep. Of course, she did already know most of it anyway. She couldn’t write her real address - she didn’t have one. She did have the one address that she knew she could use, it was the name that bothered her most. She cleared her throat softly and sat down to fill it in, carefully inking her faux name and address. It was one that Fallon had created for her driving license and she had already started remembering it. She didn’t even have her real age on there. Kristen Mullstone, age 28, registered to an address about 300 miles from Springfield. She finished and signed with her fake signature and handed the papers back to Andrea at the desk. She hoped that she wouldn’t ask about it. The only thing on there real and reliable was her phone number.

“All done.” She pulled her car keys from her pocket and dropped them onto the counter too, “Keys, car, number, pick up time.. anything else you need?”
The moment Andrea stuttered and let the blush creep over her cheeks was the moment Ratte’s confidence came rushing back. There was always a moment of doubt when she flirted with women, always a second guess as to whether they would be offended or not. Andrea didn’t seem offended at all. Ratte listened to her talk shop with a slight grin threatening the corners of her lips. She knew she was terrible, knew she was just like those men that hounded women at night clubs, but she’d back down if she was told to.

Ratte frowned, hearing Andrea mention that it could take up to a week for her to get the car fixed. She would need it by then. She’d need to find a car to hire. Andrea flushed again, asking for her phone number and Ratte grinned, “A week? Damn.. that’s enough time for me to take you out for a drink sometime..” she casually took the notepad from Andrea, still grinning, and wrote her number on it, along with her name underneath it . She handed the notepad back to the woman and raised her eyebrow coyly, “what do you say?”

“I really wonder why I give my valuable time to humans at all...” - True Slatewing

Name |
Truman “True” Slatewing

Age |

Race |

Gender |

Appearance |
No larger than a bald eagle, Truman is a dwarf wyvern, much smaller in stature than a traditional wyvern but by no means less feisty. He is slate blue in colour and covered in scaled skin that, when clean, glints like an oil spill. His hind legs are long and strong enough to hold him upright as a bird would hold itself without support from his wings. The joints of his wings are tipped with two sharp finger-like appendages that end in talons, which he uses to grip and climb with. His tail doubles his body length and a row of spines start from the base of his neck to the tip of his tail. His eyes are black and large in his head and his teeth are sharp and draconian in nature, residing within his mouth rather than on the outside.

Occupation |
Truman works as a weapons expert within a magical shop alongside his best warlock friend. He is particularly knowledgeable and interested in swords and mundane weaponry such as bows and arrows, daggers, guns. For magical items, he defers to his warlock friend, Kale.

Personality |
True likes to complain, or at least that’s what most would say about him. He is a rather pessimistic little creature and he is quick to irritate. He can be sarcastic and sometimes a little petulant, so people can be very quick to dislike him. He is, however, very knowledgeable. He was branded with an amulet that allowed him to speak and learn the common languages and this he regards as a precious gift. He has used it well and devours information and books like they might be taken away from him. He knows a lot about his trade and a lot about Springfield’s history. He also knows a lot about all sorts of magical creatures and his boss and best friend, the warlock Kale, values this about him most. He is loyal to those that treat him well, so he is loyal to a small handful of people. True is a passionate creature and perhaps this is why he argues, complains and quips so much - he’s just passionate about the art of sarcasm.

Background |
True was born a dwarf and like all runts, he was left to die. He couldn’t compete with his brothers and sisters for his mother’s milk and so he became extremely sickly. It was luck that brought the warlock Kale by his mother’s nest in search of magical items and ingredients for his shop in the town called Springfield. Wyvern egg shells have healing properties that he was interested in trying to bargain for and he saw True’s sick body. As well as the eggshells, Kale took True home with him and he gave him milk mixed with cow’s blood to help him regain his strength. After a month, Truman was back to his full health and growing as he should have been. True has been in Kale’s care since.

Traders and smugglers bring items to Kale’s shop to sell and trade and True, to begin with, was in charge of keeping the safe and retrieving items from the cellar and high shelves for Kale until a trader arrived with an amulet. This was magically inserted into True’s chest and gave him the ability to learn and speak common languages, as well as learn to understand written languages. After being given such a gift, he begged Kale to teach him every night and the warlock did. He taught him to read and speak, taught him how to study and, as he developed an interest in weaponry, how to evaluate and judge it.

True learned quickly and Kale set him up a small desk to work from, where he could sell and trade magical weapons and metal works alongside Kale.

Extra notes |
To the displeasure of many, Truman can talk, or rather he can complain. He wears an amulet within his chest, magically inserted and enchanted to give him the ability to speak common languages and learn them too. There are many that would love to remove it.
Truman’s tail spine is coated with a poisonous venom. It hardens in the air, but he can use it as a weapon by spearing an enemy with it and leaving behind the fragments of the venom in the wounds. It works as a slow-acting poison.

True's 'face claim' is a best fit model. His scales and spines are less spiky and more flat. I will update a better image when I can find one.

“Maybe I should wait outside... I could be a guard dog or even a guard pigeon... I just don’t want to be a guard human.” - Ludo Beckett

Name |
Ludo Beckett

Age |

Race |
Shape shifter

Gender |

Appearance |
Ludo takes on any form from the animal kingdom at will, with his default form being a swirling dark mist. His preferred form is humanoid with elven influences, such as pointed ears and icy blue eyes. This form is the easiest to maintain and doesn’t take up too much energy. He prefers to wear his hair dark and skin pale. He enjoys wearing dark clothes that don’t draw attention to himself.

Occupation |
Ludo owns and works on a small family farm along the Fairview river. His family's company: 'Beckett & Son' provides eggs and home grown vegetables including potatoes and carrots to some of the smaller stores in Springfield, alongside magical fruits, herbs and vegetables that he grows on his farm for the magical vendors around town. He brings his produce into town personally and hand delivers his wares.

Personality |
He is a recluse and almost a hermit. He prefers his own company and can come off as shy when people first meet him. He is very socially awkward and finds it difficult to read human cues. He much prefers talking to magical creatures. He isn’t particularly loyal and is often regarded as a coward due to his tendency to back away or back down from a fight. He knows exactly how to defend himself, however, and when pushed, he’ll show his fearsome side... in the form of a fearsome creature of course.

Background |
Being a magical creature herself, Ludo’s mother Alavara was drawn to Springfield when she was young and pregnant with him. She had fallen pregnant by accident; sleeping with a shape shifter that had taken on the form of her late husband under her drunken wish.
When she arrived in Springfield, she came with little money, but she took shelter with a local farmer called Soren Beckett who took pity on her and gave her a home where she could nurse her growing baby. After Ludo was born, he helped her look after him and soon asked for her hand. For Ludo, Soren is the only father he has ever known. Ludo grew up on this farm, learning the trade and growing up around agriculture and farm animals. He had a simple and work-driven childhood, working hard in the mornings to tend to the fields and animals, then playing in the afternoons. He looks back fondly at his childhood of running around in the mud with the pigs in their form, chasing chickens from their coops as a fox or a dog and scaring away the sprites and gnomes that tried to steal some of his ‘father’s’ crops.

He had quickly taken on his real father’s shape-shifting abilities and so far his mother’s elven powers are only shown in his preferences for looks; where he chooses to be tall with pointed ears, though he allows himself the muscular frame of Soren's human body when he is working. His life as a child had been good, but he had always been sheltered and accidentally away from other children for too long. To this day, company still bothers him and he lacks trust in others. He is very wary of change and becomes extremely anxious in the presence of it, because everything has been the same since he was small and he quite likes it that way.

Ludo is also a part of the Foxhounds; a group of people in Springfield that are rallying to fight back against the magical beings that would harm their city. He became part of it after an attack on his farmland. He still isn’t sure whether it had been planned or whether the attack was simply collateral damage, but a group of unsightly magical beings crept up in the night and began pillaging the farm. They tore up crops, smashed equipment and killed their animals whilst Ludo’s mother, sick with the flu, helplessly hid in her bed. The Foxhounds, only a small group of people then, had arrived just in time to save their barn from being burned down and they put a stop to the raid. Grateful and inspired by their great act of kindness, Ludo offered his help and support to their cause a few days later. He made a promise to his mother and father that he would protect them and the farms and small businesses around them as best he could, especially using his abilities.

Now that his family is getting older, his mother makes goods to sell in Springfield, like woven baskets, jams and cakes, whilst the men tend to the fields. When Ludo was a teen, they began growing magical crops as well as regular crops to sell to the warlocks and magical vendors in the city. Soren started their business ‘Beckett & son’ and Ludo has been driving their produce to the city ever since. He also drives into Springfield to meet with the Foxhounds on a regular basis and he’s slowly getting better at talking to others, even if he prefers his own company most.

Extra notes |
Ludo was born with the ability to take on the form of any animal. He is unable to take on the form of magical creatures, however, without intensive training. He can currently make himself look like a faerie or a unicorn by altering his features, but he is unable to actually become them. He dreams idly of being able to take on the form of a dragon one day, but he probably won’t.
Ratte smiled gently at the old man, finding it amusing that he would meet the stereotype of being old and wary of new things so readily. She wondered what kind of cars he normally dealt with and whether Fallon had overstepped his normal boundaries of indiscretion with this one. Nobody had ever been so overwhelmed by the car she drove before.

At the mention of ‘granddaughter’, her musings were pinched and her interest peaked again. She had seen two female names mentioned in the reviews that she had been reading online and hadn't thought that one might be young enough for her to gawk at. She looked around for her, but quickly realised that she must have been inside. She nodded at Lionel as he opened up the garage door for her, “Thank you very much, I appreciate it.” She hopped into the car and slowly drove it into the spot, red lights flashing and squeaking at her again. As she stepped out of the car, she was met by a beautiful woman. Ratte stared at her, not expecting a mechanic to be so beautiful. She was gorgeous - high cheek bones, full lips and lean curves with a glint of something bright in her eyes that was not unlike her grandfather's. Ratte noticing the two horns poking out from the top of her head and the yellow of her eyes and held back the quirk of her eyebrow. She had been sure that the old man was human - this one, Andrea as she introduced herself, most certainly wasn't human. She cleared her throat and took Andrea’s hand, then shook it firmly.

“Ratte,” She pulled her hand away and looked at the car. She tucked her hands into her pockets and briefly checked her appearance in the mirror-like windows, before focusing on the car. “I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong, it’s been flashing at me and asking for a service.. I am willing to bet that it’s something ridiculously simple like a light is out, but I don’t know much about cars.” She said again. She had checked the lights that morning, so she knew it wasn’t that. But it could have been something similar. Either way, she slipped in a line that she knew wasn't smooth, but set out her intentions as she needed it to, "Either that or it just wanted me to come here... must have known there was a beautiful woman waiting for me here."
The garage didn’t look particularly special. It was a tiny thing tucked into the middle of a long road and it looked so old that could have been built when the town had first popped up. It smelled the way all garages did; greasy and metallic with an irony taste that caught her tongue when she breathed. It was a well-used place and clearly a well-loved little dinosaur that people kept coming back to according to the reviews she’d seen on the internet.

She wandered around to the open garage floor and eyed the rear-end of a pick-up that was inside. It too looked old and dusty, well loved and like an old family car. She glanced back to her shiny new car from Fallon and wondered whether it looked out of place. Perhaps her character should be a rich kid driving daddy’s new car. That sounded like fun, she hadn’t played a spoiled brat in a while.

She heard footsteps and the bright, warm voice of a man and looked to see just that. A bright and warm-looking man made his way over, elderly eyes sparkling behind the aged folds of skin and a friendly smile to match it. She smiled back at him - contagion unavoidable - and slipped her hands into her back pockets. “Good morning, sir. Can you look at my car today? The service light flashed up last night, I don’t know much about cars, so I figured I should ask a professional.” She rubbed the back of her head. It was a lie - she knew a lot about cars and had been around many people that had fixed hers before. She didn’t have the tools for this though, nor the devices to tell her what was making the car so unhappy.

“I drove a long way yesterday, maybe it’s overheated or it’s low on engine oil or something.. I don’t really know, would you be able to take a look today?” She asked again. She had briefly considered letting her German accent bleed through to make her feel more helpless, foreign and clueless, but she decided against it. Her carefully controlled American accent suited her more and she had it down to a fine art. She only slipped up on the occasional v or w, and the odd elongated o. She was proud of her accents, if she did say so herself.
Pretty much exactly as I imagined him whilst reading it!
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