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I'm mostly an OC RP-er, I get too into character with Fandom sometimes and worry that I'm not staying true to them, but I am still up for it if that's what you're up for :D

I enjoy coming up with plots and I do like gritty stuff, I am also a huuge fan of fantasy, so if plots are left to me, that is generally the direction that they will go in!

I can RP one-liners or casually; 2-3 paragraphs is my limit for speedy replying because i’ve got a busy job and can’t sustain massive posts every time DX but I will do my best to match what you give me :) I'm not really into RPing smut, but I don’t mind a bit of romance and smush. I tend to say kiss touch and play, anything more fades to black :D

I can't say how quick I can be to reply, I work long hours, but have the summer off, so I may trail in and out between the holidays - apologies in advance!

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“I don’t think we’ve met.. beautiful women tend to remember me very well.” - Krista Müller

Name |
Krista “Ratte” Müller

Age |

Race |

Gender |

Appearance |
Ratte is a short and lithe woman who makes an effort to stay in shape. She has good muscle on her arms and legs and carries little fat, making her appear small and hard. She has dark brown eyes set just a little too close to her nose, giving her face a slight pinch, hence her nickname. She wears her hair short, shaved on the back and sides with her bangs and the top of her hair cut longer. She dyes her hair a deep purple colour and sometimes shaves stripes or zigzags into her side shave. Ratte doesn’t really wear make-up but when she does she’ll wear kohl around her eyes to make them look darker. She is often wearing black and enjoys the perhaps more vampiric aesthetic of tight-fitting clothes, belts and buckles; though she’s also just as comfortable in leggings and a loose-fitting tank top.

Occupation |
Being stray-like in nature, Ratte was regularly between jobs and rarely worked in one place for more than a couple of months. She is currently under the employment of Fallon De Muertre, who fed into this knack she had for travelling to work and regularly finds her jobs to do, some more serious than others. Under his employment she has become a sort of Jack-of-all-trades, working anywhere from lifting crates in magical shops, to retrieving magical objects for his black market dealings, to assassinations and kidnappings.

Personality |
Ratte has a strict code of conduct when it comes to her outlook on life. If something comes along that earns her money, she will do it. Her moral compass was broken a long time ago and she’s more interested in keeping the people, or person, that she cares about most safe than worrying about ethics and people’s opinions. Since she was very young she has always put others that she seemed worthy ahead of herself and made that her aim in life; everything else she does is for pleasure. Ratte is boisterous and flirtatious in nature. She rarely gets attached to anything or anyone, preferring to flit between places and women than settle and stick to just one. Those that she did fall for and stay with long enough to start growing feelings for never returned them to her, so to save herself any kind of weakness, she prefers to save herself the trouble.
She’s impulsive by nature but not stupid. She has a lot of street smarts and knows how to handle herself in a pinch. She’s independent to the core and sometimes this can cause her problems with getting to know other people.

Background |
Ratte’s childhood was simple and outlined by poverty in a small German town just north of Freiburg. Her family worked hard to make ends meet and never really had enough. As soon as she was old enough, she was told to find work to support her family and although she brought in little, she learnt from a young age that hard work and learning to do the job properly brought in the most money. She was around 14 when her little sister fell ill and it broke her heart to see someone that she saw as a perfect angel fallen to earth struggling so much. Without money, her family struggled to pay for her treatment, so Ratte began to steal and take on more risky jobs with more dangerous people to earn more. When her family found out, they couldn’t face the shame and guilt and asked her to leave. She left home at 16 and under a fake ID at first worked wherever would take her; in shops, cafes, bars, garages, anywhere that would help her get by. She saved up every last penny that she could and sent it home to her family. Whether they accept it or use it on her sister, she doesn’t really know to this day. She regularly got into trouble with her employers for being hot-headed and temperamental and oftentimes for stealing from the cash registers. She never stayed long to hide this developing habit until it was too late for her bosses to figure out what she had done. When she was 21, she travelled to the USA, having exhausted all means of work all over Germany. She waited tables and sold magical ailment potions in back alleys to earn enough for a room at a hostel until she met a man called Fallon De Muerte; a man who deals with people in any way he is paid to. He employed her like he did his other agents; young and ripe for persuasion and training. She worked hard under his employment and began to earn a lot more money than she had ever had before. It was with him that her confidence and more flirtatious manner grew. She took the money out into the city and drank it away in nightclubs, enjoying the thrill of the night and the women it brought her. She began to spend a little more on herself and found herself enjoying living life mysteriously in the city, never staying too long in one place. She built a name for herself here, working hard and picking up skills quickly to get the job done.

Abilities |
Being a jack-of-all-trades, Ratte is a very quick learner and knows many useful skills, from knowing the properties of several magical elements and materials, to being able to pull apart a gun and put it back together in under 8 seconds. She has a precise shot at distance but still struggles to hit the exact target at close range. She is slightly long-sighted, but she never mentions it and probably will need glasses in the future.

Extra notes |
Ratte earned her nickname in Germany and after a while it stuck. It means ‘rat’ in German and being a street-rat, stealing and skulking around like a rat would, it was a name that many employers would call her. In the USA, it was something she bragged about.
She often carries a small handgun concealed under her jacket in the small of her back and a knife strapped to her lower calf, hidden by the boots she wears.
@Raptra She’s on the boat 😂 stepping aside to subtly grip onto the side of the boat for dear life perhaps but on the boat :)
Haha, never mind! I will get Ratte up quickly, hopefully some other characters too! Will be delayed due to cleaning my old tenancy though so I do apologise!
Looking to have three characters go up soon though, Kale, Truman and Ratte. :D
@Raptra still here :)
Ratte stepped up onto the boat with a slight grimace. Unlike her namesake suggested, water wasn’t something she associated with herself often and she rarely found herself near the harbour. The water sloshing around them made her feel uneasy Andrew the whole setting made her feel uneasy. She stepped aside, allowing the newcomers to get onto the boat first. She didn’t trust that they wouldn’t do anything yet.

“So.. any food plans?” She looked to Isago, stomach letting out a gurgle as if to emphasise her point, “Or should I go and find us some?” She asked, leaning on the doorframe.
@Mogget@Raptra@King Tai@Blueflame@KatherinWinter
Ratte looked to the newcomer and frowned. She stood in front of Jack, rather firmly, keeping an eye on the gun in his hand. This was starting to become too much of a crowd and she was far too hungry to want to stand here much longer. “Maybe this isn’t the best place to be talking.. why don’t we just go to the hideout and eat, then we can find a new hideout tomorrow. I don’t want to be talking so openly in the open anymore, i’d rather be somewhere private. Then we can find out what Captain Gin wants and what the kid wants. It’s that or another tavern anyway.” She suggested.

@Mogget@Raptra@King Tai@Blueflame@KatherinWinter
Sorry it’s probably my turn I didn’t realise how long it had been since I posted! On it :)
It can’t harm the situation :) I say go for it @Mogget
Ratte rolled her eyes and shifted onto her other hip, folding her arms across her chest, “What a fool to think we wouldn’t play a drunkard. We’d be fools to trust that you’re worth anything in this state. The kid’s right, we don’t have to answer to you. If you’re not going to be useful to us, we’re leaving.” She nodded in Kai’s direction and looked up to Isago. She was short and so was Kai. She guessed that like her, Kai was underestimated for his size and an easy target. Having Isago was a nice break from that and a little muscular reassurance that her ego wasn’t just too big. She stepped in front of Kai regardless and tapped the front of the drunk’s weapon away from Kai firmly.
@Blueflame@Raptra@Mogget@SmileyJaws@King Tai@KatherinWinter
Ratte sighed with relief when she saw Isago. She hadn’t realised quite how attached she had become to him. She eyed the bag on his shoulder but said nothing as Kai spoke. Had she had larger ears, they would have peeled up and twitched as she heard the shuffling of a body close to theirs. She smelled the alcohol and guessed who it was before she turned to him.

She could see that he was barely keeping himself upright and the bottle in his hand sloshed around as he spoke. She raised an eyebrow, used to the drunkards in the taverns that she frequented, “And what exactly would we be proving to you? We have somewhere to go, unless you know somewhere to eat when your stomach isn’t full of alcohol.” She placed a hand on her hip.

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