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I'm mostly an OC RP-er, I get too into character with Fandom sometimes and worry that I'm not staying true to them, but I am still up for it if that's what you're up for :D

I enjoy coming up with plots and I do like gritty stuff, I am also a huuge fan of fantasy, so if plots are left to me, that is generally the direction that they will go in!

I can RP one-liners or casually; 2-3 paragraphs is my limit for speedy replying because i’ve got a busy job and can’t sustain massive posts every time DX but I will do my best to match what you give me :) I'm not really into RPing smut, but I don’t mind a bit of romance and smush. I tend to say kiss touch and play, anything more fades to black :D

I can't say how quick I can be to reply, I work long hours, but have the summer off, so I may trail in and out between the holidays - apologies in advance!

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@xXSINXx Also, as long as she is small and mouse, Ratte might instinctively bond to her since she’d remind her of her little sister, so there’s a way to get them interacting :3
@xXSINXx Make her a little more active :) have her interact with someone, bump into someone or call out to someone - they’re all fighting at the minute so she might get lost if she’s just standing and waiting for something to happen. Have her dive in there :)
@xXSINXx I wouldn’t rely on her ‘wanting to be a part of the family’ too much atm, you might want to think about what she can offer the group. They’re not so much a family as they are a group who keep meeting up and helping each other at the minute..
The Captain roared as the blade penetrated him and he doubled over, gripping onto his wound. He gritted his teeth and his eyes found Griffin in the basement. He couldn't move for the pain at the moment and would need to tie it up before attempting to chase the boy. He had recognised him not long after grabbing hold of him. He was part of the rebel group that had raided the caravan he had been in charge of all those weeks ago. He had almost lost his position because of these fools. He looked to Griffin, "You there! Capture that little rat, he's a fugitive! He's part of Black Widow's little group, he needs to be stopped!" He ripped off a strip of his undershirt and wound it tightly around his leg. Damn, he wished that he'd had more gin.

Ratte saw the woman retreat and she smirked slightly, she'd got her on the defensive; that was a first. She swung the plank back and flung it at the shooter. It didn't go far, but it made an almighty thunk against the metal that would hopefully put her on edge. She picked up a second plank and stepped closer to the woman when she heard Kai's voice. She looked back to him briefly, then to Isago, then to her assailant. She had no real intention of staying to fight, her expertise was far from it, so she looked to Kai, "We need cover! Smoke, fire, gunpowder, something to hide us for a second!" She yelled.

@King Tai @KatherinWinter @Raptra
@KatherinWinterYeah that’s right :)
@KatherinWinter The Captain was never in the basement...
He looked in through the door.. and Kai ‘hoped’ to run past them. He didn’t make it at first..
@KatherinWinter Can always help you form something in PMs if you like :)

Kai was in the tavern basement and has since stabbed the Captain and come out of the tavern.
Isago and Ratte were outside the tavern in an alleyway and are still there.
There is Flying edge, who is Shooting at Ratte outside and Jobba Is fighting Isago outside.
There are still 2 attackers in the basement. They saw the Captain and froze. The Captain and Griffin are by the tavern’s basement which is still inside. I hope this helps :)
<Snipped quote by FalkiThomas>
I agree there's been quite a lot of action, but once the PCs get out of this and regroup, there'll be time for more character development and interaction. I guess introducing all these NPCs and action was our way of keeping the story interesting, but if your idea of 'keeping it interesting' means some break from all the action, which I agree would work really well too, then we can tone down on what we've been doing so far.

Yeah, I'm happy to tone things down and just get to know the characters for a while :) We've had a lot of people dipping in and out, so it'll be good now that we have a solid little group to just work with them casually for a bit, whilst also trying to find Roxy :)
@KatherinWinter He is out but the captain has currently got hold of him.

Don’t worry about the heist then, they were all going to go and settle in the brothel to talk about tactics and catch up, but these bad guys turned up before they got the chance. As far as I’m aware they’re still going to go ahead and do that.. so we’ll have time for plotting etc.

Also doesn’t help that we have had a lot of people dip in and out and change the storyline around orz. Things will tick over and get there, characters will come out, it’s just moving slowly that’s all. I think that just happens in RPs.. I mean if you look at our PM RP it’s been going for a good several months now and a week hasn’t passed in RP time yet :’)
@Raptra That’s fine, stab away :D

@KatherinWinter Don’t worry about the logic too much - there are only 3 of the original group now and Kai already has a good relationship with Isago so there’s a lot of sense in them staying friendly. Ratte’s cowardly, she spent the last heist running around in the shadows so a big tough guy like Isago around won’t be a turn off for her. And if all else fails, they will stick together because we want them to :)

If Griffin’s purpose is to make them interact with one and other, have him stick around and fight with them then talk to them directly. I think the problem was that there’s such a gap between our posts that it feels like it’s been hours since they got to the tavern when really it’s only been about half an hour and Griffin hadn’t talked to anyone in the group or even gone into the same room as them before someone started attacking them. After this fight we can give them a reason to stick together- we could even have Griffin convincing them to do so if you’re worried about it - but for now they’re just trying not to get stabbed :)
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