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I'm mostly an OC RP-er, I get too into character with Fandom sometimes and worry that I'm not staying true to them, but I am still up for it if that's what you're up for :D

I enjoy coming up with plots and I do like gritty stuff, I am also a huuge fan of fantasy, so if plots are left to me, that is generally the direction that they will go in!

I can RP one-liners or casually, not TOO good at advanced, but with the right plotline I'd give anything a go :) I'm not really into RPing smut, but I will be that third wheel in your romance story, or the bad guy working with the romance to break your characters down if you need me!

I can't say how quick I can be to reply, I work long hours, but have the summer off, so I may trail in and out between the holidays - apologies in advance!

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@KatherinWinter I intended to leave it a little open for Griffin to follow/interrupt/tell him something more [url][/url]interesting than shadows behind a door.. take the conversation where you want it to go, you’re leading this one :) I don’t have a specific agenda for the guard so bend him at your will
@Raptra Haha he’ll rescue them all one day and none of them will expect it
Ratte smiled across to Kai, "That would be amazing, kiddo. We can always stop by a different tavern and get something if what you have isn't enough." She pulled her hood back up and turned to Isago. She felt a smirk curling at the edge of her mouth and bit her lip. It had been a long time since she had been to a whore house. She found that most were far too expensive for her, but now that she had a little more gold it was a little more tempting. "A whore house sounds very appealing... though it might scar the kid for life... unless you have a friend there that can look after him for a while and not try to ruin him with indecency he's too young for." She grinned and switched from watching Kai to Isago slowly.

The captain sighed and took another long gulp of his ale after it was set down before him. He had spent his day chasing down petty thieves and scare-mongerors. He was beginning to regret his decision to sit next to yet another one, "So I have heard. But we are yet to have any real leads on his whereabouts, so unless you have any information on that, please.. spare me the scary speech. I've seen what he's capable of." His eyes wandered from the tavern's rowdy gents and their loud games to a back door where he believed the basement was. He frowned, seeing shadows beneath the door and glanced back to check that the barkeep was indeed behind the bar. He didn't remember seeing anybody going through the door. He frowned and put his ale down, "Well that is most sinister behaviour indeed," he muttered, standing up to go and inspect it, "do forgive me, Sir but I may have spotted something suspicious..."

@King Tai @KatherinWinter @Raptra
Waiting on @KatherinWinter I think.. or I can just go with Ratte
Hey, could I possibly claim the blue ranger? :)
Ratte nodded at Isago. She was getting tired and so was feeling more and more on edge. They needed to rest and decide what to do next. "Is it close? I'd like to get some kind of food before we do go to your hideout, I haven't eaten today. We could do with getting a few provisions too just in case we end up running somewhere." She looked around again, looking for signs of someone approaching or watching them. It seemed as though they were alone for now.

The captain frowned, taking a long swig from his ale. He watched Griffin carefully, "You're saying you've seen something being blamed on this 'demon' or you have seen the black demon himself? Because this town is full of copycats and phoneys. Everyone is trying to get ahead and copy the big guys to impress their friends and get their hands on a bit more gold. I don't believe in rumours, I believe in facts." He sighed and drained the glass of ale, then waved at the bar tender for a refill.

@King Tai@Raptra@KatherinWinter
@Raptra@KatherinWinter For the sake of continuity let's just say it was far away and the tavern is noisy. Which it would be in the evening! Besides, Kai was only using a small gun, right? :D
@KatherinWinter ah perfect! Then call it he’s off duty and doesn’t want to deal with it because he’s off duty :)
@KatherinWinter I haven't posted his reaction yet - he sat down before it happened and the other one well... Falki has continuity issues and I'll blame it on that!
@KatherinWinter Don't worry about it, things will sort themselves out :) @King Tai wanted to bring in someone working with the Black Demon, didn't you? Things will get rolling when we have someone constant; we keep getting people popping in, starting something, then popping out which doesn't help plot. Hopefully we will get something going now it's back to the original 'guild' members :)
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