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Name: Thatcher
Age: 17
Gender, if applicable: Male
Species: Human
Appearance (Height, build, facial structure, etc.): 6’2, Scrawny and half starved to death, Rough face with a long scar across the right cheek. With ghostly pale skin, Bright pink eyes and white hair after a experiment
Titles, if any: None
Background:As a child was sold into slavery and spent most of their early years as a farm hand on one of the many slave farms in the Vershellen Dominion. When he was a teenager he was marched out with the rest of the slaves and chosen by a group of doctors and put in a vehicle. After this he spent many years in a lab where he was prodded and injected with many unknown substances, until a year into his captivity where he was taken to the familiar operating room but with unfamiliar machines around him. He was tied down and attached to the unknown machine which pumped strange liquid into his body which over the next few days he noticed his skin turning more pale with the doctors checking on him multiple times a day during one of these check ups there was a disturbance outside the door as another prisoner struggled against a guard. Thatcher took advantage of this and attacked the scientist checking up on him, after knocking him to the floor he was able to escape the facility by joining the other prisoner and killing the guard by grabbing his sidearm and shooting him in the back of the head and releasing the rest of the prisoners. During the mass breakout Thatcher went his own way running faster than humanly possible so when the rest were inevitably recaptured and harshly punished for the guard he killed he was hiding a mile away watching the situation he then ran a few more miles coming across a Yllendyr patrol where he was shot at creating the scar on his cheek and managed to narrowly escape by hiding behind a wall and firing on the patrol easily taking them down with pinpoint accuracy. This surprised him after all he had never fired a gun before. He didn't know what to think but he knew that people would come to check the gunshots so he ran up to the patrol and grabbed their firearms running into the mountains.
Personality:Cold and calculating after long years of abuse finding it hard to trust others
Likes/Dislikes: Growing up he never found much he liked as a child he fondly remembers the sing alongs many of the slaves would have in the fields. But his time in the lab nearly broke him with the only interaction he ever received was the experiments performed on him by the Yllendyr scientists.
Strengths (including magical ability, if any):Has a very sharp eye for detail so is able to take advantage of the enemy's weakness. Also seems to have an enhance physique and skill for his body
Weaknesses:His long years of servitude has left a lasting mark on his life causing him to be underdeveloped mentally unable to read and write and only has a limited understanding of the language. The experiment has also left him highly noticeable unable to enter a population center without being noticed and reported to the local gendarmerie
Special Equipment/Tools/Clothing: The revolver he stole from the lab guard had an ornate figure on the bottom of the handle in the shape of the royal seal of Yllendyr.

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