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@Aristo Gauthier is looking great! You're free to add him to the character section when you can! I'll message you about getting started on discord!
A collaborative post by @Oxenfree, @Lauder and @Famotill

Heinrich would have gone even more pale if he already wasn’t, his hands already at the sides of his head to cup his ears though it did little against a banshee’s screech. “A banshee?,” he echoed Elias, frantically looking around, fear back to take hold over his being as he had heard tales of Banshees slaughtering those of the Order. “This place was a trap!,” he exclaimed over the horrid screeching before looking at the stairs.

Tiefling, with me!,” Heinrich commanded, as if he had authority over the group or as if his family name still had power that he could command. The Von Wolfram ran up the stairs, going to the study and peering through the broken window to see if he could get site of the banshee that was tormenting them.

Red eyes!” Rose shouted as she burst into the study behind them, pistol in one hand and an open book in the other. “What the hell is going on?”

Heinrich almost did not hear Rose’s shout over the damned screeching of the banshee, and, while under normal circumstances he would not answer to the name ‘Red eyes’, he turned to look at Rose. “We have a damned banshee outside! I’m going to see if I can use magic to kill it from one of the upstairs windows!,’ he exclaimed before his mind registered the pistol in Rose’s hand. “I’d recommend you use that thing to help!” He turned back to race up the stairs in order to get to the study.

Rose thrust the book into Heinrich’s chest to stop him running past her. “I found this in the master bedroom next to some sort of strung-up sacrifice victim,” she shouted, “If it has anything to do with this banshee, figure it out before our eardrums burst.” She shoved the book into his hands and raised her pistol. “I’m gonna go shoot a ghost, see if that works.”

The book, worn from years of neglect, was immediately recognizable to Heinrich as a grimoire. It’s gruff black leather felt weighty in the mage’s hand despite it’s mangled state. Though many of the incantations inside were worn the bloody fingerprints lining the used pages were conspicuous. Beneath the stains of grime and blood was an incantation. It was clearly foreign. Heinrich’s recent foray into the arcane gave him enough insight to recognize the text as an archaic form of elven. He couldn’t make out all of the words, but the apparatus for which the incantations were cast seemed obvious. Blood magic used for the purposes of a protection spell.

But why would a spell such as this bind the users to the residency?

Another blighted scream from outside the manor is enough to rattle Elias. “Fucking pits,” he shouted from the foyer. The warden turned to back towards Hadar. “If the mages can’t put an end to this madness, you and I will bloody gut the bitch ourselves.” His jaw quivered with a ferocity as if steeling himself for the impending mayhem to come. A raspy moan from the creature was the only answer to the warden’s decree.

Heinrich read through what he could in order to learn more about the spell, though it was more skimming so that he would find something to end the binding spell. But knowing blood magic and its properties, he knew that there would likely be a blood seal somewhere that could be broken. He looked around him, before his eyes settled on the people that made up their party. “We need to find the glyph that makes up this spell, only then can we get out of here,” Heinrich relayed, loud enough to get their attention.

Brilliant, you find it, I’ll get its attention,” Rose said, fixing the match cord to her musket, which she’d stopped to grab when the banshee started shrieking. Without another word, she dashed up the steps, looking for a window she could get a shot out of.

A collaborative post by @Lauder, @Redrum and @Famotill

Much like Ralorin and Amathel, Heinrich figured he might want to report his findings to Elias. He left the study to go back downstairs; though, he was certainly in no hurry as he still wanted to investigate the books. As he approached the man, “Sir, I believe that there is certainly something off about this place. When we entered, I almost instantaneously felt quite stuffy and claustrophobic, which may imply a form a magic on the house. Furthermore, I found this alongside a skeleton in the study and it seemed that there could be a creature in the wine cellar, as well as it said stating that something kept this man from leaving.” Heinrich held out the wrinkled parchment to Elias, wondering what he would do about the situation.

Elias snatched the note authoritatively. With brows furrowed he began to read the note with hushed muttering. “Poor sod, it says something was in the house.” Elias’ gaze arose from the note towards the second floor. He paced back and forth slightly as he surveyed the area above the two. “It’s likely not alive or long gone, but I’d keep your head about you. May be best to warn the others to do the same. First sign of trouble and we leave, immediately.

Heinrich did not take long to formulate a response to Elias, speaking clearly a decisively, “Sir, with all due respect, I feel as if that we may have no choice. If there really is magic that kept this man trapped in here, there may be a chance that it is still active and effecting us. We could certainly try to leave, but I am skeptical.

Elias scoffed as if to assuage his rousing anxiety, shrugging off Heinrich’s assertion he made his way hastily towards the doors of the estate. Reaching out his hand to push open the doors he felt a sudden force push him back, knocking him back in the process.

Minerva’s tits, it’s always bloody magic,” through aching bones the warden managed to make it back on his feet with only a few groans of pain. “Well, you figured out that we’re stuck in here. I don’t suppose you’d know how to make us ‘un-stuck’ would you, lad,” he asked before turning back to Heinrich.

I could certainly try to blow a wall down, but I’m afraid of the spell rebounding back at me. Though,” Heinrich smiles that arrogant Wolfram smile, “at least a Wolfram’s intuition is never wrong. I will see if there are any spells in my tome that will allow us a safe exit from this place.” Heinrich bowed his head slightly before walking back to the stairs and to his place in the study, flipping through the pages of the ‘Book of Red’ to see if the the Witch had left something that may have mention to something like this, though he had his doubts.

With Hadar in tow, Anwyn hurried from out the dining area arriving just in time to watch Elias get blown back from the door. "I knew something wasn't right about this place!" Watching Elias stand back up and Heinrich head back upstairs to the study, Anwyn returned her focus to her ward. "Here, Hadar and I found a skeleton and this note in the Kitchen. Looks like things didn't end so well for whoever lived in this place.

Elias took Anwyn’s note still a bit taken aback and dazed by having been so abruptly dumped onto the floor. “First some sort of monster in the cellar, and now a murderer. Driskard’s going to have me flogged for this.” Pressing two digits against the bridge of his nose Elias took a deep breath. “Well it’s likely that whatever in the ten realms killed these people is long dead. Let’s just figure out a way of getting out of here.

Heinrich had frozen on his spot of the stairs when he had heard Anwyn begin speaking, and once he turned heard Elias once more, he snapped the book shut. “Though it seems that conventional means of escape are deemed impossible, it could be possible that the source of what’s causing this is in the cellar, creature or not. If we need to, we could brave that place in hopes of other clues. Though, there could be a creature that may not be affected by starvation or age. A magical creature in some capacity could likely survive for a while, and there is no feeling if it had preyed upon others that had come through, if they came through.

"I can help with that." Gripping her songblade, Anwyn unsheathed her songblade and held it out. The unsheathing of the hollowed out blade created a low hum, feeling it's vibrations run through her body the Siren released a breath of confidence. Playing her instrument, she could call forth the Will-o'-The-Wisps. The atmospheric ghost lights would light the way before them, and if anything malicious, creature or entity alike, the Wisps would turn a bright red should they encounter anything while leading the party into the Cellar.

Upon playing her song the wisps hummed for a few moments. There was a guttural silence that permeated the manor as the party looked on. The wisps' humming became more violent and sour as an intense red color befell their light.

As if in response the magic a most harrowing cacophony of screams surrounded the walls of the manor. The blood-curdling cries were as sharp as a vicious wind, and enough to disorient a deaf man.Whatever the source of the noise it was clearly monstrous. The creature lurking from outside let out charred cries that cut like glass. Its scream was otherworldly as if it tore into some ephemeral veil between the realms. The screams multiplied and swelled around the party. There was nothing to be seen inside of the manor, but the horror that must’ve awaited them outside…

Elias gripped onto his sword harshly, but even in his attempts to maintain composure his sword-arm quivered anxiously. “Banshee…” he muttered.
@Blitzy Added a section in for Ralorin
Elias looked back to the Caracan woman. "The first lesson to learn in Vicelles," he started with a grunt before shifting the husks that he carried on his shoulders. "The first lesson to learn is that it's never survivors. Now let's make haste for the manor. As dreary as it is we'd do best to keep sheltered from the cold."

It took only a few forceful pushes before the doors to the manor churned open with an awful cacophony of hisses and creaks. As you and your party made your way inside there was a force of air that brushed past you. The stink, the dust and decay were eager to escape their imprisonment. The wood floors of the manor moaned beneath your feet.

Heinrich, Ralorin and Anwyn could feel an energy swelling in this place. It was a most eerie and cumbersome feeling that barraged their senses, both.

The foyer was decorated quite lavishly with maroon carpets and curtains. Despite the cobwebs and grime it was obvious that this place had once been home to someone with impeccable taste. To your immediate left was a small lounge area with seating beside a fireplace. To your right was an entrance way in what appeared to be a dining area. Ahead of you was a stairwell with a small door alongside its wall. On each side of the stairwell was a door to a room. The second floor landing was square in shape and looked over the entirety of the foyer. A few of the curtains along the windows were pulled open. The light from Ithea’s two moons peaked through as dust danced about the air in their rays of light.

Hm, a fireplace. We’ll see if we can make do with this.” Setting the bodies of the recently departed hollow men on the ground, Elias began pulling at their limbs. “The Order shan’t miss these,” he mustered through gritted teeth as he continued to pull. Eventually the gaunt bodies of the creatures gave way. Elias coughed slightly at the ooze leaking from the wound. He turned to face the party as he did so. “Hollow men make excellent kindling,” he lectured.

Before anyone could respond a hideous shriek rang out from outside of the manor.

Trying his best to ignore the sound Elias continued organizing the kindling. “You’d best make yourselves comfortable for the night. We’ll leave for Fort Stag at sunrise.” With one final forceful pull of another limb Elias sat back for a moment. His beard was splattered with the yellow-green mucus from the extraction.

@vietmykeHadar came out really well! I know we corresponded a lot on it, but you filled in a ton of blanks seamlessly. Feel free to add him over to the character section when ready!
@RedrumOh! I'm loving this character so far! I'm going to give it a more in-depth read. Just working on getting a few things situated for the RP. Thank you for sharing

@Enzayne No worries at all! Thank you so much for your initial interest. It means so much! You are still more than welcome to join us in the discord if you so desire. But good luck to you, and feel free to keep up with us here!

This message is intended for everyone. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to close submissions beyond those who have expressed interest already. We already have a bigger party than intended, and I don't think I can handle more for right now. Feel free to check in though, and see where we're at! There is always a guest-spot open for an NPC!
Not sure if everyone noticed, but I updated the IC with a zero post. That will be the quest log. The idea is that I will post the current quest (and update it with new objectives/info) and I will also link to the start of older quests as we progress. This isn't a strict thing. We don't have to complete these things in any specific order, nor do we have to do everything. It's just a way of organizing the adventure for everyone. Think of it like a table of contents.
@AristoNo worries!
@Lauder Hey! Heinrich is good to go. Feel free to add him to the character section
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