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@Jarl Coolgruuf Annabelle is accepted! You are free to add her to the character tab!
@Jarl Coolgruuf Could you PM with what you had in mind (just a rough idea, no need to fill out a full sheet for now)? Someone had previously expressed interest, but didn't get back to me via PM. My goal was to keep the party at 5 people, but I can try to be flexible if you have particular interest. As well, I'm always willing to bring on side or villain characters. Either way just send me a PM and we can see where to go from there! Thank you for your interest!
@Kassarock Hopefully this helps, but if not I can try to explain it more clearly!

I've emailed a discord link to everyone :). For the sake of keeping the OOC alive I'll post general announcements here, and people are always welcome to chat both here and in the discord. Discord just allows for faster communications.
I'd also like to make note that your characters were given lodging documentation as well which could be used at the tavern. Just something to make note of. You can flex or lie or use whatever perceived advantages you have. You have a breath of options, but if you're unsure of something feel free to ask me!

PS. This isn't a hint, promise. Just want you all to know you can explore your options.
@ParzivolOkay excellent, I was going to start naming them if you didn't in your post, but I wanted you give you the opportunity to name them (and your ship) as they may play a role in the story directly.

As for the discord, @Fetzen what do you think? If nothing else I can provide my discord in PMs for faster communication, but I agree that a group one might help in that regard.
@Kassarock The pulling is slight. I imagine Karlus has a lot of experience with the wards so heโ€™d know itโ€™s a weak tiered one. This usually means that they want to dampen magic without outright stopping it- probably so they can suss out mages more easily. The items I believe you are referring to should remain unaffected.

And thank you for the praise. I try to make my IC posts unique and tailored for each character. It canโ€™t be like that in every IC post, but my goal is to give you something interesting to read even if itโ€™s essentially reading the same thing four times.
@Fetzen@Kassarock@Blitzy@Lauder@Parzivol With the go-ahead from Blitzy (don't worry, he'll join us soon) I am excited to welcome you all to the world of Ithea with the first IC post! As I acclimate to writing a story I will improve so apologies for any missteps. If there are ever any inconsistencies or lapses in my judgement please feel free to shoot me a message and I can edit my post and make an addendum in the OOC.

I encourage collaborative posting, but it is not required. Kassarock and Lauder, your characters would have been on the same ship so if you'd like to write as though your characters have met that would be fine! Regardless collabing is fine for anyone in the party- just keep me in the loop. I am also available for collab posts. I find that these can sometimes ease the restraints of forum posts in combat and dialogue situations. That also brings the topic of discord to mind. Please let me know if this is something you all want to pursue! I can create a discord for our group. I want to encourage interaction and engagement with each other because ultimately that keeps an RP alive more than anything.

Also, I should mention that it may be important to read the sections labeled for other characters in my IC posts. Though it may not always be information your character knows specifically, it may help to piece things together so that you as a team can make more informed decisions. Feel free to ask any questions you might have in this regard.

I think that's everything, so I'll stop rambling. I look forward to hearing your thoughts/feedback and seeing what everyone comes up with!
@Fetzen Vekyzz is accepted! Feel free to throw him on over into the character tab. The only person left for a character sheet is Blitzy, but if anything I can bring his character into the RP a bit later. I'll send him a PM about it! I'll have the first post up as soon as I figure that situation out! Thank you so much everyone for your amazing characters. I'm excited to kick this off.
@LauderWe've been working on the sheet for a bit now, and everything looks up to snuff. You changed what I recommended already too so awesome :)

The only other thing I'd recommend is looking over some bard spells Bards aren't inherently mages, but with enchanted instruments they do cast spells by playing certain songs/notes. We can roleplay the effects of her music, but to avoid it being wildly overreaching maybe just check out some general spells and either add them to the sheet or post them here. So I can get the general sense of the spells she can cast with her flute. Other than that she is accepted.
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