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Current No worries Brisk... I love you a hecka lot!
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Lowkey thinking of wiping the slate clean on my profile aside from a few conversations. Thinking emoji
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Bruh has spent multiple days talking about how she had a lot of RPs and how her PMs were full.
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I'm going to be cutting down on my number of roleplays tonight. Meaning I'm going to be telling people I'm no longer interested.
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Is it considered vile to post an interest check in more than one section?


Hey, my name is Fiddlesticks, though I often just go by Mitzi. You can call me either or, but uh... yeah!

I'm relatively new to this site, and I'm honestly struggling to be good at this whole roleplay thing. If you have something you want to try, or just want to say hello, I'm almost always around ^^'

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I think it's totally worth it!

A good tip though, try and have a few different topics on your interest check! Cast a wide net!
roleplay sux haha.

Er... Welcome. It's pretty okay here ^^'
It's pretty okay here.



you've met the smug, but now meet the smag and smeg!
New plots and such on the way!

Maybe even a "Rated M" section!
~Bedtime bump~

Expect slow responses!
My smug wasn't anime though!

Good morning, my lads and lasses of the world! I’m Fiddlesticks, though a lot of people just call me Fiddles. Or Sticks. Or Sticksfiddle. Or Spaz. Or Mitzi. That last one is probably the least popular of the bunch, though you’re still welcome to call me that! I’m a female human from the United States, and someone who is actually incredibly new to writing and roleplay. I’ve enjoyed reading all my life though, especially romance novels. After a while though, my friends introduced me to D&D, and well… I fell in love. I loved the aspect of being able to tell a story with my friends, even if it was driven by game mechanics. I even remember the exact conversation I had that got me to try roleplay:

“You know… I really love DnD, but I wish there was something like it without the game mechanics!”

“Oh… You mean roleplay?”

And now here I am. I guess the TL;DR is… I’m new to roleplay and writing, but not exactly story telling. I can write proper, literate sentences, and I know some basics about story writing. That being said, if you are super experienced, I’m hoping you’d be willing to go a little easy on me?

I feel like I’m rambling quite a bit though. I had a couple plots that I have been thinking of, most of them inspired by either books I’ve read, various video games, or certain D&D campaigns I’ve done. You may recognize some of them, and if you do it’d be cool if you said something! I enjoy nerding out about such topics, and oh my lord do I love to nerd out in general! I think it’d be cool to be able to talk out of character, maybe even become friends?

I’m rambling again. Without further ado, rules and all that jazz!

I’d like to keep roleplays sex free. It can be in your backstory (be it through abuse, or maybe something else), but there will never be a point where our characters have sex in the story. I’m not 18 years of age, and while some people may not care about that, I care about it a lot. I won’t accidentally bait someone into an RP they aren’t comfortable with, therefore sex is out. I will not budge on this, and while I won’t instantly ignore you if you ask, I will be incredibly disappointed. Please don’t ask.

That being said, I am open to mature themes. Drugs, blood, guts, whatever you feel the need to do. I personally don’t even swear much in my roleplays, but I can chalk that up to being part of my character. I’d like to think that roleplays can be mature without constant swears, though you are welcome to do whatever you feel like. Aside from sex of course.

I’d like to also keep responses at somewhat high quality. I don’t mind if you aren’t the most advanced, because Lord knows I’m not either. I’ll be posting about 2 - 3 paragraphs at minimum, so you know what to expect from me. That being said, I don’t particularly mind one liners, as long as you are doing something. Something that moves the story along right?

Response times aren’t an issue to me. I don’t care if you respond in a week or in a second, all I ask is that you say something if you have no interest anymore. Please don’t leave me hanging alright? I’m pretty active myself, but given how many roleplays I’m in… well, you can’t expect me to respond just as quick if you are instant.

That being said, I’d really like to keep in touch out of character. We don’t have to be best friends or something, but I’d really like to talk things out? Be it about the weather, or how it’s going outside, or strictly business as usual, I don’t mind which. I’d just like to get to know you a little bit I guess? Maybe if we finish our current roleplay, we could start another together or something.

I play a lot of female characters. That’s not really a rule or anything, but I thought I should let you know. None of my plots require a specific a gender or anything, but just expect me to play a lot of female characters.


Themes with a bit of maturity in mind.

Generic plots can also fit in that “rate M” category.


Highschool romance?

College Romance?

Awkward Work Romance?

Barista & Frequent Customer

I'm also open to a lot of ideas, so you can PM me a variation or something completely different?
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