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Current My love-hate always kicks in when learning words without an equivalent in other languages, and complex meaning. It is amazing the word exists, but hard to grasp its usage.
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3 days ago
The strangest thing about learning new languages is still that they have words your language can only desribe and vice versa: Torschlusspanik, dépaysement, l'appel du vide, madrugar.
9 days ago
I am out on a tournament for the next two days - so less answers, but hopefully a fun weekend!
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20 days ago
Something is seriously wrong when you listen to more than 2 hours of Nyan cat without being annoyed. On to the third hour!
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26 days ago
4:15 in the morning and your body decides "Get up, it's a blasting day full of sun and fun" - while it is still dark outside...


I have some experience (well rather some years of experience) in roleplaying, but I am rather new here.

This will most likely not turn out to be the most helpful Bio, especially as I am currently blissfully unaware and somewhat apathetic to everything concerning cosmetical possibilities. It is partly due to the fact that there is no fascinating, wonderfully rounded and polished characters - I just fought I would share some insights about the things I like.

For the roleplaying part I came here looking for something rather relaxed in a classical fantasy environment. More or less along the lines of a typical tabletop adventure or classical side quest (or row of side quests) in gaming. I am also fairly interested in longer, more elaborate plots but currently not in the position to think one up and keep it running.

Apart from that there is a broad variety of settings I am interested in. It ranges from historically themed ideas over to our current time and world up to futuristic scenarios, including post-apocalypting settings in this range. Any of those might be high or low fantasy. In short it is not one specific slice of things that is fascinating me, it is the possibility to dive into another world. That is the reason why there is also a small set of fandoms I like.

I prefer creating my own characters for a roleplay. This means that I can easily create characters requiring a set of skills, sometimes even character traits, but I often have a hard time to fill a pre-shaped role already described with character traits and (parts of a) backstory. For me this creation process is an important step when immersing into a new world.

Before finally concluding I should mention that the better part of my characters has at least dark spots in their history or behaviour. Many of the topics touched are mature, so if you feel unconfortable (or just aren't mature) please inform me beforehand. I usually also try to outline the problematic traits beforehand.

To round things up: If you found something interesting here, or have an idea that you want to share, just send me a message. It would surely make me happy!

Avatar is from Rogier Hoekstra on Pixabay - very nice side for free images.

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Funny enough I have a problem to filter out the genre I like best. I love magic, in mostly any setting. I love special abilities not connected to magic. I like cute and adorable settings as well as those where the whole world or just the main character's world is broken or dangerous. There are many genres I like to revisit, but it is oftened more about the character than the genre.

If I needed to decide for one thing, I would probably say Historic settings, centered around Industrialization, World Wars, maybe colonization and Renaissance. I like the times, mostly because I like the shifts in living and thoughts and the clash of old and new society structures and the gaps and tensions created by this.

The genre I really do not like (as a gerne) is Romance. In most cases I do not like to create characters just so they can fall in love and live through a relationship. It is just not my cup of tea.
I admit romance often gets to be part of a good plot - I had more than one character falling deeply in love and if that happens it is a wonderful source to deepen character or even the plot. In this case I really like it, being another aspect of life and making everything feel more rounded.
The one reason I can pinpoint why I do not like Romance for Romance, is that it does not feel like a true "match" if I create a character just to fall in love. I admit there must be more, as for example dark and twisted romances are sometimes okay with me - I just can not really point out what exactly it is.
Still on the look out :)

welcome back!

I would be interested in the story - I have looked around but I think there is currently no open, alive X-Men plot or anything similar. but as I would love to get back into that direction, you have my interest.
Sounds interesting enough. I would have to think a little bit what I want and need.

Are we allowed to chose the blight and virtues ourselve? I would much prefer that, as I see it difficult in otherwise creating a believable character.
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🇯🇦🇰🇴🇧 🇲🇦🇹🇸🇪🇳

unknown or not sticking to one
Prof. apl. Jakob Matsen
Siegaue University
Known Details
Jakob took a very academical approach to becoming a security expert. At a rather young age he started to toy around with computers and hung out a lot with his older cousins who fiddled with hardware. Soon enough he did the same and step by step learned about hardware and programming as the information age progressed on. He decided to study computer science - a very promising area in his student days - and started to learn things in a more structured way. He had already learned about hackers and the dangers connected to them, but being just a young student he did not care so much. The threat did not seem too apparent, after all it was less dangerous than in this day and age. He rather continued fiddling with hardware and slid into the more technical inclined groups.

His professors were happy with his success and he found a position as a doctoral researcher. One of the first conferences he attended changed his mind. A very passionate speaker laid out the dangers of corruption through hackers and for the first time he felt the same, maybe because he was more aware of the easiness of the attacks, or maybe because of the speaker. In the end it brought him to shifting his own research into the vulnerabilities and possibilities to secure embedded systems.

After receiving his doctoral degree, he went to an american university as part of a small research group engaged in the research of interaction between hardware security and prevention of social engineering. His contract ended after two years, but a partner of the group offered him the possibility to be employed as a consultant. He stayed four more years, travelling the US and consulting different enterprises on their hardiness against social engineering, and choice and hardening of security systems.

In the end he admitted to himself that he missed the academical life, especially the open field of possibilities that research offered. After sending out a few applications he got accepted at his current university as an interim professor in embedded systems. His research still makes him travel often, as he tightly connects it to work with real world enterprises.

Image by Marcel Gnauck from Pixabay
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Ani (or that's what people who work with her have been told)
Germany, Belgium and Netherlands
Changing, she usually picks people to work with based on current interests
Known Details
In the online world not much is known about Ani personally. She has been active for quite a while; her current handle can be at least found for six years - which matches up with the fact that she is midway through her 20s, according to her. She is known to be more along the activist lines, than the professionals or those who just enjoy sparking chaos. She likes to teach people, especially in the online community showing newbies where to find new information and what to try. She also likes to keep to herself, so little is known about her normal life. To be honest even if Ani is a her or him is kept out of the virtual world and anybody getting to really work with her is sworn to secrecy (or misinformation).
As she usually deals with hardware security, highlighting how vulnerable even life-securing systems are, she can not completely shut people out of her life. Her coarse location is known from her working range and has led to some speculation about her real personality, especially leading to some activist in the hacker organization "Chaos Computer Club" - but essentially all of those are unconfirmed. Probably as even with the speculations taking there it is still unsure if one must look for a woman or man.
Even her actions are sometimes hard to track, but the one she wants to be known by community are usually somehow connected to a sticker of her avatar.

The very few people knowing her better in a personal way (which are always people having worked with her more than once) know that she has some hobbies besides electronic, doing dance classes and Kendo. She makes a living by helping her family organize a local bakery chain, doing necessary IT work in the still small enterprise but also such mundane things as stepping in for an ill driver or sales assistant.


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Should I move over both to the characters?
It could be interesting. Funny enough I would even have a character fitting such kind of system, albeit the character itself is already rather difficult.

The idea of backing things by dice and some stats, especially in a very powerful environment, sounds also very helpful. It should prevent overpowering.

In the end it sounds interesting enough and I would like to see the whole thing unfold!
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Working on it, an Information Security will most likely follow soon

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