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Hi all. Currently takibg care of a personal emergency. Will be back and online by the weekend. If you see me online its because i just leave my accpunt on.
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Sounds good!
here you off to?
@PrewigaI am sorry to hear that, and i will do what's necessary. Best of luck in the event you drop completely.

@Jiatsu HoshidoI mean the crew is already at Twin Capes so its really up to there's no need to wait for us. Plus don't you still have find a way to separate Jiatsu from Ryoku.
There's nothing there of too importance really, just NPC's that i'll bring later once the midpoint of the story happens.
That's good to hear everyone! I'll be posting the Captain's CS tonight and finish up the rest of the Twin Capes info.

@VetisSounds good, run your ideas by me. Also check the CS rules and expectations in the first post to make sure that nothing is clashing with them.
@Member 00492Edited as request!
@Member 00492Thanks! See i knew there was something unique to the alan in this world
Episode 2 – Mad World

The world of heroes goes by fast. One moment you’re fighting civilians trying to save them from each other the next your supposed hero mentor was attacking you. It was evident that the Green Lantern was being manipulated. Brainwave’s persuasion and telepathic abilities are more formidable than expected Gypsy thought. The young hero also thought how bad this would reflect on the mentor’s hero. Gypsy hoped he would turn out okay, being manipulated was not fun on anyone.

The moment the Green Lanterns attacks made contact Gypsy made herself invisible as quick as possible. She was not good at dealing with such large scale battles. Her abilities made her good at stealth, hand to hand combat, infiltration, rescue, etc., but fighting the Green Lantern was beyond her, Gypsy thought.

Gypsy knew little of Toon Girl and the Captain, but based on what she’s heard the two were more than durable enough to handle the Green Lantern. She had to trust them to deal with the powerhouse on their own. She had to deal with the task that the Lantern was forced to abandon, saving the civilians from themselves.

Truthfully there was little that she could do in such a grand scale. Her abilities were useful for one on one situations, but handling a crowd was something else. Illusions worked best when Gypsy knew how and what to create for the individual, catering to their deepest desires and fears, but a mob didn't have such deepness to it. They didn’t think, they reacted. What she was doing was a gamble, but she had to believe that it would work.

Standing atop am abandoned car she directed her powers to the crowd. She needed to see the scale and scope of where to direct her powers. From the darkening skies fell small white powders of snow. The people in the street would see small balls of white ice gently falling down from the orange skies. In reality there was nothing, but the illusion worked. The people were fascinated and stunned by the bizarre illusory weather. Normally something like this wouldn’t work, but for an already controlled group of people visual illusions alone would be good enough. If her illusion couldn't tap into their fear or desires, their inner curiosity and wonder would do.

Once the people were in trance Gypsy jumped down from the car. At best she could keep up the illusion for a few more minutes, but it should be more than enough time to subdue the most dangerous ones in the group in front of her. She would be vulnerable to attacks, but it was a sacrifice she was willing to make. She just hoped that the rest of the team was making progress with Green Lantern or Brainwave.

@VetisGenerally speaking characters should be grand line level. I'm pretty flexible with it as long as it's applied/used properly.

How are everyone's posts coming along btw?
@TechnoWizROKgood to hear!
@Member 00492im around yes. Was gonna post today actually.sorry for the delay
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