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Hi all. Currently takibg care of a personal emergency. Will be back and online by the weekend. If you see me online its because i just leave my accpunt on.
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Posted, not one of my best work, but in a pinch it'll work.

Aurora belonged to the city. She acknowledged and understood the benefits of living with other heroes, but she refused them. The benefits existed, that much was sure, but she believed that her time would be better fit living among civilians. Within the city she could go on patrol whenever she could, planting fear in people who dared to even think that she wasn’t there. Not one to look a gift-horse in the mouth Aurora still accepted the free room.

This particular day, the same day that the heroes are to have their weekly luncheon and meeting Aurora was already in her room. The day before, she and her husband had an argument. Beloved and awe-inspiring as they were as a couple they still needed their independence and days away from each other. Some nights are better than others, yesterday was bad. Healthy is what she thought about last night, couples fight.

Aurora’s night post-feud was filled with booze. Requesting a boom tube right after buying a bottle of wine, which disappeared soon after she entered her room in the Metro Tower, her night turned into day without much effort. One moment she was in her room with one glass, next she was puking up and hungry for something greasy, a hangover she figured.

Hunger was well on its own way to ravishing her body by the time she was presentable enough for public viewing. Her destination was the meeting room, but on the way she’d stop by and get some food, something greasy and filling. Something she hoped would not feel too bad in the event that she had to puke. Hope was also something attached to feelings and thoughts related to shame over the fact that she had a hangover in the first week of work.

Aurora was still new, she didn’t want to be “That Girl”TM, but the heroes inclined towards detection would know. The young hero’s self-esteem wouldn’t be affected by what’s happening, but at the same time she believed that first impressions are important and a hangover version of herself wasn’t as appeasing as her normal mode. Nonetheless she’d have to deal with it, and so did everyone else. She was here to stay and prove herself, and that means working with someone who has a hangover.
Ayy tge IC is here. Ill try to get somethibg started by tonight
sire ill watch
id like to keep and eye on this

Thematically and aesthetically is it more clandestine superheroes willing to kill ala Batman, or more Supermen among us kind of deal?
Ayy it's back, sort of
The site is hella laggy for me orz :(
Sorry for the triple post, The site was acting up, and still is for me when I tried to post. I guess it registered as three posts. Oops
Ayy finally here as well. :)
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