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Hi all. Currently takibg care of a personal emergency. Will be back and online by the weekend. If you see me online its because i just leave my accpunt on.
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Still here. Just waiting on Episode 6 folks
I am making one as we speak.

EDIT: If you'd like to update tho go ahead, as I figure anything I ass won't progress the story much. It'll just be her introducing herself and how she got to the team and her first days in town.
POSTED! :) Will be away all weekend for Labor day fun.

in Episode 6

One minute they were on earth and the next they were in earth adjacent.

"The league files don't do this place justice." Gypsy said as she took in the sights around her. Flowers and streetsigns with faces, the sun high up in the sky with a very noticeable grin, and building that felt like they swayed and danced. "Pun intended" she added still full of wonder.

The young hero has heard of this place, the fifth dimension, home to many of the known oddities that has appeared over the course of history. One of the biggest oddities Mister Mxyzptlk was among Superman's constant foes. Their chaotic personality and reality breaking abilities made them formidabel enemies, and in Toon Girl's case a very formidable ally.

Gypsy's curiosity aside she couldn't help but not notice the younger girl's change in demeanor. Normally Toon Girl was very animated much like how this world appeared, but the person taht stood behind her and Superman was acting more like a teen drama protoganist rather than a saturday morning cartoon character, she didn't like it one bit. Her actions reminded her too much of her earlier street working days, vulnerable, cornered, hurt.

The mere mention of the one eyed slime drones creatures raining from the sky made Gypsy's skin tingle. They looked like old cartoon monsters whe would watch back when she was much younger. Even as adult she kind of hated those kinds of creatures. She liked Kang and Kodos from the Simpsons, but the snot monsters looked nothing like them. The raining snot monsters were far too real and far too chaotic. They reeked of something "wrong".
@ProProOf course i wouldn't. I've just been silently here haha. I'll be away over the weekend so I won't be able to post anything yet however.
@ProProThanks for mentioning me in this. I've been keeping track since i got the approval, but decided to stay inactive until the timeskip. School started and with it all the other work/orgs i'm in so it's been a very busy week.

Anyhow I'm glad to be here and hopefully i can fully integrate :)
Semester officially started, still here and kicking.
So i'm pretty sure i missed all of episode 5.....Hmm concerning, but hopefully this doesn't affect my status in the RP.
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