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Sweet, this is having better luck than I thought it would.
The chat is on the steam group I linked.

A cybernetic nation is possible, yeah, that'd work.
Edited above post.

The best way to describe Galactic Conquest is a "structured sandbox". The history is mainly written by player controlled nations and characters. However, the action is somewhat driven by game mechanics. What you can build is determined by the techs you've chosen and later research. You need to build shipyards to construct ships, which takes a certain number of posts. The yards and stations you can build is limited to the construction craft you have. It's like a real time strategy game in a way.

Despite some mechanics being there, a large part of GC is still left up to the intuition of the players. Combat is not determined by an in-depth stats system. You also don't have to worry about the every day routine of running a nation. Civilian traffic "runs in the background" you could say.

You are free to design a species and their backstory and world build to your heart's content as long as its not too OP. The only real limiting factor is starting ships, systems, chosen technologies, and shipyards.

This is a hybrid RP in a sense. Yes, you control an empire, but a lot of emphasis is on characters. Don't tell what your empire is doing. Show it by putting things in motion from a character's perspective.

Everyone starts in the Verion Star Cluster in the Ceros Galaxy. There are no humans here.

Steam group:


Join our chat, there's usually always someone there.


+ means optional
- means mandatory


Star System





--Thread Rules--

Rule Zero: What the Director and admins say goes.

-1: Godmodding/Ubering is forbidden, doing so will result in being ignored and potentially banned from the thread.
-2: Use Story Mode. No Chat style RPing.
-3: "It's not in the rules" is not an excuse to do whatever you desire at any time.
-4: Do not spam, troll, or post useless things (Such as "I like cheese").
-5: Do not tech-post (posting under four sentences of content when not in interaction with another player, just to obtain new technologies. Using posts unrelated to your faction to boost production and research counts also qualifies as tech-posting).
-6: Arguing with the admins is not acceptable, period. If something you don't like happens, and the administration says "Too bad," then too bad, it happens. Debating is fine as long as said debate does not become a shouting match.
-7: Threatening members, admins and the thread itself with hacking, physical harm, mental harm, etc. Is NOT acceptable, and WILL lead to a GC ban AND if carried out or GC has a strong knowledge it will be carried out, members of GC reporting said action to the necessary authorities.
-8: Any technology deemed too powerful, efficient, or effective will be denied regardless of your scientific ability to create. Just because you can be creative does not mean your technology will be allowed, either.
-9: Don't go overboard with romance/gore. Overboard will be determined by your forum ban, or by GC admins. In short, no explicit content/squick content.
-10: Do not kill plots or storylines, and do not ruin plots or storylines for other players. If you do, instant-permaban is very likely to result from such action.
-11: Do not harass members with the intent to drive them out of the thread. The most likely punishment for this is a permanent ban.
-12: OOC prejudice may not be used as a reason for IC action. Only IC may be used for IC action except under very few circumstances which are dictated by the administration.
-13: Balance over realism always, science may be bent if balance demands it.
-14: Any administration member who violates a rule they are to be upholding will receive swift demotion from admin/mod status, and a temporary or even permanent ban from posting.
-15: In special cases, the director may approve of bending or even ignoring a rule if need be. This is to be of somewhat rare occurrence.
-16: You may not join the thread with a faction made up of humans, minor race or not. Doing so requires express approval from the Director and lore connections.
-17: Total genocide of any race/faction requires owner/Director approval in order to avoid kicking someone from the thread.
-18: Ragequitting during a war because you're losing is an instant permanent ban from GC. Don't do it.
-19: No beginning research or construction on the same post as previous research or construction ends

--Roleplaying Guidelines/Information--

-1: All members start in the Ceros Galaxy's Verion Cluster or an adjacent sector unless otherwise approved.
-2: Technologies are allowed to be submitted to the tech guides.
-3: The UUF is not going to be surpassed technologically.
-4: The series has a wiki, use it. Ask admins/active wiki-goers for info not found on the wiki's pages.
-5: The starter system is capable of supporting a variety of different starting situations technology-wise and expansion wise.
-6: There are a variety of different FTL types that exist and can be looked into, not all are available at a low tier. You decide which you use, and if none are chosen, you can create your own drive as long as you can propose pros and cons behind it, along with an explanation of function (Custom drives require approval)
-7: High ESPER races and individuals require approval by Admins.
-8: Newly submitted technologies must be approved by Admins. Do not start researching them before they are approved/before you are given a post count.
-9: You are permitted to start with less technology than you are allowed to. If you want to use a lower tech race. Higher tech starts, however, require administration approval.
-10: GC is a somewhat hard sci-fi RP with several soft elements, along with a tech tree that advances away from strict real world science over time.
-11: If your CS is accepted, you have to start RPing with them within 50 pages, otherwise they will need to be accepted again.
-12: The only sheets necessary at the start are the Star System, Planet, and Race. You decide your level, whether they have a government or not, if you have a character, the ship sheets, etc.
-13: If help is needed with the ship sheets, please request aid from a veteran member or the administration.
-14: Members from before the move need to repost their sheets as needed.
-15: GC is not purely empire control. Expect characters to take center stage of many plots.
-16: It is HIGHLY requested you make something of your own when joining, it is very much frowned upon to use something from an established game/show/movie/etc
-17: In joining, you may start with up to seventeen star systems. Up to fifty shipyards and one hundred ships are permitted as starting equipment. This line is prone to edits as needed.
-18: While plot locks are easily broken by GM action, it is very much appreciated for a warning to be given ahead of time if you are leaving for an extended period of time so preparations can be made.
-19: When deciding ESPER, you should have reasons for why if it is above two or three due to the balance issues that come with that being a racial average. In order to have a character with an ESPER over 6, it 'must' be asked on.
-20: Factional Theme is more or less just a track to set the mood for your faction. This is not required for joining, however.
-21: If your race is speaking in their own language, please provide a translation in brackets/parenthesis for the convenience of other RPers.
-22: It is highly advised to use notepad or a similar program to store all that you have to reply to.
-23: Factions start with 50 tech points at their disposal for their starting technologies, this number will go up as time goes on.
-24: Each thread in GC is a span of approximately four years in IC time, threads are locked and moved to archive upon completion.
Posted my NS. The Vorskel Confederacy. Hopefully i don't get wrecked xD.
i'm in
Woo, done with my NS finally.
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