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oh please don't tell me this is dead. 16 days since last post o.o
Realistically, just using regular vehicles is better in most situations. Mechs may be better in rough terrain though. And they might be able to operate in a wider range of environments. That's how Gundam and Battletech justify their mechs. Armored vehicles like tanks are just as viable in those settings and can defeat mechs in combat.
i wanna get something interesting rolling... but waiting for people to post is a pain. I mean, you guys have good reasons to put off posting but it's still annoying lol.

Also, I recently developed a mech addiction. Tempted to have my own mechs. But more like the ones in battletech, not like gundam or robotech. That doesn't violate anything I stated in my technology, I don't think.
Daria absentmindedly read some news article on her tablet device. She could hear the soft murmurs of casual conversation and the steady hum of the shuttle's engines. It was a modest sub-orbital jumper craft used to take people from the transition stations in low orbit to the larger stations higher up. She was on her way Gundersieg station, named after Admiral Gundersieg, a Mesenthian admiral from the age of sail. It was the space force headquarters currently. Daria had been summoned there by Admiral Videric 'Vic' Morowitz.

She wondered why an Admiral would be summoning her of all people. She was just a junior officer who commanded a corvette. Oh well, an Admiral was an Admiral, she had to come. Regardless... her leave was over, even if Morowitz didn't want to see her, she still had to report in. Still, it was fun to visit the family estate for awhile.

The intercom crackled to life, "This is your pilot speaking, we are coming in to dock with Gundersieg. All passengers make sure you're buckled in."

Daria felt the shuttle lurch as it oriented itself with the dock.She heard the thrusters thumping as they used short bursts to make minute ajustments. Then there was a metallic clang as the shuttle made contact with the station.

The intercom came back, "Your pilot again, we've sucessfully docked. Passengers are free to move about the cabin."

There was a series of clicks and rustling of clothing as people unfastened their belts. Daria did the same and pushed off from her seat. She floated up to the luggage loft above, grabbing one of the hand holds for stability. She grabbed her bag and her meagre belongings she had brought. There was a strict weight limit so she had to be careful what she brought. She got in line with everyone at the lock. They went in by fours and had to wait for the airlock to cycle for each group. There were only three groups so it didn't take that long. Some of the people were military like her, but others seemed to be civilian contractors.

I plan to continue participating.
Add me to map, maybe?

Also, @Sigma, your claims are overlapping mine. My claims; 0915, 0815, 0715, 0716, 0916, 0816. But, I do approve of the migrant idea. You can have Vorskel people. My nations have not made contact with aliens at this moment, but they do have reason to believe aliens are close. But some generational colony ships were sent out in the STL era. Perhaps one got lost and ended up in your territory?
Fuck. Yes.

Count me in.

He eyed the rows of books, tracing the edges of the book case with deft fingers. The man then stopped, and backed up two books back. "Hm, this one is new isn't it?" he asked in his usual deep baritone. He pulled out the thick tome, quickly flipping through pages. "'The Eraehni War, by Halek Dryfuss', I heard this one was good," he commented. "Please don't go through my things, Vic, you always do this," another man says from behind the desk. "And you sound like a broken record, friend," the first man says with a chuckle. He shut the book and slid it back into place where he found it. "Mm, Admiral Trnka, First Lord of the Admirality, never would've thought I'd see the day."

"What is it? I'm a very busy man now days; and I don't think you came here for small talk," Trnka replies. The man turns his attention to Trnka fully. "Yes, you're right. You've seen the reports from Daran right? The one about the unusual thermal readings a few parsecs out?" he asks. Trnka nods, "Yes, I have. And you want to check them out?" Videric, or 'Vic' nods, "Uh-huh. You understand as well as I do the implications of this. We can't be caught on the backfoot here." Trnka looked skeptical, "True, but I don't want to show our hand so soon. We need to shore up our defenses."

"Against what? We don't even know what's out there. And besides, you know the council won't act on anything less than concrete evidence," Vic scoffs. Trnka nodded, "I thought of that, the chance that whatever threats that may be are so unexpected that our defenses are unsuited to fight it." Vic interjected, "And that's why we need to gather intel." Trnka looked up from his terminal, "Okay, you've made your case. I didn't factor in the council in my initial assessment. I was thinking purely military. But who do we send?"

Vic grinned, "I'm glad you asked. He produced a folder from his uniform jacket and placed it on the desk. You've been following Daria Varskaan, yes?" Trnka opened the folder, "Branko's girl? Yes, she made Lieutenant Commander right." He looked at her personell record in the folder, "High marks, adaptable, shows ability to act defensively and offensively depending on the situation..." Vic nodded, "Yes. I propose promoting her and sending her out in courier ship with a light escort." Trnka closed the folder, "Alright do it."
Just dropped my nation app.

Also do I need to do ten paragraph posts like you're all doing? I'm a filthy casual.
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