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Current Am back after a small hiatus due to personal circumstances.
30 days ago
I have had exactly 3 hours of spare time over the past 4 days - posts will be coming in a few days time.
1 mo ago
Anyone else looking forward to the cluster fuck that is gunna be Pre-season this year?
1 mo ago
Ohmygod what pupper are you getting?!
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Traps aren't Gay? You mean the guys that make themselves look like women to attract men?


Hey there!

I quite the dog lover, as you may have guessed from pretty much everything about my avatar and profile.
However, I am a good boy, and accept pats from any and all.

Ahem, anyway, onto the roleplaying stuff!

I'm currently only in the business of doing 1x1's, I have an Interest check up detailing some of the things I like to do, but by all means, pm me if you have your own ideas or anything ^_^

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Get fluffing booped!
@WysteriaSend a pm my way with what you want to do, and we can discuss it further there ^_^
Although I am going to bed now (didn't anticipate for someone to get interested so quickly >>)
Get heckin' booped!

I apologise for this agresive bump
Hello everyone!
I'm new here, although I have plenty of Rping experience!
One thing you should know about me is that I love dogs... Especially good dogs :D
Anyway nice to meet you all, and looking forward to Rping with as many of you as I can!
Hello all!

I'm not new to roleplaying despite this being my first post here, so no worriers there, been doing it for 4-5 years now!
Anyway, I'll provide to you all a list of different scenarios that I'm willing to do, I'm also open to anything you guys have in mind, just pm me with your own ideas and I'll tell you if I'm okay with it. ^_^

I personally prefer to do male characters, but I can do female ones as well if you have a particular wish to be a male, I can also do and pairing like MxM, FxF, MxF and FxM however, I have preference to do the Mxf/fxm pairings.
In terms of 18+, I'm pretty much fine with anything, with the exceptions of Scat, Vore and S&M, that being said i'm also equally happy to do no 18+ and just keep it romantic, whatever your preferences are I'd be happy to work around them.

Now with that out of the way with here are the pairings, we can discuss the scenarios in the pms.


Knight x Lord/Lady
Knight x Monster
Lord/Lady x Maid/Butler
Traveler x Thief


Trainer x Pokémon
Trainer x Professor(oc)
Trainer x Trainer

Dragon Age

OC x OC (only willing to do an OC as myself, however if you wish to be an actualt charry from any of the games, then feel free to do that!)

League of Legends

Any pairings you want, something we can discuss in pms if this fandom is one you wish to do a roleplay in.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim/Oblivion

OC x Canon Character (your choice who it is)

I'll add more as time goes on, but these are ones I've a hankering for at the moment.
Feel free to Pm me!
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