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9 mos ago
Current New year, new ways to beat myself up for not replying to Roleplays in a timely fashion.
9 mos ago
Will not be around till after new year - sorry peeps.
10 mos ago
Am back after a small hiatus due to personal circumstances.
10 mos ago
I have had exactly 3 hours of spare time over the past 4 days - posts will be coming in a few days time.
11 mos ago
Anyone else looking forward to the cluster fuck that is gunna be Pre-season this year?


Hey there!

I quite the dog lover, as you may have guessed from pretty much everything about my avatar and profile.
However, I am a good boy, and accept pats from any and all.

Ahem, anyway, onto the roleplaying stuff!

I'm currently only in the business of doing 1x1's, I have an Interest check up detailing some of the things I like to do, but by all means, pm me if you have your own ideas or anything ^_^

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Charry will be up tonight ^_^
It says post a link to a post you've done in the past, but this my first roleplay outside of pms - should I just but a hider and copy/paste a post that I've made before?
Hmmm, I'm interested in this.
Get fluffing booped!
@WysteriaSend a pm my way with what you want to do, and we can discuss it further there ^_^
Although I am going to bed now (didn't anticipate for someone to get interested so quickly >>)
Get heckin' booped!

I apologise for this agresive bump
Hello everyone!
I'm new here, although I have plenty of Rping experience!
One thing you should know about me is that I love dogs... Especially good dogs :D
Anyway nice to meet you all, and looking forward to Rping with as many of you as I can!
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