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Hey, I'm Fable! Here's a link to my character vault. Thanks for stopping by! <3

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Still here, just didn't wanna step on your toes by posting before you, Howl. I'm glad you're back and I hope your vacation was fabulous! ^.^
Is this still open for interest or are y'all full up?

Nah, it was a good move, just another reminder of how nobody is really safe in Brighton! I'm absolutely definitely not salty about it. >:3

Call me Fable, Fox is my dad's name. ;)

...I will, however, answer to Sun Goddess Sonya Chrysanthemum Cortez Namruht, if that's more your speed. :3

Thank Lucifer! With God in our corner, we can't fail!

As long as she doesn't strike me down for blasphemy...
*Pokes thread*

Granted, but faeries are considered a delicacy and now everyone is after you so they can pan fry you up in a nice wine sauce.

I wish it would stop raining!
@God All I know is Jackie has to pull through. We can't lose our resident feminist NPC, right? :P
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