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Current My goal is to get to the point where me using emojis that don't match with the text is recognized as normal
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What's poppin n'yall it's been over two years but I'm back babeyy!!!


I'm back after at least two years!! Hooray!!!
I'm also a gay guy now, so that's cool. I still like creating new characters to screw around with, so if I ever get back into the swing of things, then maybe I'll use them. Considering I still need to finish college though, don't count on it.

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@kishin asura

Pretty good, actually.
School is a pain in the ass so I've drifted away from the guild a bit.
How's everyone doing on here? I presume still as insane as before.
Iamstillstalkingifyourememberme. Don'tdostupidshitlikethelastrps.
=============== SMOG/KADI ===============
@Rin Okumura
Smog burst out with laughter, soon clutching at her stomach. Kadi awkwardly fidgited, quickly slapping Smog on the head, "Uhhhh.... Hope you don't mind me asking, but what would you do if it wasn't your brother, but infact someone esle who had started the fire..?"
"Y-Yeah! Like... Sorry, that was just hilarious! Haha... But yeah, what if it was us, for example? Because it was actuslly us. Sorry mate.", Smog said in between calming down from her fit of laughter.

=============== KING/THE MENTOR ===============
"Out of ALL the things you can lose track of, you lost a deer. A DEER. MY deer, actually."
"It wasn't my fault that someone was whining like a toddler every five seconds."
"If someone didn't arrive this wouldn't of happened in the first place!"
King and The Mentor had been wandering for some time and had lost track of the deer completely. The two had started growling and glaring at each other, fully prepared to rip off some limbs, when the deer appeared again and screamed at them. Both looked on dumbly, before sitting down and sighing. Hearing some distant singing, both hummed along to it, or tried to. King glanced at the deer, it flicked it's ears, snorted and then left again. Maybe another time.
I made a new character, she's with the others. Tell me if she's op or anything~
=============== KING/THE MENTOR ===============
King, after a lot of sighing and lazing about, spotted something. It was a deer. He grinned, slowly approaching the sleeping creature. Before he could get to it however, a rustling in the leaves nearby caused it to stir and flee, frantically hopping away. King groaned and turned to growl at whatever got the deer startled, but it died in his throat as he saw who emerged. The Mentor looked over at King with disinterest as she brushed off the leaves from her dress. "How-Why even-.....Um, I-I mean hi Blood Dragon! Long time no see!" King stated with a nervous laugh, him fidgeting about. The Mentor just sighed, walking over to King and raising his chin up. "You know what happens when you refer to me as that." She growled. King nervously nodded before The Mentor let go. She suddenly started walking in the direction the deer had went, motioning for King to follow. He didn't complain.

=============== SMOG/KADI ===============
@Rin Okumura
Smog cackled mischievously, deciding to hop down into an alleyway and continue to follow the guy while Kadi shook her head disapprovingly and soon followed. "Wanna try to speak to him or actually murder his everything?", Smog asked. Kadi just shrugged and she grinned. Before she could actually shout at him, though, Kadi covered her mouth. "Hello! We noticed you wer-" Smog removed Kadi's hand and put her own over Kadi's mouth.
"We thought you were interesting so we decided to follow you! Watcha doin'?", Smog spoke, grinning. Kadi groaned and rolled her eyes.

=============== TRANSLATOR ===============
Translator, after walking for a couple of minutes, started to worry about the corpse in her apartment. What if someone found it? What would they do? Would they be able to tell it was her? How would she get rid of it?, she was too busy worrying herself over this that she began to chew on her nails and not look where she was going. Her eyes scanned the pavement as if they held the answers to everything.
=============== SMOG/KADI ===============
Liu was stalking along the streets, his scars making him extremely obvious and gaining him several strange looks from passers by. He noticed a large gathering of people ahead and skulked around them to investigate. A house fire. Liu knew about Jeff and how he has occasionally set others on fire, just like he was. He thought that Jeff had caused this and continued in the direction he was walking, feeling that Jeff had escaped that way. "I'm on your trail..." He said to himself. His scarf flowed behind him as he continued walking.

"Wanna go back and check how much devastation we caused? Don't say it was only me, you poured the gasoline~"
"Do you want to tempt fate?"
Smog gave her a grin and Kadi sighed in return, getting up from where they were sat. They were soon nearby to the fire and Smog looked over the many gathered around the house, grinning proudly. There was one that caught her eye, though. "Sis,look over there. Redhead with the ridiculous cape on. See him?", Smog asked, getting a small nod in response. "He's the only interesting one around here. Lets follow him!" She got a dramatic sigh, again, as Kadi tailed along behind her, both following the guy from the roofs.

=============== TRANSLATOR ===============
Translator shuffled out of her apartment, getting on her coat to hide the blood she couldn't get off in the bathroom. She made sure to lock the door on the way out. She decided to have a quick walk around the area to get away from the metalic and horrid scent of blood. She wandered, keeping on the lookout in case someone tried anything. In a place like this, it was pretty much survival of the fittest.
=============== KING ===============
King was currently in the forest, having been stuck here for fifteen minutes trying to make a deal to some stupid teen. The young meatsack pondered on the option available. King's outstretched, flaming purple hand twitched, "Tick tock kid, I haven't got all day!" he said with a hint of annoyance in his tone, still managing to keep his inhumanly large smile on his face.
"Fine, just cure my sister, like you promised. Deal." The teen finally replied. He was about to accept the hand when King 'shifted' behind him and grabbed his neck, the flames now gone.
"Ooooon second thought, you really took too long on deciding that." King gripped his throat tighter, "And I'm bored, so have fun in the afterlife! Your sister is gonna be there soon anyway!" With that, King happily snapped his neck, letting the body collapse to the floor. "Meatsacks are so fragile, jeez.", King stated, kicking a nearby pebble idly.

=============== SMOG/KADI ===============
"Can we please not do this?"
"Where's the fun in that? Let loose a bit, sister!"
The two half-sisters were currently in front of the house that the teen (that King had rightfully killed)'s sister was at. Kadi shifted around, keeping watch in case if someone saw them. It was probably weird to see an angel and demon standing in front of a house at night. Smog clicked her fingers and at the tip of one, a small flame emerged. She approached the house while grinning, quickly setting alight the gasoline that had been poured around the house by Kadi. The fire spread rapidly as Smog ran away, making sure to snatch her sister and pull her along, grinning all the while. They soon flew up onto a roof and ran along the rooftops, sitting down once far away and watching the smoke billow upwards.
"We should bond like this more often!"

=============== TRANSLATOR ===============
Translator happily hummed to herslef, sat in front of her computer while working on some new coding. She kicked the tied up and gagged man next her her on the floor earning a grunt. She looked over to him and smiled mockingly, while he glared back. She gave him cold eyes as she untied him and as soon as he was free, 'shifted' into a dark corner. The man looked around in frantic panic, shouting silly threats as he looked around for her. She kept 'shifting' from corner to corner, "Vos wulle premi & cadunt insania (You will crack under the pressure and fall into insanity), amittendi parte temporis scilicet secundum rationem entis pepertua...(losing count of time as reality fades...)" The man was soon a screaming, terrified mess as she continued. She soon stopped 'shifting' to walk up to him, although he didn't notice as his body was wracked by sobs. He held his hair in his hands, knuckles white, ready to tear it out. "Ego dabo vobis illustratio. ( I will give you enlightenment.)", was all she murmured as she took a knife from her pocket and quickly slit his throat. He gurgled and looked up at her with lost hope in his eyes, as he crashed to the floor. She would clean up later.
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