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Life can be...just wow. Lessons learned from my hiatus: it's ok to be vulnerable with those you care about, the people who love you will always remain in your life and be true to what you want.
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Aaaaand work got busy again. Breaking my rule of posting on Friday, but that'll be when I have time again.
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In the words of a famous Scottish king; "T'was a rough night". Taking off early for the weekend. Posts back on Monday!


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Hey there! Apologies for being offline, but I just started school again, so that's swallowed up most of my time xD

(If you're wondering, yes I did just graduate last year. This is to get a certification so I can get into another career field cause this one is...not working out :/)

Anyhow, yes, all looks great! Just to clarify before I get started on a reply:

-Where would Meetra be held? Would we want to head towards Odessa or another planet entirely? In either case, did we agree on Meetra not making it out alive? I feel like we agreed to that, but I could be wrong.
-Regardless of whether or not Meetra makes it out, Vaylin is going to want a piece of Revan and the Champions, so I'm sure she'll make an appearance. She'll want a fight, so I assume our characters will oblige, but for how long can be something we discuss?
-After the party makes it out, I'm going to assume that Revan will have some plan to take down Arcann, seeing as he is the direct successor to Valkorion? Speaking of the former Emperor, how involved is he going to be? I imagine that his Force ghost won't want to sit on the sidelines, but then again, we've involved Force ghosts quite a bit already.
-Are we going to follow KOTFE lore on this and involve Vitiate?

That's all I've got for now xD
Although waiting was something Yerbol had gotten very familiar with on their journey to parts unknown, he had to sit down against a nearby wall of the training area they had been led to and close his eyes for a few moments to recenter himself. He didn't want to jump to conclusions nor did he want to set a poor example for the younger ones around them. Kytra was already assuming malicious intent from the duo, Ethan not helping assuage her fears by commenting right after her question:
"No, Kytra, you're right: that was a threat, plain and simple."
"Don't do anything stupid, Ethan." Neta warned, emerging from the nearest hallway on their left.
"How did you-"
"Go down this hallway without you noticing? Please, kid, that was nothing." She flicked a loose strand of hair dangling in front of her left eye as she continued, her voice lowering:
"From what I could see, lots of datacrons, holologs, saber and blaster parts arranged on tables. Looks like they're trying to assemble weapons for themselves."
"Other than sabers? That's weird."
"Not really. Just because these guys can supposedly use the Force (which we haven't seen as of yet, by the way) doesn't mean they wouldn't want a sidearm to get them out of a sticky situation. Trust me, Ethan: you want to know how to use a blaster."
"I second that." Yerbol chimed in, looking to his apprentice with a half-smirk.
"Might have a chance to work that into your training." Ethan responded with a scowl, shaking his head as he muttered something about going down another hallway when Aria asked Yerbol he was alright.
"I suppose." He blew out a sigh.
"I mean, if you consider that we might be meeting one of the most legendary figures in the entire galaxy and we're in a completely unknown section of said galaxy without any reference point as to how to deal with 'Arcann' or those droids..." He trailed off, an involuntary shudder shooting through his body.
"I sensed something in those droids, Ari...something just...wrong." He looked to her with his mouth open to say more, but then shook his head when he spotted Kytra coming closer to where they sat.

I'll tell you later. Don't need to spout my speculation aloud and make the apprentices even more nervous.

Aria then chimed in her with own thoughts, Yerbol nodding along while sidling a bit closer to where their shoulders touched (well, her head touched his shoulder). Even when she stopped speaking out loud, Yerbol could feel her thoughts chaotically bouncing across her mind, the Champion feeling the exact same way.

Thankfully their speculation would soon be over thanks to Desu telling them that they were ready to have an audience with Revan.

Wait, didn't we agree when we got married that you were the shield? You're small and spunky; harder to hit. I'm a much bigger liability.

He shot her a teasing smile, rising as extended a hand to help his partner.
"We got this, sweetheart. I know we do."
"Here's hoping." Ethan muttered as he passed the couple, his brows furrowed in a semi-permanent look of concern.
"Optimism, my apprentice, optimism."
"What if I don't feel like having it?" Yerbol shot him a brief glance before resuming his gaze straight ahead.
"Then being a Champion is going to suck. Big time."


The party was led to the temple in the center of the valley, spires seeming to just barely touch the sky. It was off-putting to see this miniaturized version of the Jedi Temple, but in a strange way, it gave Yerbol hope that the Force had guided them to the right place. Almost as if the Force was reminding him personally that even if Tython had been decimated, the best ideals of the Jedi Order were somehow alive and being used to harmonize users with the Force.

This was, of course, optimism.

"Right this way." The main area of the temple looked similar to the training area they had just left, but the content was different. Instead of weapon racks and water purifiers, there were potted plants, worn couches and chairs, bookshelves and the occasional end table with books stacked on top. Some couches were occupied by young men and women who looked just a few years younger than the Champions, their gazes soft and curious.

The party was escorted to a set of stone steps that was directly opposite of the entranceway, then curved left to the second floor, which was U-shaped and overlooked the first floor, a stone barrier of about four feet preventing any kind of accidental falling. Several doors were visible, but the party entered the first one on their right. Inside were two computer terminals up against the left hand wall hooked into a large monitor mounted above the terminals, various streams of data flickering across the screen. More bookshelves, datacrons and the like were scattered across the room on various pieces of furniture, but the main attraction was a figure at least six inches taller than Yerbol, dark red eyes staring piercingly at the new guests. Three small tendrils jutted from his (?) chin, one of which wiggled slightly in their direction before a heavy, gravely tainted voice came from the figure's mouth:
"Thank you, Desu and Kyla. You are now dismissed."
"Of course." With that, the duo left.


Then, a question:
"So ah...are you Revan?" Ethan squeaked out, Yerbol shooting the boy a menacing glare. Thankfully the figure took the comment with a raspy chuckle.
"No. Lord Revan asked me to greet you here and answer your initial questions before he arrived. He was delayed once more." Another few moments of silence before the figure added:
"I assume you have questions, but let me talk for a few moments. I believe I can answer some of them just from my introductory remarks." A clearing of the throat before it continued:
"You are on the planet Odessa, the capital world of this part of the galaxy. Your ship was intercepted by a man named Arcann, who has been set up as ruler of the government that rules entitled the Eternal Empire. The droids you encountered were a part of his militia." No one else commented, so the figure continued:
"Although my Master will explain more, I will tell you that we are the Order of the Heralds, a group of Force Users who are dedicated to bringing balance to the Force, 'heralding' (if you will) a new way of seeing the Force. My Master tells me that you are already familiar with this concept."
"Yes...yes we are."
"Very well. As for why I am here, my name is Yuno, First Apprentice of Master Revan for the past twenty years."
"Has he only been here twenty years? That you know of?" Yuno's tendrils twitched.
"Master Revan is not very forthcoming with information regarding how long he has been in this part of the galaxy. There is much he has not shared with any of us about his dealings in other corners of the galaxy, but before your arrival, he told me that many answers would come soon to questions we have all had since following him." Just then, the door to the room slid open, Yuno bowing stiffly at the waist.
"Master, I am happy to see you return. These are the guests you informed us of. They have been taken care of per your request."
No worries! Yeah, I'll get us to Revan and then you just go for it (the moment we've been building to for almost three years xD)

Thoughts on questions:
-Right, I believe we agreed on Meetra already being taken captive by Arcann to try and get Revan to come out of hiding. That's probably where he was before he arrived back at the complex.
-Revan will probably have to fill in some gaps. Mind if I introduce an apprentice for Revan to help you fill in plot details? Don't want you to have to do all the lifting xD
So, this whole Order of Heralds thing:

-I thought of the title at the spur of the moment because I don't think Revan would really want an order named after him. My thinking was that the title of "Revanite" was given to anyone who followed Revan by others, not by Revan from himself.
-The Order of Heralds could go in a number of directions, but I thought that Revan would want to "herald" a new way to see the Force. Basically it's his wording of the Qyaari. Obviously we can modify as we go. Any thoughts on this?
Yerbol's feet sunk into the once-rigid earth, steeling himself as a tremendous amount of energy surged through his saber and out towards their attackers in jagged arcs that resulted in several chassis explosions and sparks haphazardly flinging through the air, coming dangerously close to setting the nearby foliage and trees ablaze. The Champion spun his head backwards at Aria's exclamation, nodding in agreement before ramming his way through the rear guard of now electrified droids, throwing blaster rifles and robotic appendages aside as the party descended deeper into the wilderness.

Once they caught their breath, Kytra managed to act as an effective watchman, informing them of their visitors garbed in ominously familiar attire. Instead of launching an assault, a woman (presumably based on the way her armor was structured) told them to follow, the duo spinning on their heels and running back the way they came, which was, of course, further into the forest.
"Son of a bantha herder..." He muttered, turning to meet the gaze of his wife and Neta, both women oddly silent.
"You know we have to follow them." Neta's jaw flared for a moment, upper lip curling before she spat out:
"Kronging planet already tried to kill us once and we might be walking into another trap. What other choice do we have, though, eh?" She patted the pistol on her hip.
"I got your back, kids. Let's move out."
"They look like those Faceless assassins we faced just a few weeks ago." Yerbol's brow shot up.
"You fought the Faceless?"
"I was sent to clean up the stragglers on Voss-Ka after the Gormak were defeated. Even without their leader, they were..." He shuddered, hands balling into fists.
"They were unsettling, to say the least. But we don't KNOW that this pair have the same motives as Manus does; to be fair, we ARE thousands of lightyears away. We follow them, keep our guard up and be ready to navigate another fight if we need to." With another glance at the party, they all began their trek behind the duo of potential saviors.

It was difficult at times to keep up with the pair, seeing as their swift navigation of the twisting paths in the forest left the party scrambling to keep up. Yerbol could tell that Kytra would have an easier time following from above, but those on the ground were running into trees (not him, of course. Trees just suddenly appeared when he was walking.), swearing after pulling their legs out of needle-ridden foliage and slipping on slick, viscous slime oozing from the ground in random places. The forest almost made Malachor's surface more appealing. At one point, Yerbol found himself face up staring at the thick canopy above, thankful for the glimmers of light that filtered through the cracks, yet angry at the fifth fall he had taken. When a hand thrust forward to help him, he didn't object, taking it and muttering thanks when he saw that the hand belonged to a young man with ashen blonde hair and crystalline blue eyes with an almost violet tint. He had a striking profile, one that Yerbol had never seen in their party of the galaxy.
"This is a difficult forest to get through if you don't know the way." He motioned to the woman who stood at the precipice of a cliff, mask still remaining.
"We are almost there."
"Where are you leading us?"
"Home." When the party arrived at the cliff, Yerbol's jaw dropped, Ethan's eyes widening as they surveyed the scene below.

The valley that stretched out in front was about half a mile of crisscrossing streams, foliage and trees with four stone, square buildings at each corner of the valley, roofs supported by barely visible pillars. In the center of the valley stood a circular shaped building with two towers flanking it that barely peeked over the trees dotting the serene area.
"This looks..." Yerbol cleared his throat, looking away for a moment, eyes glistening as he resumed his gaze.
"Tython." Neta said quietly, putting a hand on Yerbol's back.
"Tython? What is Tython?" The young man asked, eyes trained on the party with stark curiosity.
"It was home. For a time." Yerbol smiled, the gesture lingering.
"Your home looks like ours and this is favorable in your eyes. Good. Master Revan will be pleased."


"Wha-what did you say?" Ethan managed to eek out, ruddy face going three shades more pale than normal.
"Master Revan." The woman, who now removed her mast to reveal a similar profile to the young man, the only difference her hair color being a shimmering ebony.
"He felt you coming and knew you would come here. We were told to escort you and keep you safe from Arcann until he can return from his latest expedition." Arcann? Expedition? REVAN?
"When will Master Revan return?" Yerbol asked, trying to suppress a quiver in his voice.
"He told us that it would be several days, but time has passed to where he should return tomorrow." She gestured towards the sun on the horizon.
"The day grows shorter. Come, allow us to show you to where you can wait."

There was a snaking path cleft into the side of the cliff that they managed to follow, albeit precariously. Once the party was on firmer footing, they were led to the stone building on the lower right hand corner of the valley. The building itself was supported by previously seen pillars, but upon closer inspection there were elaborate patterns etched into the granite, an auburn colored tapestry wrapped around each column which allowed the viewer to admire both the inscribed pattern and quality of tapestry. Escorted through the wide, rectangular entrance-way, the party could note the torches burning brightly in each corner of the room along with several different hallways that branched out in various directions. The main area was bleak, furnished with only two weapons racks where blades of various sizes dangled loosely and water purifiers that stood next to each rack, respectively.
"This is our training complex that also houses some of our Order."
"Yes, the Order of the Heralds. Master Revan asked us to allow him to explain much to you himself, so please forgive us if we do not give you the information you seek as of yet." The woman looked away from her companion back towards the central building, gaze set as the young man continued:
"Please follow the hallway there, to the right, to find quarters for yourselves. Adequate supplies have been provided for you. Master Revan also request that the meditation chamber and training area be available to you until he returned, so please make use of them if desired." After pointing out the location of both (one of which they were standing in), the young man added in a bit sharper of a tone:
"Master Revan does implore you to not leave this area until he has spoken with you. While my sister and I have interacted with you, others have not and will not until Master Revan has spoken to you. Please respect his wishes. If you need anything, either myself or my sister will be at the entrance of this building." His tone softened when he added:
"I am Desunama, or Desun for short. This is my sister, Kyla. Until our next discussion, we bid you farewell." The duo walked to the entrance, leaving the party with far too many questions unanswered. Silence permeated the air for several moments before Ethan said with a befuddled grin:
"Well, that was a lot of information. Anyone else confused? Confused? Dazed? Anyone?" Yerbol chuckled.
"I think what we need to do right now is take their advice. They've given us a place to stay and enough incentive to stick around until we get more answers." He told the party quietly.
"Obey their wishes. We don't need to upset the only people so far who have taken an interest in keeping us alive."
Excellent! I'll be working on it throughout the day. Probably will get it up later today/early tomorrow :)
Sounds great!

It was wonderful. I had a LOT of sugar, fat and meat though. Thankfully my wife and I are training for a race, so you know, that'll help burn off all that butter.

I regret nothing by the way. xD
Hey there! Have a good holiday weekend? Enjoy your roast? :D

So that technique I referred to was one that Bol/Ari have done a couple of times, but to jog the memory, Aria shoots lightning at both ends of Yerbol's saber, which acts as a conduit and projects the lightning outward. I remember we did that the first time and I thought it was wicked awesome, so it would be a good crowd control option for this scenario.
Their landing sequence was unfortunately familiar, but once again they managed to escape with their lives and bodies mostly intact. As Yerbol helped his wife to her feet, he couldn't suppress a chuckle at her anguish regarding their routine crash-landings.
"I'm sure at this point we should write it into the Qyaari Code. Champions can NEVER land on a planet without some kind of grand entrance or massive crash. Just not how we roll." Neta swore a couple of times before letting them know that they would be grounded for a while.
"For the sake of our own skins, I hope we can actually stay alive long enough to fix her. I don't know if that'll be possible, though." Ethan wisely observed, looking to his Master as he asked:
"Could you somehow shield us from any incoming fire while Neta and I worked on the ship?"
"I doubt the barrier would hold under a barrage of turbo-laser fire for an hour, let alone the timeframe that you both would need to get the ship operational."
"If there's one thing I've learned from my time in the field, kids..." Neta was fully upright now in the CIC, a blaster rifle slung across her back and pistol casually dangling from a holster on her leggings.
"It's that we're not gonna get anything solved just sitting here talking about it. We have to move."
"Agreed. If we were intercepted, they'll want to finish the job. Grab your gear, Knights: we're on foot until further notice."

The squadron managed to worm their way out of the ship through an emergency hatch accessible by way of the hangar, Yerbol letting out a low whistle as he saw the ship leaning to the left so much that it looked like it would tip over. It's once flawless exterior was scorched and pockmarked with enemy fire, Ethan observing aloud that the turrets on the belly of the ship were probably crushed in the landing, leaving them with little defensive capability "even if they COULD make it out alive".

There's that optimistic spirit Ethan was known for.

Yerbol and Ethan were shaken from their evaluation of the ship by Kytra's observation of the sky, the rest of the party following her lead as well as Aria's timely suggestion to run from the green and purple bolts that rained from the battle ships screaming overhead. Ducking underneath the interlacing canopy that the nearby trees provided, Neta asked a question that Yerbol was considering the moment they had forcefully entered this part of the unknown galactic frontier.
"Well, what did the Nav computer tell you before we were summarily dropped from FTL?"
"We were on pace towards the coordinates for Odessen...maybe a few clicks out?"
"So maybe we're on a nearby moon?" Ethan offered.
"Potentially. Hard to judge with our limited knowledge of the place, bu-" Yerbol's thought was interrupted by the whine of engines above their position, forms dropping through the canopy and landing on their now visibly robotic feet, glowing yellow orbs for eyes surveying the newcomers.
"Halt in the name of Arcann, Emperor of the Eternal Order."
"Eternal Order?" The question by Ethan seemed to prompt the droids to withdraw their blaster rifles, Yerbol cracking his saber to life only to survey their surroundings and find they were encircled by at least twenty droids, rifles trained on them with accurate precision.
"You are to be detained and questioned by our forces. Please drop your weapons or we will use force to obtain your cooperation."
"They're just droids, right?! Come on, we can take em!"
"Ethan, don't-" With a flash of light, Ethan threw his saber in a circular arc, running forward only to be jolted onto the ground by a swift retort from a droid's left arm. Piercing bolts of energy had flown through the air, incapacitating the young man instantly. The reflex of that droid to take down a Knight was..alarming. Yerbol reached out with the Force towards the droids, trying to survey-

His blood ran cold. Something was wrong. Horribly wrong. They needed to get out of this situation and fast.

Ari, we can take them out with lightning reflecting off of my saber, but there's gonna be more reinforcements. We take out this wave and we run further into the forest. Something is off here and we need time to evaluate our next move.

"We will commence with a show of force in sixty seconds." That should be plenty of time.
"NETA, KYTRA, DUCK AND RUN! WE'LL BE RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" Yerbol began to twirl his saber from right to left, looking to his partner.
"Light em up!" They had only done this technique a couple of times in the past with moderate success, but in a situation like this, moderate success was better than absolute failure.

So he hoped.


"You sent droids after them? Brother, why not have me there?" Vaylin pouted slightly, Arcann grimacing at the gesture (though his sibling couldn't see thanks to the metallic mask that covered half of his face).
"The droids will be a good preliminary test. I assume they've never countered our...enhanced combat droids before."
"But you don't necessarily know that, do you?"
"No. But that is why this is a test. If they survive, I give you full reign to bring them to me." He paused, then added with a glare:
"Alive." Vaylin clicked her tongue off the roof of her mouth, then conceded:
"Fine, brother. I'll do as you ask." For now.
Yeah, if I were Aria, I'd be sick of crash landing too xD

I'll get you a reply on Monday, seeing as I'll be celebrating a three day weekend soon.

Have a good one! :)
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