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6 mos ago
Current This is the second time my sister's gotten sick after eating raw oysters. I don't care if it apparently tastes decent, one bad oyster can mess you up and it's not a good time to go to the hospital.
6 mos ago
Kiryu singing Ijisakura in Ishin nearly moved me to tears. Y'all I've been getting so emotional over everything lately, something's up.
6 mos ago
Started rewatching Vento Aureo and teared up when the whole Bucci gang appeared. What has my life become.
6 mos ago
Suddenly remembered what it was like to RP for the first time, like when I was 9 or somethin. An entire post would be like | Character: *walks around*
6 mos ago
I just straight up forgot about this site for 11 months huh
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Fighting Gold is a hype song but then I think about all the characters & get sad, so...
I started RPing when I was in late elementary school. I would make like a million characters and then proceeded to keep all of them personality free, I feel bad for everyone who suffered because of me.
I had a dream that ended with me going to bed in my own room at 5 am. I woke up LIVID at myself since I have morning classes before I connected the dots.
Why does it work so well...
I already got my first post up, but I'm afraid I'll have to peace. After getting through finals, I feel kind of dead and there's no way I'll be able to keep up 😔
Though Gryphon couldn't rightly consider himself the sentimental type, he kept the gun - the terrible 9mm that belonged one of the bodyguards from the start of the outbreak. It had kept everyone alive and remained quite the staple as the only weapon anyone knew how to use (except for Laura, bless her heart, the girl nearly broke her fingers firing it) without improvising, so it went without saying that he'd take it the night he left them. The thing would have gone to waste otherwise, if all that talk of "going out with dignity" was anything to go off of. Unfortunately, ammo was sparse these days, and now he was left with a measly seven.

He managed to survive the undead menace of Oregon by tagging along with groups of varying skill and potential of survival, and there were a few where he considered staying, really, but something always happened and Gryphon always left. But it wasn't like he could make it through the rest of the year keeping that up, unless he could find a functioning community for once. He'd seen the desecrated husks of more than five at this point. There were signs of forced entry in a few, signs of carelessness in a couple, and signs of nothing in one. That last one had to be infighting. Maybe a community wasn't a great idea.

A few hours earlier he tripped over a mall in Portland and with that vulture mentality in play, found his way in. Not the best place to be solo, but he was running out of food and wasn't confident he could live for another week on the stalest chips in the world. Gryphon prowled on towards the food court, eyes darting to every noise with that gun in one hand and a switchblade in the other. Only one of those things were going to be effecting, but hey. A little peace of mind was in demand.
Explaining Josuke and Giorno to my sister, who doesn't watch Jojo, was a heckin' trial. Like, this high schooler is the uncle of this adult marine biologist because Joseph made the family tree kind of weird but DIO made it even weirder because that's technically Jonathan's sperm. That's what you get for asking smh 🤔

And I've had Sono Chi No Sadame stuck in my head for three days now. After getting super into Berserk, Yakuza, and now this, I feel like a weeb.
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