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This is super awesome! So pumped to be joining.

Is it still like, kosher, to post an unfinished CS here, under a spoiler and work on it till I send it for approval?
Hey it's been a bit since I used this specific form for rps. There use to be an ooc thread separate from interest checks and the roleplay itself. Where will the ooc be?
Interested!I have been watching a lot of "Ask a Mortician" videos and have been really chewing on the ideas of death and the after life. This seems awesome!


I wanted to see if certain things will fly
she will be a medusa-esque character (snake hair) and other attributes
is there any room for another or should I put in a cs and apply?
down for this (y)
Interested in besker
Hey sorry im going to have to drop this!! Life's getting too busy. I hope the best for this RP! It looks amazing, I will be reading!
Can I do a human\snake hybrid with a Medusa esque mane?

I might juggle a couple ideas tonight though.

So many beautiful animals, maybe a rat or a lamprey totally doing an octopus
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