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Current Who needs Aquaman when you have real superheroes like Mermaidman and Barnacleboy.
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Contrary to what anyone says, As Fuck is a reliable unit of measurement.
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"Write drunk, edit sober," is a viable strategy until you realize anything you write just divulges into offbeat ramblings.
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There's nothing like finishing a good book at 4 in the morning.
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Existence is hell.

Let’s Get Kid.

Seldom can I recall the fickle whimsies of my childhood.

What I do remember is faded, faces blurred and voices distorted. Time and place flicker until I am left with a tangled mesh of shards. Day becomes night, vast woods turn into crooked table legs, and muffled voices trade places on badly synced lips. I cannot remember where or when, or my great-grandmother's name, or her last words to me before the night carried her away.

But I remember gentle, calloused hands. I remember deep roads of wrinkles etched onto a map of leather and liver spots. Canyons curved into smiles, deep rivers swimming with quiet knowledge, and deep pools of untapped stories ringed with nostalgia.

I cannot distinctly recall my room, but at the time I can, Brief moments when the faintest of sunlight hits the long darkened corners of my mind where the cobwebs of adulthood have long over grown the boxes of child reminiscence. I recall the window with its lacey curtains and baby blue shutters anchoring the climbing ivy. I remember it as my tower, my castle, and I was the ruler gazing dutifully on a kingdom of tire swings and squirrel knights.

I can still taste the shell of autumn on my tongue, and the sweetest songs songs flying on the beckoning wind. I remember the smell of fermenting apples in afternoons tinged with yellows and reds and browns. I remember the tickle of grass along my legs as I raced grasshoppers and field mice to the pumpkin patch in excitement for the harvest. I remember the sweetness of the first pie I made and how I poured in a whole bag of sugar when I thought Mother wasn't looking. She was, of course. And she still thought it was delicious anyways,

I remember these islands of clarity among a turbulent sea of uncertain thoughts and rocky times. Blurred out fragments wrapped in smells I cannot recall and warmth I have long forgotten.

I remembered these things, but only as I stood before my childhood home. The shadows and light cast dappled patterns onto the dilapidated spaces of broken windows and mold-ridden entryways. Where once was a garden was not a tangle of brown branches and weeds. The lawn had long since stopped being a lawn, opting instead to take the title of jungle. I remembered it all, and the longer I stood there, the more I remembered.

Yet, as the breeze of a passing fall brushed by, I forget everything all at once.
I need to write more. Personal stuff, maybe. Write for myself. Also post stuff. But, y'know, oh well.
Ups and downs
Tell me my fortune, O' mighty Witch Cat!
What should I focus on to improve myself?
It's been a while since I've read a Warriors book, but I used to be obsessed with them. I'd be more than interested in this!
I like the idea. Sure, count me interested!
Welcome to the Guild, @Raikenzu!
Sad to say, but I don't believe we have such a tourney here. Glad to hear that you're staying though! If you happen to find the event, then I wish you the best of luck.
See you around!
I've had a good amount of characters come and go, but my first one came from way back in '10 or '11 when I used to stalk the Warrior Cats forums. Her name was Kayla Quietwhisper and she was your typical self-insert 'RUNDUHM LULZ' character, just one harem away from being a Mary-Sue. Her personality was so off the walls contradictory and she had your typical tragic backstory that basically boiled down to "Life was hard". No specifics. Just "Life was hard". Still, I loved her and used her as much as I could.
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