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Call me Galatarix.

Or simply Gala.

A little about myself you say? Well, I am a male in my mid twenties, I enjoy reading, writing, and studying philosophy and the fine arts. Some of my favorite books are Lord of The Rings, Paolini's Inheritance series, Rangers Apprentice, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Those are my favorite fantasy works at least. Some other books I've read that I enjoyed are Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, Common Sense, and Hamlet.

Mind you I've barely scratched the surface with the books I've read. And don't even get me started on games.

I enjoy a diversity of roleplay genres from romance and drama to military fiction and science fiction, but fantasy is my go-to preference. Particularly DND type setups. I grew up on Warcraft playing cards and DND board games, and watched the Lord of The Rings trilogy at age five with my dad. Typically when I'm up for a new RP I will post an interest check, so keep a look out for me I guess!

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This is a story of war, devastation, and identity. You are an Orc. Your kind has threatened the folk of Toril since the earliest memories of history. Your people know only war, conquest, and plunder. Battle decides your worth and status is determinant on the number of heads you hang over your hearth.

You are young and impetuous. You have fell opponents true enough, but you have never known true war. Not the glory that is conquering a grand fortress of Men or sacking a city of the Dwarves. But now your time has come. A grand horde of your kin is gathering in the mountains and is soon to march south. Soon you will taste the sweet glory of war and bloody your weapon with your enemies.

Fight like a warrior and prove your worth to your clan and kin as the fragile people of the south are ravaged by the unstoppable might of the Horde.


The war horns have sounded. It has been generations since a great horde of the Orcs has been formed. The thirst for war has become insatiable, the Orcs desire battle, conquest, and plunder. The chieftains of the north have rallied the Orc-folk by the thousands. From the mountain dwellers to the Orogs to the Boogins.

With them they bring cartloads of armor and fine weapons while dragging great beasts and siege weapons in chains. Battering rams and siege towers, Yetis and Hill Giants, trebuchets and ballista.

The time has come. The south is vulnerable and ripe for conquest. Mirabar, Luskan, Mithral Hall, Xantharl’s Keep - all will fall to the Orcs. The Horde marches, the campaign has begun.

Prove your mettle in battle and bring your kin and chieftains glory and honor. Bathe in your enemies’ blood and bask in the loot at the day’s end. You are an Orc.

OOC Note: The storyline is in itself still under construct but will be prepared for the posting of the IC this Saturday. I welcome suggestions and-or input. :)



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