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Aria bristled her feathers upon hearing the witch's words. Although Aria agreed with what she said, there was no reason to bash them about it while asking for their help at the same time. Before she could think any more on the topic however an explosion went off, and some boy appeared out of thin air. "Squawk!" she croaked in surprise at his entrance. Where in the world did he come from? She flew down from her shelf and landed next to the group from the guild, tilting her head as she watched the commotion.

"Anyway! Back to business!"
the witch said before shoving the random kid, Josive, out off the room. Aria turned her attention back to her. She listened as the rest of the group agreed to go. Thinking back on what was said earlier, Aria decided to speak up. "Wait, so you are going to criticize us the whole time and then expect us to just do whatever you say?" she said, her voice turning from the awkward high-pitched voice of the ravens to natural speech as she transformed back into her human form. "That doesn't sound right to me, especially if you want us to put our lives at stake for this mission. Dragons are not an easy force to be reckoned with."
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