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Out of town and have limited internet access, so might be a little late posting for the next week or so
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Understandable, thanks for getting back to me.
Hello, I had a quick question. I'm part of a PBP Dungeons and Dragons Discord RP server that is looking for a few new members and was thinking of posting in the General Interest Checks section to see if anyone is interested. However, since my RP isn't hosted here on the Guild, is it alright to post?

No worries either way. Thanks for your time!
I've been out of town most of last week then got hit with 500000 midterm exams as soon as I got back, just haven't had time to write or anything. Will try soon, but may not be able to post until things calm down a bit. My character can be powerplayed if needed.
Not feeling very up to writing tonight, can't come up with anything good enough to post. I'll try to reply as soon as I can.
Not feeling very up to writing tonight, will try to get a post in as soon as I can.
Going to try to get a post in tomorrow after college.
Cool, I'll post either tonight or tomorrow after college
"Alright," Lino said as he watched Celina coax the fox to come up to her. Pretty animals, he thought as he opened the gate and walked into the enclosure. The foxes moved away from him as he stepped forward. It seemed that he wasn't nearly as good with animals as Celina.

Blech, he thought, wrinkling his nose as he saw the mess that he was now in charge of cleaning. He grabbed a rake that was leaning on the side of the fence and started raking. Out of the corner of his eye Lino noticed a small fox creeping up towards him. He pretended that he wasn't paying attention to it, and the fox snuck closer and closer. Once it was a couple feet away he reached out his hand to the fox. "Hey you," he said to the little fox.
Thought I had posted a couple weeks ago, guess I got it mixed up somehow sorry :S Anyway I posted a bit ago after Tek mentioned it so should be good for continuing once everyone else posts.
There's so many! Bella thought as she tried to hurry through the battlefield. She looked up to see the red dome covering the tower, caused by the obelisk and dancing monsters. Bella turned towards the obelisk and swung purple paint in a Z-shaped slash with her brush at the group, covering her ears at the same time upon hearing the new person's command.

Having finished with the papers and changed into his uniform, Lino walked back out into the zoo. He wandered around, trying to find the places that Dave had marked, until he happened upon the fox enclosure and Celina inside. "Hey there," he called down to her with a wave.
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