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Is this RP still going on?
[Park Entrance - East] (Alba) (Cecil) (Kyle) (Lino) (Grun)

"No, can't say that I do," Lino replied. He had gotten here through some sort of portal. "I've heard that there is a hotel here, perhaps they have some trucks, or at least be able to send staff out to assist us."
I'm fine with PP, my post would just be my character running through the hallways.
[Park Entrance - East] (Alba) (Cecil) (Kyle) (Lino) (Grun)
Upon hearing an angry shout back towards the entrance Lino turned to see two people who had apparently just bumped into each other while walking. One was very short, and looked just like a dwarf from one of his friend's video games. But that couldn't be true, right? There was no such thing as dwarves. Lino listened into the two's conversation, only understanding what was said in English. There was a slight sense of danger emanating from them, as though there was a possibility of something bad about to happen to them. A vehicle dredged under water, what could go wrong? It would probably be best to go help them so that there was no chance of anything happening. Lino walked over towards them.

"Hello, sounds like you are in need of assistance," Lino said, not bothering to hide that he had overheard their conversation. "Want some help?"
[Park Entrance - East] (Alba) (Cecil) (Kyle) (Lino)
So this is the place, Lino thought as he stepped through the gates into the park. He had been assigned to come here, to keep watch and gather about this new place that his allies had learned of. A simple recon mission. But what he saw when he set eyes on the place was nothing he had ever dreamed of.

Inside the park he saw what seemed to be a small commotion going on between three people at the entrance. He walked nonchalantly closer until he was within earshot, listening to what was going on as he pretended to be simply taking in the view.
Will try to post later tonight, been super busy the past few days with college starting
Lino Frederick

Lino is a member of a mysterious organization with the power to tell whenever something bad is about to happen in the future. He is tall and has blue sheened black hair and bright glowing blue eyes that he hides with a pair of sunglasses. Acting mysterious and aloof, he generally either charms or irritates whoever he meets. He also has a tendency to show off. Lino almost always will hide his actual feelings unless he is with someone he trusts and knows very well.

Sounds like this will be fun! Quick question though, how many characters can we have?
A park would be cool
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