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"Alright sir," Audrey said as Dr. Fukui came out of his office, noting his apparent annoyance. She had a feeling that the others had left their communicators off on purpose to avoid him. She followed into Fukui's office into the elevator. Soon they were at the training area, in a room with big glass windows looking into the training rooms. Through it Audrey saw all of the others working with weapons and armor, including a young girl. What is a little kid doing here?, she thought, tuning out Fukui's muttered complaints at Garsin.

Audrey jumped at the sudden alarms and angry red lights. She quickly glanced over at Fukui, having no idea what was going on or what the sirens meant. It was clearly nothing good. Another attack? "Uh, yes sir," she said in reply to Fukui, though he had already turned back to the others. A feeling of dread rose in her stomach at actually having to go out and encounter one of these creatures. After he spoke she followed him back to the lab, trying to keep up. Back at the lab she took the earpiece and device. "Okay," she replied, quickly memorizing what she was supposed to do, still unsure of this. From what she heard, the monsters were destructive enough to completely destroy buildings. What if one of them got hurt? And if it came down to it, would she be able to fight to protect herself or anyone else?

She shook her head and tried to push the thought out of her mind. Audrey quickly left the lab and ran towards the deployment area, hands shaking.
"Hmm," Aria mused, considering the shapeshifter's words. "I suppose then. We need to make sure that the crystal remains away from those that would use it for harm."
Sounds like a really cool idea!
Is this RP still going?
"Alright, sounds good!" Lino said in response to Dave's request for signatures. He waited as Celina headed back out to take care of the foxes. "Huh, that is pretty neat," Lino replied back, looking over all the papers. He wasn't sure exactly what everything meant in them, but thought that he got the general gist. He quickly signed the pages that Dave pointed out.

Bella ran after Aelita. I hope we can make it, she thought, heart racing as the monsters woke up and turned towards them. "Aelita!" Bella shouted when the lasers hit her. "Are you okay?" Bella froze in her tracks though when the cube turned towards her. She dove off to the side as the laser barrage came flying. Bella grabbed her paintbrush and pallet and swirled the brush in the paint, making the symbol for fire in the air. The summoned fire wall launched at the monster.

In the corner of her eye Bella saw the sphere monster heading straight for Aelita. It charged up for an attack, something big. There was no way for Bella to reach the girl in time. But just as it was about to fire a figure came running at Aelita, knocking her to the ground out of the path of the attack. Who is that? But the big cube was firing lasers again. She slashed her brush in a vertical line with yellow paint, with no idea what would happen. "Flippy cover me," she said, casting another fire wall at it before dodging lasers and running towards the tower and the others. If she could get close enough she could help stave off the monsters long enough that Aelita could get to the tower.
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