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Now to suffer a problem of my own creation (Trying to decode sentences is a pain in the ass.)
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Ok, lets get back in rp properly!
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Generally a tired nerd trying to rp again. Am I a Boy? Am I a Girl? Who the heck knows cuz Professor Oak certainly doesnt.

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Its been such a long time since I've done proper RP, and I am so surprised over the overwhelming positivity and interest I received when I finally got the ball rolling to RP again. I've been struggling to do so for awhile, but everyone here seems much more open minded then the last place I've tried to do so.

I'm really grateful and happy that this is the case, it makes me so excited to write again ;v;
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For its easier to have a spot of reference for oc and character information, right?
This shall be edited as time goes on.

Table of Contents

[ Under Construction ]
[ Under Construction ]
[ Under Construction ]
[ Under Construction ]
[ Under Construction ]

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Platypus, because it makes absolutely no sense as a creature.

Funky lil venomous mammal, I love it so.

Now, what sort of game you played as a kid, but you feel like was very underrated?
Hey, I'm Gielwich, you can call me Giel or Cas! I've been wanting to rp a bit more over the new year, so I lay out what sort of things I am looking for to write about-- and finally utilize this account that's been kicking around since forever.

My General Rules/Tastes

- Third person is my primary writing form.
- I do not feel comfortable writing with minors due to the subject matter covered in the rps I wish to do.
- I fade to black when it comes to adult situations. I am not comfortable with writing such things at this point of time.
- I would prefer heavier themes to be speckled into my roleplay, such as discussing trauma or how it affects people, along with violence as something done / or discussed. When it comes to heavier things, we can discuss it beforehand just how far one is willing to go.
- I like dice rolls. For combat reasons, but also minigame reasons to make things like arm wrestling or drinking games go in a more hilarious root depending how badly the dice may not favor a person.
- I am also fond of comedic instances, no matter if its a 'that just doesn't make sense' to awkward situations between characters, the more expressive the dynamic the better. We're only serious when it needs to be, and the ridiculousness my characters will prove point of that if you decide its a wise decision to write with me. ( I am so sorry. )
- I also really like magic of some sort in my roleplays. Doesn't have to be too extensive, though.
- I prefer roleplay with some semblance of plotting involved, where characters get to learn and grow with each other. If the characters are stuck together, they should learn how to grow together, right?

Roleplay Concepts!
I may take two or three at a time, but here's some ideas I'd like to spitball that I have some interest in.

I do have more ideas in mind to tackle eventually, but let me know below if you're interested in any of these! I'll update as time goes on when more rp cravings/ideas pop up.
I wish for a cute fantasy rp, with dice rolls to help dictate minigames like arm wrestling or how well someone can shoot a bow, maybe romance dabbled in as a cherry on top.

I dunno, its that sort of thing I adore, but somehow just doesn't work out as of late...
I may or may of not totally forgotten this account existed.

I may or may of not of totally tried to make one only to find out I already did, apparently.
I suppose so.
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