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9 mos ago
Current Wow I am TIRED. But that's fine because after work tomorrow I will have THREE days until my birthday <3 and then I don't have to do anything the whole day!
9 mos ago
tired, reading bucha pages to figure out where to start on here, lovin that massive sleep deprivation n exhaustion :)
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Hey I've got at least 8 years of roleplay experience,
prefer descriptive/literate roleplays because I type too much,
and love to hear ideas and to discuss plans for roleplays that may happen!

I generally stick to fantasy, sci-fi, or fandom roleplays because I'm best at them,
but I'm always willing to at least hear someone out about a different genre!
So feel free to PM me here or on Discord @ Goatmeal Vitches#0427

I'm an adult gal livin in the USA EST, but have a wonky sleep schedule so I'm on sporadically,
and that's okay because I always message back, even if it's a lil late.
So again, feel free to drop a message whenever for whatever!

This is getting kinda long and I can't think of what else to put, so lemme wrap it up.
I'm looking for some casual roleplays, just to have fun and relax, unwind from stress,
and I'm not going to take roleplays too seriously, people have lives offline. That said...

I'm here to have fun, and I want people who rp with me to have fun too!
Never be afraid to ask me something, I'll always answer sincerely. And if I don't know a character?
Then I would love to learn! I love to roleplay crossovers because it opens doors of possibilities!

TL;DR, I'm open to discussion and any type of casual rp scenario, just shoot me a message.

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Hey I'm just a random goat lookin for some good ol roleplay, not new to roleplaying, but searching out new platforms to use bc old ones just aren't workin anymore.

Jokes aside about identity, just call me Goat or Fishsticks. Either or, I don't really care.
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