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Jason McKinney

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 02:27 pm
Jonas' response to his first comment made Jason smirk. It was good to see a teacher that would roll with the punches instead of immediately calling him out for not taking things seriously. There were very few things in this world that Jason took seriously, and most of the time class was not one of them.

He listened to the other answers and watched as Jonas wrote down on the board, writing along without complaint. It wasn't until Jonas suddenly called him out on why he wasn't talked to about taking this class did his head snap up from his notes, staring at the teacher for a few long seconds. Damn. Jonas had hit the nail on the head, and Jason had literally nothing to say in return. He tried to think of something cocky to say, but the sudden shift in Jonas' tone made him rethink it. He grumbled to himself and kept taking notes, sighing quietly. He hated being shut up that effectively.

After a moment he put his pen down and closed his notebook, zoning out for a moment. He found himself staring at the passcard on the desk, and out of curiosity he picked it up.
The moment his fingers touched it, his eyes widened. The usual zing he got whenever he handled electronics wasn't there.
Curiously he picked up the card and turned it over in his hand, as if he were analyzing it. No matter what he tried, he couldn't detect a single piece of electronics inside. That little card had suddenly held his attention better than Jonas could, and he zoned out completely.

He stared at the card, flipping it over in his hand as he tried to figure out what the hell it could have possibly gone to.
He didn't remember seeing a card reader on the Loft's door, in fact he couldn't remember seeing a card reader that would take this specific card anywhere in the school. It didn't make sense.

It also dawned on him that Jonas had used the word 'gift' when referring to the class. He quickly cut off his power, tucking the card away in his pocket before anyone noticed that he was all but glaring at the little piece of plastic.

He decided to ask about it after class, his head turning as he suddenly heard someone mention 'funny man'. That caught his attention, pulling his eyes away from the card to look at the one who called him over. Surprisingly enough, it was Aiden. He never would have assumed that the jock would ever want anything to do with him, much less be in a group together. He did, however, notice that he called over Anne as well, which was for the best considering that Jason was going to try and be in her group anyways.

He grabbed his things and his chair, moving over to the slowly forming group. Being called 'funny man' brought to mind all sorts of quotes from the Boondock Saints, but he figured reciting them within earshot of the teacher probably wasn't the best idea.
"So, what're we planning over here?" he asked, taking a seat before putting the translation sheet down in front of him. The language wasn't familiar to him, though he'd dabbled in trying to learn Gaelic a few years back. He could memorize the most useless shit from movies and TV, but when it came to something useful like a foreign language his mind was useless. Even his attempt to learn Elvish or Klingon ended in failure. Saying he was a 'nerd' was a bit of an understatement. Though, he kept that side of him to himself, no need to paint a target on his back during school.

I was just getting worried, considering that there hasn't been a post in three days on the main thread. I've been doing 1x1's for a long time, since most group stories I've been a part of have died off really early.
It's a little quiet in here. Where'd everyone go?

Jason McKinney

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 02:27 pm
As Jason listened to the other students list off their answers, he couldn't help a small smirk from tugging at his lips. He had heard one of the girls laugh at his dumb joke, which had pushed his confidence to an all-time high. He looked over at her with a grin, giving her a sly, knowing wink before turning his attention back to the class. He had made a cute girl laugh, so he considered the day a success. He'd seen her around, recognized her face, but he had never really gotten to know her. She was one of the quiet ones, he'd always had a soft spot for girls like that, but for all of his confidence and joke-cracking, he never really could work up the nerve to talk to those of the fairer sex.

He kept quiet as the others spoke, thinking of an actual answer to give. He may have been a wisecracker, but that didn't mean that was all he wanted to be known for. He began to sift through his massive mental database of relevent quotes and information he could use.
It wasn't easy, he had spent most of his life gorging himself on media of all types, and as a curse he managed to remember most, if not all, of it. So for now he stayed quiet, trying not to let the fact that one of his jokes entertained someone get to his head. Not an easy task.

Aiden spoke, and he recognized the student from the football team. He never associated with them, but the members of the football team were unoffical celebrities in the halls. It would be hard for him not to recognize him.
Once he was done speaking, Jason recalled a quote from an author he really enjoyed, if only for the man's satirical humor.
"Mark Twain said, 'Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.'" he quoted.
"We're also the only species on this planet capable of questioning why we're here in the first place. Animals just sorta go with it, living out their lives. We're also the only species that spend their lives running around on this rock, staring at our watches and wondering when our time's gonna be up."

He looked over at Jonas, an eyebrow raised as he leaned back in his seat a bit.
"Which begs the question, sir... Why exactly are we here? I dunno about the others, but I was tossed into this class without anyone asking me first. If I can be frank, I don't know what the hell 'Social Conscience' is supposed to be teaching us besides how to sound pretentious at a coffee shop."
The question had been eating at him ever since he saw the class show up on his schedule. The other students were from a massive mishmash of cliques. Jocks, nerds, outcasts, and popular students were here, with no apparent rhyme or reason. It had confused him and piqued his curiosity all the same.

You know, I was interested but on the fence... And then I saw you put up a song by Exodus. I'm not on the fence anymore, you've convinced me. I'd like to give your first plot a try, shoot me a PM with the details. :D In the meantime, I leave you with one of my favorite bands:

So, quick question. Do we have a post order for this?

Jason McKinney

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 07:30 am
Having hobbies could really suck at times. A huge yawn threatened to split Jason's face in half as he trudged up to the school, watering his eyes and causing him to pause his walk for a moment so he wouldn't bump into anyone. He rubbed at his eyes, wishing that he'd chosen sleep over his end-of-summer movie marathon that ended about three hours before he was supposed to be up for school. Too little, too late, he supposed. Maybe if he was lucky he could sneak in a nap during the assembly that was sure to happen. Then again, he had tried the same thing the previous year, and ended up being the last one to make it to class. Not a great way to start the school year.

He pushed past his exhaustion and made his way through the bustling crowd to check his homeroom assignment, before tugging his phone out of his pocket to jot it down. There was no chance he could trust his memory on this little sleep.
Despite his sleep-deprived state, he caught mumblings here and there about the current events that he'd missed out on. Apparently there was a murder? He hadn't heard anything about that, but then again his summer was mostly spent in his room, binging his favorite shows and eating way too much snack food. Just the way he'd planned to spend his summer. He figured he'd be hearing more about the incident, so he didn't dwell on it much.

He filed into the auditorium with the rest of the students and sat through the assembly, and though it went just about how he thought it would he was surprised to see a new teacher. Though, all it took was one look at the man for Jason to realize that no, he wasn't going to be able to sneak a nap in his class. He also didn't seem like the type to appreciate his humor. Then again, he could be wrong, so he figured he'd give it a shot when the time came.

As the assembly drew to a close and the school year started in earnest, Jason got up and headed to his homeroom with the rest of his class, his face buried in his phone. Had he been more awake, he would have actively looked for any of his friends he'd made the previous year, but his lack of energy meant that he wasn't his usual chipper self. Another yawn threatened to bifurcate his face, and he began to wonder if binging all three seasons of his favorite sci-fi show was worth it.

Of course it was.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 02:23pm | The Loft
The day went about as he figured it would. He staved off sleep during his classes, thankful that it was the first day and they weren't required to memorize anything important. Lunchtime came and went, and he managed to catch a power nap and somehow not sleep through the bell. After lunch he was much more active, cracking jokes and getting yelled at by the teachers like usual.

What he wasn't expecting was to be chosen for the 'social consciousness' class. Hell, he didn't even know what that meant. Still, it seemed like it would be an easy class, and getting free credits and a personal recommendation for the school of his choice was a good bonus. He was looking at several technology-centered schools, all of which were fairly difficult to get into.

The question on the board was certainly an interesting one, but as two of the other students answered, he soon realized that everyone was going to take this much too seriously. Jason never liked taking anything seriously. He raised his hand before giving his take on such a philosophical question.
"Well, I can't speak for anyone else in this room, but I certainly can't whip around and bite my own ass if it itches." he said, a smirk pulling at his lips.
"Oh, and we've got opposable thumbs too. Can't forget about those." he added as an afterthought, extending his own thumbs and giving them a flex.

Jason McKinney 3/10/2001 ( 17 ) Male Heterosexual

"Oh, your phone stopped working? Weird..."

▼ A P P E A R A N C E:

"It's a Unix system. I know this. Get it? It's a reference to a movie. Oh, nevermind."
◼ Height| 5' 10"

◼ Weight| 140lbs

Jason is most often recognized by his mop of messy auburn hair, his deep brown eyes, and that little smirk he always seems to have. He cares little for modern 'fashion' and often wears a pair of plain jeans, with a graphic tee with some sort of nerdy/gaming/obscure movie reference on it. Despite his overly casual dress sense, he carries himself with confidence. An extreme extrovert, he's only truly happy when surrounded by friends, though the fact that he's an irredeemable nerd doesn't help in that regard. Still, that doesn't change the fact that he tries his best to make friends, even if it means resorting to terrible jokes and puns to get others to crack a smile.

▼ B I O G R A P H Y:

"Lighten up, it's not like it's the end of the world or anything."
Born to Daniel and Alice McKinney, Jason's home life growing up was rather uneventful. His mother made revenue by making and selling crafts online, and his father worked for a fortune 500 company as an I.T. expert. From a young age, Jason was surrounded by technology of all kinds, and quickly found a fascination with electronics. On more than one occasion he got in trouble for dismantling some piece of tech his father brought home to work on, only for Daniel to realize that his son had found and fixed a previously unknown issue.
Jason always had a knack for working with tech, so when his abilities manifested in his early teens he simply chalked it up to having a full understanding of whatever he was working on at the time. It wasn't until his father brought home a heavily encrypted laptop one day did Jason realize that maybe his penchant for tech wasn't just a learned skill. [REDACTED]

▼ A B I L I T I E S / S K I L L S:

"Look, no, you don't- You don't have to type in 'www.' at the beginning of- No, just- Move, lemme do it, you're frustrating me."
◼ Things | And stuff.

◼ Tech Knowledge | Having been raised from infancy around technology, Jason has an acute understanding of many different aspects of technology. His powers may control the software, but he also has a strong understanding of hardware as well.

◼ Useless Knowledge | Not only were his parents good with tech, they were hopeless nerds as well. Jason can usually find some kind of movie/game/book reference to add to just about any situation, regardless of if it's helpful at the time or not.

◼ Contact and Other Issues | [REDACTED]

◼ Strength | Jason has no offensive abilities to speak of, even if he were to get in a fistfight there would be a good chance that he would lose. He tries to talk his way out of bad situations, but it hardly ever works. Because of this, he tends to shy away from physical confrontations, unless someone he cares about is at risk.

▼ N O T E S:

TBD | Will be changed after IC interaction.

TBD | Will be changed after IC interaction.

TBD | Will be changed after IC interaction.

◼ Computer Lab | Jason spends a lot of his free time in the computer lab, helping others with any issues they might have. If he's alone, he's honing his powers on the school computers.

◼ Backpack | Jason usually has his backpack on him, with his schoolbooks and notes. His personal laptop is usually in there, and is easily recognized by the mass amount of nerdy stickers pasted all over it.

◼ Phone | Jason is never without his phone, though he doesn't really have anyone to talk to. He mostly uses it to browse forums and look up funny pictures on the internet.
Woot! I'll get on that as soon as I get home from work.
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