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Current I have three tattoos on my neck and I hope indeed they keep someone from fighting me... otherwise I'm gonna be in trouble.
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There are two ways to truly love someone: Become their best friend and then learn to love them, or love them enough to become their best friend. Either way, you won't be loved back. ;)
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I also drink coffee before sleeping. Odd indeed, but it works for me.
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Probably Alakazam so I could feel smart at least once in my life.
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The status bar is okay, but the "Friends: You have no friends" message is heart breaking.


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. Wednesday, 09:49
Amegakure Border .

A fight broke out and both teams responded quickly. Sakana and the other jonin went first, casting jutsu almost in unison - as soon as their hands started move, so did Shogai. A quick analysis proved that they were seeking to strike at Unagi first- he could tell by the way the genin all looked at her and then to each other with a barely noticeable nod. As Unagi got captured in chains, Shogai couldn't do much outside of interrupting the third member who was seeking her: The double swords wielder.

Suiton: Tsunami, Shogai prepared the jutsu while he threw two shuriken towards the female shinobi. She deflected either with each sword with ease, but as soon as she redirected her attention to Shogai, the attack followed after was a mere jet of water spat onto her face. The Genjutsu settled in immediately and the woman simply fell to the ground- drowning mentally in Shogai's genjutsu.

He was quick to act, stepping over to the woman, he took a kunai from his pocket and delivered a blunt blow with the butt of the weapon to the back of her head, sending the leaf shinobi unconcious in no more than a few seconds. Heh, I think their initial plan was to take Unagi out first and fast - they actually settled for that without discussing at all, just with a glance? Cool. Too bad we're just a little too good. The golden boy cast a glance towards the unconcious kunoichi laying on the floor, then immediatelly to Unagi- who seemed to be doing just fine- and lastly, Gareki. Seeing the three was doing fine, Shogai searched for Sakana.. and just as he turned, a sword nearly pierced through the center of his head. He dodged barely, earning a fine cut on the side of his cheek, then immediatelly stepped back and looked back at the unconcious body- it was slowly melting away in a puddle of mud.

"Doton: Delayed Burial." From the name alone it was obvious the jutsu simulated a clone, but to think it would work so greatly against genjutsu... Shogai knew something was wrong about how easy it had been. The woman quickly charged at him again, cutting viciously with her double swords- Shogai could keep up, but barely, he was feeling truly pressured so once he found a thin moment to breathe, he quickly formed the handseals before casting Raiton: Hansha, a grid of lightning chakra spreading around him and the female kunoichi. She seemed to chuckle.

"What is this? Are you going to tickle me to death? That's not going to cut it!" The woman's speed increased even further as she went in for a cross slash towards Shogai's chest. Thankfully, his jutsu wasn't there to simply tickle her, but to read every movement - especially physical movements - and provide him the best answer in that instance. Fluidly, he sidestepped one of the blows and with a graceful movement, brought an elbow to the side of the woman's wrist, the force of the blow opening her hand forcefully- the sword previously in her hand flying away. Immediatelly after, a direct punch to the gut followed, the blow knocking the air out of her lungs. H-How can he read every move?! The leaf shinobi thought, but Shogai's only thought was to secure the border and incapacitate his enemies, so his next hit was a powerful hook that officially ended the fight with the kenjutsu user unconciousness.
I think I'm in love with this


. Wednesday, 06:๐Ÿข๐Ÿฉ
Amegakure, Murakami's clan district .

Following a routine takes more will than one might imagine. Every day, without fail, Shogai got up from his bed at exactly 05:00 AM. Fourty minutes later, he had already completed the ritual of: Tidying up his room, picking up dirty clothes and cleaning them, setting them to dry, preparing his own breakfast, bath, eat and finally, readying himself and his equipment for the morning training which began exactly at six o'clock.

"Something on your mind, Shogai-kun?" A well dressed woman, wearing a high collared vest, black and white with amegakure symbol on the shoulder, questioned the chunin who had just loosely avoided a kunai thrown at him, redirecting it with his own kunai which he held in his front, stance lowered loosely as he inhaled deeply, exhaling a sigh before he straightened his posture and looked at the oodly pink eyes that stared Shogai with curiosity from afar.

"It's my sensei." Shogai confessed without restraint. After all, he and Hatoko had a long story of training, sparring and practicing together. Over the years, they developed a rather strong connection and friendship, which is why she could tell her training partner was thinking about something that distracted him. It also allowed teases and jokes between them- and Shogai could tell one was coming by the sway in her walk as she approached him and placed a finger on his shoulder.

"Haaaah? Thinking about your sensei? Ohh.." Hatoko faked a blush, even placing the back of her left hand against her forehead before giving him a judgemental look. "I've heard stories of students falling in love with their masters... but to think a Mur-"

"Shut up, Hatoko. Do you want to hear me or frustate me further?" Shogai gave her a cold look, pocketing his kunai away. His gaze shifted up towards the sky as his arms crossed in front of his chest. Hatoko sighed audibly before stepping back and raising her hands in an apologizing gesture to him, even bowing her head shortly. "Sumimasen, Shogai-kun. Open your heart." With that, there was a mutual silence between them... Shogai eyes scanned the training compound - it was encircled by a protective glass dome, high enough to stop most common trespassers and durable enough to sustain high intensity training within. After taking a deep breath, he finally spoke up;

"I have nothing against him. But sometimes I inevitably compare our talents... and assimilate the fact that we have the same age and I can't help but wonder... Is the line that separate the likes of you... and him... from me, so thick, that no matter how much dedication I offer, it will never be enough to cross to the other side?" As Shogai finishes the question, he lowers both of his hands and looks down at his opening palms. Before Hatoko could respond, he continued his inquiry. "I'm not trying to sound bitter at fate or something like that. I still believe I'm going to become something great- I will still train every day for it, but sometimes..." One of his hands raises up, palm pointing towards the sky, his eyes watching as the rain poured against the glass-roof. "I just wonder what I would do with these hands if I was truly born for this."

. Wednesday, 9:33
Shigeki .

Shortly after greeting his team in Shigeki, they were interrupted by a shinobi with a sudden briefing. Leaf shinobi in Amegakure's territory? Shogai smirked briefly with the thought that maybe he'd see some hidden jutsu from the leaf, or even better, a Hyuga or something interesting. He couldn't help but doubt Sakana was entirely serious that Gareki would train until he could fight Unagi and Shogai- did Sakana truly understimate them that much? Either way, apart from greeting the team, they didn't talk much and simply went to the spot where konohagakure forces were seen tresspassing.

This wasn't Shogai's first time but he always felt that slightly bad feeling in the stomach whenever he had to deal with shinobi from other villages- he simply didn't trust them. There was always a chance they were planning some mischief and the chance that they were just passing through- yet, the situation may end in a small skirmish and border casualities is not a far fetched thought. Once they tracked them down, Sakana waited an opportunity before revealing himself and ordering them out- of course, they insisted, so Unagi and Gareki reinforced what was said- one, gentler, the other, rougher- using Sakana as a threat... heh.

Shogai watched, standing a few steps behind Gareki and to his side. Two kenjutsu users, one with a larger and more destructive sword, the other with a pair of smaller, quicker ones. Their leader and fourth member didn't had as obvious fighting styles- the leader was unarmed and the fourth member carried a large scroll on his back... Shogai couldn't decide if the scroll was something valuable they were transporting, or part of that shinobi's fighting style, maybe used to summon a bigger contract? Either way, they were dangerous, Shogai could tell as much from a glance.

"You are all shinobi and know full well how trespassing from opposing forces is handled, do not try to reason the unreasonable, leave our borders in this instant." Shogai took a few steps forward, casting a quick glance towards Sakana and Unagi before focusing at the oldest member of their opposing forces. He was waiting, impatiently, for an answer. But his sharp eyes were also searching for any clues of aggressiveness, of an attack. Shogai expected it, so he readied himself in preparation.

Greetings, I'd like a namechange to: Goblin

[ S P O I L E R tldr ] back after rp burnout/brimming with energy


First of all... It's been a while. For some reason, roleplaying lost it's magic to me (likely because I was going through a lot of hell, I was tired and exhausted of everything and I dedicated my little free time with games and girlfriends) and I decided to dedicate my time towards other things and before I noticed, I no longer came back to check up on how my favorite site was doing. It took a looong while until I suddenly had a surge of inspiration and desire to write, so, here I'm back- however, I'll start slow and steady since my schedule is still complicated- I'm looking for one partner and that's it, so hey, maybe that's you reading this right now.

About myself and my expectations. I'm a twenty-four years old brazilian male named Joรฃo, which I heavily doubt you can pronounce but well, anyway, I write at a casual to advanced level, but at this time- since I feel my english and writing are both rusty as hell, casual is what I'm looking for. One or two meaty paragraphs of good content is good, you can get detailed and write many paragraphs if you want and I'll try to follow suit but I must say this is basically a comeback after a good few months of absence, so bear with me, please. I heavily enjoy anime-inspired things but I'm not in any way opposed to series/gritty reality/etc plots, in fact, I'm extremely open minded and willing- if you've got any idea and is interested in sharing and writing with me, feel free to!

Let's move on into the good stuff, my interests... Well, they vary, but at the moment I'm heavily feeling fantasy stuff. Swords, spears, magics, shields, tomes, kings n queens, dragons, merchants, elves, goblins and it goes on. I like to build the plot and the world together with my partner- so if you enjoy brainstorming, we'll do well together. Romance is something I enjoy writing but I do not enjoy enforcing it. I'm also boring- when it comes to romance, I enjoy exclusively MxF stuff. I'll leave some basic ideas around to interest check them since, you know, that's why I'm here for.

  • [Hero from another world]
    Characters are random individuals, doing their own thing and living their own life whatever way they want... Eventually, over the course of a week, they dream constantly of fantasy things- fighting mythical beasts, entering a badly lit dungeon, wearing armor and wieldings weapons- one day, they wake up and it is no longer a dream. The first thing they hear is:

    "Welcome, heroes!"

    Although very basic and literally something I've seen in a particular anime (Tate no Yuusha), I was thinking about giving this story a much darker theme involving violence, war, cruel methods and more, which shall be discussed accordingly.

I may or not update this with more if I feel like it, but this will do for now. I write only in PMs and only in this site, so, feel free to PM me if interested! kthx, take care โ™ฅ
๐—˜๐—ฅ๐—ญ๐—” ๐—ง๐—›๐—ข๐— ๐—ฃ๐—ฆ๐—ข๐—ก

Erza winced as Shadowfang got knocked out, a pained expression latching onto his face as he hurriedly reached for the dark-type's pokรฉball and recalled it, whispering softly to the pokรฉball before pocketing it.

"You did great, Shadowfang! I'm proud of you."

Despite Princess' opponent having a boosted attack, the flying-type's advantage over fighting-type managed to win Erza the battle. Erza exhaled a long, relieved sigh as he also brought Princess back to her pokรฉball. "Great job, Princess, thank you."


The battle against Makuhita and Croagunk was the hardest so far - without any trace of doubt. Croagunk's typing was difficult to deal with and Makuhita was just a very powerful pokรฉmon- Erza didn't had anything with real advantage over these two, so his strategy was trying to stall them and avoid damage. It worked, but not entirely was both of Erza's pokรฉmon had taken damage and got their accuracy lowered.

After seeing where the confuse-ray landed and how Hitmonlee nearly brought the building down, Erza chuckled nervously, a hand reaching the back of his head as he curiously looked around. They wouldn't make him pay for that, right? And... not for the hole Makuhita had just torn on the ground as well, hopefully. If that powerful blow had landed on either of Erza's pokรฉmon, it would be the end of the battle without any trace of doubt - Erza needed to end this quickly.

"Ok, let's go - Summer, ember the Croagunk! Flora, mega-drain Makuhita!"

๐—˜๐—ฅ๐—ญ๐—” ๐—ง๐—›๐—ข๐— ๐—ฃ๐—ฆ๐—ข๐—ก

Erza messed up, it was not meant to be double battles but still, Hector didn't seem to particularly mind and encouraged the gym trainers to just go with it.

Erza didn't really like the sight of a Throh using bide as the damage he'd deal afterward would certainly ko one of his pokรฉmon. Shadowfang took a power-up punch which did considerable damage already since it was super effective, but since it didn't bring down the dark-type just yet, Erza was quick to refocus entirely on Throh:

"Shadowfang, tackle Throh! Princess, keep using gust and bring it down quickly!"

Depending if Throh was brought out or not, Erza would follow the same strategy against Meditite. Gust and gust until it disappears - or Princess faints.


The next battle didn't start out quite well. Erza did not know about the possibility of Croagunk's ability being Dry Skin (otherwise he would also know that Croagunk could pack ground type moves) - it was just his writer trying to outsmart the GM and failing miserably.

With Summer being interrupted by Makuhita's fake out and right after taking more damage from Croagunk's ridiculous digging skills, Erza's mind began racing with so many ideas and strategies that he actually felt lost on what exactly he could do.

"Alright, Summer! Flora! Stay together!" This would diminish the distance between them, so Erza could proceed with his next move. "Now, Stun Spore Croagunk! Summer, confuse-ray him!"

Disabling the poisonous frog would help Erza's situation greatly. As long as it worked, Erza would...

"Now, Stun-Spore Makuhita, Summer, confuse-ray! Let's get these two out of our way."


The third battle was a walk in the park even with Eevee's huge disavantage against two fighting types. Thank Arceus to this. Vee grew a level, Erza earned an extremely low amount of prize money, heh.
๐—˜๐—ฅ๐—ญ๐—” ๐—ง๐—›๐—ข๐— ๐—ฃ๐—ฆ๐—ข๐—ก


The beginning of the nightmare had already begun as soon as Erza entered the gym. The man who shouted - whom Erza assumed to be Hector - looked as if he could take down Erza's entire team WITHOUT a pokรฉmon - imagine what his pokรฉmon could do? Swallowing dry, Erza tried to keep his cool as he moved forward, breathing deeply and fighting every sense of instinct that told him to go back through the door. He needed this badge - it was the only rightful payment for his team's hard work.

The place was tense, the smell of sweat and the sounds of trainer and pokรฉmon training together was nearly mesmerizing. Bringing his pokรฉdex out timidly, Erza began scanning the pokรฉmon in the area for information: The entire Machop-line was present, as well as some rare pokรฉmon such as Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. A Medicham was also present - a pokรฉmon Erza had never seen before, as well as the Judo and Karate pokรฉmon: Throh and Sawk. Lastly, a single Pangoro wandered through and Erza couldn't help but think of how cool this pokรฉmon looked: A real tough, intimidating and certainly powerful pokรฉmon.

There was a bit of conversation/shouting between trainer and pokรฉmon, which made Erza feel a little more intimidated than he already was and the boy was already struggling, his mind racing as he thought about everything told to him about the gym leader up to this point: An eccentric, oddball of a gym leader that would come up with a very frightening and hard challenge for Erza to take. Damn. As much as Erza trusted his pokรฉmon with all his heart and might, it was inevitable that he felt nervous- he could feel sweat forming on his forehead and it wasn't due to a lack of air-conditioner.

Hector laughed - and the gym silenced. The man seemed pleased with Erza's entrance - too bad all that vigor and determination was fighting his nervousness right now.

"Five levels fourteen, one level fifteen." Erza replied while pocketing the pokรฉdex, glancing to his shoulder, where Vee was. A comment from a battle-girl made Erza light up a bit. She was joking, right? Just like she was joking about eating him, yeah? Hopefully...

Three trainers, two each. So Erza would use his entire team - right, apparently, the brilliant idea was that Erza would fight every trainer in here. What about Hector, then?

And just as Erza thought about that, Hector explained the challenge in full. Erza remained silent for a moment, thinking it through. So, after fighting the three gym trainers, without even healing his pokรฉmon - only then, he'd take on Hector himself. Heh. Another glance at Vee, which seemed quite confident, made Erza smirk broadly.

"Oh, yeah?! Well! LET'S GET THIS THROUGH, THEN. All I gotta do is get through the three of you without giving a chance for your pokรฉmon to touch mine. Heheheh..." Easier said than done for sure, but Erza wasn't going back on this. There was even a huge benefit of knowing the three pairs he would have to fight before actually picking his pokรฉmon. Erza whispered on Vee's ear, then returned the normal-type to his pokรฉball.

Let's see...

First, Meditite and Throh.

Second, Makuhita and Croagunk.

Third and lastly, Mankey and------ What the heck?! A shiny pokรฉmon?! Woah, it was as if destiny was intent on rubbing Erza's inability to catch one for himself.


Against Meditite and Throh, Erza will use Poochyena and Pidgey.

Against Makuhita and Croagunk, Erza will use Budew and Vulpix.

And lastly, against Mankey and Hawlucha, Erza will use Eevee and Flaffy.

"I've selected my teams, let's get this started! Shadowfang, Princess go!"

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