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Looking forward to Captain Marvel!
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Always look on the bright side of death....just before you draw your terminal breath
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Always look on the bright side of life...
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I'm French! Why do you think I have this outrageous accent?!


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Yay! I got one of those myself...
I'm interested, sounds like fun and I even have an idea what kind of force I would like to play...but I must ask though...what about airplanes?
Yes, 1st Brigade, 4th ID. I would like to take one of the 1/4th's battalions, or even the whole darn brigade if nobody else is going to take any components from that division.

Are we doing Dak To? :)
So, are we going to have allied ground units? If that is the case then the Aussies would be out because they stuck to Vung Tao. I think it was the same for the ROKs...they stayed in one general area too. So you would have ARVN, and U.S. only as major combat formations. Which is fine with me, BTW

Going back to the idea of liaison/advisors...could we do somebody on an exchange tour from another military? I thinking a low ranking officer like a platoon commander or company XO...

I had two ideas for would be an ANZAC, the other would be a Brit from the Far East forces...

me too
This still available?
It was probably 6 Royal Australian Regiment...and the Battle for Long Tan plantation...The Kiwis sent troops to Vietnam as part of Australian deployments, Victor or Whisky Company if I recall.

I am kind of a historian about Australia's deployments to Vietnam. I'm such a geek, I have copies of the real post battle reports from Long Tan from the American National Archives. Shoot, while traveling overseas several years ago, I MET an Australian Vietnam veteran who served in 6 RAR during the war. He was shocked I knew anything about Australia deploying troops to Vietnam.

Don't forget the ANZACS had SAS in Vietnam as well...and not nearly as much firepower on tap as the U.S. forces.

Consider me interested.
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